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Editorial Belgium is internationally known for its beers, chocolate and brothers film directors. But there’s of course a lot more to discover in Belgium. Film score composers are definitely not the least important. You’ll then understand that it is such a great pride for me to introduce you to the first issue of the Belgian Screen Composers Guild directory.

With more than 50 members four months after its creation, the Belgian Screen Composers Guild is the proof of the richness and the dynamism of this corporation. You’ll find in Belgium composers for any style of music, any kind of production, and nearly any kind of budget. Thanks to the Federal Tax Shelter and the regional funds, Wallimage, Screen Flanders and Screen Brussels, international producers can find very attractive incentive to shoot or post-produce their films in Belgium.

But the most important is that you’ll find in Belgium wonderful orchestras, unbelievable recording studios, brilliant musicians, great orchestrators, reliable musical executive producers, advised music supervisors, and a tremendous choice of talented music composers, as this 2017 directory will show you. Paul Englebert General Secretary Belgian Screen Composers Guild

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory




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For many years, the Brussels Philharmonic has shown a deep and genuine interest in film music and its composers. We have had the pleasure of working in the studio and on stage with great composers such as Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, Angelo Badalamenti, Craig Armstrong, Alan Silvestri and many others. International recognition has come, among others, in the form of the Oscarwinning score for ‘The Artist’ (music by Ludovic Bource).

The composers (alphabetic order)

Line Adam 05

Patricia Hontoir 37

Samuel Arnone 06

Johan Hoogewijs 38

Luc Baiwir 07

Raf Keunen 39

Eric Bettens 08

Rafaël Leloup 40

Grazyna Bienkowski


Christian Leroy 41

Olivier Bilquin 10

Vincent Liben 42

Michelino Bisceglia


Casimir Liberski 43

Arnaud Blanpain 12

Hugo Lippens 44

Tom Bourgeois 13

Benjamien Lycke 45

Dirk Brossé 14

Hughes Marechal 46

Grégory Caron 16

Christian Martin 47

Pepijn Caudron 17

Rodrigue Nardone

Jan De Block


Jef Neve 50

Hannes De Mayer


Stéphane Orlando

48 51

Vincent D’Hondt 21

Paul Pasquier 52

Michel Duprez 22

Thierry Plas 53

Tuur Florizoone 24

Eloi Ragot 54

Thomas Foguenne


David Reyes 55

Simon Fransquet 26

Manuel Roland 56

Pierre Gillet 27

Yannick Schyns 57

Simon Goffin 28

Arnaud Ivan Sponar


Sylvain Goldberg 30

Guy Van Nueten


Yves Gourmeur 31

Thierry Van Roy


Tim Gouverneur 32

Frédéric Vercheval


Hans Helewaut 33

Gauthier Vilain 62

Joris Hermy 34

Steve Willaert 63

Michel Herr 36

Tom Willebrords 64

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


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Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Line Adam Line Adam was born in 1972 in Namur, Belgium. At 16 years old, she has acquired the highest diplomas in the music conservatories in Brussels and Liège but she is longing for harmony and composing, particularly for orchestras. Alongside her career of flutist and pianist she studies orchestral conducting and becomes arranger and composer. She is attracted by film music that gives a big part to orchestral music and allows the composer to move out of “conventional” music and explore new styles. To date, Line Adam has composed for nearly 100 films and documentaries in Belgium, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom etc. More than 1500 works exist from single instruments to full symphonic orchestras. She also composes for several French and Belgian groups: Quartz,Trio Krokus, Saxacorda, Trio Sempre etc... Fond des Vaux 10A 4190 Xhoris Belgium +32 498 078 671

She has produced numerous music albums, including: “Northern Flute”, “Sculptures”, “België- Belgium”, “Spices” etc. and recently a successful series of piano solo albums “Winter Facts”, “Northern Piano” etc. Her work also includes over 40 pieces for theatre and musicals. Her opera “Sybil et les silhouettes” with which she was finalist of the European contest “Opéraj” was performed by the Royal Opera of Wallonia in March 2012 and in 2015 her second opera “Fleur de peau” was also created by the Royal Opera of Wallonia. Director Michel Gourdin says of her: ( ...) she has this gift of the greatest composers: the ability to support emotion without dominating it. Her music breathes with your film and follows its rhythm. It is the final “varnish” to the finished product, allowing to fine tune emotion.

L’AFRICAIN QUI VOULAIT VOLER Documentary Samantha Biffot L’ENGAGEMENT Film Ingrid Janssen NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Short film Laurie Castelli INTERIORA TERRAE Short film Michaël Herregat CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Série USA Real : Larry David A-BOT Série Vincent Claes TOUS EUROPEENS PINAR Documentary VOLTAIRE ET L’AFFAIRE CALAS Film Francis Reusser LES MILLIARDAIRES PHILANTHROPES Documentary GRACE KELLY PRINCESSE DE MONACO Documentary LES LANDES HIST. NAT. SEASONS VAUBAN Documentary LES TRIBULATIONS D’UN PAPIER EN CHINE Documentary AFRIQUE DU SUD Series Laurent Lichtenstein BALAMORY - THE JUGGLER Series LE MYSTÈRE MALRAUX Documentary CABU POLITIQUEMENT INCORRECT Documentary A VISAGE DECOUVERT : ROMANO PRODI Documentary LE RENDEZ-VOUS Short film Sarra Abidi COULEURS DE MER Documentary LA LOUVE Film Philippe Venault SOLIDARITE MON C... Documentary Michel Gourdin LE FILS DE LA LUNE Short film Gaspar Leclère THOMAS DOYEN DIT... Film Daniel Henry CHIPS, BASMATI & BANANAS Documentary FERDINANDO Film Daniel Henry CHANG Film M. C.Cooper & E.B. Schoedsack WATER and THE HAYMOLLER BROTHERS Documentary Barbara Kaad Ostenfeld UN ART DE VIVRE Documentary LES GENS PRESSÉS SONT DÉJÀ MORTS Film Thomas De Thier WILLIAM Z Film Patrick Iratni Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Samuel Arnone I started to play music when I was a teenager as a keyboarder in rock bands. Then I studied classical music. I obtained a piano, solfeggio, musical formation, analysis and writing degree in the Roubaix and Tourcoing Conservatories, France. I also got a master degree in Musicology about the Stravinsky Serial Period at the Lille 3 University. I am now a piano teacher in different music schools in Northern France. And in 2015 I began film score composition.

Samuel is a junior and very promising composer from the guild. Prostitué, Short directed by Amandine Gévas for Arte (Musique pour piano et Violoncelle) Mr Jocelyn (Musique pour clarinette solo, piano et orchestre à cordes). Concours MAI 2016 Sail Away (Musique pour orchestre) Concours MAI 2016 First prize at the contest «Et si je devenais compositeur de musique de film ?» (France 2016) 1, rue de Flines 7604 Callenelle Belgium +32 485 346 743


Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Luc Baiwir

‘No man is a prophet in his own country’. But we will have to revise this statement. Indeed, Luc Baiwir is not just an artist. He is the Mega Performer in Belgium, no less. He conjures up imposing new age-music from his synthesizers and surrounds it with a show of crazy light effects, swinging fountains and everything he deems necessary to attract the public in his fantasyland. He gave a lot of concerts in Paris, Brussels, London, Shanghai, Rabat, Antibes, Liege... He composed for television and movies. Luc Baiwir show us his vision on water, sea, animals or nature, subjects he certainly knows after having provided music for tens of documentaries.. With his band, he knows how to

present this theme like no one else. A true extravaganza of light and music you will reflect on for a long time. But Luc Baiwir is born in the classical world. First at all, he learned piano in the Liege Conservatory. Than he began to compose classical music. Early, he gives some piano recital with his own music. Today, Luc Baiwir is one of the Belgian composer the most required to produce scores and original works for soloist, strings and symphony orchestras. (USA Today - Concert at Fayetteville - North Carolina) « Transiting between classic and modern, BAIWIR shows itself as a full composer today. Approaching uninhibitedly all these music styles, his wide palette of creation show considerable qualities of a composer in full maturity, a musician of our time and an artist that cannot be ignored at the beginning of the 21th century» (A.Riedes, Nice Matin, 2000)

Stareso Bay directed by Serge Delacroix (France 3) (Palme d’Or for Music at Antibes Festival) Jacques le Dauphin directed by Alain Trellu with Jacques Mayol (Canal + France) Sous le charme des baleines by Luc Hieulle (with Jean Rochefort) J’ai eu dur ! by Gerald Frydman (with Stéphane Steeman) Les bons pères de l’Atlas by Jean-Yves Collet (France 5) (Palme d’Or for Music at Rabat Festival) Balaena directed by Luc HIEULLE (Palme d’Or for Music at Antibes Festival) Oceanox TV Serie - Directed by François AMADO (France 3 Television) Glorieuses, l’île aux tortues vertes A film by Remy TEZIER - RFO (Outremer) France 3 Awarded for best music at Festival International du Film Maritime et d’Exploration de Toulon and best music at Festival Mondial de l’image Sous-Marine d’Antibes Europa, L’île sauvage by Remy TEZIER - RFO (Outremer) France 3 Juan de Nova A film by Remy TEZIER - RFO (Outremer) France 3 Les coups de cœur de Bruno TV Série (TV5 monde – Air France) Mousquemers by Christian Petron (Marine Nationale Française) Les Derniers Romains by Philippe Axell (RTBF - Arte) Manhattan 1609 by Philippe Hersman (RTBF - Arte) Paque, retour vers le passé by Philippe Axell (RTBF – Arte) EUROPA PARK Parade (Germany) « Prix SABAM » 1995, ... +32 495 283 838

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Eric Bettens Subtle mix between electronic and acoustic instruments, Eric Bettens’music admires the public and professionals, but also receives lot of rewards. From soft classical to large epic orchestra or contemporary music, the music of Eric Bettens tears emotions and give life to your pictures. UN OCÉAN DE VIE, série de René Heuzey 2016 EPIPHANY, de Michael Maes 2015 HAVAIKI, d’Els Vandenborre et Bruno Vansaen 2015 DECEPTION, de JJ. Rietjens-Jadoul 2015 LA FACE CACHEE DE LA TERRE, de Pascal LORENT 2014 SABLE, d’Elodie TURPIN 2014 SCHOOLING FISH, d’Oliver VANDENBROECK 2014 THE THROUGH FLOW, d’Oliver VANDENBROECK DANS LE SECRET DES EPAVES, de Pascal LORENT et Dominique HENNEQUIN 2013 LA LOI DE LA FAIM II, de Danny VAN BELLE 2013 RETURN TO GALAPAGOS, de Luc EECKHAUT 2013 MYSTERIES OF THE SANDS, d’Oliver VANDENBROECK 2013 FOR A FEW SHRIMPS MORE, d’Oliver VANDENBROECK 2013 WEDDING PARANO, film de Virginie DELCOURT et Jacques DEGLAS 2012 HOME, de Jean-Jacques RIETJENS DOSSIER RÉINCARNATION, de Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU 2011 LA LOI DE LA FAIM, de Danny VAN BELLE 2011 MIXED WATERS, d’Els et Bruno VAN SAEN 2011 MYSTIC ISLAND, de Luc EECKHAUT 2011 I AM ON A LIST, de Jean-Jacques RIETJENS 2011 UNDERAWATER BALLET, de Stuart IRELAND 2011 ANTARTICA ELYSIUM EPIC, 2010 KRAMSTRAAT, de Jean-Jacques RIETJENS 2009 GALAPAGOS, de Luc EECKOUT 2009 And much more…


Awards Prix de la Meilleure musique originale au Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-marine de Marseille pour Mysteries of the sands (d’Olivier Vandenbroeck) - 2014 Nomination aux HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS pour YVAIN, LE CHEVALIER LION, opératorio pour chœur, orchestre, solistes et récitant — Livret de Marc RONVAUX, adapté du roman de Chrétien de Troyes - 2012 Prix de la Meilleure musique originale au Festival du film maritime et d’environnement de Toulon pour La Loi de la faim (de Danny Van Belle), ce film remporte également la Palme d’or et Prix du Président de la République au Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-marine de Marseille - 2011. Prix de la Meilleure adaptation musicale au Festival Mondial de l’Image Sousmarine de Marseille pour Mixed Waters ( d’Els et Bruno Van Saen) - 2011. Best Original Music Award au Festival Celebrate the sea de Singapour pour Undarawater Ballet (de Stuart Ireland) - 2011. Prix de la Meilleure musique originale au Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-marine d’Antibes pour Insects of the sea (de Gino Rosiers) - 2008. Prix de la Meilleure adaptation musicale au Festival Mondial de l’Image Sousmarine d’Antibes pour Stardancers (de Luc Eeckout) - 2008. Prix de la Meilleure musique originale au Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-marine d’Antibes pour Les fenêtres de la vie (de Danny Van Belle) - 2007. Best Original Music Award au Festival Celebrate the sea à Manille (septembre 2007) pour Le monde des crustacés (de Danny Van Belle) - 2006. Prix François de Roubaix (Premier prix) au concours de composition, La Musique et la mer, au Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-marine d’Antibe pour Nydhis - 2001.

