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Carlie Rice Outline Typewriter Necklace




Thesis: I chose this typewriter necklace with a C on it to represent who I am because your goals and your past make up who you are now and who you are becoming and I want to be a writer one day.

III. Stephen King wrote It, Carrie, The Shining, and pretty much every scary book you could think of. He used to write stories when he was in 2nd grade. I used to do the same things. My first story ever was called It Is Hot. It was about a town in the summer. It was really hot and it would not rain. And then it did rain. This story was only 3 pages long but for me this was a big accomplishment and a great beginning. IV. Body A. Necklace sold at Chelsea Market or Brooklyn Flea B. Mine has a C on it and it is an old typewriter key which reminds me of how I want to be a writer. C. I still write short stories all the time and I’m always scribbling down ideas to write about.

V. Conclusion: A. Your goals make you who you are. When I thought about an object I wanted to bring in to describe me I thought of what makes a person up. Who you were in the past and who you and who you want to be all ties in with who you are now. I think that someone is defined by their goals and their passions. So I chose this necklace and I wear it for inspiration, creativity, or just when I want to be reminded of who I am.

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