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iMovie on the iPad Wendy Phillips Educational Technologist

Objectives • Review the interface of the App • Review the Steps to creating a Video • Create a Podcast • Publish / Share Podcast

The iMovie App

Reasons to Podcast with iMovie FLEXIBILITY

Opening Interface Components • • • • • • • •

Marque Project Title Date Time of Project Projects are in “light boxes” Help Menu Type of Project, to Create Project Play (large Screen) Export Download (from iTunes) Delete

• • •

Starting a Project •

Click on the

• •


Choose New Project

Blank Platform to create

Choose New Trailer

Pre-made templates

iMovie Interface Undo




Shows Audio Video Photos



Project Browser

Video Recorder

Play Project

Voice Recorder

Playhead with Time

The Key SKILLS •

Drag and Drop,Videos into Project Browser

Double click on Photos

Editing Photos / Videos • •

In Project Browser

Double Click for Clip Settings

Select the scene you would like to edit YELLOW brackets appear

To Add Sound •

Add Voice Over first!

Then add background Music. (drag and drop)

Choose from:

• • •

Theme Music Sound Effects iTunes

Understanding Settings • •

Choose a Project Theme Turn On / Off

• •

Theme Music

• •

Fade in from Black

Loop Background Music

Fade out to Black

Where to send your Movie •

Ultimate Location should be DROP BOX ...

• • •

Click on the Share Movie to Button Choose Camera Roll Choose Size - differences

Uploading to DropBox • • • • • •

Open DropBox App Click on the uploads button Click the add button Choose your item to upload Upload NOTE: On a computer log in to move the file

iMovie on the iPad  

Informational Reference for understanding the iMovie interface.