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March 2012 Volume 1 Issue # 04

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I'm on Youtube! By Minène Belharchaoui Staff: 1ère L - LVA Editor in chief: Audrey Julliard

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Do you know youtube? Yes, of course you do because this is the most famous website on which people share videos. With 63 million visitors per month and 100 000 videos consulted every day, Youtube has turned into an incredible yet worldwide success. This giant phenomenon has been made into a powerful business! Many talents have been discovered on this website: some singers such as Justin Bieber, Lilly Allen, Irma. These people might have discovered fame, however not everybody agrees these people have talent, for example, Angelica a young 15 year old said “I can't stand this Justin Bieber: I've never thought he had any talent but when I listen to Irma, I can just say she's amazing!” You can find comedians like Hugotoutseul, Norman, Keenan Kahill or Ray William Johnson. In France or in other countries, these people have become very famous thanks to youtube. In their apartments, they talk about their own vision of society and generally many young people live the same and find them funny. Lea, a 20 year old gives her point of view “the best is Rémi Gaillard, a man who breaks the law in many videos in a very clever and funny way”. Not everyone can be mentioned but I could not forget "ridiculous"

January’s most popular event By Romane Ruettard As you probably know the NRJ Music Awards took place on January 28th at the Midem in Cannes, and it was presented by Nikos Aliagas. If we compare this session to last year's, there are differences between how the place was arranged, who was invited and who won. First, the stage was widened compared to the previous session in which the stage had a normal rectangular size. Then, this year different bands were invited like LFMAO, Coldplay, Simple Plan and 1789 the new musical comedy. There were also famous personalities such as David Guetta, Shy’m, Mika and Christophe Maé. We can count LFMAO, M.Pokora and Adèle as the winners of this year, knowing that each of them won two awards. Marine, from 1ère S, explained “I would have voted for M.Pokora, Adèle…”this year.

people on Youtube. It may be mean to say so but they are generally the funniest to watch. Angelica said the most ridiculous she had ever seen was: “Walid, a young man who can't speak French or sing but does both anyway and is hilarious” Contrary to Angelica, Lea said “I never watch those people because I feel sorry for them and I feel guilty for making fun of them” Finally there are tutorials on make-up and hair or on high technologies which can be useful to many. The two interviewees, however, said they never watch those types of videos. “Most tutorials for hair and make-up are made by bimbos so I don't like this type of videos” Lea explained. Some people search trailers, some gags or funny videos while others look up tutorials. Youtube has a wide choice and thanks to it, everyone can find what they like and many talented people can have their moment of glory and maybe more...

It seems that everyone agreed that those three were destined to win We could also see a difference in the official music song of the NRJ Music Awards since last year it was “I gotta feeling” from the Black Eyed Peas and this year it was “Party Rock Anthem” from LFMAO. But what most people don’t know is that some viewers complained about the way it was organized, the web site Charts described it as “a great self-promotional masquerade” when speaking about it. When we interviewed Marine from 1ère S about the fact that the stars knew that they would win beforehand, she said “They have the award before the show” and added “They are not surprised” so it reinforced the idea that the NRJ Music Awards were a masquerade. In conclusion, even if that award ceremony is very popular among teenagers, it is very criticized so we may wonder if it’s going to last or not.

The lady : Burma’s new face? By Adeline Ogier

The Burmese woman, Aung San Suu Kky was disclosed to the world in the movie “The Lady” by Luc Besson. But who is she? Why is she still fighting today for Burmese democracy in a man’s world? Daughter of the negotiator of the independence of Burma or Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia bordered by India, China, and Thailand, Aung San Suu Kyi was born in 1945 in Rangoon. She did great studies in her mother’s

country and in Great Britain and married an Englishman with whom she had two children. Influenced, since she was a child, by Gandhi’s non-violence philosophy, she began working for her country’s democratisation. In 1988, she founded “The National League for Democracy” and she became the General Secretary in a country under a dictatorship. This political movement’s ideas are Freedom and democracy which the regime doesn’t approve of, so when she won the 1990 National elections (by 59%), the government nullified the results .After this international scandal, she received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, one of the numerous prices she received in her life. From 1989 to 1995, she was under house arrest, a monitored detention and she couldn’t see her family and her husband suffering from cancer who had remained in Great Britain. Cloistered in Burma, she couldn’t receive any visit and her husband

died in 1999 without being able to see his wife one last time. Arrested numerous times since the creation of her League and constantly monitored, Aung San Suu Kky didn’t stop her fight. She was finally released on 13 November 2010 and has been authorized to stand for by-elections in April 2012, at the age of 66. Although most agree that challenges to build a democracy are huge, it shows changes are under way in Burma.

