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Table of Contents Urban & Global Partners Anne Douglas Center Brazil-Manaus Medical Ministry Children’s Hunger Fund Child S.H.A.R.E. Claris Health Cloud & Fire Congo-Mercy Ministry Family Rescue Center Habitat for Humanity Harvest Home Hope Gardens — Union Rescue Mission Imagine LA Immanuel Food Pantry International Students, Inc. Jesus is the Key Ministries Seychelles-Youth for Christ South Africa-Zulu Kingdom Orphanage

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Dear Friends, “For God so loved the world that he GAVE his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). Welcome to Bel Air Presbyterian Church’s 6th annual Gifts from the Heart: The gift catalog that changes lives! Christmas is a time when Christians from all over the world reflect and thank God for His gift to the world - His son. For God did so love the world that he gave us his one and only Son. Gifts from the Heart is a ministry of our church that gives to others and reminds them that they are loved by God and loved by God’s people. The ministry impacts the lives of people not only in our city, but throughout the world. By choosing to give a gift from this catalog, you will not only make the recipient smile (and feel really good yourself ), but you will also be transforming the lives of people by feeding, training and educating those who have the most need. Thanks to the generosity of Gifts from the Heart supporters in past years, I have seen mosquito nets purchased at Bel Air protecting children in the Congo while single mothers right here in Los Angeles were able to purchase Christmas gifts for their children for the very first time and hungry children getting a snack after school they normally wouldn’t be able to have. Every time we engage in the lives of those outside our usual world, whether through this catalog or going to serve with these partners, we become a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Enjoy shopping from your HEART! God’s grace and peace to you as we celebrate the Advent season, the time of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. You can make a difference today - please join us in shopping from Gifts from the Heart. In God’s love for all the families of the world!

Rev. Enock De Assis, Pastor of Outreach

About Gifts from the Heart Christmas is a time of great joy as we celebrate the birth of our Lord. It’s also a season of gift giving, often challenging the gift giver to come up with something new and different to give! Bel Air Presbyterian Church is, once again, delighted to offer a wonderful solution to that gift buying dilemma.

Why not give a gift that will change lives? By donating to Gifts From the Heart in someone’s name, you are giving a gift of true and meaningful value. Browse our catalog–you’ll see lots of different items needed for our mission partners. Ideas for Gifts From the Heart cards: > A holiday hostess gift > Gifts for the extended family > Gifts for teachers and coaches > Inserted into or instead of a traditional Christmas card > Gifts for co-workers > Gift for your small group, or a small group can purchase gifts together > Foregoing individual gifts and combining the funds to purchase hope for others Special Gifts From the Heart gift cards are available. You may collect these at the Connection Booth or Kid City check-in area. These lovely cards may be given to your recipient to let them know about the donation you’ve made in their name and about the mission partner that you are helping. Your gifts make a difference and change lives.

The Gifts from the Heart Team How to place an order: 1. Browse the catalog 2. Drop by the Connection Booth or at the Kid City check-in area (in front of the Administration building) on December 8, 15, 22 (or at the Connection Booth after 6 p.m.) and turn in your order with your check (made payable to Bel Air Presbyterian Church), cash, or credit card, OR visit and follow the instructions. 3. If you would like gift cards, pick them up from the GFTH table. These gifts are tax deductible to the same extent as any other donation to a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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Anne Douglas Center - LA Mission The Anne Douglas Center for Women provides dignity and restoration to women whose lives have been broken by abuse, addiction, and dysfunctional relationships. Women are offered the opportunity to recover, rebuild self-esteem, and establish realistic goals for independent living in a supportive, loving, and healthy environment. Learn more at

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Shampoo, Soap and Other Hygiene Products | $2 Meals for a Day | $12 Infant Supplies and Children’s Toys | $20

Brazil-Manaus Medical Ministry The First Presbyterian Church of Manaus has developed a very effective holistic approach to ministry, helping thousands of poor families living on the shores of Rio Negro and the Amazon, through their medical ministry.

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Medical supplies for treatment of Dengue Fever | $15 Evangelism materials and supplies for one village | $30 Petroleum for medical boat on Amazon: 1/2 day trip | $120


Children’s Hunger Fund Children’s Hunger Fund seeks to restore lives with food and God’s word. Using trained volunteers from local churches CHF delivers food directly to the homes of hunger families locally and around the world.

