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April 2012

Volume 8 Issue 4

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Conference training events The Ontario Conference launches the School of Evangelism for the Southern and Western regions at 3 locations: Kitchener, Hamilton & London, rotating teachers, and allowing students to attend closest to home! Cost of the 12 month long program is only $200, with sponsorship available from the local churches. The registration deadline is April 15, 2012. Two tracks are available – Lay Evangelism and Credentialed lay Preacher. Classes will begin on April 22 and will continue until official graduation June 29, 2013 at the Campmeeting.

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Come celebrate Seder with us! First annual Communion Service Upper room style, with footwashing, Experience dynamics of Jewish Passover with new Messianic meaning

Friday, April 6, 2012

This Newsletter is produced by the Communication department of the London Seventh-day Adventist Church

Month of March had seen flurry of reactions on Dan Jackson’s retraction letter and his apology to the General Conference leadership for overstepping the constitution by advocating for women being allowed in top leadership positions, to serve as Presidents of Conferences and Unions. General Conference consists of 13 Divisions or Regions overseeing the work in different parts of the world. These “divisions” do not have their own separate constitution and independent policies, but are integral part of the General Conference. Dan Jackson serves as the president of the North American Division, and is a member of the General Conference Executive team, and the Division has no right to vote independently. However, local Unions and Conferences of churches have the power of decision making as self-determining and autonomous bodies. First reaction on Jackson’s letter of January 31, 2012 took place at the meeting of the Mid-America Union Conference Executive Committee, where members voted to ordain women on March 8. The meeting was regularly scheduled but the action taken was not originally on the agenda, says the President Thomas Lemon.

The Executive Committee felt that the issue of women in leadership will never be solved until we ordain women. 35 members representing 6 conferences were present and all voted unanimously to support the ordination of women in the Mid-America Union.

A week later, on March 15 the Pacific Union Conference executive committee reaffirmed their strong commitment to the ordination of women. The committee decided to put specific actions in place at their next meeting on May 9. Meanwhile, union administrators will work with local conference administrators to develop proposals for specific actions. These actions were taken to affirm the priesthood of all believers, including women, in regards to the call to gospel ministry. March 20, the Columbia Union Executive Committee passed the following action: “Whereas the North American Division (NAD) Leadership has encouraged each union to be intentional in affirming women in ministry, we vote to establish an AdHoc Committee to study the issue of women in ministry and recommend to the Columbia Union Executive Committee how we can be intentional in affirming women in ministry. In addition, we vote to affirm our previous action requesting the NAD to grant us permission to ordain women in ministry.” On March 22 the Executive Committee of the Southeastern California Conference voted “to remove the term ‘Ordained-Commissioned’ and replace it with the term ‘Ordained’ on all ministerial credentials, regardless of the gender of the credential holder” effective immediately.

The movement continues as on March 27, the Potomac Conference became the fifth North American Division entity to vote unanimously “to request the Potomac Conference Standing Articles & Bylaws committee to begin a review process of its bylaws that would enable us to ordain women.”

This latest action was added to the earlier one taken in January 2011, when the committee "voted, that regardless of gender, each qualified candidate for pastoral ministry should receive ordination….We will make this request at each Columbia Union Executive Committee until permission is granted." While these actions are taking place there is another call to consider the theology of this issue. Back in 2010 our church leadership admitted that we do not have the Theology of Ordination and the Biblical Research Institute is given the task to study Biblical perspectives on the matter of ordination. On March 12 the editor of Adventist Today, pastor J. David Newman, republished his original article from winter 2009 edition under title “Why Men Should Not Be Ordained.” He is working on PhD dissertation titled “How the Adventist Practice of Ordination Came from the Catholic Church and Not from the New Testament.” His studies trace the three-tiered ordination system our denomination follows currently, which emerged from our Methodist roots originating in the Anglican church, and the Lutheran church, back to the Catholic Church. Faithful to the Adventist heritage all our praxis should be based on the Bible, and not traditions. Could it be that the current argument in the Adventist Church over whether or not women can be ordained is asking the wrong question? Maybe the real question should be “Why should men be ordained beyond eldership?” Roman Catholic Church has threetiered leadership, deacon, priest, bishop. Whereas Biblical model has only deacons and elders, outlining responsibility of elders as that of pastoral nurture and bishopric oversight. Elders are pastors and bishops! Doctrine of Spiritual gifts teaches that God gives gifts for service to all without respect to race or gender, including those of evangelist, prophet, teacher, and pastor. Let’s embrace the Priesthood of ALL believers!

You have seen her on 3ABN television hosting her show “Celebrating life in Recovery.” It is a series on recovery – not just from drugs and alcohol – but whatever people are hurting from. Recovery issues covered include pornography and sexual addictions, eating disorders, rage, depression, perfectionism, workaholism. Author of a book “Miracle from the Streets,” she has experienced herself deliverance by God Who loves us. She says God has put a burden on her to help people of all ages who have lost sight of the meaning of love in their lives, and have accepted the delusions of Satan. For this reason True Step Ministries, Inc. exists. It all got started while she was sitting in church and someone asked her if she would share her testimony on how she came to know God. At first hesitant she shared with the congregation how she came to know our Savior. After that more requests to hear her story came. She was surprised, “why would anyone want to hear the lurid details of my past?” Then she realized, it was not those awful experiences that people were focusing on, it was the testimony of the power of God to reach down to those whom Satan had chained to his will, and God had set free. Join us in spreading the healing and saving word of the Gospel. More details will be communicated in posters and bulletins, as she would minister in different setting at our city night after night.

