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stocking fillers Inside we have some great ideas for your last minute gifts all from the markets!

Look inside to find the latest seasonal fruit and veg report for Summer

Brilliant Blooms Elegant christmas ideas to liven up your table decor during the festive season.

Aussie Pav! Our fool proof recipe to creating the perfect pavlova everytime!

summer diary notes With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve put together a variety of activity at the markets to make this festive season fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Boasting loads of fantastic Christmas specials on meats, fruit and veg, seafood and beverages, we’ve also lined up free jumping castles, face painting, live music and cooking demonstrations throughout the marketplace during December for your enjoyment! We know it can be a busy and stressful time of the year - especially on top of work, so take a moment for yourself and don’t forget to sit down and take a break at one of our many casual dining hot spots.

what’s happening at the markets this summer!

Upcoming in summer we also have Australia Day on Sunday 26 January. The Belconnen Fresh Food Markets deliver some of Canberra’s best butchers covering everyone’s flavour including organic, budget, gourmet and international. Pick up all your supplies for a fun Australian BBQ to celebrate our national day along with fresh produce to create lovely crisp summer salads. down load eat f res toda h! y!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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#toptweeters @Mr Frugii Want to try some black truffle icecream for free? Be at @BelconnenMkts at 3pm on Sat!

Green smoothies with my bestie #belconnenmarkets #girltime

#beppes #belconnen markets #coffee #chai #canberragems

@erinbennett19 Went to @BelconnenMkts, made roast leg of lamb with veggies and real white wine gravy. Totally having roast for the next 3 nights.

@dmatthewsact Stocking up at @BelconnenMkts on a Saturday morning. French Patisserie top notch, especially the rye loaf. #365thingsiloveaboutcanberra

#goodman #hubbylovesme #glutenfree #fitspo I finally bought some tea to try #blackbeanspaghetti #fairtrade #organic #belconnenmarkets

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Such pretty flowers! #spring #australia #canberra #belconnen markets #flowers #tulips

@ourmancanberra @BelconnenMkts do a few things better seafood, game and native meats. plus some Asian stuff (SE Asian rather than Indian).


libations “Soaking up the rays and the holiday spirit, the only thing to complete the scene is an icy cold, liquid refreshment in hand. ” As the temperature heats up over summer we all enjoy relaxing with friends and family out in the fresh air, soaking up the rays and the holiday spirit, the only thing to complete the scene is an icy cold, liquid refreshment in hand. Although conveniently packaged and readily available beverages seem like a good idea, especially in the fast-paced culture we live in, they are sugar loaded drinks that are increasing risk of heart disease and weight gain. Instead of grabbing pre-packaged drinks such as softdrinks, juice and sports drinks this summer, get creative and cool off with a healthful beverage that will leave you feeling refreshed, and your body thanking you. Summer is a time where we sit back, relax and indulge! Many people seem to neglect adding fresh fruits and vegetables into their drinks, and as a result are missing out on easy, delicious tasting refreshments that are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. We are lucky enough to have such a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in season, it would be a waste not to include them in your beverages – and it’s so easy! Water may not seem to be one of the most glamorous beverages, however one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a beautiful summer refreshment is using up fruit and other botanicals to infuse in your water. So next time you go to fill up the water jug, add in some strawberry, basil, lemon, raspberry or mint to spice up your body’s natural choice for hydration and

health. Swap the lemonade for soda water and add in some fresh lemon to help detox and alkalise the body, not only delicious but it helps increase resistance to disease! Leading up to Christmas can be quite stressful, between buying the presents, planning the menu and entertaining the family! For a cool refresher try chamomile tea! Brew a kettle full of chamomile, and put it in the refrigerator. Pour some in a cup, add a spoonful of honey and sip away! It will hydrate you instantly, and also soothe your nerves! We all need to allow our bodies to cleanse after an indulgent Christmas feast, and those leftovers! Make sure you include antioxidant rich ingredients to your drinks including watermelon, blueberries and grapefruit and your body will be sure to thank you! If you aren’t sure exactly what to use? Oranges contain just about all varieties of vitamins and is an excellent source of folate which gives you natural UV protection and helps reduce stress. Kiwi’s are low in calories, high in fibre and have a tremendous variety of vitamins and minerals. Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, and B6 and helps maintain a healthy and immune cardiovascular system. Experimenting with different flavours and textures is not only fun, but they are so delicious. You will be providing your kids with the necessary nutrients without them even realising! Stay refreshed, hydrated and nourished this summer.

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pavlova gluten-free The pavlova. A summer favourite and iconic Australian dessert (despite the ongoing feud with New Zealand about who invented this meringue treasure first!). Not really the type of the dessert you’d expect to see on a fancy menu at a restaurant, but a dessert that holds a special place in the heart of all Aussies. A simple and easy recipe with only a few ingredients this one will be a surefire winner when you invite your family and friends over this summer. Everyone will be asking for seconds!

ingredients (serves 8-10)

method 1.