Learn more at

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Gospel Literature for Food Packs | $5 50 Lbs. of Beans | $15 One Month of Food Packs for a Family | $25

Child S.H.A.R.E. Working with faith communities, Child S.H.A.R.E. recruits and supports foster and adoptive families for abused and abandoned children in the foster care system. For many Child S.H.A.R.E. children, this will be the first Christmas where they receive a new gift to call their own. Learn more at

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Gift Card to Target | $15  Sports Equipment or Family Games | $20 Infant Care Equipment | $50


Claris Health Claris Health, formerly known as Westside Pregnancy Clinic, offers women and men hope and healing through medical and mental health services that empower individuals to make informed pregnancy and sexual health choices. Learn more at

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Pregnancy Test | $2 Diapers & Wipes | $5 Ultrasound | $20

Cloud & Fire Ministries Cloud and Fire is a transformational ministry that equips low-income urban youth to become thriving, productive members of the community.

Learn more at

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After School Snack | $2 Child’s Toy | $10 Camp Scholarship | $50


Congo-Mercy Ministry The Democratic Republic of Congo is a wonderful country full of rich culture, resources, and deeply caring people. However, since 1993 they have been devastated by war and violence. More than 6 million people have been killed, leaving behind millions of orphans and widows. Our church partner, in the city of Bunia, is coming alongside those who are suffering by equipping widows of the community to start small businesses to support their families and rebuild their nation.

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Baking Supplies | $10 Bolts of Fabric | $25 Foot Pedal Sewing Machine | $150

Family Rescue Center Family Rescue Center provides food and clothing, health and educational services, as well as service agency referrals. Their ultimate goal is to sustain people in desperate circumstances, empowering them to achieve personal and financial independence. Learn more at

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Children’s Bible | $10 Sports Equipment | $15 Child’s Toy | $20


Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to build and renovate homes in partnership with God and people everywhere, eliminating substandard housing and replacing it with decent, sustainable and affordable housing in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Learn more at

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5 Pounds of Nails | $5 Hammer & Saw | $15 Interior Wall | $35

Harvest Home Harvest Home provides a comprehensive program aimed at helping homeless pregnant women gain their independence, both emotionally and financially, and cultivate their parenting skills in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

Learn more at

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Books & Materials for Parenting Classes | $10 Work-Appropriate Outfit for a Job-Seeking Mom | $50 “Welcome Home� Baby Layette (Diaper Bag & Baby Items) | $75


Hope Gardens Union Rescue Mission Union Rescue Mission’s Hope Garden’s Family Center provides single Moms and their Children, and Senior Women, a safe and beautiful place to live while they receive Christ-centered counseling and training in essential life skills which helps them transition from homelessness to independent living.

Learn more at

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Meal for a Family | $10 New Pillow & Pillow Case for a New Resident | $15 Kid’s School Uniform | $25

Imagine LA Imagine LA empowers families to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency. The organization, started by Bel Air, facilitates a two-year mentorship program that matches families exiting homelessness with volunteer teams to provide a consistent, stable support team and give families the foundation needed to break the generational cycle of chronic poverty.

Learn more at

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Household Supplies | $10 Gift Certificate for Groceries | $25 Family Outing | $50


Immanuel Food Pantry The Immanuel Food Pantry makes the food resources of the community available to hungry people, welcoming all with God’s unconditional love and acceptance.

Learn more at

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Sack Lunch | $2 Monthly Bag of Groceries | $25 Sit-Down Dinner for 100 Homeless People | $350

International Students, Inc. (Isi) International Students, Inc. exists to share Christ’s love with international college and university students through the building of friendships in the context of hospitality and care.

Learn more at

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Dinner for a student | $2 Bible in Student’s Own Language | $15 Camping Trip for a Student | $25


Jesus is the Key Ministries Jesus is the Key ministries supports inmates and their families during incarceration with fellowship and bible studies, bringing them the freedom that comes from knowing God’s love.

Learn more at

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Letter Kit (Pencil, Eraser, Paper, Stamp, & Envelope) | $2 Free on the Inside (Prison Edition) NIV Bible | $5 New Believer’s Bible (Old and New Testament) | $13

Seychelles-Youth for Christ Youth for Christ in Seychelles uses creative, holistic ministry to reach children and youth with the Good News and to disciple them spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. They also train indigenous leaders to effectively minister to children and youth. Learn more at

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Sports Equipment for Sports Ministry | $10 Scholarship for Leadership Training Course | $20 Outreach Club for 20 Kids for One Month | $50


South AfricaZulu Kingdom Orphanage Apartheid ended in 1994, however the area continues to be challenged by racial issues and the fallout. The main focus of The Maranatha Community Church is loving people through leadership development, evangelism and supporting the Zulu Kingdom Orphanage.

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School Supplies | $15 Daily AIDS medication | $30 Uniform and Tuition for a Semester | $50

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