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What do   you   think   about   taboos?   currently   a   lot   of   people   don't   know   what   a   taboo   is.   Here   we're   going   to   talk   about   the   correct   meaning   and   what   the   main   taboos   around   the   world   are.     Taboo   is   a   kind   of   prohibi%on   or   something   "supposedly   banned“.   The   concept  include  behaviors  or  ac%ons  that   are   banned   or   censored   by   a   group   of   people   because   of   cultural   issues,   social   or   religious.   It   refers   to   the   major   prohibi%ons,   forbidden   acts,   words,   ac%vi%es,   habits,   ideas,   beliefs,   objects,   things,   flora,   fauna,   processes,   events,   art,  etc.  The  biggest  taboos  are  related  to   sex   and   sexuality   with   religions   and   beliefs  with  death  and  human  sacrifices.  

These are   some   the   most   important   taboos  around  the  world.  

The cannibalism   ea%ng   human   flesh   is   considered   aberrant   worldwide.   Society   sanc%ons   the   consump%on   of   human   flesh   when   there   is   the   simultaneous   presence   of   other   alimentary   food   sources   and   this   is   regarded   as   contrary   to   Chris%an   morality.   In   many   cases   this   is  prac%ced  as  part  of  an  offering  in  some   sects,  or  in  extreme  cases  like  situa%ons   of   accidents   where   there   is   no   their   choice   to   survive   than   ea%ng   human   flesh.  

Incest is   the   prac%ce   of   sex   between   related   individuals,   e i t h e r   t h r o u g h   a l l i a n c e   (rela%onship   by   marriage)   or   consanguinity  (biological  kinship   or   consanguinity).   The   majority   of   the   laws   of   the   world   consider   (for   some   gene%c   –   scien%fically   related   reason   or   simply   taboo)   incest   a   crime,   even   if   prac%ced   between   c o n s e n % n g   a d u l t s .   T h e   sanc%ons   in   this   case   range   from   severe   punishment   to   social   rejec%on   without   any   mayor   consequence   for   the   individual.  

Abla/on is   the   removal   of   an   organ,   in   this   case   the   clitoris.   This   may   be   done   in   a   par%al   way   or   in   a   complete   way.   In   many   cases   this   prac%ce   is   p e r f o r m e d   t o   p r e v e n t   promiscuity   in   women,   also   done  by  religious  beliefs  and  as   an   ini%a%on   ritual   to   become   a   pure  woman.  

This prac%ce  is  more  common  in   African   countries   but   has   been   extended   to   other   con%nents   like   Asia   and   America,   in   Colombia   is   prac%ced   by   the   Embera  culture.   Taboo   in   sex.   One   of   these   prac%ces   is   to   smear   a   person   allergic   to   peanut   buPer   and   see   how   his   body   is   upset,   we   also  find  people  using  images  or   symbols   to   their   strangest   religious   passions,   and   just   beyond   we   see   people   who   h a v e   s e x   d u r i n g   n a t u r a l   disasters   or   car   accidents.   It   is   also   easy   to   obtain   sexual   sa%sfac%on   with   inanimate   objects   (dummies),   walking   insects   on   top   off   genitals   or   with   dead   animals.   Un/l   the   next  issue.  

Natural disasters  and  man-­‐made  events  threaten  our  planet.  The  End  of  the  World  is   a  hypothe%cal  situa%on  in  which  an  event  could  cause  the  destruc%on  of  the  human   race.   The   possible   outcomes   of   this   event   can   vary   between   a   major   disrup%on   of   human  civiliza%on,  the  ex%nc%on  of  human  beings,  the  destruc%on  of  the  planet  Earth   or  the  annihila%on  of  the  en%re  universe.   This  ar%cle  describes,  first,  natural  events  that  threaten  the  planet  which  may  cause   the   end   of   the   world.   Next,   it   men%ons   some   manmade   events   that   could   lead   to   the   world’s  destruc%on.  Finally,  it  states  some  precau%ons  that  have  already  been  taken   in  order  to  avoid  the  fear  End  of  the  World.  

