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Long-Lasting Eyelash Extensions in Salt Lake City We do in home services to Alpine and Park City upon request (Traveling Fees Apply)

BeLashed, of Salt Lake City, Utah specializes in Eyelash Extensions. We offer three different sets of eyelash extensions: Demure – Shy and reserved Couture – Compliments most everyone’s eyes Lush - Luxurious, opulent, and abundant

Demure Eyelash Set Shy and reserved- This is the most natural set that we offer. We place 60 eyelash extensions, per eye in 90 minutes. It gives just the right touch, to balance out your eyes and add dimension. Price: $119

Lush Eyelash Set: - Luxurious, opulent, and abundant- This is our fullest and most popular set that we offer! This gives you the WOW factor. Not all, have the opportunity to receive this set, because not everyone has this many natural lashes to be lashed. We place 100 lash extensions per eye in 2.5 hours! Get ready for a night out on the town! Price: $219 For more information please visit

Long-Lasting Eyelash Extensions in Salt Lake City  

This is our set that meets right in the middle. We place 80 eyelash extensions, per eye in 120 minutes. The Couture Set compliments most eve...