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Rue Trieu des Agneaux 95, 6180 Courcelles - Belgium +32 499 579 225

Grażyna Bienkowski is a pianist, composer, cellist and musicologist born in Belgium and of Polish origin. It’s at the end of her Conservatoire’s studies that she starts thinking about making film music, wishing to unite narration and sounds in a very personal way. Her references in this area are ranging from John Barry to Ryuichi Sakamoto. In 2005, she began to compose instrumental music (piano+cello duets) in a neo-classical style. Her first pieces for piano solo will be for contemporary dance and performed live on choreographies by former students from P.A.R.T.S. Having worked for the BOZAR, La Monnaie Opera, and in the literature, Grażyna also sets foot in the rock scene which solicits her several times for studio sessions or other projects since 2008-2009 (OSA, Bertier, MaryM, Teuk Henri, Daan…). She also uses the harmony and composition codes of jazz music to broaden and enrich her sounds palette. In 2010 she released her first piano solo EP album, Antichambre. A self-

© Lara Herbinia

Grażyna Bienkowski produced opus with minimalist and intimate vein in the spirit of the universes of Craig Armstrong and Michael Nyman. Since 2009, several of her titles have been the subject of video clips and are the first steps to a practice she wants more cinematic. In 2014 she founded her own trio with trumpet and drums described as "jazz and not jazz". The same year, she creates the band Wolves with the pop-rock singer Véronique Jacquemein. The world of cinema being never far, she will play two consecutive years for The Greek Short Film Festival in Brussels with this songwriting band.

musical specificities. Then, she creates the piano-drums duo Kolwiek People with the young French drummer Pierre Hurty in the fall of 2016 and also prepares a duet with the French guitarist Yan Pechin (Alain Bashung, Brigitte Fontaine, Rachid Taha, ...) that she wants to be recorded between Brussels and Paris.

In 2015, her collaboration with the photographer and videographer Lara Herbinia resulted in the production of the video clip Opening A. A tribute to the film Un homme, une femme by Claude Lelouch with a soundtrack composed with her trio and dance seen as the main protagonist. After meeting the composer Patricia Hontoir, a collaboration in pairs was born to compose with four hands between Belgium and the United States, mainly around film music. A work in progress duo with their

Grażyna is a junior and very promising composer from the Guild.

Through her presence in the Belgian Screen Composers Guild, Grażyna wants to multiply bridges between musicians sharing the same passion for screen music and find additional echoes for the music she is already offering.

51 rue Berthelot bte 4 1190 Bruxelles +32 496 717 269 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Olivier Bilquin

Composer, pianist and choir director, Olivier Bilquin is awarded a diploma by the Conservatoire Royal de Musique of Liège. Attracted by diverse classic or popular musical styles, he does not hesitate to mix their codes and tones. Olivier Bilquin composes so regularly for the theater and assures the musical direction on various shows. His arrangements for pop choirs are considered beyond the borders, some are published in the A Cœur Joie France Editions.

Je suis à toi, directed by David Lambert, orchestration Cowboy, directed by Benoît Mariage, orchestration l’autre, directed by Benoît Mariage, original score, Nomination Prix Joseph Plateau 2003, catégorie meilleur compositeur belge La Traversée, directed by Thibault Wohlfahrt, original score La Dernière Séance, directed by Christophe Hermans et Gilbert Tirtiaux, original score Déportés, directed by Cassandre Warnauts, original score Clandestins, directed by Cassandre Warnauts, original score Stalag, directed by Cassandre Warnauts, original score Les chevaliers du ciel, directed by Alexandra Mathelot, original score Frontières, directed by Cassandre Warnauts, original score Jeu de Dame, directed by Christophe Hermans, original score

Rue des Houillères 1 5300 Seilles Belgium +32 496 514 851


Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

© Perry Schrijvers

Michelino Bisceglia

Award-winning composer, conductor, and pianist Michelino Bisceglia was born in Genk, Belgium to a family of Italian origin. He started to play the keyboard at the age of six. When he was 12-years-old, he began to train formally on classical piano, and after a few years he switched to modern piano. Early on in his musical development, he was influenced by jazz musicians Bill Evans, Lennie Tristano, and Keith Jarrett. He was also inspired by the works of Mozart, Rachmaninov, and Stravinsky, which strongly influenced his compositional and orchestral instincts. After a few years of extensive self-study, he began to work as a pianist, composer, arranger, and conductor. As composer THE WHALE - feature film directed by Andrea Pallaoro 2017 B-IT BLUE SILENCE - feature film directed by Bülent Öztürk (2016) B HAMPI - short film directed by Pim Algoed (2016) B LIGHT THEREAFTER - feature film directed by Konstantin Bojanov (2016) HU-B THE PICKLE RECIPE - feature film directed by Michael Manasseri (2016) USA MARINA - feature film directed by Stijn Coninx (2013) B-IT Winner World Soundtrack Award for Public Choice 2014 VALENTINO - feature film directed by Remy Van Heugten (2012) NL AU NOM DU FILS - feature film directed by Vincent Lannoo (2012) B Nomination Magritte du Cinema for best original score 2014 MIXTE KEBAB - feature film directed by Guy Lee Thys (2011) B LITTLE GLORY - feature film directed by Vincent Lannoo (2011) B-USA BLUE BIRD - feature film directed by Gust Van den Berghe (2011) B

Michelino has composed the soundtracks for multiple feature films, working with such renowned orchestras as the Brussels Philharmonic and Limburgs Symfonisch Orkest. He was also the orchestrator, arranger, and conductor of the 3D-animation TV series "Symfollies", which created 52 episodes that were broadcast worldwide. The success of this project resulted in a number of live shows with orchestra. For these shows, Michelino worked with several international orchestras, such as The Royal Flemish Philharmonic, The Japan Synfonia Orchestra, and Orquestra Nacional do Porto.

As arranger, orchestrator and conductor CAFARD (music by Hans Helewaut) - feature film directed by Jan Bultheel (2016) B-FR Winner World Soundtrack Award for Best Belgian Score 2016 TERUG NAAR MORGEN (music by Kleijnen/Reumers) - feature film directed by Jan Bultheel (2015) B BOY 7 (music by Kleijnen/Reumers) - feature film directed by Laurens Blok (2015) NL GLUCKAUF (music by Kleijnen/Reumers) - feature film directed by Remy Van Heugten (2015) NL Nomination Gouden Kalf for best original score 2015 USHI MUST MARRY (music by Matthijs Kieboom)- feature film directed by Paul Ruven (2013) NL MIDDEN IN DE WINTERNACHT (music by Kleijnen/Reumers)- feature film directed by Laurens Blok (2013) NL SYMFOLLIES (music by Mozart, Beethoven, …) - 52 episodes animation (1999 – 2004) B

Patrijsstraat 7 3660 Opglabbeek Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Arnaud Blanpain

Arnaud Blanpain was born in 1974. He studied piano and jazz composition at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel. He also studied piano and composition at the Dick Grove School of Music at Berklee. Very much drawn to music for images, in 2005 he composed the soundtrack for the short film by Xavier Mairesse called "Etat d’Ame". He also composed the music for Emmanuel Jespers' short film called "Personal Spectator" and Alice Ley's "Pierre de Lune". In 2009, Arnaud set up the production studios Buzz and then Earplug at which he produced numerous pieces of music for institutional, corporate and advertising films. At the same time, he worked on performing arts, composing music for plays staged by Alex Lorette;

"Errances", "Misterioso 119", "Pika Don" and on performance dance by Brazilian choreographer Flavia Wanderley "Les Danses du Quotidien" the latest of which opened the 2009 Charleroi Dance Biennial. Moreover, he also co-produced the music of the documentary "Quand Charleroi danse” that is devoted to this biennial. As a sound designer, he worked with Stromae on the films screened during his Racine Carrée tour. Since 2016, he is a member of the "General Score" scoring team with whom he collaborates on several projects.

Etat d'âme Xavier mairesse (short) Personal Spectator Emmanuel Jespers (short) Pierre de Lune Alice Ley (short) Quand Charleroi danse Yves Mora (documentary) Terra Masonica -additional music Tristan Bourlard (documentary)

Avenue Sleeckx, 34 1030 Bruxelles +32 495 238 036


Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Tom Bourgeois La rivière et les ombres Camille Sultan, 2010. La mécanique des corps Maxime Coton, 2011. A l’œuvre Maxime Coton, 2012. Enfants des Pierres Maxime Coton, 2013. Le Soldat Inconnu Maxime Coton, 2014. GPS Flemme-Production, 2014. Petite histoire avant d'aller se coucher Maxime Coton, 2015. Septembre Louise Dendraën, 2015. Alice et Mathieu Camille Mol, 2015. Créatures Camille Mol, 2016.

Tom Bourgeois is a versatile composer and saxophone player. He studied at the ENM of Villeurbanne and at the Brussels Royal Conservatory where he was graduated. Finding his inspiration in the European modern jazz, he cultivates his own language somewhere between classical music and contemporary music. Always attracted by the meeting of disciplines, he has found in 2013 the band “Canopée” (the combination of jazz, rock and poetry). As many as he composes for the Theater such as “5 Carnets” by Bernard Sultan (Compagnie l'Emporte-pièces, Paris). His compositions are full of imagery, his sense of writing is marked by a truly cinematic vision. Since five years, he has been working with the filmmaker Maxime Coton for who he has written many films music for several movies like : « La mécanique des corps » in 2011, « À l'oeuvre » in 2012, « Enfants des pierres » in 2013, « Le Soldat Inconnu » in 2014 and « Petite histoire avant d’aller se coucher » in 2015. He is also used to work with some film makers from l’Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD), for instance, he has composed the music for Camille Sultan, Camille Mol and Louise Dendraën’s short films. In 2014, he won the « XI jazz Contest 2014 » with the band Geoffrey Fiorese Quintet. Lately Tom Bourgeois recorded his famous pieces for piano solo « Septembre » which were released in 2016 on Prova Records. He can be found performing and recording with a lot of international musicians and bands from the duo to the Big Band with whom he was honoured to tour abroad in Hungary as much as in China. 370, Chaussée de Boondael, 1050 Brussels +32 498 841 253 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Dirk Brossé Dirk Brossé is passionate about music and has worked all over the world as a conductor and composer. He is currently Music Director of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia and of Ghent Film Festival. John Williams chose him as Principal Conductor of the Star Wars in Concert World Tour. He is professor of composition and conducting at the School of Arts / Royal Conservatory of Music in Ghent (B). He has composed some 400 works, including concerti, oratorios, lieder, chamber music and symphonic works. He has also composed extensively for cinema, television and stage.