Preheat oven to 1500C. Carefully separate the eggs and then place the whites only into a clean, dry bowl and mix with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form.


Gradually add the sugar, whisking well until the mixture is stiff and glossy.


Add the cornflour and vinegar and whisk until combined.


Line a baking tray with non-stick baking paper and shape the eggwhite mixture into round shape.


Turn the oven down to 1200C and bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Then, turn the oven off and allow the pavlova to completely cool in the oven.


Whisk the cream and spread over the pavlova and top with fresh seasonal fruit.

4x eggs white (5 if small eggs) 250g fine caster sugar ½ tsp white vinegar 1x tbsp cornflour 1 cup pouring cream variety of fresh seasonal fruits


fruit apricot blueberry cherry grapes lychee mango sh

fre le! ofi pr

nectarine orange passionfruit peach raspberry strawberry

asparagus bean capsicum celery cucumber eggplant

lettuce onion peas radish sweetcorn zucchini

radish Radishes are a small root vegetable with a scarlet/bright red skin. They have a strong, sharp, aromatic pepper flavour. When selecting radishes, choose those with healthy leaf bunches that are well shaped and well coloured. When serving, remove the roots and stalks and wash in cold water. They can be served whole, sliced , marinated or raw. Radishes are an excellent source of vitamin C.

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stocking fillers

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer (variety of colours available) Cooking Coordinates

Assorted books for Adults and Children Book Passion

Selection of homemade gourmet products Food Lovers

Aromatic scented candles (variety of colours available) Bunches

Mumm Rose NV with Dinner Jacket First Choice

Animates Reindeer Dog Toy Petbarn

Argyle Three Piece Wine Survival Kit Cooking Coordinates

Beppe’s Coffee Beans Sensory Lab “Chompy” Beppes

Assortment of Men’s and Women’s Clothing Janey Fashion

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Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, round ones... sometimes it’s a real pain trying to wrap your Christmas gifts so we’ve put together some simple tips so you can wrap like a pro.

wrapping with paper

tying a ribbon on your gift

1. Roll out your paper and measure the present to ensure you have enough paper to cover all sides.

1. Unravel your ribbon so that you have plenty to tie up your gift.

If you want your tape to stay out of sight try double sided tape.

2. Place the present facedown on a length of ribbon and pull the ends up over the gift and tie.

Don’t throw away the off cuts from gifts you’ve already wrapped, instead run them through the shredder and use them to line boxes or gift bags.

Make your own gift tags for a more personal touch using a variety of coloured papers, cards, ribbons and strings.

Use fabric to wrap odd shaped items. Fabric won’t tear from sharp edges and is easy to manipulate around different shapes.

If you don’t have any ribbon, try your hand at making a ribbon from left over wrapping paper.

2. Fold the ends to create an even edge. Cut off any excess paper on the ends. 3. Fold the tips over for a clean edge.

3. Turn the gift over and thread each end under the ribbon already in place. 4. Double knot the ribbon and tie into a simple bow. Using your fingers to shape the loops. Cut the ends of the ribbon off at angles.

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other wrapping ideas:d

Flowers are a great idea for brightening your Christmas Day and can be strategically placed throughout the house to create life and colour. Typically, the Christmas blooms for the festive season consist of: •


Christmas Bush

Christmas Bells



Yet, with so many delicate and beautiful flowers to choose from - why not explore new options to create a Christmas themed arrangement? We’ve put together a few ideas to bring festivity and life to your table using non-traditional Christmas flowers, yet keeping on theme for your family gatherings. 1.

Hydrangeas and Eucalyptus give a native nod to Australian flora. The the tightly clustered white hydrangeas paired and fresh greenery create a fun circular arrangement. For a bit of extra fun, add some baubles into the mix. The Eucalypt will create a beautiful aroma around the table too.


Dahlia and Greenery - go for a red and green theme for table decor with this delicate arrangement bringing so much life and colour. The deep reds of the dahlia against the vibrant greens of the fern greenery are a decorative addition to outdoor areas. If arranging in a bucket similar to this, use lots of greenery to fill out the space and create a full look.


If you would still like to stay traditional, pick up a two tone Amaryllis flower that will give off a great candy cane vibe perfect for Christmas, paired with shoots of holly and leafy greenery. Accessorise your arrangement with baubles and matching ribbons for a vintage effect. A fun idea is also creating your arranagement in interesting vessels such as jugs, old jars, recycled tins and shabby-chic buckets.

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So Fresh Summer 2013  

For people who love fresh, local food - this is your seasonal guide to the best produce in Canberra.

So Fresh Summer 2013  

For people who love fresh, local food - this is your seasonal guide to the best produce in Canberra.