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SABBATH SCHOOL When All Things Become New

Announcements 1.

SECOND Reading: membership transfers IN: Michael and Omolara Olawoore from Malton SDA Church.


Bowling at Fleetway is planned for Sat, Dec. 29th at 7 PM. Please sign the BOWLING SHEET on the table in the foyer to get the special price just for our church group.


Intercessory Prayer………………………………..Alex Golovenko Praying for Revival and Transformation in families, Effective Ministry Teams Next Week Praying for


New Year Prayer meeting is planned for December 31. The fellowship will begin at the potluck table at 6:30 pm. The time of Thanksgivings, Praise and Prayer will commence at the Sanctuary at 8 pm, followed by more social fellowship.


15 volunteers have signed up to feed the homeless at the Ark Aid on Dundas street on the New Year’s eve, December 31. We will meet at 696 Dundas Street 6 pm or shortly after. Parking is available behind the building or across the street at TD lot. Dinner begins at 7 pm with 15 minutes devotional time and ends at 8 pm. Volunteers will be able to join the church after clean up for the prayer and fellowship.

Children Story………………………………………….Ray Thompson Special Music…………………………………………………Cliff Munro Scripture……Joshua 24:12-16……Raphael Kwame Gyamfi

Into the Future with God.... Who Risks! Pastor Alex Golovenko Song of Commitment…….No.377……Go Forth With Christ Benediction………………………………………………Clara Baptiste Sunset this Sabbath 4:59 pm Next week 5:05 pm Please send all the bulletin related information to:

Dear ladies the last Sunday of the month belong to US. At 9 o'clock tomorrow Dec 30th. We are getting together for b/fast discussion and prayer. Our teenagers are most welcome to come, until the end of the year we will continue to watch and discuss Mark Gungor's Butt Kicking Woman DVD. Come as we enjoy breakfast, a discussion and prayer, looking forward to see you.

Later Events

Offering Appeal……..NAD Evangelism…….Edwin Onyango Next Week……Church Budget


NEW! By your requests! The Bible Study Class is offered weekly starting January 5, 2013 at 6 pm! It is a “unformatted” approach to address questions that arise from the Sabbath School and daily experiences. Classes will be taught on the schedule by elders and pastor, when available. We welcome your questions and suggestion of topics for study. A sign up list for topics and suggestions is in the foyer, or speak to one of our elders.


Table Tennis at the church starts on Sunday January 6th 3-5 PM and will continue every 2nd Sunday. Players of all skill levels are welcomed and basic instruction will be provided. If you are interested, please talk to Rixon Gultom or Don Topper.


Praise and Worship…………………..…………………………Team 2 Hymn of Praise………No.100………Great is thy Faithfulness

From Russia with Love. Christina Boskovic returned from a month long mission trip to Russia where she worked in orphanages. She will share her stories at the Youth Vespers in St. Thomas, January 5 at 4:30


Revelation 21:4 The Church at Study 9:30 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. Superintendent: Earl Biggs, Cameron Munro Musician: Cliff Munro



The Ingersoll Arena for is rented by Boskovic family on Thursday, January 3rd 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30. All youth are welcome to come skating. There will be a potluck lunch at Boskovic place afterwards, and IF there's snow, Amish neighbours will give a sleighride. NOTE: NO PICTURES are allowed of Amish friends. The cost for skating will be $3 per person. Attending, please bring something to contribute to the potluck.

10. The NEW BOARD will meet for planning 2013

on Monday, January 7. It will be not a regular “paper filled” meeting, but a fellowship potluck meal at 6 pm, followed by sharing plans by all ministries and scheduling for greater cooperation between ministries. Meeting will take place at our church hall. We invite all ministry leaders to meet with their teams over the next 3 weeks. As a reminder following leaders are members of the Church Board: Gord Rayner, Clara Baptiste, Don Topper, Heather Baptiste, Janice Brindley, Gene Bernardo, Teresa Ferreira, Jack Polihronov, Angelina Polihronova, Ray Thompson, Alonso Lopez, Lo Richards, Lucy Simoes, Edwin Onyango, Kathy Rayner, Mike Keim, Rixon Gultom, Cameron Munro.