Some Work

Koko Flanel, a feature film by Stijn Coninx (1989) Daens, a feature film by Stijn Coninx (1992) Als het leven een nieuwe wending neemt, a shortfilm by Serge Leurs (1993) Oost-Vlaanderen, schat van een provincie, a documentary film by Frank Van Laecke (1993) Marie, a feature film by Marian Handwerker (1993) Licht / When the Light comes, a feature film by Stijn Coninx (1997) Planckendael koala's, a shortfilm by Stijn Coninx (1998) Mijn eerste Sjeekspier, shortfilm by Douglas Boswell (2000) Romance, shortfilm by Douglas Boswell (2004) Knetter, a feature film by Maarten Koolhoven (NL) (2005) The Kavijaks, TV serie by Stijn Coninx (2005) Brod Ludaka, a shortfilm by Matthias Lebeer (2006) Samaritan, a shortfilm by Douglas Boswell (2008) La Vie Aquatique, (early 20th century), a silent documentary film (2010) Amore Pedestre, (1914) a silent film by Marcel Fabre (2010) Parade’s End, TV series by Susanne White, for BBC/HBO (2012)

His film soundtracks include Boerenpsalm, Koko Flanel, Daens, The Lovers and Knielen. His score for the BBC/HBO series Parade's End was nominated for an Emmy Award. He wrote the scores for the musicals Prince of Africa, Daens, Sacco & Vanzetti, Tintin, Rembrandt, Ben X, Pauline & Paulette and 14-18. Dirk Brossé has been awarded the title Cultural Ambassador of Flanders, the Flemish Parliament’s Gold Medal for Merit, the Achille Van Acker Prize, the Joseph Plateau Honorary Award and the Global Thinkers Forum Award for Excellence in Cultural Creativity. In 2013 he was elevated to Belgium’s hereditary nobility, with the personal title of Knight. He is a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts. The Lovers, a feature film by Roland Joffé (2013) Knielen, a feature film by Sam Sombogaart (2016) Het Goeie Leven, TV series by De Liefhebbers (2016) Back to Utopia, feature film by Fabio Wuytack (2016)

Some Awards en prijzen

Academy Award Nomination Daens, categorie beste buitenlandse film’ (1992) Nominatie voor de Nederlandse Musical Awards voor 'Kuifje - De Zonnetempel' (2006) 'Vlaamse Musical Award' voor de muziek van Daens (2009) Emmy Award nominatie voor de muziek van de BBC/HBO serie 'Parade's End' - USA (2013) Erfelijke adeldom verleend met de persoonlijke titel van ridder door Koning Filip I (2013) Gouden Kalf Award nominatie voor de score voor de film Knielen (2016) Lid van de Vlaamse Koninklijke Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten (2016) +32 477 305 872


Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

The Aurotorium 3D Dubbing Theatre

FROM DEVELOPMENT TO RELEASE... AND BEYOND Financing | (Co-)Production | Audio Post-Production | Image Post-Production | Music Recording | Authoring

The Galaxy Studios Group is a cluster of companies dedicated to the fine arts of film, music and sound technology. We are situated in Belgium and for more than thirty-five years our studio complex has been a world class beacon of advanced technology for sound recording and post-production. Seven years ago we expanded the services to include a wide range of film and TV post-production services in sound, picture and music. Our studios originated the ultimate immersive sound format Auro-3D. It is the home base for Auro Technologies, its driving force software development company. Our expansive and comfortable Galaxy Studios is truly an exciting work and meeting centre for creative film & music professionals. We are unashamedly passionate technology addicts, proud to be creatively driven by the 7th Art.

Galaxy Hall: 330 m² Recording Studio

Baselight 4K 3D HDR Grading Suite

Galaxy Studios Group - Kievitstraat 42, 2400 Mol, Belgium - Tel: +32 (0) 14 31 43 43 -

Grégory Caron I never knew exactly what to do. Untill one day, I stepped into a composers studio (Look & Listen). I was fascinated. From that day I started making music & sounddesign non-stop. By now I have almost 10 years of experience in the field of composing for all kinds of movies, animation, commercials,… I just love to focus on the interaction between moving image and music and sound or sometimes divine silence... It’s my job, my passion and I love it!

Antwerpsesteenweg 528 9040 Sint-Amandsberg Belgium +32 496 912 135 18

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

© Jeroen De Wandel

Pepijn Caudron

Pepijn Caudron was raised in Belgium by a musical family. His mother played violin and his father played guitar. When he was twelve he followed their lead and began singing and drumming in several local bands, some touring the Belgian club circuit extensively a few years later. By fifteen he started experimenting with 4-track recorders and sampling. He found that music offered more possibilities than the traditional rock band set-up. Initially, his solo work was heavily influenced by the sample-ideology of hip-hop and the sound of labels like Mo’ Wax and Ninja Tune in the late 90’s. A growing interest in 20th century classical music gradually infused his work with a more theatrical feel. Kreng’s peculiar world of sound also drew attention from the Norwegian record label Miasmah which approached him to release music from his soundtracks for theatre. This resulted in the critically acclaimed album L’Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu (2009), followed by Grimoire (2011), which earned him a reputation as one

of the leading figures in the world of modern-classicalelectronic composition. In 2012, the lavishly designed retrospective compilation box Works For Abattoir Fermé 2007-2011 was released. This collector’s item sold out in less than three weeks. After more than a decade of stage related work, Caudron felt the need to change his creative environment. He returned to his lifelong passion for film soundtracks influenced by a wide range of composers from the inevitable Bernard Herrmann to Ennio Morricone’s 70’s giallo period stretching out to more contemporary masters like Trent Reznor, Brian Reitzell and Joseph Bishara. Along with an already successful recording and theatre composing career he has decided to dedicate a major part of his time to creating music for film. Since joining Spectrevision Music Management in 2013, Caudron has scored Cooties, his first full feature soundtrack which was released on September 18, 2015, by Milan Records (digital/CD). Death Waltz Recording Company/Mondo soon followed with a vinyl release. His second score, for the feature film Camino, premiered in September 2016 at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.


2015 – Camino – Produced by: Ehud Bleiberg, Daniel Noah, Josh Waller 2013 – Cooties – Spectrevision Films (Lions Gate 2014) FILM – SHORTS: 2008 – Mobius by Jonas Govaerts 2008 – Abattoir Ferme – Cinerama – A Collection of 8 Shorts 2009 – Abused by Jonas Govaerts 2011 – Macula by Jasper Vrancken 2013 – Daddy’s Little Dearest by Joris Donvil 2013 – A Borrowed Scent by Petar Veljacic


2010 – Monster – Acht & Abattoir Ferme – 1 season – 6 episodes – Composer / Actor

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Wild Cherry Consult was founded in 2009 and it’s core business is Music Supervision, Music Clearances, Music Publishing and Music Business Affairs, Consultancy (Films, TV series, VOD Series, Documentaries, Games, Commercials) WILDCHERRYCONSULT@GMAIL.COM WWW.WILDCHERRYCONSULT.BE

Jan De Block



The first breakthrough of Jan De Block was a TV tune for a sunday night prime time TV show, together with Jo Casters (Poesie Noire, Erotic Dissidents). It was the start of an intense cooperation. A few years later, Jan started his own rollercoaster journey of TV tunes and music for commercial movies. Since 10 years, Jan’s focus shifted to songwriting. Odette Di Maio (Italy) became his writing partner, which resulted in “Infection”, the first full album of Miss O in 2012. Jan also works with Kyoko Baertsoen (ex-Hooverphonic), as co-writer/producer of her first full solo-album KYOKO


Dedicated to fragile filmic piano compositions, Silent Noise Revolution is Jan’s most recent project. Silent Noise Revolution was selected by Nils Frahm to feature in his "piano day 2016" playlist.

46,XX (Guido De Craene, 2015) Alice In Wonderland (OZU filmfestival, 2012) Finalist of “new soundtrack for original movie” competition (OZU filmfestival, Italy) Dame Blanche (Miel Van Hasselt, 2002) TV: Move-On TV (Belgacom TV, 2005-2009): music styling (composition&production) of broadcast station VRT, VT4: several program tunes (e.g. De Rode Loper, Spoorloos, …) GAMES: Sony, Parasol


Jan is specifically looking for film projects that match with his fragile piano music. His signature is a balanced mix of fragile and romantic piano with abstract sounds and noise. +32 478 454 434 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Hannes De Maeyer 2016:

Helden Van De Zee – feature film – Directed by Diederd Esseldeurs About the Boy Who Ate an Oakwood Chair – short film – Directed by Pieter Goethals Downside Up – short film – Directed by Peter Ghesquière L’Etranger – documentary – Directed by Kenneth Michiels


Black – feature film – Directed by Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah T. (Professor T.) - television series – Directed by Indra Sierra (co-composed with Gregory Caron) Voor Wat Hoort Wat – television series – Directed by Christophe Van Rompaey (co-composed with Gregory Caron)


Image – feature film – Directed by Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah De Applausman – documentary – Directed by Ruben Vermeersch


19:00 – short film – Directed by: Robin Pront Plague – short film – Directed by Ali F. Mostafa


Jappegem – short film – Directed by Hendrik Verthé A Direct Hit – short film – Directed by Nick Ceulemans How to Enrich Yourself by Driving Women Into Emotional and Financial Bankruptcy – short film – Directed by Pim Algoed 2008: On the Road – short film – Directed by Arne Van Schoors

Awards: Best Soundtrack for Baghdad Messi – Premio Cinematografico Palena, IT - 2015 Best Young Belgian Composer – World Soundtrack Awards, Film Fest Ghent, BE – 2005


Baghdad Messi – short film – Directed by Sahim Omar Kalifa Bergica – television series – Directed by Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah


Land of the Heroes – short film – Directed by Sahim Omar Kalifa Schellebelle 1919 – feature film – Directed by Johan Heldenbergh (additional music co-composed with Gregory Caron)

Tarwestraat 56 9000 Ghent Belgium +32 498 635 025


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Vincent D'Hondt

Alongside a career in theatre I started writing music for shorts, and I scored my first feature film in 1998. I was involved in about 15 projects, sometimes early on in the production process, sometimes as a last minute emergency composer. I like writing for the human voice, solo instruments, smaller ensembles as well as symphony orchestra. What I adore most is combining these with digital soundscape design. I take charge of the complete process (writing, organizing, recording, mixing, declaration) until delivery of the master.

Selected filmography Feature films: De bal – (The ball) – (1999) Dir: Danny Deprez Hop - (2002) – Dir: Dominique Standaert La femme de Gilles – (Gilles’ wife) – (2004) – Dir: Frédéric Fonteyne De unge år: Erik Nietzsche sagaen del 1 – (The early years: Erik Nietzsche saga part 1) – (2007) – Dir: Jacob Thuesen 9 mm - (2008) – Dir: Taylan Barman La maison du canal – The house by the canal - (2003) - Dir: Alain Berliner Shorts: Oktobernacht – (October night) - (1997) – Dir: Danny Deprez, Jean-Claude Van Rijkeghem L’envers du désir (documentary) – (2005) – Dir: Christine Rabette Je dois me taire – Dir: Serge Minne – (2006) Il segreto del serpente (documentary) – (2014) – Dir: Mathieu Volpe Awards: International Biennal for Film Music – European Newcomer prize – 1999 for “De bal” Joseph Plateau Awards – Best Belgian composer – 2003 for “Hop” (tied to Daan Stuyven for “Meisje” Biarritz International Festival of Audiovisual Programming – Golden FIPA – 2003 for “La maison du canal”

Baarledorpstraat 92, 9031 Drongen-Baarle, Belgium +32 473 931 985

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Michel Duprez

Michel is a man of melodies and textures. But, above all, he is a composer who tells stories. His experience in theatre has developed a very pronounced taste for narration and narrative techniques. He is familiar with the pace and atmosphere of stories, visual textures and sounds, the notion of irony, tragedy, burlesque, etc. Michel can also be involved in executive production. He is a founding member of the « General Score » composer team.

Some works L'homme qui répare les femmes, by Thierry Michel Palais de Justesse, by Stéphane De Groodt Cinekino, documentary serie ARTE Terra Masonica, by Tristan Bourlard Dead Man Talking, by Patrick Ridremont +32 497 423 604


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SABAM IS LAUNCHING A GRANT PROGRAMME to support the creation of original music in feature films, television series, documentaries and animated films.

© Istock m



Works Fiction ‘Aanrijding in Moscou’ (directed by Christophe Van Rompaey), 2008, Belgium 'Brasserie Romantiek' (directed by Joel Vanhoebroeck, 2012) Documentary 'Bons Baisers de la Colonie' (directed by Nathalie Borgers, 2011) 'Lone Twin/pas de deux' (directed by Anna van der Wee, 2011) 'Les amours des moules' (directed by Willemiek Kluijfhout, 2012)

Awards and nominations ‘Public choice Award’ at the World Soundtrack Awards 2008 for the score of ‘Aanrijding in Moscou’ nomination ‘discovery award’ at the World Soundtrack Awards 2008 for the score of ‘Aanrijding in Moscou’ nomination ‘composer of the year’ at the European Film Academy 2008 for the score of ‘Aanrijding in Moscou’

© Stephan Van Fleteren

Tuur Florizoone

Although in the Low Countries the accordion is often still associated with corniness and banal hi-jinx, in other cultures it has been a fully respected instrument with a great expressive range for many years. Especially in the hands of a composer and improviser with imagination and taste, such as one of Belgium’s most beloved musicians, Tuur Florizoone. This has everything to do with his broad knowledge and interests, his charisma and tangible joy in performing and composing, and his gift for touching the heart of the music as well as that of the listeners. Florizoone (1978) has had classical piano lessons and studied jazz piano and composition at the conservatory. He gained some of his practical experience in Brazil, such as at the workshops of the great percussionist Nana Vasconcelos, and by accompanying circus, dance and theatre shows. He collaborated with heavyweights from the worlds of jazz (Philip Catherine, Garrett List), pop music (Stijn Meuris, Thé Lau), classical music (Claron McFadden, the Brussels Philharmonic, Metropol Orkest) and the folk and world music scene (Luka Bloom, Carlos Nuñes). As an improviser, he’s at his best in open situations with a lot of freedom and interaction, like in the group Tricycle, the collective trio Massot/Florizoone/ Horbaczewski, and in a duo with diatonic accordionist Didier Laloy. He demonstrated his control of mastery of mood and atmosphere, based on simple, directly appealing material, in film soundtracks such as Les Amours des Moules and Aanrijding in Moscou. The soundtrack’s international success leads to believe that Tuur is well on his way to becoming Belgians own Yann Tiersen.

