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Alice Reid Pruisner, Artistic Director and Founder of Bel Canto Cedar Valley, graduated with honors from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL with an undergrad in Vocal Music Education and from The University of Northern Iowa with a Master of Music in Choral Conducting. Ms. Pruisner has experience conducting choirs of all ages, and is especially passionate about community building and outreach. Ms. Pruisner lives in Cedar Falls with her husband, two daughters, and two mini dachshunds.

Monroe Crossing performs an electrifying blend of classic bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, original bluegrass and some surprising selections outside the bluegrass genre. Named in honor of Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass Music, Monroe Crossing’s superb musicianship and on-stage rapport have entertained audiences throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

For over 20 years this Minnesota based band has averaged over 100 shows a year performing in intimate rooms, community theaters, major venues and outdoor festivals. They are favorites among bluegrass connoisseurs and non-bluegrass audiences alike. They love introducing newcomers to bluegrass music!

Band Members

Monroe Crossing consists of four distinct personalities with differing musical backgrounds. When combined, their individual histories make for a unique sound. The three original members are: Mark Anderson (bass), Lisa Fuglie (fiddle & lead vocals) and Matt Thompson (mandolin & harmony vocals). Derek Johnson (guitar & lead vocals) joined in 2011 and also provides the booking duties for the band. The group utilizes a cadre of very talented banjo players, all of whom are alumni of the group. They are: Benji Flaming, David Robinson and Graham Sones.


In 2007, Monroe Crossing was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. They have twice been selected to showcase at the annual World of Bluegrass convention hosted by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA). They have also appeared twice at Carnegie Hall in New York City. In 2016, Monroe Crossing had the honor of being the first Minnesota bluegrass band to perform in South Korea.


Monroe Crossing has released 17 albums to date. The band’s diverse discography consists of traditional bluegrass, original bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, a tribute to Bill Monroe, classic country, Christmas music and two collaborations with the award-winning choir Vocal Essence.

The recordings can be ordered at

Whether playing bluegrass or material outside the genre, Monroe Crossing is one of the most entertaining acts in bluegrass today!

Bel Canto Cedar Valley and Monroe Crossing present: The World Beloved

Monroe Crossing

Mark Anderson - bass; Lisa Fuglie - vocals and fiddle; Graham Sones – banjo; Derek Johnson - vocals and guitar; Matt Thompson - vocals and mandolin

Selections will be announced from the stage

Bel Canto Cedar Valley

The World Beloved: Sun, Moon, and Stars

O Earth, Loving Mother

The Sun Never Says

The Falling Star (from Constellation)

Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Words by Archibald Lampman (1861-1899)

Music by Mark Sirett (b. 1952)

Words by Daniel Ladinsky (b. 1948)

Music by Dan Forrest (b. 1978)

Words by Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)

Music by Frank Ticheli (b. 1958)

Words by Johnny Mercer (1909-1976)

Music by Henry Mancini (1924-1994)

Arranged by Steve Zegree (1953-2015)

Soloists: Emily Fakler, soprano; Devin Wipperman, tenor

BCCV with Monroe Crossing

Stand in that River Moira Smiley (b.1976)

Soloists: Amanda Bridges, soprano; Matt Rector, tenor; Lisa Fuglie, mezzo

There will be a brief 10 minute intermission

The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass

Words by Marisha Chamberlain (b. 1952)

Music by Carol Barnett (b. 1949)

Please hold your applause until the end of the Mass

I. Ballad: Refrain

II. Kyrie

III. Ballad: First Verse

IV. Gloria

V. Ballad: Second Verse & Refrain

VI. Credo

VII. Sanctus

Soloist: Jess Lieb, alto

Soloist: Lisa Fuglie, mezzo

Soloist: Lisa Fuglie, mezzo

Soloists: Chris Knudson, baritone; Megan Schwickerath, soprano

VIII. Ballad: Third and Fourth Verses

IX. Agnus Dei

X. Art Thou Weary

XI. Benediction

XII. Conclusion

Soloists: Mark Fakler, tenor; Elizabeth Nelson, soprano

Soloists: Elizabeth Nelson, soprano, Jess Lieb, alto, Mark Fakler, tenor

Soloist: Jess Lieb, alto

O Earth, Loving Mother

Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

O earth, loving mother, Moon river, wider than a mile, nurture us, breathe in us

I’m crossing you in style some day. something of your beauty, Old dream maker, you heart breaker, your wisdom and your light. where ever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ your way. Your ancient mountains, gleaming seas fill our hearts with care; Two drifters off to see the world, through blazing sun and darkest night, there’s such a lot of world to see. breathe in us, breathe in us. We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waiting ‘round the bend, O earth, loving mother, my huckleberry friend, nurture us, breathe in us moon river and me. something of your beauty, your wisdom and your light.