Sports By Damien Dupeuble Sport can be a way to be happy and to relieve stress. “It’s very rewarding to see how we reach the goals we have." she added. As for her, she can’t live without this sport. For Sébastien, who has played rugby since he was nine, sport is on the one hand a way to feel good and on the other hand a way to let off steam. Rugby gives him much pleasure. He plays rugby twice a week and loves this sport. There are many enthusiasts, not only in sport, but also in music for example. A passion is a way to feel good, and to dream.

It is generally agreed that “having a healthy body is having a healthy mind”, however sport is more than a way to be healthy; for some people, it is a passion. Some people run on Sunday morning in order to keep fit, to be more muscular; others watch football on TV, but many feel sport really IS a passion. Lauriane, for example, has done gymnastics for 11 years, and this sport takes a major part in her life. “Gymnastics is very important for me, I do gymnastics three times a week, it means a lot to me, moreover it makes me feel good physically, and in my mind too." she said

CONTEST FOR ALL: They used to be children just like you and me! Now, they are famous, who are they? Be the first one to send the answer to and win a prize!

Last issue's contest Nobody won last contest. You usually did not think it was so long for waste to decompose. Indeed, a cigarette butt decomposes in 1 to 3 years whereas it takes a beer can (aluminum can) 200 to 500 years to disappear. So pay attention not to leave your waste behind!

I ♥ Barcelona & Valencia By Lucie Dutraive There is nothing like a nice trip in Spain to discover a new culture and enrich your Spanish language: all of this, in a warm, nice and festive atmosphere. Barcelona and Valencia are two cities that are full of charms, and both famous for art expression. Indeed, Spanish artists are so original that their works of art are present and imposing everywhere in those cities. They reflect the exuberance and the originality of Spain! Take a tour! First day: You can visit the Barcelona pavilion, of Mies Van Der Rohe, a famous modern architect also known for the citation “less is more”, which is the base of his works. As for the Picasso Museum, according to the Barcelonans, the best canvases of Picasso are not there, so it is not the most important place to visit. On the contrary, a walk in Barcelona will enable you to admire the architectural works made by the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí, recognized around the

park, with a lot of colors and mosaics. For instance, you will see the very original Hansel-and-Gretel-style houses! The most visited place is the main terrace, with a panoramic view of the city, near the longest bench in the world. Fourth day: You can go on an excursion to Valencia in order to visit The City of Arts and Sciences. There, you can make experiments and you are free to test whatever you want. It is a unique complex made up of five main World as having one of the most unique elements: the Hemisfèric (IMAX cinema and digital projections), the and distinctive architectural styles. Second day: You can discover the Umbracle (a landscaped vantage point impressive Sagrada Familia created by and car park), the Príncipe Felipe Antonio Gaudi, which is still in Science Museum (an innovative centre interactive science), the construction nowadays and also visit the of Oceanográfico (the largest aquarium in Gothic Quarter. With its several Europe with over 500 marine species) alleyways, it is the center of the old city and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía of Barcelona. Third day: Walk through the Park Guëll (which is in charge of the programme of also designed by Gaudi, built from 1900 the Opera). to 1914 and part of the UNESCO world There are many other great things worth heritage. It is a very beautiful and magic doing or seeing there so why not get ready for a trip next summer?!

usually goes from 9 o'clock to 3 Australian schoolsSchool o'clock, from Monday to Friday. Despite

By Tarja Chouvin

Since Australia is on the other side of the world, some of you may have little knowledge about it. From my experience of living over there till the age of twelve, I can tell you more about how the school system works. Schools over there are divided into two parts: primary school (kindergarten + from year 1 to 6) and high school ( from year 7 to year 12) The first major difference between French and Australian schools is the dress code. In Aussie schools, public or private, it is compulsory to wear the uniform provided. If this is not respected you can get a detention. However, mufti days exist in exchange of a gold coin at the end of each term. A mufti day is when you can wear ordinary clothes.