Natural Events   First,   there   are   natural   events   that   may   destroy   our   planet.   Nature   will   be   subjected   to   “frightening”   geological   changes.   Because   of   an   erup%on   of   a   supervolcano   (volcano   capable   of   producing  a  erup%on  greater  than  1,000   km3)     like   Yellowstone   Caldera,   which   has  undergone  more  than  142  erup%ons   or   caldera   forma%on   in   the   last   17   million   years.   The   Toba   erup%on   is   another   case   which   occurred   at   Lake   Toba   (Sumatra,   Indonesia)   about   71,500   years   ago.   According   to   the   theory,   the   Toba  catastrophe  may  have  reduced  the   human   popula%on   to   a   few   tens   of   thousands.   Also   the   planet   may   be   hit   by   a   meteorite,   asteroid   or   comet.   About   this   event,   a   popular   theory   argues   that   the   mass   ex%nc%on   of   the   Cretaceous-­‐ Ter%ary  was  by  a  similar  event.  

In addi%on,   there   may   be   a   global   pandemic   such   as   the   “black   plague”   or   “black   death”,   that   hit   Europe   in   the   fourteenth  century.  It’s  es%mated  that  it   was   the   cause   of   death   of   25   million   people,   it   means   about   one   third   of   the   con%nent's  popula%on.      

Finally, experts   say   humans   can   be   exposed   to   gamma   ray   or   cosmic   radia%on.   A   sudden   redirec%on   of   the   rota%on   axis   of   the   earth,   a   drama%c   increase   in   the   intensity   of   the   sun,   an   excep%onal   disaster   caused   by   an   hipercyclone,   a   solar   storm   or   a   black   hole  in  the  solar  system  can  be  example   of  others  disasters.    

Man-­‐made Events   Also   the   man-­‐made   disasters   can   be   an   important  cause  of  the  destruc%on  of  the   world.   Among   these   it   is   first   the   shortage   of   nonrenewable   natural   resources   such   as   water,   oil,   gas,   minerals   and   metals.   Experts   say   if   we   don’t   discover   new   deposits   in   less   than   twenty  years    the  most  important  world   reserves  may  exhaust.    Moreover,  it  has   been   postulated   that   in   a   nuclear   war,   there  may  be  some  radia%on  and  climate   change   that     would   leave   the   earth’s   atmosphere   greatly   affected.   Humans   and   living   things   could   die   and   the   survivors  would  suffer  muta%ons  and  the   effects  of  a  nuclear  winter.  

Humanity has   already   seen   occurren-­‐ce   like   Hiroshima   and   Nagasaki,   or   nuclear   accident   like   Chernobyl,   in   Ukraine   and   Fukushima,   with   tragic   consequences.   There   are   also   other   arguments   that   global  warming  by  manmade  ac%vity  can   lead   to   the   end   of   the   world.   In   this   topic,  there  are  many  arguments  that  say   that   industrializa%on   has   altered   the   temperature   of   the   atmosphere   and   oceans   through   the   pollu%on   and   destruc%on  of  the  ozone  layer.    

Finally, there   is   a   theory   that   forsees   a   rise   of   the   machines   and   the   loss   of   control   of   nanotechnology   (enginee-­‐ring   at  the  molecular  and  atomic  scales)  but,   they   are   theories   that   are   part   of   science   fic%on.  

Although the   end   of   the   world   is   a   hypothesis,   the   risk   is   real.   For   this   reason,   humans   have   taken   some   precau%ons.   The   most   surprising   is   a   dome  400  feet  deep  inside  a  mountain  in   the   Arc%c,   called   The   Svalbard   Global   Seed   Vault.   In   this   place   there   are   100   million   seeds   from   more   than   100   countries   in   a   box   which   remain   at   less   than   eighteen   degrees   cen%grade   (18°C)   to   preserve   all   cultures   of   the   world.   Other  precau%on  which  has  already  been   taken  is  to  collect  hundreds  of  thousands   of   dollars   for   several   projects   aimed   at   preven%ng   disasters   by   means   of   the   Lifeboat  Founda%on.  