Stand in that River

O earth, who was before our time, and after many years remains, I went to my river but my river was dry. careless and blind we wander from you The dust rose up to a darkened sky. breathe in us, breathe in us. Tell me where is hope? Where do the waters run clear? I do not know my way from here.

The Sun Never Says

Come and stand in that river, Even after all this time current gentle and slow. the sun never says to the earth, Send your troubles down water, “You owe Me”. down on that water flow.

Look what happens with a love like that,

When you stand in that river, with a love like that, angels sing in your head it lights the whole sky. secrets beyond ev’ry worry dreams beyond ev’ry dread.

The Falling Star (from Constellation) Tell me sister, brother where does that river flow?

I saw a star slide down the sky,

It flows down to the great water blinding the north as it went by, where soon my people will go. too burning and too quick to hold, too lovely to be bought or sold, Oh time passes, passes on down the stream. good only to make wishes on Some days are so much sweeter, and then forever to be gone. some days, some pass like a dark dream.

The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass

I. Ballad: Refrain II. Kyrie

They say God loved the world so dear Mercy!

He set aside His crown

Oh, Kyrie! Have mercy! Oh, Christie! And cloaked Himself in human shape; Mercy, Oh mercy, eleison, eleison.

They say that He came down, Kyrie eleison, Christie eleison

And dwelt awhile among us here.

Kyrie eleison, have mercy on creation!

He came on down. Christie eleison, have mercy on our souls!

III. Ballad: First Verse

A child walked forth on Eden's way,

VI. Credo

Oh, I do believe a place awaits us

A child stretched out her hand. far across the Jordan

O, may I taste the apple there

And when we reach those mossy banks

And take to understand we'll cast aside our oars.

The fruit of knowledge in my mouth, Row on, row on, And know of God first hand? we're crossing River Jordan, Row on, row on, and no one goes alone.

IV. Gloria

Glory be to God on high, Oh, I do believe a place awaits us

Who launched the sunlight, loosed the rain, high above the mountains

Who scattered stars across the sky, And when we reach that highest peak, Who piled the mountains, rolled the plains, we'll spread our wings and soar.

Who spilled the rivers and the seas. Climb on, climb on,

Oh, Glory be, oh, Glory be. we're climbing Jacob's Ladder. Climb on, climb on, and no one goes alone. Glory be to God below,

For feather, fur, for scale and fin,

Oh, I do believe a resting place awaits us, For vine uptwisting, blossom's fire, ‘cross the Jordan. For muscle, sinew, nerve and skin We'll toss our coats, throw off our hats And every feature set aglow, and take the seat of ease.

Oh, Glory be to God below. And it's not the seat of riches and it's not the seat of power, Oh, Glory be for peace on earth, Row on, row on, and no one goes alone. And prayerful be the human heart

That has required a Savior's birth

VII. Sanctus

To make of earth heav'ns counterpart, Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus. So strife might stop and warring cease. Dominus Deus Sabaoth; Oh, Glory be for peace, oh, be for peace. Pleni sunt coeli et terra Gloria tua. Hosanna in excelsis.

Oh, Glory be the generous Hand

Who left us to our work, and care,

VIII. Ballad: Third & Fourth Verses and Refrain Who gave us only few commands The skies exploded, towers fell; But that we help each other bear The floods came rushing down Life's burdens. Pain and suffering ease. And many souls were burned alive

Oh, Glory be, oh, Glory be. And many souls were drowned

V. Ballad: Second Verse and Refrain

And others set to marching, marching

Far from house and home.

Adam, he labored, Eve, she toiled, Where are you now, our Savior dear, And many children bore, When we are all undone? And sometimes all was fruitfulness, And sometimes seasons wore

They say God loved the World so dear Them down to dust and emptiness

He cast aside His crown

And cloaked Himself in human shape; They say that He came down, But they say God loved the world so dear

And hunger at the door.

And dwelt awhile among us here. He set aside His crown

And cloaked Himself in human shape; They say that He came down,

He came on down.

Oh, I am here among you now

Tho' I must pass unseen, He came on down.

And dwelt awhile among us here.

