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The Great Controversy: The Foundation Genesis 3:15

Later Events 1.

The Church at Study 9:30 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. Superintendent:

WORSHIP HOUR Song and Praise………………………………………………..Team 3 Hymn of Praise…….No.92…….This is My Father's World

Next AY vespers is October 13, at St. Thomas SDA Church, located at 380 Manor Street, St. Thomas, starting 6:30 pm.


Next School of Evangelism class will take place at our church on October 14. Class time will begin at 10:00 am and will continue to 4:30. Lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. Classes will be taught by Pastor James Rooney on Public presentations and witnessing, and Rodney Davis on preparation and use of Power Point.

Next Week Praying for Revival for mission Missing members

Offering Appeal……..Church Budget……..Gene Bernardo Next Week.......Conference Advance

Children Story……………………………….Michael Golovenko Scripture Reading…..Luke 24:13-18….Daniel Golovenko

Pathfinders Club meetings will resume NEXT Sunday, October 14 at 10 am. Club enrollment is open to all kids ages 10-16, and we have, for the first time all 6 classes for different age groups.


Pastor Alex and Sandra Golovenko are away until October 15 conducting Evangelistic meetings in Minneapolis, MN. Keep them and family in your prayers.


Next Elders meeting will take place Monday, October 15 at 6:00 pm at the church


Next Church Board meeting will take place Monday, October 15 at 7 pm at the fellowship hall. Please provide your agenda items to pastor Alex Golovenko, first elder Clara Baptiste or church Clerk Janice Brindley. Planning goals for 2013 and beyond will be on the agenda.

“Gratitude is A Choice” Elder Mike Keim Song of Com.……..No.241…….Jesus, the Very Thought… Benediction.................................................Gord Rayner Sunset this Sabbath 6:57 pm Next week 6:45 pm Please send all the bulletin related information to:



Special Music………………………………………………………………

All are invited! Sahel Crisis fundraiser. Sub-Saharan Africa ADRA project benefit is organized on October 20. 

11AM: Elder Solomon Maphosa, the Executive Secretary of the South-African Division of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is speaking at the Glen Cairn School located at 53 Frontenac Road, London, Ontario. Meeting will begin at 11 am. The music for the day will be ministered by the Toronto West Adventist Choir. It is our opportunity to invite friends, neighbours, community to share our hope in Second Coming of Christ, and share about the work of our church.

5:30 PM: ADRA benefit concert is hosted at the Glen Cairn School (53 Frontenac Road, London, Ontario). The concert will begin with Dimitar Kolev. After dinner singer, recording artist, ADRA ambassador, Naomi Striemer will share about ADRA Africa and do a live concert. Tickets are $20 for adults. Children under 12 are $5. All the proceeds will go to ADRA Sahel project. Tickets could be purchased through Community Service department. Contact Teresa Ferreira. Collection will also be taken at the concert after presenting Sahel Crisis video.

We started Dr. Neil Nedley's “Depression the Way Out” seminar with 15 people. Seminars are taking place in the evening from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. It is not too late yet to join in  Following are dates & topics: October 16 - Positive Lifestyle Choices October 23 - Stress Without Distress October 30 - Living Above Loss November 6 - How to Improve Brian Function November 20 – Graduation


Intercessory Prayer………………………………….Lucy Simoes Praying for Thanksgiving/Children and youth, And their parents


The next general potluck will be on Sabbath, October 20th at the Glen Cairn School. We do not have use of the kitchen at the school, so we will have a menu of soup, sandwiches, cookies, and juice for the potluck. Those who are bringing soup, please bring it in a slow cooker if possible. We are expecting over 160 guests that day, so please bring lots of extra food.

10. Next Sabbath School Rally will take place October 27

on the topic “What Salvation means” The Sabbath School Rally will begin at 9:30 am and the program will continue until 12:30 pm. There will be no preaching session. Ample opportunity would be given to all ages to participate and share in the Sabbath Bible Study experience.