the short hours, we are not permitted to go home for lunch. Most kids bring a picnic or buy something from the canteen. In Australia, repeating is extremely rare and the level required over there isn't that high. At the end of year 6 (6ème in France) and year 12 (Term. in France) a formal night is organized by the school. Pupils dress up formally and go to dinner. Excursions are quite frequent as well, and usually involve sports. Sports are extremely popular: rugby, cricket, surfing, swimming, touch football, cross country etc... A school is usually divided into 3 groups, every student is put into one of these and each group is associated with a color. A pupil can give points to his team by participating in or winning a sport event, at the end of the year the group with the most points wins. The whole idea of this is to get students to participate in sport activities.

By winning a sport event, you can also get a ribbon or other awards can be given at the end of the year to a small amount of students per grade: the rewards are usually money ($50, $30, depending on the award). You can win one by being the smartest kid in your grade, or for reading the most books at the library; there is also a sportsmanship award and a citizenship award. In year 11, L, ES, S sections don't exist. According to the subjects you like or want to study, you have the possibility to choose, however, there are some that are compulsory. Although it depends on which school you attend, some subjects presented can be: maths, regular or advanced English, science, Australian, world or ancient history, cooking, sewing, woodwork etc... School can be quite easy and fun in Australia but the diploma at the end of the year isn't worth a lot, it's a shame because the mix of fun and school creates the perfect combination.

Being a teen mum. by Cindy Murcia Having a baby does not just happen, and yet it can come when you expect it the least! Getting pregnant while you are still a teenager is a delicate situation, whether it is wanted or not. Indeed, becoming a mum is a huge step in life: you have to be responsible, to manage money in order to raise your child well... While most teenagers are not even in a relationship, others have 2 children already! It is the case of Anaïs who is 17, a young mother of 2 children: Matéo almost 3 years old, and Timéo, 11 months old. As she is underage, she cannot work, so Jeremy, her boyfriend has to work for the whole family to live on. Being a teenage mum is often frowned upon by adults or other teenagers, but yet, she is proud of herself: "Being a

mum at 15 means having a purpose. It means you’re never alone. It means loving and being loved back, giving everything you have and receiving a lot! It's more love and happiness than no one can ever imagine” Becoming a teen mum usually means you still have to live at your parents' and generally, they take the news badly.

Yet, sometimes they are a great support: "My parents reacted pretty well as a whole. Although for me, it was not an easy time to overcome." An American teenager confessed “being a teen mom is so lonely. My friends were all so excited when I found out I was having a baby, but gradually they disappeared.” “For another thing, my relationship with the father completely fell apart.” she added. As you know, adolescence can be a difficult period of life: your personality changes, you want to assert yourself, but sometimes it can all change dramatically that's why it is better to do things when it is the right time.

Smoking, really bad? In France, 100 million cigarettes are smoked every year, and tobacco is the first cause of death. Nowadays, tobacco is present everywhere. On average, teenagers start smoking their first cigarette at 14 and regularly smoke at 16. They don't know what the consequences can be, or simply don’t care... Everywhere you can hear that smoking kills, and that you mustn’t start if you want to stay healthy. However, there are 15 million smokers in France. This excessive consumption leads to, in most cases, lung, throat or tongue cancer because of carcinogenic products. Moreover, smoking does not only hurt smokers but also passive smokers (non smokers just standing next to a smoker). Smokers should respect them because why should they get cancer or something else if they've made the choice not to smoke. On the packets of cigarettes, some trash photos and slogans are presented to prevent people from smoking:“Smoking when pregnant harms your baby”, or “Smoking can cause a slow and painful death”. A 2nde said that when she started

smoking, she didn’t think she wouldn't be able

to do without but now, she is addicted. She’s not the only one in thising case; a 1ere confessed pretty much the same thing. The government has taken measures, such as banning smoking in all public places or raising the price of cigarettes and they hope the number of smokers will decrease. But really, that's your choice, your health, your life... Need help? Visit or call 3989.

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We hope you have enjoyed this issue!

We are not professional journalists so please forgive us, if we've made a mistake. We hope you have enjoyed this issue!

BelAir Voice  

the 4th issue of the newspaper

BelAir Voice  

the 4th issue of the newspaper