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SOME I N FOR MAT ION ABOUT WHEE LC HA I RS A wheelchair is the most common medically prescribed equipment for assistance with daily mobility. With hundreds of individual wheelchair models to choose from, it is difficult to determine which the best wheelchair is for you. Below are the types of Manual Wheelchairs;  Transport manual wheelchairs -

transport chairs are targeted toward short trips such as transporting someone around the house, inside physical therapy offices, or anywhere with limited space maneuver. Because transport chairs have 4 small wheels they require another individual to push the user.  Standard manual wheelchairs –

standard wheelchairs are your standard self-propelled option with two large wheels in the back and have smaller wheels in the front. Most standard wheelchairs fold easy for east transport and storage. This type of chair generally ways between 35 to 45 lbs.  Lightweight manual wheelchairs – as the same implies, this option is lighter in

weight than the standard models and are often preferred by individuals that spend more time in their wheelchairs. The lighter weight, typically less than 35 lbs., helps with mobility and transport and often has more custom options with manufacturers.  Ultra lightweight manual wheelchairs – are the highest performance, technically

advanced, and easy to maneuver wheelchairs on the market. You can find this option with either a folding frame for easy transport, or rigid frame for a more custom fit. Some frames weight as little as 15lbs.  Sport manual wheelchair – are specially designed for various sports and

activities. Particular have custom sport wheelchairs designed for the unique

demands of that particular sport. Because of their focus on function, they are also

typically lightweight, easy to propel and easy to maneuver.

A light weight wheelchairs are designed for suited for easy storage and transportation, which is definitely beneficial not only to the disabled but for the attendant or family as well. Everyday tasks such as helping the patient into and out of the chair, storing in it a vehicle and bringing it out for use are made less tedious. A lightweight wheelchair easily fits in the car and other small compartments in the home allowing you to make better use of space. Lightweight wheelchairs are equipped with large specialized wheels that make them easier to roll and maneuver. Also the lightweight chassis makes moving easier altogether. This is especially true for self-propelled wheelchairs, because the user will not have to exert as much effort as he would have using older, heavier ones. Lightweight wheelchairs are built for comfort and although they are lighter in weight they come fitted with the same cushioning materials as their bulkier counterparts. The armrest, footrest and backrest are specially designed to feel comfortable and help the user maintain a proper sitting posture. Safety standard s and protocols monitor the production of wheelchairs, and these light wheelchairs are designed to meet

specifications for use by the handicapped. Lightweight parts are used but chair and its frame are carefully crafted for good balance, high performance and good mobility. The use of study parts, scientific design and rigorous safety test to ensure the overall durability of the products so it can withstand the wear and the tear that would occur due to regular use.


A wheelchair is the most common medically prescribed equipment for assistance with daily mobility. With hundreds of individual wheelchair mo...

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