+32 495 470 449 26

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Thomas Foguenne

A while ago, Thomas graduated in contemporary music composition, piano, chamber music, harmony and music theory at Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Mons where he also studied orchestra conducting and electronic music. Today based in Asia, he mainly writes and produces music for feature and short fiction films in Taiwan and China, but occasionally also scores documentaries, commercials, dance performances or theater plays. His palette ranges from classical to electronic to experimental.

Feature films : Upstream, 2017, 77’, directed by David Chuang, Taiwan The Last Verse, 2017, 100’, directed by Tseng Ying-ting, Taiwan The Fool and the Temple, 2016, 81’, directed by Cui Yingjie, China Black Sheep, 2016, 77’, directed by An Bang, Taiwan The Cat in the Closet, 2016, 82’, directed by Tseng Ying-ting, Taiwan Short films : The Boss, 2016, 24’, directed by Wu Xiao-feng, Taiwan 100th Birthday Anniversary, 2016, 17’, directed by Lian Jianhong, Taiwan Liquid Love, 2016, 25’, directed by Zhuang Zhi-wei, Taiwan Red Spider Lily, 2015, 41’, directed by Yang Kai-ting, Taiwan Hpakant Jade Life, 2015, 30’, directed by Lee Yong-chao, Taiwan-Myanmar Fan Fan, 2014, 30’, directed by Liu Jia-xin, Taiwan Take Me Home, 2014, 30’, directed by Chen Jing-ru, Taiwan Rowboat, 2014, 28’, directed by CJ Wang, Taiwan He An, 2014, 26’, directed by Lu Min-yu, Taiwan A Little Life, 2013, 34’, directed by Li Jia-ling, Taiwan Smile, 2012, 11’, directed by Li Jia-ling, Taiwan Roadside Girls, 2012, 15’, directed by Denis Mauguit, Belgium Mother, 2011, 20’, directed by Liu Jia-xin, Taiwan Documentaries : Les citoyens des pays magiques, 2016, 28’, directed by Eun-

seon Lee-Segay, Taiwan The Mountain, 2014, 61’, directed by Hung En Su, Taiwan Sounds of Peace, 2011, 41’, directed by Yang Li-zhou, Taiwan Lane 1025, 2010, 12’, directed by Liang Zhun, Benoît Vermander, Nicolas Priniotakis and Pinti Zheng, China awards : 2016 Taiwan Golden Bell Award for Best Sound and Music for the feature-length drama The Cat in the Closet +32 486 103 502 Rue de Malonne, 13F bte 2 5150 Floreffe Belgium +886 978 161 651 Hangzhou South St, sect 1, Lane 131, 26-1, 3F, Zhongzheng District 10057 Taipei Taiwan Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Simon Fransquet Professional guitarist and multi instrumentalist, he regularly gives different music workshops and he also teaches classical and Jazz guitar for over 10 years in several schools in belgium. In parallel, he built traditional guitars and also creates and invents different kinds of strange instruments. He has a passion for composition from an early age, he composed 3 albums (including 2 original soundtrack) and also wrote for several movies, theatre, video games in Belgium and UK. Simon is member of the “General Score” composer team.

Le scénariste short directed by François Paquay 2016 Terra Mossanica documentary directed by Tristan Bourlard 2016 Ice Scream short directed by Vincent Smitz 2016 Petites coupures short directed by Stéphane Henocque 2016 L’annonce short directed by Michiel Blanchart 2016 Nous Quatre Feature film directed by Stéphane Henocque 2016 Babysitting story short directed by Vincent Smitz 2014 Maniac animated short directed by Cyril Bossmann 2013 Finir en beauté short directed by Vincent SMITZ 2013 Silence on détourne short directed by Bernard Garant 2013 The Smoke King short directed by Clothilde Blondot, Cyril Bossmann, Rémi Braun 2012 Hexatron video game directed by Timothee Lardinois 2015

62 Rue large, 4032 Chênée Belgium +32 494 787 672

La faux video game directed by Antoine Begon 2011 28

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Pierre Gillet After attending studies in music theory and piano, I joined various musical formations of the time (Polyphonic Size, Gangsters d'Amour, Glacier George, Jeff Bodart ...) In parallel, with two partners, I launched a postproduction company (Dame Blanche) in which I compose music (movies, series, commercials films, documentaries etc ...). I specialized in music strictly in the image (especially for the animated series).

Series Cédric (saison 3) Le Petit Spirou Sous le Soleil Pokemon (adaptation gén. version FR) Inspecteur Gadget (adaptation gén. version FR) Mistigris Milo Klumpies SOS 18 Cococinel Noukies Ma Maison Survivre Planète Monstres Prudence Petit-Pas Gowap C’est Cool Fils de Wouf Feature films Tombé du Nid (Molinaro) Miss Mouche (Bernard Halut)

Pierre Gillet Music Designer +32 475 661 605

Petite Misère (Philippe Boon, Laurent Brandenbourger) 2ème Quinzaine de Juillet (Christophe Reichert) Nicostratos (Olivier Horlait) La Leçon d’Amour (Alain Tasma) Libre Echange (Serge Gisquière) Y a pas d’Âge pour s’Aimer (Thierry Chabert) Shorts Les Hommes de ma Vie (Karine de Villers) Le Mur (Samuel Lampaert) La Légende du Chou Duo de Volailles Le Coq au Vin (Christophe Reichert) On ne Peut pas Tout Prévoir (Samuel Lampaert) Documentaries Les 75 Ans de Spirou Au Delà des Sommets Le Désordre Alphabétique

Micro Etats Le Chemin des Aigles L’Or Vert Un Simple Maillon La Chaîne Sans Fin A Bout Portant Confidences d’un Usurpateur L’art au Kilomètre Drones et Guerres Secrètes Paul Smith (AB) Le Défilé des Toiles Charles et Félicien Denis Marion Charleroi 2011 Les Larmes du Seigneur Afghan Femmes Contre Daesh Belgique Sauvage 180 Jours Diane Von Furstenberg (AB)

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Simon Goffin My musical style goes from symphonicepic to more intimate piano but I adapt to many other styles depending on the projects. With many short films to my credit, I have a good experience of working in precise sync with the image. I am also interested in video games. Being a player myself for many years, I like the freedom and diversity offered by this medium. Accustomed to remote working, I appreciate teamwork and constructive exchanges. I adapt easily to people and projects. Whenever possible, I like to work upstream, through discussions on projects under development.

Simon is a junior and very promising composer from the guild. Sacré Charlemagne (Short movie/Comedy) Promotion Canapé (Short movie/Comedy) Le Couloir (Short movie/Comedy) Hors Contrôle (Short movie/Thriller) Le Clown Abandonné (Short movie/Drama) Block 66 (Short movie/Dark) Mon Père (Short movie/Fantastic)

+32 475 701 404 Village 13, B-4831 Bilstain Belgium


La Divine Fondation (Documentary)

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Brussel’s only Scoring Stage



Ceremony & Concert

18 OCT 2017

with Brussels Philharmonic & Dirk Brossé in Capitole, Ghent-Belgium

Tickets on sale end of March 2017

16977_advWSA_A5.indd 1

7/02/17 10:21

Sylvain Goldberg

Sylvain Goldberg is a composer and pianist who teached music in a self-taught way. He worked with famous artists in all the French-speaking world, as Maurane, Lara Fabian, etc. He developed a solid and close collaboration with Mathieu Gonet and Laurent Aknin in France. All the musical styles are for him a source of inspiration. He’s got a huge adaptation capacity to any style in link with picture. He’s also arranger. 62, rue Marguerite Bervoets B-1190 Bruxelles +32 475 266 944 32

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Yves Gourmeur "As a composer, orchestrator, pianist and sound engineer, Yves Gourmeur has, in a career spanning 25 years, performed in more than 1500 concerts. At ease playing in the traditions of jazz and comedy musicals as well as world and modern music, his wide range of experiences have also led him to provide soundtracks for both

cinema and television. Equipped with a recording studio, his focus has always been to use his talents to best serve the narrative and the director’s vision, and his compositions have subsequently been used for both feature films, documentaries and animations." Yves is member of the “General Score” composer team.

Geronimo Stilton international anime serie Mamy Moteur Short Film - Director : Kevin Stel Je suis ta fille Short Film - Director : Aurelien Rapatel Demi-mesure Short Film - Director : Mathilde Mazabrard Chagas Short Film - Director : Anais Honvault Zborowski Hot Trahison Anime Short Film - Director : Quentin Barutaut Paresse Anime Short Film - Director : Sacha Danjou Terra Masonica Documentary - Director : Tristan Bourlard Pollyanna Old B/W Movie - Ciné concert

+32 476 334 627 6 rue blanc boquet 7070 Le Roeulx Belgium

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Tim Gouverneur Tim GOUVERNEUR was born in 1983 in MontigniesSur-Sambre (Charleroi) . He came from a scientific background and studied physics at the University of MONS-HAINAUT until 2005. However , music diverted him from his scientific studies. This self-taught musician took his first steps in electronic music. He went to the Royal Conservatory of Mons where he followed the classes given by C. Ledoux, G. Gobert, W. Kissine, and J.-P. Deleuze. He has composed many pieces of music. The most important ones include a cycle of dances for piano, "Le Petit Dancing en Bois" (Sextuor) "Danse Insomniaque for l3 Instruments", "Les Oreilles de Midas" ( for large ensembles ) , "La Danse d'Aristophane" (for seven instruments ) and numerous miniatures for all types of

groups. He was awarded a prize at the ninth Rencontres Internationales de Compositions Musicale in CergyPontoise for a piece for soprano and ensemble on a poem by A. Chedid. In 2012, he took part in the Ars Musica Festival where "Danse Insomniaque for l3 instruments" was played by Musiques Nouvelles, an ensemble conducted by J-P. Dessy. In 2013, his piece "Lapsus" was played at the VIA Festival in Mons. In the Same year his "Dances for Piano for Four Hands" was played in a Series of Concerts given by N. Momitani and T. Honda. Since 2014, he has reconnected with his earlier inspirations and re-immersed himself in electronic music without losing sight of the world of contemporary music. Tim is member of the “General Score” composer team.

Tim is a junior and very promising composer from the guild. Phobies: short film directed by Anthony Tueni Terra Massonica: documentary directed by Tristan Bourlard

41, A26 Allée des Templiers 6280 Loverval +32 499 32 14 69


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Hans Helewaut

Feature film

Cafard BE /FR/ HOL 2015 - dir. by Jan Bultheel Koning van de wereld – BE 2006 dir. By Guido Hendrickx, feature and 6x50’ series Gek op de heuvel – BE 2005 – dir. by Christaen Vervaet Zusjes Kriegel – BE, HOL 2003 – dir. By Dirk Beliën, Altijd Zomer – BE 1998, Johan Seeuws, VRT

Animation series

Robotboy Worldwide release 104 x 13’ dir. by Charlie Bean/Ken Heath Gawayn Worldwide release 104 x 13’ dir. By Luc Vinciguerra/ Christophe Pittet Kika & Bob - (52 x13’) dir. By Vincent Bal / Collete Bothof Dimitri 26’ theatrical feature - 26 x 7’ dir. By Agnes Lecreux

Author driven documentaries Hans Helewaut is a Flemish composer, mainly working for Film and Television. He started his musical career in the mid eighties , together with his sister in the pop band Elisa Waut . Having studied at the filmschool HRITCS , he got quickly involved in writing music for short movies and commercials. Ten years later he was also a founding partner of the audio and music postproduction company Sonicville, where he worked ten years as composer, music supervisor and artistic director. Nowadays Hans works as a freelance composer for international clients, mainly for feature film, animation series and documentaries. In 2016 he won the award for Best Belgian production at Ghent World Soundtrack awards, for the orchestral score of the animated feature film Cafard.

