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Family Life

Friendship Evangelism

London (South) SDA Worship Service Schedule 1st trimester (January - April) of 2012 Date

Praise Team

Intercessory Prayer by/for


Children Story

January 7

Pat Carter

Alex Golovenko – new leaders Revival & Transformation

Edwin Onyango Church Budget

Stepan Golovenko

January 14 Choir women January 21


January 28

Edwin & Faith

Mike Keim -Passion for Evangelism; Religious Liberty Clara Baptiste Birthdays and Anniversaries Students writing exams Aroldo Anniehs - Missing Members , students writing exams

Jack Polihronov Religious Liberty

Nadia & Anatoli, Gord Rayner - Revival & Reformation Don Topper February 4 Marilyn N. Aroldo Church Budget - Humility, Unity in families A. Max & Juliana

February 11

Young women

Teresa Ferreira - Men in ministry Healthy families

February 18


Alex Golovenko - Birthdays and anniversaries, Youth and parents

February 25 Friendship

Chris Bassaragh Missing members Singles

It Is Written




Natalia Bartosz

Alex Golovenko Empowering Leadership



Beatrice Kasule Kamron Bancroft

Mario Carcamo Cameron Munro Mario Simoes

Women in Church Stewardship

April 14 Men’s Choral April 21


April 28

Praise Ensemble

Edwin Onyango Revival and Reformation-discipleship Mike Keim Stewardship; Brotherhood Teresa Ferreira - Stewardship Birthdays & Anniversaries

Aroldo Anniehs Christian Record

Chris Bassaragh - Missing Members; passion for witnessing

Mike Keim Conf. Advance

Dennis Plyley Church Budget


Alex Golovenko Smyrna – Effective Structures


George Perez


Alex Golovenko Ephesus - Loving Relationships

Day of Prayer and Fasting

The Life to die for seminar 1 seminar New officers Training evening.  The Life to die for seminar 2 Chris seminar Sunday: New officers training

 general

Religious Liberty Day

Budget Business meeting Personal Ministries Summit at Agape Church in Toronto

MaryAnn Gibson & Jeremiah Wilson

Alex Golovenko Pergamum - Real Evangelism


Ray Thompson

Sheena Teague

Edwin & Faith

Mike Keim



Anatoli & the Golovenko Boys

Alex Golovenko Thyatira - Gifted Ministry


Michelle Taylor & Rachael

Rudy Alvir


Alex Golovenko Sardis - Inspiring Worship


Women’s Day of Prayer

Clara Baptiste


Just Claim It Congress “Ignition” From March 6 to 10 Spring Break begins

Francis Douville



Seasoned Lo Richards - Revival & reformation- Clara Baptiste Stepan Dayna & Cliff Lucy Catarino Church Budget Golovenko holiness, Mothers and daughters Hymns Marilyn Topper Young Aroldo Anniehs Ajit Gaikwad Nancy Britton March 10 Heather Gay Adv.World Radio Women in ministry, Youth & young ladies women Island Breeze Living Word Cameron Munro - Birthdays and Alex Golovenko Marilyn Topper March 17 Juliana Tambiriki Church Budget anniversaries, persons with disabilities & Living Word Praise Rennatha Alex Golovenko Shaq Sealy Michelle Taylor March 24 Simone Biggs Teens Conf. Advance Missing members, Youth Bernadin Kathy R. & Gord Rayner - Homebound; Seniors; Daniel G. Puppets March 31 CHIP grads Violet Intering K-12 Education Repentance & transformation Sandra D. Choir



Golovenko Brothers

March 3

April 7

Elder Lunch roster duty

Mike Keim

Gordon Baptiste Aroldo Anniehs Church Budget Stepan Golovenko Conf. Advance

Revival and Transformation

Scripture Reading

Teresa Ferreira Marilyn Topper Heather Conf. Advance Alex Golovenko Faith Maphosa Church Budget

Theme : –

Special Music Selection

Pastor Alex MOST! video Mike Keim

Alex Golovenko Ray Thompson Church Budget Puppets


Eileen Plyley

Men’s group

Raphael Appiagei


Aloma Martin

Praise Ensemble

Angelina Polihronov

Wanito Bernadin Youth Day Alex Golovenko CHIP testimonies Power of Resurrection Choir Celebration Glenn DeSilva Men of God Alex Golovenko Philadelphia - Small Groups

Sunday – REACH initiative President Edwards - VISION Family

Day of fasting and prayer for and with

Aroldo Fasting our children with evening Family Feast

Chris Aroldo

 general

 general

 youth

Small Groups Training Disabilities Awareness Week

Youth Day

 CHIP Friday Night Seder Communion

Teresa Gord

Pathfinders lead Black History Vespers


Day of Prayer and Fasting



Alex Golovenko  Clara Laodicea – Passionate Spirituality general

MIT Training in Mississauga Ontario Women Retreat

2012 1st Trimester  

church schedule

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