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Street Pastors Application Form

Please stick your PHOTO HERE

PLEASE CLEARLY PRINT ALL DETAILS IN BLACK INK AND BLOCK CAPITALS Course Date: ________________ Please state the area to which you would like to be a Street Pastor:

PERSONAL DETAILS Surname: First Names: Address:


Post Code: Email: Telephone Numbers Hom e:

W ork:

Mobile :

Marital Status: Single / Married / Divorced Date of Birth: / /19 Nationality: ___________________________________________________________ Profession: ___________________________________ __________________________ Nationality _________________________________ Profession: _________________________________________ Do you ha ve a driving Yes Y/N licence? Coat Size: S / M / L / No XL / XXL

Do you ha ve use of a vehicle? Shirt Size:

Yes Y/N S/ M /No L/ XL / XXL

CHURCH / ORGANISATION DETAILS Church/Organisation: Ministe r s Nam e: Main C hurch Contact: Address: Post Code:

Post Code:____________________ Telephone No. Email Address:

CHRISTIAN HISTORY At what point in your life did Christian Faith become personally meaningful? How long have you been a Christian? _________________________________________________________________________________________ Give a brief account of your Conversion: _______________________________________________________________________ Describe any significant turning points on your spiritual journey.

Give brief account of your How a does your Christian faith spiritual affect yourgrowth life? and development since Conversion

Describe with your Pastor / Minister / Vicar of the Church you attend. Describe your yourrelationship relationship with your Pastor / Leader and/ Priest your Church

Are you involved in any form of Ministry in your church or in some other C hristia n organisation e.g. C hildren/Youth work, Teaching, Leading W orship, Administration, Community W ork, Hospitality, etc. If Yes, please state clearly what this involves:

Please state your rea sons for wanting to b e a Street Pastor .

W hat are your expectations from the Street Pastor s Course?

Street Pastors Reference Form Cont.

To de completed by you Referee How do you expect the applicant to benefit from the Street Pastor Ministry, and consequently your Church and the Local Community?

Please comment on the applicant s spiritual development (strengths, weakness, ability to work as part of a team as well as own initiative) and any other information which you feel would be helpful.

Would you be happy if any or all of the above information was shared with the applicant? Yes


Would you be happy if any or all of the above information was shared with the applicant? Referee's Signature_ Date: YES : NO

Please return this form directly to : Ascension Trust. Nam e: Ascension Trust

P.O. Box 3916

Address: London

SE19 1QE

Tel: 020 77712809 9770 020 8330 Email:

Street Pastors Application Form  

This is the Street Pastor Application Form.

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