And cannot show why this must be

Nor how I walk between

Your souls and greater dangers

VIII. Ballad: Third & Fourth Verses and Refrain cont.

XI. Benediction

Than you have ever known, Blessing be upon your heads. To laugh with you and weep with you, Bless the living, bless the dead. My people, oh my own. Blessing be upon you, my people.

It's true, I love the world so dear

Blessing so that you may go I cast aside My Crown Lightly through this world of woe. And cloak Myself in mystery Blessing be upon you, my people. So I can come on down

And dwell in and among you now. Blessings, and may you embrace I come on down. God in guise of human grace.

Blessings now and forever

IX. Agnus Dei

XII. Conclusion miserere nobis.

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi,

They say God loved the World so dear Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, She set aside Her crown miserere nobis. And cloaked Herself in human shape; Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, They say that She came down, dona nobis pacem. And dwelt awhile among us here. She came on down.

Special thanks to the following people and organizations:

All past and present members of BCCV

Orchard Hill Church – performance venue

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony – Music Lab event St. John Lutheran Church – rehearsal space

West Music Cedar Falls – petting zoo instruments

Devin Wipperman – poster and program cover design

Cedar Harmony Chorus – riser donation

Music Hill Studios – riser storage

Bel Canto Cedar Valley Leadership

Alice Reid Pruisner – Founder and Artistic Director

Travis Toliver – President

Kayla Mahler – Secretary

Christine Anderson – Choir Manager

Bill Atkins – Grants

Matthew Rector – Member-at-large

Bethany Brooks – Accompanist

Jonathan Bridges – President-Elect

Tiffany Peterson Rasmussen – Treasurer

Kyle Rasmussen – Fundraising

Patty Foster – Member-at-large

Amanda Bridges-Kramme – Section Leader

Devin Wipperman – Section Leader Judson Lee – Section Leader

Bel Canto Cedar Valley members live in a number of area communities and cover a wide range of professions, but we are all joined together by our love of music as a life-long passion.

Soprano Alto, cont.

Hannah Boecker Max Coon

Newton Shell Rock

Social worker Customer service/Student

Amanda Bridges-Kramme

Shoshanna Coon

Waterloo Shell Rock

Elementary music teacher Chemistry professor, UNI

Charis Crozier

Melanie Drake

Cedar Falls Cedar Falls

College student College consultant, Summit Solutions

Emily Fakler

Kim Erisman

Hudson Cedar Falls

Mental health counselor

Patty Foster

Owner, Kerisman Studios

Marguerite Fakler

Cedar Falls Cedar Falls

Realtor UNI undergraduate student

Kate Hahn

Rebecca Kauten

Cedar Falls Cedar Falls

Assistant Black Hawk County Attorney Field scientist and researcher, Alexis Kraayenbrink Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

Cedar Falls

Jess Lieb

Orchestra teacher Dubuque

Kayla Mahler Funding specialist & church music director


Director of marketing

Elizabeth Nelson


Bill Atkins

Waverly Reinbeck

Member data manager Director, Information Security

Tiffany Peterson Rasmussen


Mark Fakler


General manager, Foundation Service Corp. Vocal music director, Grundy Center

Megan Schwickerath


Joel Haack

Cedar Falls

VFS processor retired UNI administrator & math professor

Meg Stineman

Cedar Falls

Jess Larison

Cedar Falls

Visual artist Social studies teacher

Kelsey Williams

Matthew Rector

Denver Secretary U.S. Senate Regional Director

Cedar Falls

Ryan Richmond

Alto Cedar Falls

Christine Anderson Software engineer


Sales Associate, West Music

Anna Beamsley Rogers

Cedar Falls

Mason Sealock


Musician and barista

Devin Wipperman

School counselor Waverly

Kat Beane Hanson

Director of Information and Worship

Cedar Falls Technologies

Wearer of many hats


Jonathan Bridges

Micah Pruisner

Waterloo Cedar Falls

Engineer Engineer

Chris Hale

Zachary Rogers

Waterloo Cedar Falls

Managing Director, Vocal music teacher

Cedar Falls Community Theatre

Carter Schaull

Chris Knudson Cedar Falls

Waverly Vocal music teacher

Chief Marketing Officer

Ben Stineman

Kevin Lam Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls Network engineer

Loan advisor

Travis Toliver

Judson Lee Waverly

Waterloo Chamber/Main Street Director

Director of music ministries, Central Christian Church

Alice Reid Pruisner, director

Cedar Falls

Artistic Director, BCCV

Bethany Brooks, accompanist

Cedar Falls


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