My only son - 2012 , Simonka de Jong Solo – 2016 Koen Suidgeest F. Deneyer - 2012, Luc Vrydaghs Bonjour Congo – series 2010, Rudi Vranckx Dik - 2009, Maartje Bakers Leaving Mandela park - 2009, Saskia Vredeveld Fieret - 2008, Frank Van den Engel Madagscar – series 2008, Luc Vrijdaghs Lost Cologny - 2008, Astrid Bussink Tussen Hemel en aarde - 2007, Frank Van den Engel +32 475 537 388 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Joris Hermy Even before Joris Hermy entered this world he was already tapping his fingers and feet to the sound of Doris Day who gave birth to his musical talent. That is how his film music was born simultaneously with him on July 5th 1979 in Bruges (Belgium). Altogether it didn't take Joris Hermy very long to switch from the innocent to the more profane and even infernal. He sold his soul to Darth Vader! While listening to 'Star Wars: A New Hope' he knew that these were the compositions that had been echoing in his body and soul all that time. John Williams appeared to be the translator of his own internal symphony. The unknown 'Force' of John Williams awakened something completely addictive thanks to the Maestro's heroic

brass, loud timpani strokes, lush strings, massive choirs and immortal melodies. That was the moment when he sold his favorite Star Wars collectors items to buy a new professional keyboard. Since then no genre is dissonant in his hungry surge for inspiration. With the notes, chords and timbre that trigger something inside him, Joris Hermy composes his own typical harmonic stories. But besides that, also the largest range of films thrives him as a composer towards the making of his own unique musical personality. To Joris Hermy music and images are ultimately and eternally intertwined. Ever since his very first encounter with the powers of the symphonic sound, he pursued workshops around the world to learn from the best in the field. Gentlemen like Mr. Conrad Pope , Mr. Patrick Doyle and contemporary composer Mr. Wim Hendrickx sharpened his knowledge about the orchestra and how to compose music on picture. All of these encounters encouraged him to go further, expect more and to work his way up in the Film Music Industry.

Kattenoog TV serie Belgium & The Netherlands

Sheeped Away short by Junaid Chundrigar

Aspe television serie 10 seasons

Yellow horror short by Stijn Guillaume

Floris & Pip short – directed by Coen Haver & Joanne Hakkert

Past Continuous short by Stijn Guillaume

Fixed Fairy Tales animated web series Tramstraat 13 8750 Zwevezele Belgium +32 476 833 356


Mayan Death Robots Indie video game Bad Days Season 1, 2 & 3 by Stan lee TV serie

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Finalist Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition 5th Hollywood Music Workshop with Conrad Pope, Vienna

Michel Herr

Michel Herr (composer, arranger and conductor) has composed and orchestrated music for numerous films and all kinds of media (tv, etc…). His jazz background, his stylistic flexibility and his imagination have served contrasting projects, always with a personal touch. From simple and moving melodies to more abstract musical atmospheres, from acoustic instruments to electric textures, from intimate solos to large orchestral ensembles, etc… his wide musical palette covers many grounds with creativity, taste and sensitivity. Film music : Just Friends (Marc-Henri Wajnberg), 12 awards. Odette Toulemonde (Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt) : reconstruction of arrangements on Josephine Baker’s songs Christmas in Paris (Hans Rooyards) : arrangement for the song «I don’t wanna waste more time», feat. Toots Thielemans

+32 475 838 093 rue des prés 18 B-1435 Corbais Belgium


Television films (many co-productions with French, Belgian tv, long duration) : Un crime très populaire (Didier Grousset) Le coup du lapin (Didier Grousset) Le responsable (Series «Les Monos») (Didier Grousset) Eclats de famille (Didier Grousset) Les magiciens du mercredi (Freddy Charles) San Francisco (Freddy Charles) Les fugitifs (Freddy Charles) La mésaventure (Freddy Charles) Le scoop (Jean-Louis Colmant) Theme music for «Mic Mac», cultural magazine on ARTE tv etc...

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Patricia Hontoir Patricia Hontoir is a belgian composer based in Austin, Texas. She loves combining music, create sounds, textures with images and the story. Writing in the Classical, Orchestral, and Dramatic genres, her work employs several techniques, including classic music composition, improvisation and electronic editing.

As a professional composer for film, Patricia has created music for feature films and documentary in Europe (Taste of Blueberries - Le Testament amoureux de Nel - Greenginger muppets documentary) and the US (The Violent states of America). She continues to work on new projects for screen in Belgium, Zurich and USA. Her musical approach and collaboration on a movie project is to be open, to observe, to search, to involve, to take time and to take distance, to be quick when it needs to be and to be flexible... "Music can touch, but also at times allows a place for…a moment… an image…a thought… a movement…a story… silence… it's always a challenge, and I love challenges… »

Le Goût des Myrtilles (The Taste of Blueberries) directed by Thomas de Thier, Belgium Le Testament amoureux de Nel directed by André Dartevelle, Belgium The Violent States of America directed by Daniel Fuentes, USA Les Green Ginger France

+ 1 512 924 24 60 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Johan Hoogewijs Johan Hoogewijs studied at the Brussels filmschool R.I.T.S, and started his piano-studies at the Conservatory of Leuven. Later on, he participated at several jazz-workshops at the Conservatory of Liège. As a composer Hoogewijs is an autodidact. His styles differ as he composes for film and TV since the 80’s: pop, jazz, electronic compositions but also classical and contemporary works for orchestra. His diversity, which characterizes his music, is appreciated by producers and directors in Belgium and the Netherlands. Still, his typical musical touch is recognized by many listeners. Apart from his work for radio, television and film, he also made music for several modern dance choreographers.( Bud Blumenthal/ Michèle Noiret) He created hundreds of jingles for the public Belgian network (BRT1- BRT2- STUDIO BRUSSEL- RADIO1). He composed for several documentaries, short movies and highly appreciated and successful drama-series as LANGS DE KADE, NIET VOOR PUBLICATIE, HETERDAAD and WITSE , RUSSEN and DEADLINE, DE VIJFHOEK for Belgian

and Dutch TV. More than 300 episodes of drama-series gives him a lot of experience and insight in composing for the image. He worked with several known orchestra’s in Belgium and Holland and worked on several occasions with TOOTS THIELEMANS as a harmonica soloist, also on a few live concert-occasions. feature films: WINKY’S HORSE, WHERE IS WINKY’S HORSE? Mischa Kamp BLOODBROTHERS (Bloedbroeders) Arno Dierickx LIFE IN ONE DAY (Het leven uit een dag) Mark De Cloe DON’T TOUCH MY CHILDREN (Kom niet aan mijn kinderen) Ron Termaat COOL KIDS DON’T CRY (Achtste groepers huilen niet) Dennis Bots HIGH HEELS, LOW TIDE (Weekend aan zee) Ilse Somers The girl with the nine wigs Marc Rothemund W. Witse de film Frank Van Mechelen Dance ( Hans Op de Beeck) Woozle and Pip (Dutch animation film). Hoogewijs also performs on stage as composer/ pianist in his project with video-images by Hans Op de Beeck. And he teaches workshops for more than 15 years now at the Dutch art school HKU-KMT in Hilversum, where future composers for film and the performing arts are trained. Also regular workshops and lectures at Rits, Narafi and SAE. +32 496 289 586


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Raf Keunen

After completing studies in philosophy, Raf Keunen undertook studies in composition and orchestration at the Royal Music School of Brussels. He started his career as a film music composer in 2004 when he wrote the score for 2 different shorts: CARLO and THE ONE THING TO DO by Michael R. Roksam, the director of BULLHEAD (Jury and Critics Award at the Beaune Festival of and Awards winner of Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor at the Austin Fantastic Festival, Texas – nominated for the Best Foreign Film, Oscars-Academy Awards 2012). Raf has composed for numerous cinema and TV productions, including: two documentaries of the series GAS STATION (2006), VLEUGUELS TV film directed by Julie de Clerq (2006), the documentary THREE AND A HALF MINUTES (2009) and the short film SIEMANY directed by Philip James McGoldrick, 2009 (Best First Work Award at the Louvain International Short Film Festival and selected in various international festivals, such as the Berlin Film Festival in 2010 among others). More recently Raf has composed for the short DEAD OF A SHADOW directed by Tom Van Amermaet, which was twice awarded (Best Film at the Los Angeles Shorts 2012 - European Film Award at the Seminci Valladolid Film Festival 2012, Spain) and was nominee at the Oscars Academy 2013. Raf Keunen also has composed music for theatre, most notably for the play N.Q.Z.C by Wayn Traubs, presented in 2007 at the Theatre of Paris. He collaborates with director Roel Mondelaers on a regular basis, including for feature films like PLAN BART (2014) or TETE BAISSEE (2015).

Le Fidèle 2017 The Visitor (Short) 2017 La chambre vide (Documentary)  2016 A Leak In Paradise (Documentary) 2016 In Case of Confidence (Short) 2016 Tête baissée 2015 Copain (Short) 2015 Perdition County (Short)  2014 Plan Bart  2014 The Drop  2014 What About Eric? (Documentary) 2014  Wolfsmelk (Short)  2013 Le temps de l’aventure  2013 Subaru (Short)  2013 Rotkop (Short)  2012 Dood van een Schaduw (Short) 2012 Prix de Qualité (CNC, France) Rundskop  2011 Siemiany (Short)  2009 Vleugels (TV Movie)  2006 The One Thing to Do (Short)  2005 Carlo (Short)   2004 Agent Los Angeles: Seth Kaplan Agent Paris: Marie Sabbah Agency +33 6 61 73 42 34 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Rafaël Leloup Born in Belgium, Rafaël Leloup graduated from the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles in classical composition with “Grande Distinction”. He also studied composition at the Conservatorio di Bologna (Italy), accordion at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons, and film scoring at New York University. He received several honors for his work and curriculum from Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, Belgian Vocation Foundation, SPES Foundation, Los Angeles Film Music Foundation, Wurlitzer Foundation, Manhattan Producers Alliance, ASCAP, and NYU. He has worked on a number of independent films as well as Lionsgate's Consumed for the Twilight Saga, But Not For Me winning Best Original Score award @ Brooklyn Film Festival, and Lily In The Grinder finalist of HBO's Project Greenlight. Some of his projects and collaborations have been played in MoMA (New York), Berlinale and Toronto International Film Festival, and appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, Variety, the Smithsonian Channel and MTV. Rafaël has been nominated for Best Young European Composer at World Soundtrack Awards 2013, and selected for the prestigious Berlinale Talents program in 2016. 7125 De Longpre Ave #210 Los Angeles, CA-90046 USA +1 (718) 536-7643 65 rue du Repos Brussels B-1180 Belgium +32 477 390 810


Feature films The Inheritance (2017) by Jessica Kaye & Laura Davis (US/Belize) Slumber (2017) by Darrell Wheat (US) The Lost Tapes: LA Riots (2017) by Emmy Award nominee Tom Jennings (US) The Lost Tapes: Pearl Harbor (2016) by Emmy Award nominee Tom Jennings (US) But Not For Me (2015) by Ryan Carmichael (US)Best Score Award @ Brooklyn Film Festival Adios Carmen (2013) by Mohamed Amin Benamraoui (Belgium/Morocco) nominated for Best Film @ Dubai Intl Film Festival Twa Timoun (2012) by Jonas d’Adesky (Belgium/Haiti) nominated for Best Film @ Berlinale Official Selection & @ Toronto International Film Festival Short films The Storytellers: Consumed (2015) by Maja Fernqvist (US/Sweden) Lily In The Grinder (2014) by Michael Morgenstern (US) A Trip Down Market Street (2010) Anonymous (US, 1906) Un Café pour l’Amérique (2009) by Jossy Mayor (Luxembourg) Best Short Film Foreign @ LA Downtown Film Festival

AWARDS Selected as Berlinale Talent @ Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin, Ger 2016 SPES Foundation Grant for Music Composition Brussels, Be 2016 Wurlitzer Foundation Grant for Music Composition Residency in New Mexico Taos, US 2014 Nominated for “Best Young European Composer” @ World Soundtrack Awards Ghent, Be 2013 “Emerging Talent” @ Manhattan Producers Alliance New York, US 2010 Los Angeles Film Music Foundation Scholarship for the “NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop” New York, US 2010 Belgian Vocation Foundation Award in Film Music Composition Brussels, Be 2009