Once upon   a   %me,   food   and   beverages  

used to  be  offered  to  high  spirits  and  gods   by  many  cultures  around  the  word.  Those   sorts   of   offers   were   homemade.   Nowadays,   from   kitchens   to   labs,   some   gourmet   chefs   take   advantage   of   that   knowledge  to  explore  and  create  different   kinds   of   dishes   and   cocktails.   Some   of   them   have   gone   to   extremes,   crea%ng   strange   dishes   and   beverages   in   wonderful   recipes   and   expensive   menus.   Luxury   in   menus   has   changed   from   lobster   and   caviar   to   experiments   with   t h e   c r a z i e s t   i n g r e d i e n t s   a n d   combina%ons.   Those   plates   look   like   special  dishes  but  the  price  is  quite  high.   Below,   there   are   show   some   exquisites   dishes   for   someone   and   strange   for   others.   For   example,   De   Jaeger   (Snail   Caviar)   was   invented   by   a   pair   of   snail   French  farmers  that  combined  caviar  and   escargot   (garden   snail).   The   price   of   the   Snail   caviar   is   about   $82   per   ounce.   And   what  about  a  Bird's  nest  soup  made  from   the  nest  of  a  cliff  swallow  in  China.    

The nest  is  boiled  and  it  creates  an  unique   flavor  and  jelly  consistency.  Just  one  bowl   of   this   soup   costs   between   US   $30   and   $100.     To  top  it  off,  the  strangest  foods  are  Fugu   and   Sannakji   because   it   may   cost   you   an   arm   and   a   leg.   The   first   one,   Fugu   is   the   Japanese   word   for   the   poisonous   smoker   fish   which   contains   a   deadly   toxin.   Only   specially-­‐trained   chefs   are   allowed   to   prepare   it.   Those   chefs   undergo   two   to   three  years  of  training  to  prepare  the  fish.   Perhaps   the   fuss   of   Fugu   is   more   in   surviving   the   experience   than   the   actual   taste   of   the   deadly   fish   that   kills   about   300   people   in   Japan   per   year.   And   the   second   one   is   Sannakji,   this   Korean   delicacy   consists   in   not   only   ea%ng   raw   seafood   but   also   the   seafood   isn't   quite   dead.  Live  baby  octopus  are  sliced  up  and   seasoned   with   sesame   oil.   The   tentacles   are   s%ll   moving   when   this   dish   is   served   and,   if   it   isn´t   chewed   carefully,   the   %ny   suc%on   cups   can   s%ck   to   the   mouth   and   throat.   Isn’t   it   quite   as   expensive   as   paying  with  your  own  life?      

De Jaeger  (Snail  Caviar)  

Bird's nest  soup     Fugu    


As there   is   in   food,   in   mixtology   there   is   also   a   variety   of   strange   mix   and   combina%ons   and   ingredients   that   the   people   had   been   crea%ng   around   the   world,     mostly   in   the   cosmopolitan   such   as  Canada  ,  USA  and  Spain.   We   can   find   drinks   that   have   unusual   ingredients  for  a  cocktail,  such  as  worms,   rice,  red  pepper  and  something    like  that.   That   are   usually   combined   with   alcohol,   where   crea%ng   is   a   game   of   mixing   chemical   substances   as   the   alginato,   that   can   be   used   to   create   champagne   with   a   liPle   bit   of   white   wine   and   alignato.   Remember  that  all  over  the  world  there  is   Where   the   main   idea   is     joined   with   the   a  big  quan%ty  of  different    types    of  drinks   chemistry,   to   generate   a   wonderful   and  dishes,  where  the  ingredients  have  no   cocktail.   limit.   We   can   find     many   dishes   that   have   strange   ingredients,   some%mes     some     are  disgus%ng  ,  and  we  cant    understand   why  they  eat  it  or  drink  it,  but  we  can    see   that  is  important    because  has  a  meaning     for   them.   That   give   them   a   sense   of   belonging    inside  a  society,  and  in  this  way   people  discover    popular  plates.  

Are you   willing   to   try   any   of   those   foods  or  drinks  exposed  above?  

The Seven   prophecies   talk   about   natural   phenomenons,   hevenly   bodies   and   changes     inside  humans.  In  addi%on,  the  Mayan  said  that   at  the  end  of  everything  ,  humans  are  going  to   be  free  in  a  spiritual  way.    