May 5-12, 2012

Learn more about her ministry at

Meet Chuck Burkeen June 1-3, 2012 Maple Grove Christian Retreat Centre Methodist Campsite, Pioneer Village Western Ontario Men’s Retreat Chuck has served as pastor of several churches in Oregon, and was an Associate Director in the Oregon Conference Ministerial Department. His current position is Director of the Member Ministry Department in the Oregon Conference. Chuck wrote the book A Place for Us Guys and has written articles for several Adventist publications, including a regular column for Renewed and Ready Magazine. His passion is to engage men and guys in taking responsibility for personal spirituality, for their family and for mentoring the new generation of boys to be men. The cost of the retreat is $70 per person, including lodging and meals. For families, father-son teams, we offer a reduced rate. For details and registration speak to Gord Rayner. 519-472-6066

Canadian Union of Seventh-day Adventist Churches President Mark Johnson

Visit with Western Ontario Churches London, May 26, 2012 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School 450 Millbank Drive The president will speak at two sessions, at 11 am for the Worship Hour, and then after fellowship lunch at 2 pm, sharing the Vision for reaching and serving community. A time for questions and dialogue will be provided at 3:30 pm. Johnson, 61, was appointed to fill vacancy left by Dan Jackson moving to serve as the Division president for North America, and then was re-elected by Canadian constituency in 2011 to lead 356 churches with membership of 62,817. Plan to spend the day interacting with fellow believers from neighbouring churches and our national church leadership.

In a half a year since October 2011 we prayed for 106 countries where 64% of world population live. We continue praying and growing in knowledge of the vast mission field—the whole world yet to be reached for Christ. This month we will pray for 28 countries with 3.6% of world population, with significant Adventist presence in Africa and small presence in Europe and Middle East. Three of these countries have no Adventist presence at all.


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We invite you to research and read more about countries you pray for. Take time and befriend someone at your workplace, or school from countries you are praying for. This is the intent of our One Year Challenge—to be changed and to become agents of Change in this world. We pray for the “ends of the earth” as we anticipate the end of Cosmic battle between good and evil. Your Prayer interferes with the disorder of this world!



Prayer needs & challenges faced by people







Kiribati North Korea

99,547 23,990,703

2,225 866

South Korea



Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Latvia Laos Liberia Lesotho Liechtenstein Lithuania Libya Luxembourg Macedonia Malaysia Malawi Madagascar Maldives Mali Malta Martinique Moldova Mauritius Mayotte

2,084,224 3,050,744 5,550,239 4,254,583 2,240,265 6,436,093 4,101,767 2,084,182 36,190 3,255,324 6,545,619 491,772 2,043,360 27,913,990 15,691,784 20,146,442 313,920 13,323,104 409,999 406,001 3,575,574 1,294,569 199,065

NONE! 167 1,096 389 3,983 1,914 26,739 6,806 NONE! 859 72 77 587 50,569 305,090 108,066 NONE! 1,570 27 14,724 11,079 4,555 56

Predominantly Muslim country, Christianity is declining as Europeans emigrate and Kazakhs return Nairobi is 80% Christian but only 12% goes to church, pray for revival of spirituality among people Pastoralist animistic tribes (Massai among them) to be evangelised, pray for Muslim Arabic people 3 archipelagos, formerly protestant are losing to Baha’i, Mormons & Catholics, pray for revival Pray for religious freedom, majority never heard about Jesus, people are dying of starvation Fastest growing Christian church in Asia, problems with spiritual pride, divisions & leadership Less evangelized groups where shamanism is resurgent, youth is becoming more secularized Predominantly Muslim, large financial support from Saudi Arabia and Iran, lacks Christian witness Affluence, materialism lead to godless values, Christian media is the main outreach tool Poorest and smallest central Asian country, predominantly Muslim, Christian community shrinks Christian community dropped from 65% to 30% population, Orthodox obstruct Protestant growth Reconciliation between Russian minority and Latvian nationals, Church needs mission and vision Church suffered much after Communist takeover, Christians are less than 2%, pray for unity Recovery from civil war, from compromised Christianity by freemasonry, help for children of war An “island” mountainous nation within the South Africa, Christians are nominal & syncretistic Entirely Catholic nation emerged from feudalism to become banking centre, need Reformation About 70% Catholic, the rest a non-religious as result of Soviet domination, recovery from atheism Recovery from the recent tyranny of Qaddafi and civil war, for emergence of good leadership Catholic nation, with only few foreigners being Protestant, translation of Bible to native language Ethnic diversity challenges, 30% Albanians, quarter are Muslim, outreach to Roma Gypsies 60% muslim, it is illegal to witness to Muslims, pray for constitutional religious freedom to stay Growth of Islam, 90% of Yao people converted, AIDS epidemic, youth outreach is much needed Current freedom of religion after years of Marxism is contributing to growth among evangelicals Global warming and rising sea levels threaten existence of these 1200 coral reef islands 87% Muslim, pray for Christian growth, Sahel ecological crisis opens doors to missionaries First to learn Christianity from Apostle Paul, no Protestants until 1964, influx of African Muslims French Caribbean island, Adventists are the second largest religious group, pray for integrity conflicts with Gagauz turks, Transnistrian separatists, and Communists disturb church growth Major Hindu-ization of government challenges Christian growth. older Catholic churches decline Predominantly Muslim island north of Madagascar, protestant witness is new and only beginning.

April 2012 Newsletter  
April 2012 Newsletter  

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