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Christian Leroy Christian Leroy, born in Belgium in 1952, has proven himself for 30 years now one of the most creative composers in our country. He begins very early with piano accompaniment for silent movies. He explores in that way the silent films repertoire as an improvisor for about 200 movies. Furthermore, he has been invited abroad in various Festivals and National Stages : Italy, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, In 1994, he created with the Metarythme ensemble the original soundtrack of the legendary Tod Browning's movie « Dracula ». After the success of this undertaking, he decided to compose the original soundtrack of Robert Flaherty's cult movie «Nanouk l'esquimau». Quite exceptionally, The Société des Grands Films Classiques of Paris will release a new copy of the film with his musical composition. In 2003, he created the original soundtrack for W.F. Murnau's movie « Le dernier des Hommes », final part of his first trilogy dedicated to great movies belonging to the silent films world heritage. In 2005, he created the original soundtrack of the documentary relating the construction of the Atomium ( 1958). He also composed the original soundtrack of Febo Mari's movie « Cenere », based on Grazia Deledda's novel, Nobel Prize for Literature. In 2006, he created the music for Yasujiro Ozu's movie

Swiss, Tunisia, Romania, Bulgaria, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, North and South America, Cameroun, etc. In 1979, he created the ensemble Musique Vivante, becoming later the prestigious Métarythmes de l'Air ensemble, with Philippe Saucez and José Bedeur. His works have been published by Polydor, Igloo, Emi, Gega new, Cristal records,…

«Gosses de Tokyo» (1932). In 2008, he started to compose for Carl Theodor Dreyers's « La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc » (1927). In 2010, he started the composition of Manuel Sobrevilla's « El Sexto Sentido » (1929). In 2011, he wrote with Pascal Ducourtioux a new soundtrack for the movie « La Belle et la Bête » (Cocteau, 1946). In 2013, he composed the music of a 13 short-films program(silent), « les pionniers » for the national body Ecole et Cinéma and the CNC. In 2015, he composed for Murnau's movie « l'Aurore » in collaboration with the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie as well as for « Au bonheur des Dames » by Julien Duvivier(1930). In 2016, he composed the music of Buster Keaton's movie « Sherlock Junior ». (1924) Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Vincent Liben I really started my professional career as the lead singer and composer of a rock band called Mud Flow. I released 4 critically acclaimed albums with that band. By the same time, i also produced and co-composed several album for other musicians. I later started a career in french with 3 albums of « chanson française » for which i received several prizes (Octave de la Musique, Charles Cros, …). Lately, i’m working on a new project called Lisza. A few songs i wrote were synchronised for commercials or movies.


Jeune & Jolie (François Ozon) Trois petites filles (Jean-Jacques Annaud)

Video game Life is Strange


Rendez-vous en terre inconnue (France 2) I am currently working on the soundtrack of «Une part d’ombre» directed by Samuel Tilman, with Natacha Régnier, Fabrizio Rongione, Erika Sainte, Saule, .. and produced by Eklektic Productions. The movie will see release by the end of 2017. I am member of the General Score composer team. 44

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Casimir Liberski Casimir Liberski (1988) is a pianist and composer from Brussels, Belgium. He has made his marks as a leader for his own band since the age of 13 and gained significant notoriety and acclaim on the Belgian jazz scene since then. Casimir's music has been described as deeply lyrical , original and fiery. He possesses a daring personal style topped with an astonishing pianistic virtuosity as an improviser. He draws his inspiration from all eras of jazz, classical and electronic music, as well as funk, pop and many genres from all around the world. Casimir has earned various accolades in major jazz festivals and competitions in Belgium and France as a young teenager. He also composed music for films and TV commercials, notably nominated as best Belgian film composer at the Ghent Film Festival in 2005 and the FIFF in Namur. Right out of high school, the prestigious Berklee College of Music invited Casimir to study for free with the exceptional Presidential Scholarship. He was the first European recipient to ever receive such high promotion which allowed him to live in the USA to study and to seek guidance with some of the great jazz masters of our time such as Ornette Coleman, Brad Mehldau, Danilo Perez, Masabumi Kikuchi. In 2008 Casimir recorded his trio first album with Tyshawn Sorey and Thomas Morgan, then moved to New York in 2010 prior to his graduation and started working with various musicians such as Charnett Moffett, Stanley Jordan, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Nasheet Waits, and many more... +32 472 834 500 +1 (929)312-5752

Liberski also closely collaborated with the French bassist and composer Louis de Mieulle notably on the album "Defence Mechanisms" featuring star drummer Matt Gartska (Animals As Leaders) and released three more albums after that with Liberski's label (Dalang!Records): "Atomic Rabbit", "The Caveless Wolf" and "Stars, Plants, and Bugs" starring all original compositions. In 2016 Casimir Liberski was invited to perform at the prestigious Queen Elisabeth's Music Chapel for the first non-classical performance ever presented. Recently Casimir won 3rd prize at the Montreux Solo Piano Competition.

Movie Credits

L'Herbe Sous Le Pied (Stefan Liberski, 2004, Belgium, short film) Les Oeufs BrouillĂŠs (Iao Lethem, 2006, Belgium, short film) Bunker Paradise (Stefan Liberski, 2005, Belgium, long feature film) En chantier, monsieur Tanner (Stefan Liberski, 2010 France, Telefilm long) Tokyo FiancĂŠe (Stefan Liberski, 2014, long feature film) Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


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Hugo Lippens

Based in Brussels, Hugo Lippens is a swiss film composer. The last feature he scored is “Where is Rocky II?” by Academy Award winner Pierre Bismuth. He was nominated for the “Best Young European Composer” Award at the World Soundtrack Awards 2014. Having a Master's degree in Aesthetics of Cinema allows him to thoroughly analyze the film to be scored. Hugo Lippens is fond of Fellini, Paul Thomas Anderson and Miyazaki, and defends a view of cinema with music as a fundamental element.


2017 Familiar Stranger (working title) directed by Mirko and Dario Bischofberger Switzerland 2016 Where is Rocky II? directed by Pierre Bismuth Germany-France-Belgium 2014 Rosenn directed by Yvan Le Moine (performed by the Brussels Philharmonic) Belgium Bruxelles +32 493 406 174



2015 Who’s in the Fridge?, directed by Philippe Lamensch, Belgium 2015 Fingertips, directed by Basile Vuillemin, Belgium 2015 Le Petit Prince, directed by Jad Makki, Belgium 2014 Do you even know, directed by Arthur Lecouturier, Belgium 2014 Judith, directed by Basile Vuillemin, Belgium 2013 Trois histoires tragiques et délicieuses, directed by Yvan Le Moine, Belgium

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Benjamien Lycke Projects

The Flemish National Classical Radio (Klara), Music Hall, Concertgebouw Brugge and The Chamber Players (BE). His music has been played all over the world from Europe to the USA and Japan. Opera: ACUBENS, CYCLOPS, MONU, PUCK, Stream of Consciousness, Sea of Blood. Concert concepts: Ex Nihilo, Ontdek Me, Alies! Film: Somnium, Follow Me, Without a Word, La Parisienne,... Game: Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, Syndicate (concert arrangements)


Best Score at Canadian International Fashion Film Festival 2016 Benjamien Lycke is a Belgium/London based composer. His work includes many different styles and projects ranging from soundtracks for films, commercials and games over contemporary classical concert-music to full featured musicals/ operas and from acoustic to electronic music. Benjamien obtained his Masters in Composition both at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent (Belgium) and The Royal College of Music (London) and works besides freelance composer also as orchestrator and session conductor.

Best Music at Santiago International Fashion Film Festival 2016 Obtaining degree Master Composing for Screen at The Royal College of Music London in 2016 Oticons Faculty International Fim Music Competition 2015 laureate Obtaining degree Master Composition at The Royal Conservatory of Ghent in 2013 Koningstraat 3 8000 Brugge Belgium +32 485 949 766 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Hughes Maréchal Hughes Maréchal composed more than 80 film original soundtracks, with inspiration reflecting his interest and passion for a large spectrum of music. His long experience as a silent movie pianist allows him to quickly adapt to and grasp a film’s rhythm and emotional intensity. He can also rely on his extended experience with multiple instruments and time as a studio musician. With a vivid interest in acoustic music, he enjoys the hypnotic power of atmospheric music, the Le Marquis de Wavrin, Luc Plantier, Grace Winter, 2017 Music collections Audiolibs, Hachette, Paris, 2009-2017 Bouton de Nacre de Patricio Guzmann, Silver Bear Berlin, 2015 Quand je serai Dictateur, de Yaël André Morituri Arte 2013-2014 Amsterdam Stories USA Rob Rombout/Rogier Van Eck Saga Films 2012/2013 Léopold III, mon père Nicolas Delvaux RTBF 2011 Kaléidoscope serie, 23 episodes (2001-2005) Wajnbrosse/Arte Niemeyer, an architect commited to his century Marc-Henri Wajnberg (Wajnbrosse) 2000 Amsterdam Via Amsterdam Rob Rombout & Rogier Van Eck (Asap) 1999 Sabam Awards 2014 film music for Quand je serai Dictateur, de Yaël André, Magritte Award best documentary 2015


Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

lyricism and poetry that music can convey. Since the beginning of his career, Hughes has always viewed the job as a dialogue between the musician and the director (as well as the movie editor and sound ingeneer and designer) working together to serve the film. Music only has meaning if it brings an additional dimension to the visual one. Hughes Maréchal has also developed a proven voice coaching method for actors who need to use their voices for singing or simply strengthening vocal capacity.

Chaussée de Tervuren, 84 1410 Waterloo +32 496 361 215

Christian Martin

Christian is a music composer specialized in making a film director’s dreams come true, no matter what genre the music should be. Although he studied classical music in his childhood, Christian now produces pop, rock and many other various artists. He also has a far-reaching experience in composing music for ads and pictures. Christian will happily create music in his own studio be it world music, jazz, electronica, pop or rock… You name it! He uses virtual composing and

ENTRE DEUX TOURS (1988) documentary film by ROB ROMBOUTS Premier prix au Festival International de Vidéo et de Télévision de Montbéliard (1988). Prix du Jury au Festival Vidéo de Liège Numerous social films for GSARA (Groupe socialiste d'action et de réflexion sur l'audiovisuel) between 1986 and 1991  L'HOMME QUI CACHE LA FORÊT  (2011) documentary film by JEAN-PHILIPPE MARTIN BOYAMBA BELGIQUE (2011) documentary film by DRIES ENGELS and BART VAN PEEL

Av. Van Goidtsnoven, 45b B-1180 Brussels +32 475 946 118

orchestration but he is also well acquainted with talented musicians who will add life and oomph to any composition. Christian will happily create music in his own studio be it world music, jazz, electronica, pop or rock… You name it! He uses virtual composing and orchestration but he is also well acquainted with talented musicians who will add life and oomph to any composition.

NAISSANCE-LETTRE A MA FILLE (2012) documentary film by SANDRINE DRYVERS LE THE OU L'ELECTRICITE (2012) documentary film by JEROME LEMAIRE MAGRITTE DU MEILLEUR LONG MÉTRAGE DOCUMENTAIRE in 2013 SILENT DISASTERS (2013) short film by AGUSTIN EGUIA for IFRC (International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) ESPRITS DE FAMILLE (2014) TV series by JeanMarc Vervoort and Fabrice Couchart (arrangements) Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


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Rodrigue Nardonne The music I produce is a mix of contemporary music by the technique and classical music in the way of writing. I always try to make pictures and strong feelings pop in mind and attempt to fit the atmosphere of what is happening in the movie. However, I’m often inclined to compose music that tells a melancholic story. And my influences are varied, from Ludivico Einaudi to Max Richter and include Matt Elliott and Mogwai. Rodrigue is a junior and very promising composer from the guild.

+32 479 964 390 Rue des confédérés, 113, 1000 Bruxelles


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Rue des Cultivateurs, 57 1040 Bruxelles - Belgique

Rue de la Station, 6 1332 Genval - Belgique

Tél. +32 2 737 10 60 Fax +32 2 736 04 37

Tél. +32 2 653 73 23 Fax +32 2 653 22 24

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Jef Neve

• Together with the Brussels Philharmonic Jef Neve participated as pianist in the soundtrack of Michel Havanicius’s film « The Artist », for which the composer Ludovic Bource received an Oscar and a Golden Globe. • Some pieces of the soundtrack of “The Broken Circle Breakdown” (2012), by Felix Van Groeningen are again by Jef. • Together with Isolde Lasoen he composed and played the soundtrack in 2013 for an animated film ‘Rapsodie en Rose’ by Bram Mondy. • In 2013 he composed the music for the Flemish Television's prestigious fiction series about WW1, called ‘In Flanders Fields’. • His second collaboration with Klara van Es, resulted in the soundtrack of the docu-film “Carnotstraat 17”, released in 2015. • Jef wrote the soundtrack of a TV-series for the Dutch television. The series is called “De Maatschap” and will be on TV in Spring 2017. • He wrote the soundtrack for the movie “Sprakeloos“ by Hilde Van Mieghem (to the book of Tom Lanoye) in 2016. Release Spring 2017.

