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2013 Expat Workshop


Belinda MJ. Brown Mona El Alaoui 321-300-4898

EXPAT WORKSHOP Target: HR professionals Expatriates and/or their Spouses Relocation Services Organizations Anyone who work or assist people working in a multicultural environment

Goal: Provide you with tools to adjust and integrate fast in a new country and make it your new home.

Dates: January 14th from 9.30am to 4.00pm

Location: Citrus Club, 255 S.Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL, 32801

Interactive Workshop (including Group Exercises)

Fees include

   

Part I Part II Lunch Beverages Early Bird: $199 After 01/02/2013: $249

Program Details:


THE “CULTURAL SHOCK” 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


What is culture shock ANYWAY?! Who experiences the culture shock? What are the main impacts? Why does one experience it? What is culture fatigue?


The anxiety of the preparation The excitement or early withdrawal Getting in touch with the reality The compromise Taking responsibility Surrender and enjoy the Ride!


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EXPAT WORKSHOP Why attend this Expat Workshop? Being an Expatriate or evolving in a multicultural environment has its challenges. Indeed, it takes a while to adjust to another culture, and it can be incredibly frustrating when assumptions about the similarities between cultures are proven untrue. Numerous international corporations capitalize on the success of their homegrown talents by relocating top executives and middle management to an assignment in subsidiaries abroad. With the increased international connectivity stemming from globalization and the internet, many people feel that they know exactly what they will face when they relocate to a new land. However, knowing that you can find fish and chips, French pastries or Chilean wine in your destination does not mean you will immediately feel at home. The preparation to become an expatriate and to embrace a new culture also expose to new opportunities. Through the experience, people have the choice to gain the skills required to strive in a new culture or to struggle and waste their energy fighting the change.

What We Believe We Will Help You To Accomplish By attending this workshop series you will be in a position to understand the cultural challenges of international relocation and working in a multicultural environment. You will prepare yourself, your employees or your clients for the transition. In addition, your two Executive and Expat Coaches, will offer additional services to help you face far fewer roadblocks forging new partnerships. This will impact your life positively; allow you to open up to future career opportunities and to optimize organizations 'performance. It is important to keep in mind that a settled household and spouse are essential to the success of any international assignment. Not only will we assist you in the adjustment phase by helping you to develop a sense of belonging and purpose but we will also accompany you to embrace the experience fully and stress free. In this transition we assist you in: Developing Balance and Quality of Life Demonstrating Leadership Development in a Multicultural Environment Setting Ambitious Goals Networking Global Network Opportunities

Maintaining Professional and Personal Performance Forming the Professional Identity in the case of the Accompanying Spouse Constructing Cultural Awareness Finding One's Life Purpose


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ona is a Certified International Life Coach who has dedicated herself to helping people discover what they want from themselves. She speaks to the heart of individuals who seek professional success and personal fulfillment. Drawing on the best methodologies from renowned self-help gurus such as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Wayne Dyer. Mona guides her clients towards happiness by helping them align their mind, body, and heart. As a “citizen of the world,” Mona has lived in fourteen countries and speaks French, Italian, Arabic, and English. During her forty plus years abroad, Mona worked for Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations such as Procter Gamble, Johnson Wax, Beiersdorf, and UNICEF. Although Mona was successful professionally, as an Expat, she and her family experienced the hardship of living in a new foreign country without friends and extended family. But self-love and a strong sense of purpose lead her to develop a road map for happiness that consisted of a positive attitude, communication, and perseverance. These are the core principles she shares with her clients, especially Expat families. The task of overcoming new challenges is daunting. Mona understands that. That’s why she incorporates her international and professional experiences. This personal touch allows her to empathize with her clients. Mona is about helping her clients transform and accept the fact that transformation is constant. Mona recognizes that professional and personal lives cannot be separated. Her Life coaching style embraces you as a complete and whole individual.


ertified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and Change Agent (CTT), Belinda focuses especially on Executives, Entrepreneurs, Expatriates and their family. Inspired by her own experience as a coaching client she ultimately developed a holistic approach including business techniques, centering and energy coaching to fulfill the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of her clients. Belinda started her global leadership coaching business in 2011 to assist those in the process of making major life or career transition. Indeed, she thoroughly understands the challenges faced by those who consider moving from one culture to another. Her background includes 15 years of leadership experience in European and American multinational organizations such as Carrefour, Renault, Brambles and Disney. She began her career in customer service management and continued to evolve, developing strong executive leadership skills. Among her other credentials, Belinda holds as well an equivalent of a Bachelor of Arts in Global Sourcing and Category Management.


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Fees: include

Expat Workshop Part I Expat Workshop Part II Lunch Beverages

Early Bird: $199 After 01/02/2013: $249 Workshops available in major cities in the US and in Canada. Please contact us for more information 321-300-4898


Copyright Š2012 Equanimity Executive, LLC & Mona El Alaoui 321-300-4898

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