E v e r y o n e

i s t a k i n g   a b o u t   prophecies,   especially   this   year   since  December  is  upon  us.     This   is   the   month   where   the   Mayan   calendar   finishes   and   the   Nostradamus   predic%ons   are   supposed  to  happen.  

Other theory  is  about  the  end  of  the  world  was   created   by   Nostradamus.   In   one   of   his   predic%ons,   he   said   that   there’s   going   to   be   a   world  War  3  and  natural  phenomenons  ,  that’s   going  to  destroy  the  world.   The  most  amazing  thing  is  that  Science  coincide   w i t h   t h e   n a t u r a l   p h e n o m e n o n s   t h a t   Nostradamus   and   Mayan   predicted.   Also   the   Chris%ans   and   Islamic   communi%es   are   silent   geong   ready.   They   believe   in   the   end   of   the   world  too.  

T h e M a y a n   c r e a t e d   S e v e n   prophecies   that   talk   about   the   Changes  around  the  world  that  can   cause  the  end  of  the  earth.  

Finally,  These  theories  have  been  studied  by  

Science. They  have    proved  that  something  is   going  to  happen  but  Those  events  will  not  finish   with  the  world,  even  though    those  are  going  to   destroy  a  big  part  of  it.  

Warning: What  you  are  about  to  read  is  REAL!  

The beauty  of  differences  between  world  cultures  and  people  is  that  what  is  normal  for  

some will   seem   strange   and   different   to   others.   Here   we   are   going   to   show   you   the   strangest   cases   of   customs,   tradi%ons   and,   obsessions   that   may   appear   bizarre   especially  to  outsiders.  Do  you  know  anything  about  The  Human  Calculator,  The  Human   Generator,   The   woman   who   eats   her   hair   follicles   or   The   Culture   that   cuts   one   finger   when  one  member  of  the  family  dies?  Be  ready  to  be  IMPRESSED!    

The  Human  Generator       Slavisa  Pajkic  can   pass  enough     electrical  current   through  his  body    to  cook  a  sausage.      

Haley pulls  her  hair   out  compulsively,   something  known  as   tricho%llomania  and,   apparently,  is  a   rela%vely  common   addic%on  (U.S.  only   seven  million  people   suffer  from  this   disorder).  In   addi%on,  Haley  eats   her  hair  follicles,   something  less   common,  and  usually   spends  two  or  three   hours  in  the   bathroom  dedicated   to  this  task.  

Finger cuBng  while   most  cultures  mourn   the  loss  of  family   members,  women  of   the  Dani  tribe  in   Indonesia  must  suffer   great   physical   pain   in   addi%on   to   emo%onal  pain.  When  a  family  member   dies,   female   rela%ves   must   cut   off   a   segment   of   one   of   their   fingers.   This   prac%ce   is   performed   to   sa%sfy   ancestral   ghosts.   Luckily   for   the   Dani   women,   this   custom   is   rarely   prac%ced   anymore.   The  Human  Calculator    Superhuman  ScoP   Flansburg  computes   complex   mathema%cal   func%ons  without   the  use  of  a  calculator.   The  Kine=c  Man  Guy  Bavli   believes  he  can  move   objects  with  the  power  of   his  mind.  

The world  as  we  know  it  nowadays  is  not  only  interes%ng  but  also  amazing  because  the   human   being   has   achieved   to   re-­‐discover   it   and   to   decode   it.   But,   has   the   man   been   able   to   answer   all   mysteries   based   only   on   science?   In   our   world   there   are   some   phenomenon   that   can’t   be   explained   by   the   human   brain   and   remain   unsolved   mysteries.   Some   of   them   come   from   many   centuries   ago   and   even   now   they   haven’t   been   solved.   However,   the   next   top   5   mysteries   are   the   most   thrilling   and   weird   amongst  all:   Do   the   Aliens   really   exist?:   The   usual   belief   in   Alien   and   being   that   come   from   another   planet   is   one   of   the   most   interes%ng   facts   of   them   all,   and   lately   human   being   aPributes   several   mysteries   to   the   existence   of   these,   also   known   as   Aliens.   One   of   the   most   known   and   mysterious  events  is  the  existence  of  Crop   Circles,   basic   circular   geometric   shape   p a P e r n s   c r e a t e d   i n   m y s t e r i o u s   circumstances   overnight.   Are   these   mysterious   circles   a   signal   of   the   real   existence   of   beings   from   another   planet?   The   first   Crop   Circle   was   recordered   in   1966  in  Australia  aver  a  farmer  argued  to   see   a   spaceship   on   the   sky   before   it   disappeared.   Paranormal   fans   claim   that   in   places   where   these   circles   take   place   there’s   a   concentra%on   of   a   mysterious   energy.    

