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April 1952

Once again we go to press with the same two overworked editors, cum Hon. Sec. cum Hon. Asst. Sec. cum Treasurer cum printers cum BB circulating officers. Won’t some one please step forward to take over the editing and stencil cutting of the B.B. and so help to take some of the weight off our shoulders.

********************************* TACKLE In the past there have been some complaints regarding the condition of the tackle and storeroom. In an attempt to remove the source of complaint the Committee has, after some consideration, decided to create a Tackle Sub-Committee to assist Mike Jones in his duties as Tackle Officer. The Sub-Committee consist of 3 or 4 people interested in either using or making tackle; at present it includes Mike Jones, Mervyn Hannam and Ken Dobbs. If any members feel they would like to do any work in this direction, will they please get in touch with any of the above. If any one does volunteer they will be welcomed with open arms.

********************************* WARNING Further to the above. The re-organisation of the tackle store does not leave room for personal equipment. Anything found there a fortnight after this B.B. is circulated (other than tackle or junk that has Mike Jones personal blessing) WILL BE BURNT OR OTHERWISE DESTROYED.

********************************** Inspection of Minutes The minutes at committee meetings are available for inspection with an application to the Hon. Sec.

********************************** FINAL REMINDERS OF ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Although final reminders have now gone out for 1952 subscriptions there are a few people who have contributions paid for a part of this year. These people will still receive Club benefits until the renewal date is reached. They will however receive no further notice regarding further payment.


BB56/2 A ‘POME. In reply to ‘OLDEN DAYS’ Dear Sir with reference (in a let edition) to ‘Pome’ entitled ‘In Olden Days’ I have if you will give your kind permission a comment here which I would like to raise. The authoress who, in stanzas stirring the ‘Olden Days’ so easily recall, were not (unless my memory be erring) then members of the B.E.C. at all!

BB56/2 I can’t recall that D. and I had met, Sir when cavers washed and changed on Priddy Green. And I am certain I should not forget Sir If S. has used the door as a latrine! Please do not think to carp is my intention to criticise unduly or to nag--But one last point I really ought to mention In those days we were nearly always ‘stag’. Anon. ********************************* CONGRATULATIONS COLUMN Congratulations to Don Coase & Claire Ainsworth, Pat Ifold & Beryl Wild on their recent marriages. ********************************* ROUND THE S BEND.

Or the saga of the answers.

Members of the party, Alma Serle, Colon O’Toole, Mike Jones, Raymond Brain, Mervyn Hannam, Roy Bennett, hordes of rats and H. Line Esq. One afternoon last year the party above was conducted on a tour of the Bristol Sewers and Castle Moat. We went underground at a point near Broad Weir and a moment later masses of bods were pilling into two boats (rowing for the use of). We firstly circumnavigated the Moat, parts of which date back to the twelfth century. The passage is a low arched tunnel with several openings leading to the blitzed sites in the Castle Street area. Progress was made by pushing on the roof with a pole, Mike Jones providing illumination with a filth great tilley lamp. (his own words). Eventually we drifted out into daylight opposite Georges Brewery, at which longing eyes were cast. Through desperate attempts to assault the brewery, the boat containing Messrs. Jones and Hannam was stranded in the river. We were literally up the creek without a paddle to our name. However with the help of a locker door and a bottom board a return was made to the tunnel. An interesting point was the fact that many small stalactites were observed hanging from the roof in several places. The party returned to embarkation point where we transferred to our own flat feet. Several pairs of thigh boots were obtained from the Port of Bristol Authority by a few types who seemed to have considerable knowledge of sewers, and the next part of the trip was started. We stepped into the river Frome, the waters of which came half way up our thigh boots, and waded upstream. The passage is about 15 feet high by twenty five feet wide with a slightly arched roof. The river bed is of concrete. Just before the Newfoundland Road point of engulfment the party forked left into a high level culvert, which our guide said was only active in times of flood. It might here be mentioned that Messrs. O’Toole and Jones were seen to be wearing gas masks (which improved their appearances considerably).

BB56/3 A short distance along the passage an indefinable odour began to make its presence felt. Within a few yards the odour had become a solid wall of pong and certain weak stomachs were behaving in a manner reminiscent of eleven pm on Saturday. Piled high on either side of the bank were mound of festering muck, on which gambled large rats. The passage led us into the main culvert below the Horsefair. The waters here were deep and swift and hopes of someone slipping in ran high. This culvert led us back to the River Frome now the Co-op Education Centre, but in order to get into this passage a dicey and thrutch-nations traverse had to be made in water that nearly reached the tops of thigh boots. At this junction the thigh boots lamented their fate in the usual B.E.C. manner. From then on easy progress was made back to our point of entry. It is hoped that another of these pleasant jaunts will be arranged soon. M. Hannam. “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” TEMPORARY LIBRARY SERVICE An emergency Library Service is being put into action. Enquiries for books should be sent to H. Shelton, c/o Leigh House, Nempnett, Chew Stoke, Nr. Bristol, or to Ken Dobbs on Thursday Nights. Books will be returnable by registered post only to H. Sheldon. Undoubtedly this service will not be as efficient as in the past but we hope this inconvenience will be of a very short duration. CAVING PROGRAMME FOR MAY May 3rd.

Axbridge Ochre Cave. Meet 3pm Axbridge Church.

Leader M. Hannam.

May 10th.

Sandford Levy.

Meet Sandford School.

Leader R. Bennett.

May 17th.

Lamb Leer.

Meet Belfry.

Leader R. Setterington.

May 24th.

Bath Stone Workings

For meeting place contact M. Hannam or M. Jones.

May 31st.

Reads Cavern. Meet at Belfry (with transport) or 2.30pm at Mendip Café, Burrington. Leader R. Setterington.

“”””””””””””””””””””””””””” SALES DEPT. Mike Jones has now taken over this department. If you want any spares, helmets, etc. chase him on Thursday nights. “””””””””””””””””””””””””””” John Ifold. Many members will no doubt have heard of the unfortunate accident John had when he was in collision with a cow. He is still in hospital with serious head injuries. We are sure Club members will wish to join with us in wishing him a speedy recovery. Ed. “””””””””””””””””””””””””””” CAVING COACH TRIP It might be possible to arrange some coach trips for a day’s caving in such areas as S. Wales, Devonshire and even Derbyshire if enough enthusiasts can be mustered. Anybody interested please give their names to the caving sec. M. Hannam.

BB56/4 USEFUL ADDRESSES. Hon. Sec. R.J. Bagshaw, 56, Ponsford Road, Bristol. 4. Caving Sec. M. Hamam, 14. Vyvyan Terrace, Bristo1.8. Climbing Sec. R. Cantle, 46, Cherrington Rd., Henleaze, Bristol. 9. Sales Officer, M. Jones, 12 Melton Cres., Horfield, Bristol. 7. Editor BB, K. Dobbs, 55, Broadfield Road, Bristol. 4. Acting Librarian. H. Shelton, c/o Leigh House, Nempnett, Chew Stoke, Nr. Bristol. Hut Warden. A. Setterington, 21, Priorswood Road, Taunton, Somt. “””””””””””””””””””””””””””” HAVE YOU SENT IN YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE ‘B.B.’ YET 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

Belfry Bulletin Number 056  
Belfry Bulletin Number 056  

********************************** Inspection of Minutes Further to the above. The re-organisation of the tackle store does not leave room f...