AWARDS Born in 1977, pianist/composer Jef Neve has become a prominent figure in his homeland Belgium and his reputation is rapidly spreading to the rest of the world. He studied at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven and graduated in 2000 as Master of Music in Jazz and classical piano, both with great distinction. In 2001 he specialized in Chamber Music and was rewarded the diploma 'cum laude'. He followed master classes with Brad Mehldau, Martial Solal, Lew Tabackin, Billy Hart, Bill Carothers, Kenny Werner, Bruce Barth and others.

2004: ZAMU Awards Best Artist; Klara price for Best Jazz (It's Gone) 2005: Culture Prize Capilla Flamenca 2005: ZAMU Awards Best Artist; the ‘Cultuurprijzen Vlaanderen’ in the category ‘music’; Best international Jazz-album of the year (Jef Neve Trio); ‘Octaves de la Musique 2005’. 2006: Prix Choc in France for the album “Nobody is Illegal” 2007: ZAMU Awards Jazz. 2008: Music Industry Awards Best Musician 2009: MIA Best Musician 2010: Edison Award for the album “For all we know” 2010: MIA Best Composer 2012: MIA Best Composer and Best Musician 2012: award of the best resident of Ghent as musician. 2016: Honorary Citizen of his home city Geel 2016: United Humans Award for mutual respect.

Silverbyrd management Pieter Kindt +32 478 943 518


Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Stéphane Orlando


Au soleil de la colo, Jean-Michel Leheu, 2014 Fin de siècle, UCL, 2002


Johnny la trouille, Maxime Pistorio, 2012 Conocer, Alejandra Canales, 2006

​Experimental film

Yalniz, Laurent Thurin-Nal, 2015 Table Talk, Daniel Locus, 2009

Animated film

Hold Duck, Thomas Delache, Maxime Vannienschoot, Joao Batista, 2007

Silent film (piano, duo, trio or orchestra) Since 2001 Stéphane Orlando is providing film music for the Royal Film Archive of Belgium (Cinematek). There he experienced the important principles involved in creating sound to fit an image, responding to the needs of the drama or theme of the piece. Soon after he became composer and consultant for directors. Former President of the Belgian Society for Musical Analysis, he is the current President of the Belgian Composers Forum.

+32 476 792 373 14, rue Saint-job 5640 Mettet

More than 500 silent films accompanied for the Royal Film Archives of Brussels and many other cultural centers, including : The Kid, Charlie Chaplin Jeanne d’Arc, Carl Theodor Dreyer Battleship Potemkine, Sergeï Eisenstein The Fall of the House of Usher, Jean Epstein Sherlock Jr, Buster Keaton The Général, Buster Keaton Metropolis, Fritz Lang Safety Last, Harold Lloyd Sunrise, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Mother, Vsevolod Pudovkine The little match seller, Jean Renoir The Merry Widow, Erich von Stroheim The Man with a Camera, Dziga Vertov The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, R. Wiene Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Paul Pasquier I am passionate about music and especially about film music. I graduated from the Alfred Cortot School (music composition class) in Paris and from the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels as a musician as well as from the IAD Institut (Institut des Arts de Diffusion) in Louvain la Neuve as a sound engineer. I play the piano and percussions. I also have a passion for sound recording techniques. I have had the opportunity to compose sound tracks for the following documentary films: The Scottish Key, Le monde de glace and Victor Boin, among others.

« Victor Boin, le sport comme art de vivre » by Michel Roosens, 52’ « Continent de glace » Princess Elisabeth Station In Antarctica, 90’&52’ directed by Olivier Pierre « Le 4ème Pouvoir » belgian press story, 2x 52’, by Tristan Bourlard « Hollywood-Paris-Bruxelles » CinéTéléRevue story, 52’, T. Bourlard « Le réveil des Virungas » african national parks, 26’& 52’, T. Dumortier « EORTC » European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, 52’, by Tristan Bourlard « New Life Foundation » Centre de désintoxication en Thaïlande, 52’, by Tristan Bourlard « Libres » l’ULB, une Université entre passions et convictions, 52’, Réal Tristan Bourlard « Energie verte, pétrole wallon » L'énergie éolienne en Wallonie, 52’, F. Groff « La Clé Écossaise » Origine écossaise de la Franc-Maçonnerie, 52’, Réal Tristan Bourlard

I work altogether on manuscript paper and with Protools programs. Mastering both music playing and studio work, both “languages” of music writing and sound recording which perfectly complete one another, gives me the power and ability to enter into dialogue with musicians as easily as with music technicians and producers Finally, I followed a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training and a Non Violent Communication training course. Both experiences gave me the skill of useful human values to work with studio musicians as well as an open mind to interact with producers and film directors.

Rue du curé,7 bte14 1190 Bruxelles +32 475 271 120 54

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Thierry Plas

At the age of 21, after having graduated in photography with a distinction from the Inraci-Narafi high school in Brussels, Thierry joined Machiavel, one of the major rock band in Belgium. This led to more of a power pop sound, combined with greater maturity and simplicity, culminating in the international hit single "Fly" from their album "New Lines". In the 1990s, Thierry became a highly appreciated session musician, playing live as guitarist and/or musical director and recording with e.g. Vaya Con Dios, Vladimir Cosma, Pierre Rapsat, Beverly Jo Scott, Billy Preston and other Belgian, French & international artists. Thierry was also a former member of The Responsibles who released one album, "Every Germ is Sacred" and were chosen as the opening act for Jimmy Page & Robert Plant in Europe. Awards : 4 golden records. ( EMI, BMG ) Since 1992, Thierry Plas composes and produces also soundtracks for the film and advertising industry at ZOO Productions, his own company. He is also playing keyboards & bass instruments. The Zoo studio is fully equipped ( e.g. Rupert Neve console, Manley outboard, Universal Audio, Neumann etc.. ) & located in a quiet area in the south of Brussels. Thierry is a founding member of the score composer collective General Score.

Non exhaustive list of works ( all compositions, arrangements & production) : Complete channel dressing & jingles for « Classic 21 » , major national radio station. For Love or Money ( e.g. song « Mama ») : romantic comedy directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and starring Michael J. Fox. Kongo : « Le Géant Inachevé » documentary film about the belgian colonization in Congo & the murder of Patrice Lumumba. Directed by Isabelle Christiaens & Jean-François Bastin. L’homme au harpon : Transmedia documentary film & « serious game » written & directed by Isabelle Christiaens.Novak Productions. (awards : best fest Montreal – CIRCOM 2016 price)

«When I produce soundtracks I prominently tend to mix in my own artistic flavour and a high density of emotions. Throughout my compositions I carefuly think what I want to convey to the audience. Good music is conceptual work with the integration of a fine subset of psychology, so not entirely subjective as one might believe. Music is the key to acceptance and change in behavioural patterns, which is why I am inclined to create emotional soundtracks with a tendency to evoke strong feelings». +32 475 432 118 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Eloi Ragot

Eloi Ragot is an award-winning Film Composer and Sound-Designer. Since 2008, he has worked on over 40 films. Among his recent works is the music for TVSeries LA TRÊVE (THE BREAK), which aired on many channels (RTBF, FR2, ...) and is now available on NETFLIX. Self-taught pianist and guitarist, Eloi is also a classically-trained trompeter and studied musical analysis and writing. He has a passion for storytelling and his music always chooses a particular angle in order to elevate the pictures.

76 rue Africaine 1060 Brussels, Belgium +32 493 580 685 +49 1578 3525 025 (Germany)

Over 40 fictions and documentaries including: LA TRÊVE (THE BREAK, Season 1) by Matthieu Donck EUH (Season 2) by Brieuc de Goussencourt LA CULOTTE (KNICKERS), réal. Laurent Firode LAST TRAIN HOME by Ansgar Glatt VIER DANACH by Julia Geiss (Music and Sound Design) ES GEHT NICHTS VERLOREN (NOTHING LOST) by Keti Vaitonis SCHLEIERHAFT by Tim Ellrich LOSTENGARDEN by Nergis Usta LENIN IN VOGELSANG by Stefanie Trambow TANZ MIT MIR (DANCE WITH ME) by Inna Dietz VON HUNDEN UND LÖWEN (OF DOGS AND LIONS) by Kristine Nrecaj WIEDERSEHEN MIT MARIE by Jonas Bomba & Josua Zehner HOPE FOR COLOMBIA by Raphael Buenaventura

Awards 'BEST MUSIC' Award for LAST TRAIN HOME @ Underground Filmfest 2015 'BEST ORIGINAL SCORE' Award for LOSTENGARDEN @ Samobor International Film Music Festival 2013 'BEST MUSICAL SCORE' Award for A SILENT INVITATION @ Berlin 48-hour Film Festival 2011 56

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

© Laurent Julliand

David Reyes

Since my childhood, I’ve been passionate about music and cinema. Writing film music was obvious to me and I began at the age of 15 to write my first scores at school. Now, I already have scored movies for cinema (“The Fox and the Child”, “Behind the Walls”, “Before Snowfall” among others) and television (“Facteur Chance”), many documentaries and short movies, and I still have the same passion and a lot of music to write, because I like to discover new worlds and new peoples, and to merge different cultures with mine –and the cinema can offer that. I always try to make my music tell something that the image does not particularly say – something about the feelings and emotions that it provokes, about the unspoken.

Surrounded by music since he was a child and formed to the cello, David Reyes felt a compelling urge for composing music by writing at the age of 15 a piece for a school theater play. He joined the IAD School to study film directing and obtains his diploma in 2003; then he leaves Belgium for France to make a career in film music. After many short movies, he scores his first long-feature movie in 2006 : “Paris 2010 the Great Flood”. His first work for the cinema will be “The Fox and The Child” in 2007, followed by such movies as “Min Yé” (selected at Cannes Film Festival in 2009), “Behind The Walls”, “Before Snowfall” or “Une Chanson Pour Ma Mère” (Magritte of Best Debut Film), among many works for television. 5 rue Saint Eloi 68000 Colmar France +33 6 21 67 32 52 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Manuel Roland

Feature films

L'année prochaine, by Vania Leturck, 2014 Parasol, by Valéry Rosier, 2015 SABAM AWARDS 2016 best film score, Magritte 2017 best music award for Parasol Je suis resté dans les bois, by Michael Bier, Erika Sainte et Vincent Solheid, 2016 Le fils de Ben (working title), by Guérin Van De Vorst, 2017


Manuel Roland is a belgian composer producer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist. Self taught musician he discovers jazz as a teen and then one after the other passionates himself for Balkan folk, North-African rhythms, french chansons, english pop, indie rock and finally movie soundtracks. His poetic world, his inner sense of melody mix today all those former influences. Curious of all the steps of musical creation, from the playing to final mastering, he plays and record alone most of his track's parts. His work is a luxurious and sophisticated musical Do-It-yourself. He has written music for numerous short movies and four feature films. He his also a saxophone player in « L'orchestre du Belgistan » and a guitar player, composer in « 1929 ». Manuel Roland is member of the “General Score” composer team.


L'heure bleue, by Alice De Vestele and Michael Bier, 2010 Putain Lapin, by Guérin van de Vorst, 2010 Que la suite soit douce, by Alice De Vestele, 2012 - SACEM Award 2013 A New Old Story, by Antoine Cuypers, 2012 La part sauvage, by Guérin van de Vorst, 2012 La séparation, by Michaël Bier, 2014 Spleen Luik, by Martin Foxhal, 2014 Osez la macédoine by Guérin van de Vorst, 2014 Solo Rex by Francois Bierry, 2014 Pas plus con qu'un steak by Guérin van de Vorst, 2015 Calamity by Séverine De Streyker et Maxime Feyder, 2016 Icare by Nicolas Boucart, 2017


Mémoire d'envol, by Eve Duchemin, 2009 Klub Kaval by Mannah Depauw and Guérin van de Vorst, 2011 Démocratie année zéro by Christophe Cotteret, 2013 Ennahdha by Christophe Cotteret, 2014 En Quète De Terre by Sonia Ringoot, 2016 Nouvelles-Orléans, laboratoire de l'amérique, by Alexandra Kandy-Longuet, 2016 Inkotanyi by Christophe Cotteret, 2016

77, Rue Dethy, 1060 Bruxelles +32 474 329 525

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Yannick Schyns Yannick Schyns is a Belgian musician based in Brussels. He performs his musical activities as a jazz pianist in various projects, in addition to his activities as a composer and arranger. He is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in jazz piano. He also holds a master degree as 'Film director' (INSAS). His many activities in fields as diverse as jazz, soul music, classical music, orchestral arrangement, French chanson, cabaret, or theater music and movie soundtrack, gradually make him an eclectic musician whose musical language is impregnated with all these influences.

