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University of Southern California

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Year 4

Los Angeles is often known as the homeless capital of the United States. With a vacancy rate of only 2% and gentrification on the rise, the situation is continuing to deteriorate. L.A. is home to countless unused plots of land. Homes for Hope activates this land to provide modular, transitional and stabilization housing for immediately sheltering the city’s homeless. Installed or dismantled in two weeks or less, it easily adapts to a range of site conditions. The 92 sqft units aggregate into 30-bed communities, making it a by-right project zoned as congregate housing. The stackable units are structurally isolated and maintain their integrity as they relocate. The modules combine to form communal spaces, bathroom facilities, terraces, and courtyards. [Group Project] 2017 World Changing Ideas Award Belinda Pak | 2135 Stony Hill Rd, Boulder, CO 80305 | (720) 233-3669 |


Year 4

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Belinda Pak | 2135 Stony Hill Rd, Boulder, CO 80305 | (720) 233-3669 |


MADWORKSHOP Design Fellowship

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This design offers a practical solution to improve the seismic resistance of wood-frame homes that are no longer up to seismic code and are likely to fail or collapse in a large earthquake. Existing solutions are often intrusive and expensive. Subject to further structural testing, this wall paneling system can serve three functions: a do-it-yourself seismic retrofitting kit, decorative wall panels, and multi-purpose shelving. Designed with Structural 1 plywood, the panels screw directly into the wood studs through existing drywall to provide shear resistance. The pattern accounts for load paths that are critical to maintaining structural integrity. 1


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Belinda Pak | 2135 Stony Hill Rd, Boulder, CO 80305 | (720) 233-3669 |


Year 4

Built for the homeless using trash and illegally dumped items found on the streets of Los Angeles, this tiny house offers dignity, security, privacy, and pride to those on the street. Materials like refrigerator shelves, bed slats, drawers, and shipping pallets are used to inform the design that utilizes the found materials efficiently and effectively. As a result, the house has a unique character based on the available scavenged items.

Belinda Pak | 2135 Stony Hill Rd, Boulder, CO 80305 | (720) 233-3669 |


Year 5 This heavy timber office building studies the potentials and restrictions of wood construction beyond the legal limit in the U.S. The proposal examines architecture as the mediator between micro and macro and public and private. Located on a corner lot in Los Angeles’ Arts District, the project aims to address not only the unique site, but also absorb and reflect typologies existing in area. Through the designation of program, the building transitions from public to private, with a balcony on the corner, collaborative spaces along the facades, open plan office space within, and the core at the back against an existing 4-story building.The facade consists of a glass curtain wall with sliding windows to allow for natural ventilation and a perforated metal skin for sun shading.

Belinda Pak | 2135 Stony Hill Rd, Boulder, CO 80305 | (720) 233-3669 |


Year 1

The promenade explores the sublimation of three forms of space-making: solid, surface, and line. The system of the promenade was first established through the creation of a network of lines based on a grid. These lines were extruded into surfaces and solids to create a dynamic promenade that offers a balance of porosity and solidity, and thus exposure and shelter. This balance provides an environment for fast-pace movement and exercise, as well as space for viewing and relaxation.

Belinda Pak | 2135 Stony Hill Rd, Boulder, CO 80305 | (720) 233-3669 |


Year 2


Center Point Analysis

A symmetrical wireframe vase sculpture is analyzed and modified through a series of drawings. The analytical drawing is used to generate a new form, which subsequently transforms into a folly. The analytical drawing highlights the formal properties of the sculpture and focuses on the center points created by the symmetry and curves of the form. The intersections in this drawing are extruded as poles to create a new form whose shadows serve as an extension of the physical form and blur the distinction between what is perceived as 2-D versus 3-D. Finally, This form is rationalized into the system of the folly, which contains a series of contradictions: perception vs. reality, order vs. chaos, strength vs. weakness, and skin vs. bones.

Belinda Pak | 2135 Stony Hill Rd, Boulder, CO 80305 | (720) 233-3669 |



CALA is located along the Los Angeles River, adjacent to the 1st Street Bridge that connects the Arts District and Boyle Heights, an area facing gentrification. Through analysis of the city, ‘public space’ tends to fall into two categories: green space [landscape] and built community centers [city]. The proposal brings together these two interpretations by introducing a topographical surface to mimic a green space concept, along with a rigid geometrical surface that reflects the built public environment. The museum explores the connection between the contrasting languages of city and landscape. The city and landscape are manifested as roof and floor, respectively.

Belinda Pak | 2135 Stony Hill Rd, Boulder, CO 80305 | (720) 233-3669 |

Year 3

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