Was Hitler   able   to   survive   World   War   Two?   About   the   World   War   Two   everybody  knows  how  it  finished,  but  only   a   few   people   know   what   happened   with   Adolf   Hitler.   The   official   History   has   told   Hitler   commiPed   suicide   in   his   bunker   accompanied   by   Eva   Brown   (Hitler’s   girlfriend),   but   this   fact   currently   is   not   confirmed   because   there   aren’t   pieces   of   evidence   about   that,   so   recognized   researches   have   suggested   different   theories;   the   most   important   is   the   fact   that   before   Russian   Army   discovered   the   bunker   where   Hitler   was   hidden,   he,   in   company   of   his   collaborators,   escaped   to   Argen%na  in  three  submarines.  According   with  that,  he  lived  the  rest  of  his  life  in  a   small   village   in   that   country,   maybe   planning  the  revenge.  

Was Napoleon   an   Alien?   History   has   portrayed   Napoleon   as   a   talented,   wise   French   man   and   a   big   military   strategist   who   achieved   to   have   the   control   over   almost   all   Europe   with   advanced   military   campaigns  for  his  %me.  But  was  Napoleon   able   to   do   that   using   only   his   brain?   Recently,   a   bunch   of   researchers   guided   by   Dr.   Andre   Dubois   decided   to   study   Napoleon’s   skeleton   to   discover   why   he   was   so   short;   however,   they   to   the   old   chronicles,   aver   a   Napoleon’s   strange   disappearance   he   had   an   impressive   promo%on  in  his  military  life  at  the  age  of   twenty  years.  

The Lost   City   of   Atlan/s:   The   lost   City   of   Atlan%s  was  introduced  2400  years  ago  by   the   recognized   philosopher   Plato,   even   if   many  cri%cs  aPributed  to  his  imagina%on.   This  ancient  land  was  a  near  to  Gibraltar,   in   the   Mediterranean   Sea   and   it   was   inhabited   by   an   advanced   society.   But,   was   it   really   an   inven%on   from   his   imagina%on  or  did  the  Island  really  exist?   Legend  says  that  this  city  was  sunk  by  an   earthquake,   remaining   underwater   as   a   secret  and  magical  kingdom  protected  by   mermaids.  

Jack the   Ripper:   This   is   one   of   the   most   popular   serial   murderers   around   the   world.   The   iden%ty   of   whom   commiPed   these   crimes   s%ll   is   a   mystery,   but   his   story   is   a   legend.   Between   April   of   1888   and  February  of  1891  in  the  Whitechapel   street   (London)   five   pros%tutes   were   murdered.   These   crimes   had   similar   characteris%cs:   deep   cuts   in   the   throat,   mu%la%on  of  abdominal  and  genital  areas   and   extrac%on   of   organs;   in   addi%on   the   killer  liked  to  do  it  in  early  morning  and  on   solitary  narrow  streets.  The  most  strange   is   the   fact   that   police   was   never   able   to   find   this   killer   because   nobody   had   trails   of  his  whereabouts.  

These mysteries   have   been   polemic   because   men   with   his   knowledge   haven’t   been  able  to  solve  them.  In  all  cases  the  clues  are  incomplete,  for  this  reason  is   necessary   to   think   in   other   explana/ons,   ever   trying   to   get   the   truth.   How   did   these  situa/ons  happen?  Who  were  others  involved?  What  was  the  reason  to  do   these  situa/ons?  Up  to  now  it’s  a  mystery!!