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LANDSCAPE CONSERVATION ACTION PLAN Background information: The Belfast Hills Partnership (BHP) was formally launched in 2005, and over the past 6 years has been strengthening partnerships, building up relationships with landowners, tackling various planning & waste issues along with undertaking practical projects on the ground. In 2009 the Belfast Hills Partnership applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to undertake a Landscape Partnership Scheme (LPS) and was awarded £60,000 to employ an officer for one year to work up proposals for the scheme in greater detail. This LCAP document contains these proposals, including information about the Belfast hills and their significance. The lead partner/applicant: Belfast Hills Partnership 9 Social Economy Village Hannahstown Hill Belfast BT17 0XS Contact: Lizzy Pinkerton The partnership: The Board of the Belfast Hills Partnership provided full support of BHP staff as they applied for the Landscape Partnership Scheme and will continue in its role throughout the scheme. This group contains the following members: Independent Chair Danny O’Connor Directors COMMUNITIES / USERS Communities Bill Andrews Shankill Communities Jim Blaney Glen Road Environmental Action Group Local Conservation Groups Terry Enright Black Mountain Environment Group Cormac Hamill Cave Hill Conservation Campaign Recreation Groups Ian McDougall Northern Ireland Sports Forum LANDOWNING / MANAGING Farmers George Campbell Ulster Farmers Union Ian Simpson Ulster Farmers Union Local Economic Tracy Russell Belfast Hills Waste Management Operators 1

Quarries Gordon Best NI Quarry Products Association Nature Conservation Mike Dobson The National Trust STATUTORY Cllr. Roy Thompson Cllr. Janice Austin Cllr. John Palmer Cllr. Lynn Frazer

Antrim Borough Council Belfast City Council Lisburn City Council Newtownabbey Borough Council

Treasurer John McMullan (Co-opted Director) To provide additional support and guidance throughout the scheme a Landscape Partnership Scheme sub committee was set up. The members of this group are as follows: Chair Treasurer Commercial Community Farming Environmental Councils Heritage/education Archaeology Natural Heritage

Danny O’Connor John McMullan Laverne Bell Bill Andrews George Campbell Mike Dobson Stephen Toal Des O’Reilly Paul Logue (NIEA Built Heritage) Colm McDaid (NIEA Natural Heritage)

The delivery phase of the scheme will be managed by the Scheme Manager under the direction of the Landscape Partnership Scheme Sub Committee. The timetable for delivery will be broken down into greater detail at the start of each financial year, and the progress of this reported back to the sub committee on a monthly basis. The sub committee will provide direction, advice and assistance to ensure that targets are met and deadlines adhered to within agreed Scheme plans. The Belfast Hills Partnership’s Board will also keep an ongoing overseeing role to ensure that everything runs according to plan and to budget. Members from the main BHP Board and the LPS sub committee are committed to the Partnership Agreement.


Proposed management structure

Belfast Hills Partnership Board

Landscape Partnership Scheme Sub Committee Representing all interest groups

Sub-groups Provide additional advice and direction

Scheme Manager Responsible for the overall delivery of the LPS, staff management and evaluation and reporting

Volunteer Officer Responsible for carrying out a volunteer programme including recruiting volunteers

Outreach Officer Responsible for engaging with a wide range of people and involving them in the hills landscape

Administration Officer (PT) Responsible for supporting Scheme Manager

Project Officer Responsible for the successful delivery of the practical projects on the ground


PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (a) Reasons for Partnership 1.1 The Partnership is established as The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership Scheme in recognition of the need for protecting and enhancing the landscape, heritage and environment of the Belfast Hills. 1.2 The main reasons for partnering are: a)

to spearhead the recognition and promotion of the landscape and heritage of the Belfast Hills; b) to assist communities in identifying what is special and distinctive about where they live; c) to bring the community together to discuss and agree about what is special around where they live; d) To bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the community by establishing ways people can see opportunities in their landscape resource in terms of built and cultural heritage; e) to act as a vehicle for initiatives that will deliver the long term sustainability of the Belfast Hills Landscape; f) to provide a strategic platform and future direction for The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership Scheme enabling the effective targeting and integration of resources; g) to manage The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership Scheme and closely liaise with the Heritage Lottery Fund. (b) The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee 1.3 The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will consist of representatives from the landowning, commercial, statutory, community, archaeological, educational & environmental sectors and will be headed by an independent chairperson. I. Members of the Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will have the authority of their respective organisations to make decisions on funding, policy and actions. II. The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will steer and prepare the submission of the Stage 2 bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund by end of October 2011. III. Should the Stage 2 bid be granted, the Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will take responsibility for the project management, delivery and grant compliance with the 4 year plan. IV. The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will prioritise key actions, source funding opportunities, set targets and monitor the performance of the Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership Scheme.


V. The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will have responsibility for ensuring the delivery of the Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership Scheme submission including the setting up of “working groups” as appropriate to meet the critical dates identified on the project management chart. VI. The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will normally meet 8 times per year, but will, under exceptional circumstances, meet on a more frequent basis. VII. The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will procure goods and services for the delivery of the project in line with agreed tender procedures that meet board member requirements. VIII. The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will have responsibility for co-ordinating meetings, maintaining meeting records and actioning decisions. IX. The Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership sub committee will disseminate progress, new ideas and project proposals to all key stakeholders. (c) Partners’ Commitment 1.4 The Partners are united in their pledge to maintain and enhance the unique and special heritage and environs of the Belfast Hills. Together they will, along with other agencies and individuals as appropriate, seek to develop, promote and manage the landscape character, heritage and environment of the Belfast Hills for the benefit of the local community. 1.5 The Partners are committed to developing and delivering the Belfast Hills Landscape Partnership Scheme. They will seek to sustain the long-term future of the Belfast Hills and be proactive in supporting the future needs of the Belfast Hills. (d) Agreed Objectives 1.6 The Partnership’s objectives shall be: I. to conserve the landscape and biodiversity of an important part of Northern Ireland’s natural and human heritage; II. to encourage residents and local communities to value and protect their heritage and cultural environment; III. to attract the visitor to the Belfast Hills to experience optimum enjoyment of the landscape and to encourage the best sustainable use of sites’ facilities; IV. to encourage greater co-operation between public bodies on measures which contribute to the social, economic, linguistic and environmental well-being of the Belfast Hills; 5

V. to assist with the management of this region of the Belfast Hills in a way which reconciles the demands and needs of the visitor with the conservation and land management requirements of the built and natural environment; VI. to play a key co-ordinating role in the effective management, interpretation and appreciation of the Belfast Hills; VII. to encourage special events and educational activities as long as they do not conflict with the primary objective of conservation and quiet enjoyment of the countryside; VIII. to play a role in the wider recreational enjoyment of the area; IX. to lead, advise and support as appropriate the submission of bids and the management of wider landscape projects for the Belfast Hills. X. to carry out regular evaluation and audit procedures to ensure that these objective are being met.

Information about Audiences, Activities and Access are covered in Audience and Access Development Plan (see supporting documents).


Background info  

This is the background information on the Landscape Partnership Scheme.

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