11. The next general church potluck will be held on Sabbath January 12th .

Please bring an item from the section of the first letter of your last name. Feel free to bring additional items from any category. A-C Drink/Juice, D-F Salad/Raw vegetables, G-I Bread/Bun, J-M Main course/Casserole, N-R Cooked vegetable/Soup, S-Z Dessert/ Fruit. Please note: If you are bringing a tossed salad, Dessert/ Fruit, the kitchen staff would appreciate if you could bring it already prepared and cut up (since our kitchen crew often does not have enough time to do this during the service). Please bring a dressing for the salad if it is normally served that way.

12.Social Life Committee meeting on January 12th at 2 PM following the Potluck.

13.You are invited to a Wedding Shower honoring Steve Hurst and Ashley on Sunday, January 13, 2013 2 PM in our Fellowship Hall.

14. More opportunities to serve our Community!

Thursday, January 24, 2013 a group of 16 volunteers from our church will meet 7 pm at 513 Talbot St. with the Sanctuary London ministry leaders. The Sanctuary opened up about a year ago to serve the homeless in partnership with the Christian Reformed church. Pastor Gil Clelland had been organizing the services downtown for increasing number of homeless arriving from Chatham, Owen Sound and all other surrounding cities, as London is the hub of social services. Before our church community could offer help for this increasing crisis we need to learn. This meeting will be a “two hour walking tor” of downtown, hands-on learning how to interact with people in need. A sign-up sheet is posted in the foyer. The first preference will be given to those currently in leadership of our church as it would be necessary for the leadership team to have the first hand experience. More opportunities for training will come in February as we move into more Community outreach.

Notifications 15. Pastor Alex Golovenko is on a study leave to

complete his dissertation until January 7, 2013. Please pray for him to be guided in writing the final DMin chapter.


Personal Ministry opportunity: Discover Bible School coordinator needed! If you are interested in helping with mailing Bible School lessons to people in London, please speak with pastor Alex Golovenko.

17. Inviting ALL to our mid-week church service on

Wednesday night at 7 pm. It is time for extra prayer, deeper Bible study, and testimonies.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS Dec 29 Ray Thompson Dec 29 Zola Ncube Dec 31 Emily Reeve Dec 31 Shawna Thompson

Dec 31 Elizabeth Haskell Jan 1 Mary Tavares Jan 3 Valdemar Ferreira Jan 5 Mark-Shane Scale

Into New Year with hope, with Christ In a couple of days we will enter 2013. I still remember the Y2K scare. I often hear stories of our older generation how their parents uncared for education or career advancements because they believed that Lord Jesus would soon come. Among early Adventists no one would think about 2013! Apostle Paul wrote to Romans 13:11-12 “for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand.” Do we still believe so? Notice what the Apostle tells believers to do (verses 10-11) “Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law. Do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep.” In light of the coming salvation believers were to do practical love to those around them, acts of care, service, kindness. In loving people we fulfill God’s Law! The danger was in becoming self-absorbed, self-caring. Today I intend to preach an unusual sermon, looking at the Biblical revelation of God Who risks to partner up with people in making the future. God Who is Faithful and not controlling. God who has the overarching plan but does not orchestrate minute details, giving humanity the freedom of choice. God who could have walked Israel into the Promise Land in a year, but because of their disbelief, permitted them to wonder another 40 years, maturing them in the process. God who could have ended the evil long ago, yet because of Love and Freedom, He is suffering long, putting up with pain of seeing his creation groaning. Let’s not assume the delay, for no one knows the day or the hour. The parable Jesus left us warns that it is the “evil servant who says in his heart, 'My master is delaying his coming,'” (Matthew 24:48). Many, especially older generation, have a feeling that “I should have been home yesterday.” Poet Maya Angelou says the ache for home lives in all of us. Biblically speaking, it’s the call of Eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11) Are you homesick for heaven? We may sing this world is not my home, but how do you feel? What are your most sincere prayers about? Are you wishing for the Lord to come in 2013? What will you be praying for? How will your desire to be with Jesus affect your life? What will change in 2013 that would bring you closer to the Lord Jesus’ Coming?

your servant, pastor Alex Golovenko

December 29th 2012 bulletin  

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