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ABOUT BELINDA GRUNDY Belinda Grundy is a highly sought after expert, speaker and commentator on PreSale Property Styling and Downsizing. With a deep passion for helping people love their property, she guides and motivates people to make the right decisions about their home. Belinda is a speaker successful entrepreneur with three thriving business brands: ‘Rightsize Your Home’, a specialist downsizing project company; ‘BG Property Styling’, a pre-sale property presentation business working with Australia's largest real estate brands; and ‘Property Styling Online’, an on-line DIY pre-sale property styling business. All of these businesses have been built on the foundation of Belinda’s boundless enthusiasm and drive to assist Empty Nester home owners with the biggest move of their adult life - to get their property on the market for sale or lease and into their Rightsized home. Belinda has completed hundreds of successful property sales, rent-outs, stylings and, more recently, has been working with the option of building a Granny Flat on suitable blocks. Or, as one of her delighted clients likes to call her new home, a ‘Glammy Flat’. She is well known for giving clients the support and resources to ensure they not only survive, but enjoy the transition from the family residence to their new home. A key to Belinda’s success is her ability to identify exactly what your target market is looking for, and helping you realise the maximum property sale or rental potential. Prior to entering the property industry, Belinda forged a successful 16-year career with one of Australia's largest retailers, spending most of that time in training and change management. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Diploma & CertIV in Training and Assessment and a Professional Diploma in Interior Design. This blend of practical experience and formal qualifications has provided Belinda with a solid platform from which to deliver a personalised, wellinformed and highly reputable service to this niche property market. To find out more about Belinda Grundy and the services she offers, please visit:

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PRESENTATION TOPICS Belinda is available to speak at conferences, staff training sessions, and sales meetings. She is a regular contributor to many industry online publications including Smart Property Investor on-line magazine and a popular speaker at downsizing seminars for the Australian Unity Retirement Living Group and a number of Australia's leading real estate organisations. The following are her favourite topics of interest to present and she tailors the topics for the target audience backing them up with case studies, photographs and techniques.

Pre-Sale Property Presentation and Staging Belinda has completed hundreds of property makeovers and specialises in delivering a broadly appealing property to its defined target markets since 2008. She has found a great amount of Empty Nesters missing out on creating value in their property as they are not aware of how to present the property in the market place – a reason why she devoted herself to sharing her hottest tips to her 7 secrets to property selling power.

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Thinking Like a Buyer Knowing Your Market Being a Tenant in your Own Home How to Take Care of your Street Appeal Defining WOW Rooms How to be Market Ready 7 Days a Week How to be Ahead of the Competition BEFORE


When is the Right Time to Leave the Nest? Belinda speaks about incredible insights and ideas to help Empty Nesters understand the right time to have a change in their home and lifestyle. She shares her example case studies which resonate with the audience. She also discusses Change Management and roadblocks encountered during the change process. Combined with her insights and experience is a motivating and helpful session helping our Empty Nesters take the big leap to change.

How to Plan a Downsize and a Move Belinda has constantly encountered Empty Nesters who are overwhelmed and just don’t know where or how to start a rightsize. Belinda has created a tried and tested framework to help the transition from a big family home to a right-sized home for our Empty Nesters. She has helped many Empty Nesters using this framework and all of them tell her “why on earth didn’t we do this sooner?”. As a result of the framework that Belinda created, organising the downsize and the move will be a breeze. She discusses valuable steps that will make the smooth transition. This includes tips on decluttering, segregating the items to keep, sell, donate or toss, planning and coordinating for the new home, getting help from the right services and trades people. She also provides checklists that are beneficial for this task. This session is a practical Q & A covering all aspects of the logistics. Belinda provides case studies as part of her talk.

Keep, Sell, Donate or Toss Letting go of your home and priced possessions is not easy. Belinda discusses this critical issue of change and let the Empty Nesters understand how to cope with this change in their life. She will explain the beneficial effect of moving on and letting go. This session is all about how to decide what to keep, sell, donate or toss. She gives practical insights to where and how your items can be disposed and you will understand the true meaning of value. This informative topic has helped may Empty Nester realise the value of rightsizing.

BELINDA’S BOOK This incredibly powerful, motivational book can be purchased with the option of customised covers and introduction for your business.

For more information, please email or call 02 9986 0524.


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Belinda has a unique combination of experiences which sets her aside from any other speakers in this industry. She has run her own pre-sale property business since 2008, specialising on maximising her clients’ sale price of their property and eliminating their stress and worries about the move. Coupling her interior design and business experiences with her role as a training and change manager, Belinda gives exclusive insight into this highly sought out topic. Belinda trained the trainers. She holds a Diploma and CertIV in Training and Assessment. She has spent many years assisting organisations such as Woolworths Ltd and TAFE in facilitating, training designs and assessing these qualifications. She thoroughly understands facilitation and adult learning. Belinda has completed hundreds of pre-sale property presentation projects resulting in millions of dollars being added in property value for her clients over the years. Due to Belinda’s extensive business experience in this industry, she can give many motivating and interesting case studies regarding the presentation topics.

SPEAKERS SERVICES & FEE YOUR SERVICES Short to Medium Term Speaking Engagements: Belinda is available for speaking engagements.

Medium to Longer Term Strategy Work: Belinda is available to work with strategists and tailor a custom program for your brand. These activities may include but not limited to: • • • • • • •

Sales team trainings and workshops Tailored training program and modules for downsizers Downsizer advisory activity Brand endorsement activities Sales and advertising activities Open day information sessions Panel style interview Q & A sessions for downsizers

YOUR INVESTMENT (POA) Booking Belinda for your event will vary depending on the event location, event duration and the time to tailor and customise the topic or service acquired. • Daily rate • Longer term endorsement activities For more information, please email or call 02 9986 0524.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT TESTIMONIALS I have co-presented with Belinda on a number of downsizing seminars now and have clients who have also utilised Belinda’s services and spoken highly of the experience and success they have achieved as a result of her skills and services. Belinda is a highly motivated, passionate and skilled professional who I would have no hesitation in recommending.”

Jenny Simmonds, Certified Financial Planner Professional, practical and empathetic Belinda has a range of interesting and practical insights that are sure to capture the interest of anyone interested in property and that’s almost everyone! Belinda understands the importance of pitching her presentations to a particular audience and has actively engaged with me to ensure that we communicate important and useful messages to property investors and downsizers. I have been very pleased to have Belinda speak at several of my seminars and her relaxed and informative presentations are always well received.”

Andrew Ramsay, Financial Adviser, Mosman

Belinda co-hosted a recent event for the Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce and gave one of the best presentations to our members we've had in a long time. She is an engaging speaker and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to my firm's clients or to other organisations looking for a high quality speaker."

Simon Dunn, Practice Director & Solicitor - DUNN LEGAL (Robert T. Dunn & Co), President - Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce ,

* Nadia Henry (ref: Andrew Winter), Australian Unity

* Gordon Archibald, Senior Sales Consultant, McGrath Avalon

* Phil Holloway, First National Real Estate Walsh & Sullivan

* Available and contact details on request. BG Property Styling | Rightsize Your Home | Property Styling Online BG Property Services Pty Ltd | ABN: 28 166 573 73 7/11 Bungan St, Mona Vale NSW 2103 Ph: 9986 0524 | F: 9979 9409 | E:

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