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Effortlessly Stop Cravings For Junk With Natures Fast Food I really don't think that it's far off to suggest that green smoothies could supply just about everything that your body demands to maintain health. Shy of just Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, personally I think, these drinks supply it all (including protein). The major dilemma I faced when I started on the smoothies were the unhealthy cravings. Find out how I got past them forever. I would like to start by telling you that the contents of this article only my opinion which is based on data I have read about natural health in addition to more than a decade of eating and living the way I have daily. That and my blood work done twice each year that shows zero deficiencies, I believe that this information is very valuable and of course valid. Maybe it works just for me, my body type and genetics, I can't say for sure. But, just like smoking could probably affect each of us with various degrees of health negatives, the green smoothie diet, I feel, will probably affect each one of us with various degrees of health positives. Try it and see, after you speak with your natural, or other, health practitioner first of course. The body is supposed to be equipped to heal naturally right? Why are people always sick then? Perhaps that statement is wrong and the body can't heal itself naturally? No! The dilemma is that men and women a) don't provide the body with the sufficient amount of raw materials, usually by way of diet, it requires to become whole again and b) we bombard it with crap that hinders the performance of the limited number of essential resources that we do supply it. I'm a huge advocate of raw foods. To suggest that adding heat to food over a specific temperature destroying required enzymes that are important for digestion makes sense to me. Beyond that, it is advised that to get the most from our foods that we must chew it until it's gone. Our body has troubles handling big morsels of food. Also, I strongly believe that we can thrive off of a diet of mostly fruits and greens, with of course some healthy fats. For the healthy fats, avocados, soaked nuts and seeds is all I generally consume. The main foods I have every single day are composed of lots of raw fruits and greens in the form of green smoothies. Being in a liquid form, my body has no issues assimilating the nutrients. A huge hurdle for some when changing diets, and a huge one for myself is fighting unhealthy cravings. Like a person that is addicted to alcohol or drugs must detoxify to be able to heal, we essentially have to do the same thing. Our cells are comprised of stuff from foods that we have consumed in the past. The body generally craves more of the same unhealthy foods that contribute to the contents of the individual cells in our body. With a drug detox, often, dry sauna therapy is used to sweat out the drugs. This could help eliminate the physical cravings for the drug which could allow the individual an improved chance of remaining sober. For us, adjusting our eating habits may possibly influence the clearing of toxic foods as well which can be quickly removed in stool, sweat and our pee. But, we still might crave those foods while some of the toxins in our cells are still present. I, myself, have found that right away after having the first swallow of my green smoothie the cravings for greasy foods, meat, sweets, salt, etc started to decrease. After I was finished drinking the smoothie, the unhealthy cravings vanished completely and I'd be fulfilled. The problem then was that the cravings would come back as I grew hungry. So I started to make certain I was on top of it and would have another smoothie ready before the cravings would come back, or shortly after they reared their ugly heads. The cravings ultimately subsided for good as I cleaned out my system. Then I began to crave greens instead!

The question to you is, do you wish to stay unhealthy with extra pounds or do you want to think about an improved diet giving your body all its required nutrition? For more information about green smoothies, have a look at this free resource -> Green Smoothie Diet. I discuss more about health and the raw food lifestyle on my internet site here:

Fight Unhealthy Cravings  

I strongly feel that it isn't too far off to propose that consuming a variety of green smoothies will supply nearly everything that the huma...

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