Yannick is a junior and talented composer from the Guild. « Edward et Léa » short by Arthur Hermans 2016 « Ineffaçable » short by Grégory Lecocq 2015 Prix du Jury (Prix de la compétition belge) Festival International du Film de Bruxelles 2015 « Premiers Pas » short by Grégory Lecocq 2012 Meilleure musique de film pour « Premiers pas », 10ème festival international du film de Naoussan (Grèce)

+ 32 485 743 758 4, rue de paix, 1050 Ixelles - Belgium Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


© Christophe Dutoit

Arnaud Ivan Sponar started music back in 1991 as a drummer in post-punk, new wave and grunge bands. Self-taught, he also plays the guitar, the piano and all kind of acoustic instruments. He produces his own and other project’s work, started working on 4 tracks tape recorders and now uses the most common music softwares and studio gear. He is involved in different music genres such as film scores, electronica, hiphop, indie rock, folk, jazz and experimental projects. Mostly known under the name Goodbye Ivan, project with which he composes music for films, documentaries and other audiovisual creations, releases

LE PELICAN ROUGE Belgian feature film (Drama) by Arno Pluquet, 2017 LA CARAVANE DU CAFARD Belgian feature film (Horror) by Edouard Gauvin 2017 STUN An experimental film by Stefania Cazzato and Pascal Greco 2015, Switzerland CLIM8 An experimental documentary by Katherin Machalek and Raine Vivian. 2014, Switzerland NOWHERE A film by Pascal Greco. 2013 AMBERES A short film by Jasper Pollet. 2013 RACONTE-MOI A short-film by Shirin Mashayekh. 2007 ATTENDONS DEMAIN A documentary by Shirin Mashayekh. 2006 LA CIME DES ARBRES A film by Thanassis Fouradoulas. 2005, Switzerland


Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

© Caroline Juillard

Goodbye Ivan Arnaud Ivan Sponar

albums, remixes and produces other artists. He performs internationally with his own project, either solo, with a live band or classical musicians, and also as an instrumentalist and vocalist with other projects, Arnaud Ivan is now based in Brussels, Belgium after 4 years spent in Brooklyn, NY. He also lived in France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Czech Republic. The signature of Arnaud Ivan’s compositions are usually referred as cinematographic and melancholic. “A mixture bound to inspire both tears and the smashing of furniture”

Goodbye Ivan Arnaud Ivan Sponar +32 472 54 38 39 (BE) +41 78 690 57 89 (CH) +1 917 371 06 18 (US)

©Ghislain Malardier

Guy Van Nueten Guy Van Nueten began playing piano at the age of 5, when he was sent to the local music school by his mother. As a result of this, he found he was able to read music before the written word. Around the age of 15 he started to show an interest in pop/rock music and, following his studies in mathematical economics, he threw himself fully into a musical career. During his time with The Sands their nameless debut album was produced by Bill Janovitz of American group Buffalo Tom and issued worldwide by Universal. The group went on to tour throughout Europe with the likes of John Cale. Among the numbers written by Guy Van Nueten for The Sands was the ‘Belpop’ classic ‘April and June’, a track that can still be heard on the radio more than 20 years on and crops up regularly in the ‘Top 100 Belgian songs of all time’.

He has also composed for film-makers, theatre directors and choreographers, as well as for famous theatre companies from the Benelux countries such as Toneelhuis, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Les Ballets C de la B, deFilharmonie and HETPALEIS. For the last of these he penned the musical ‘Soepkinders’ in 2005, winner of a Flemish Musical Award. In the film world he has written soundtracks for directors Koen Mortier (‘Ex Drummer’) and Alex Stockman (‘Eva’ in 2006, an award-winner at the Venice Film Festival, and ‘Pulsar’, featuring Matthias Schoenaerts, in 2012). His music for the Ballets C de la B dance production ‘Bâche’ (2005) was hailed a masterpiece by the music magazine OOR for its “unique combination of a modern electronic sonic feast coupled with sensitive Elizabethan music.”

Pâques au Tison (together with Jef Mercelis), director: Martine Doyen (2002) Wolf director: SkaGen (2003) Jaguar (short), director: Willem Thijssen (2003) De Balletten en ci en là, documentary, director: Alain Platel (2006) Eva reste au placard...(short 30 min), director: Alex Stockman (2006) (selection Venice film festival; ‘best european short’ film festival Evora, Portugal 2007) Ex-drummer (together with a.o. Arno), director: Koen Mortier (2006) (‘Tiger Award’ festival Rotterdam 2007; ‘Best First Feature’ Fantasia festival 2008 ; ‘Best debut feature’ Raindance festival 2007; ‘Special Jury Award’ Warschau festival 2007) Sing The Blues (short), director: Marc Goyens (2007) Gentle Creature (short), director: Marc Roels (2009) (best Belgian short, festival Ghent 2009) First Things First (short), (Humo-award) director: Arne Focketyn (2010) Pulsar, director: Alex Stockman (2009-2010) (selection film festival Locarno, preis der Deutsche Filmkritik, film festival Hamburg)

Epilogue, (documentary), director: Manno Lanssens (2011) Nuru (animated short), director: Michaël Palmaers (2011) ( best animated short Palm Springs film festival, best animated short Rhode Island film festival) Milo, directors: Berend en Roel Boorsma (2011-2012) (Giffoni Flm Festival ‘CGS Award’, Cinékid Award ‘best international children’s movie 2012’) Le choix de peindre-Van Gogh (documentary) (together with Alan Gevaert), director: Henri de Gerlache (2014) Night Has Come, director: Peter Van Goethem (2016-2017) Raoul Servais, mémoires d’un artisan (documentary), director: Bastien Martin (2017) Artaud, le Surréel et les Tarahumaras, director: Lara Quaglia (2018)

Ballaarstraat 36 B-2018 Antwerp Belgium +32 485 195 047 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Thierry Van Roy

I am an experienced musician, producer and sound engineer/designer, having initiated musical projects on four continents. I am comfortable in various musical spheres but mostly at home in the fusion/world music field, having produced albums on Realworld/Peter Gabriel, Naïve, Jaro among others, and composed music for films (Au delà de Gibraltar), Television, video art (with Shanglie Zhou), radio drama and cartoons. My main focus is on composing music for images, finding my source of inspiration in the various cultures I’ve encountered through the artistic disciplines that I practice (writing, sculpture, etc.).  I am fortunate to  live in a beautiful forest- I often bring my equipment into the depths of the woods to compose and arrange, under the watchful gaze of deer and wild boars. Lambermont, 60 6820 Muno Belgium +32 472 280 437 62

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Frédéric Vercheval

Frédéric Vercheval was born in 1968, musician and composer of film music. Teaches since 2011 analysis of film music at the IAD. Frédéric Vercheval was nominated for the Magritte Award for Best Original Score four times for “Diamant 13” Gilles Béhat (2009, with Gérard Depardieu), “Krach” Fabrice Genestal (2010, with Gilles Lelouche and Michael Madsen), “Pas son genre” Lucas Belvaux (2014, with Emilie Dequenne), and “Melody” Bernard Bellefroid (2014, with Lucie Debay, Rachael Blake).

LONG FORM “Chez Nous” Lucas Belvaux “Melody” Bernard Bellefroid “Pas son genre” Lucas Belvaux “Win Win” Claudio Tonnetti “KRACH” Fabrice Genestal “OSCAR ET LA DAME EN ROSE” Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt Additional Music “DIAMANT 13” Gilles Béat “J'AURAIS VOULU ÊTRE UN DANSEUR” Alain Berliner “FORMIDABLE” Dominique Standaert “LES FOURMIS ROUGES” Stephan Carpiaux “CAGES” Olivier Masset-Depasse “QUE FAISAIENT LES FEMMES PENDANT QUE L’HOMME MARCHAIT SUR LA LUNE” de Chris Vanderstappen

“E-Legal” 10 episodes of 52’ Alain Brunard “LA FIN DE LA NUIT” Lucas Belvaux “SANCTUAIRE” Olivier Masset-Depasse “JOSEPH L’INSOUMIS” Caroline Glorion “CORPS PERDUS” Alain Brunard


8 Kerkveld 1630 Linkebeek Belgium +32 473 937 279 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


© Olivier Pattyn

Gauthier Vilain

He is the guitarist of the post rock cinematic band CECILIA::EYES, with whom he released several records praised by the local and international press. Always interested by cinematic music compositions, he did start composing alone for image and cinema in 2015. Most of his dramatic and melancholic compositions are a soft mix between piano, ensembles cords and brass, often influenced by the simplicity and efficiency of Alexandre Desplat’s works (his major influence). He can also composes more epic tracks, or, being a guitarist of a post rock cinematic band, mix genres and influences to match the project he’s working on. The fact that he’s starting in the business can be an asset for lots of new directors or new projects with lower budget.

© Olivier Pattyn

42 years old composer Gauthier Vilain has always been into music and cinema.

You’ll find some samples of his work on his website and also a great cover of Alexandre Desplat’s Imitation Game. Gauthier is a junior and very promising composer from the guild. +32 496 529 375 64

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Steve Willaert Steve Willaert is a film and tv composer, known for his diversity and ability to work in the classical, ethnical, pop and electronic field. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, he worked a lot with synthesizers and electronics and developed at the same time a career as arranger for orchestras ( Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, The London Philharmonic Orchestra a.o.). All this experience comes together in his scoring, also the use of his collection of ethnic and weird

instruments,. always in search of new and interesting sounds and textures. He believes a lot in keeping an open vision and communication before and during the scoring process, not only between composer and director or producer but also between composer and editor or soundpeople, creating an atmosphere of trust and teamwork. The filmmakers’ view, the musical dialogue with the images, the story and the freedom in musical choices are cornerstones of his working process .... and also delivering the music on time and within budget.


Broer ( brother ), Achter de wolken ( behind the clouds, hinten den wolken ), Brabançonne, het vonnis ( the verdict ), De hel van Tanger ( Hell from Tangiers ), Resurrection Kidnep 2015 nomination golden calf (Nederlands filmprijzen) best music Dunja & Desie Wat mannen willen

tv series

Salamander, Hollands hoop, Als de dijken breken, Eigen kweek Het goddeljke monster Vermist, Stille waters, The spiral, Katarakt, Dubbelleven, Aspe, Oud België

Claessensdreef 14 2950 Kapellen Belgium +32 475 348 610 Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory


Tom Willebrords My writing style as a composer can be seen as a quote by Danny Elfman: “If there’s one thing I really love, it’s sad music.” If a track that I’ve created makes me cry, I know that that strong feeling could also be felt by the audience listening to it. It’s not that I only write ‘sad’ music but passing on the emotion you have to someone else is a great thing and that’s one of the main reasons I want to become a film composer. I have not officially done any scores for films, TV series or video games, but I’m looking forward to this moment! I would say I’m a fast learner, very eager to learn and always motivated! I practise my skills by doing scoring assignments for Evan Evans, son of jazz pianist Bill Evans. I also re-score movie trailers, I did this for trailers like ‘Lion’, ‘Jackie’,

‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’,... As a kid I was a really big fan of Spielberg’s movies and since he works most of the time with John Williams I’m therefore also a big Williams fan. The interests in film music, as in paying more attention to the score than the movie itself, came when I listened to John Powell’s score for Ice Age 2 (Mini- Sloths Sing-A-Long in particular). It was just perfect. Funny, great orchestration and it set me thinking how he made that track. As I do not go to school to study music I learn most of what I know by reading books, blogs,… and composing of course. Two years ago I finally decided to buy a decent DAW and that’s when it came over me. Influenced by Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Harry Gregson Williams,… I started making my own tracks and so the love for composing started growing. I may not have accomplished a lot as a composer yet, but I would like dedicate these last words to my late father who always supported me in what I loved doing. The same goes for my lovely mother and my amazing girlfriend Emilie. Thank you for believing in me.

Tom is a junior and very promising composer from the guild. Projecten: Fanmade music: (Therefore unofficial) Lion Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Assassin’s Creed Le Journal D’une Femme de Chambre Jackie Unbeelievable Promo Do It Yourself video Own Tracks: Far Beyond Heroic Theme Evan Evans Scoring assignment (The Fortress)

+32 479 255 613 Weg Messelbroek 121, 3271 Zichem 66

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - 2017 Directory

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - Directory 2017  

Belgian Screen Composers Guild - Directory 2017

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