11.Mark your calendars for October 27th for the second annual Hayseed Dinner and games fundraiser for our ACES church school. Don Topper, Jennifer Reid and George Perez will be selling advance tickets for the lasagna dinner for $5 each and games to follow. We had a great time at this event last year, please plan to attend for a wonderful evening of food and fellowship with our students and all the London church family. At Glen Cairn Elementary School, 53 Frontenac Rd, London.


Pray for your World Church

12. October: Pastor Appreciation Month.

Please take the time to show appreciation, affirm your pastor and his family and keep them in prayer.

13. Inviting ALL to our mid-week church service on Wednesday night at 7 pm. It is time for extra prayer, deeper Bible study, and testimonies.

14. There will be a Baby Shower for Mavis Owusu and her baby girl Emmanuella, who is now size 12-18 month on Sunday October 14th at 4:30 PM in our church hall. For more information please talk to Teresa Ferreira.

15. Wanted: hosts & leaders!

 Might you possibly be a host for a small group? Consider this: Do you enjoy your home and would like to share it one evening a week with a small group of church friends? Are you concerned thinking that you have to cook/bake something special, … don't be. We are simply looking for open doors, a place where you and a small group of friends can meet and talk, laugh, pray together and at times offer a comforting shoulder to cry on. Is God encouraging you to be a host, speak with Pastor Alex or one of the elders. Hosting a small group just may turn out to be your special blessing for 2012. The Host family does not necessary lead, but simply provides the place and offers hospitality for those coming. Prayerfully consider and if you are prompted by the Spirit – sign on the list of Host Families on the foyer Board.  To be a "leader" can be a frightening thought. It doesn't need to be, small group ministries are looking for individuals who are passionate about developing friendships for themselves and encouraging the development of relationships between others. You may be the very person that God is looking for to lead a small group. You don't have to preach, you don't have to be an expert in bible history, we are looking for individuals who can connect with people, are compassionate, respectful and can direct an evening of casual conversation, focussed discussion and meaningful group prayer. If you are even remotely interested, speak with Pastor Alex or one of the elders to explore this opportunity, you may be pleasantly surprised at what God can do with your willing heart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS Oct 6 Sandi Rusek Oct 7 Sarah Onyango Oct 8 Steve Hurst Oct 9 Natalie Bartosz

Oct 11 Shaquille Sealy Oct 14 Dennis Plyley Oct 17 Nichole Anniehs Oct 18 Kirmane Allen (Jr.)

Dear church family, we have completed a whole year of praying for different countries of the world, and now I have opportunity to use this blog again to bring prayer request for many urgent matters to your attention, and to communicate important undertakings of our church and community. Before the “prayer requests” I wish you good family time, enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend with your family and bless someone by inviting them over for time of fellowship and sharing. And remember – the celebration is more than about food, it’s about relationships. We are in Minneapolis, MN conducting evangelistic efforts, and folks here are also on holidays – Columbus Day. First major prayer request comes from the leadership of the North American Division of our church. The Annual Council of our world-wide church will be starting next weekend, October 12. The administration of the General Conference will announce what they plan to do because of the various unions decisions to ordain without regard to gender. North American church president Dan Jackson and the team need our prayers. Pray for representatives from all countries of the world to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Another matter that needs all our prayers is developing in Maryland. In November voters in the state of Maryland will be asked to vote on a measure that would permit marriage between two partners of the same sex. There are more than 40,000 members of the Seventh-day Adventist in that state. This Sabbath (October 5 and 6) two Adventist churches in the Washington DC area will be hosting presentations and discussions on the topic of homosexuality. As you will read this, the first meeting already happened, last evening, Friday, at the Capital Memorial Seventh-day Adventist church where a screening of the documentary “Seventh-gay Adventist” took place with a discussion panel including two Adventist theologians Nicholas Miller and Roy Gane, co-editors of the new book “Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Church” published by the Adventist University Press, Bill Knott, editor of the Adventist Review, Jason Hines, an Associate Editor for ReligiousLiberty.TV and the producers of the film, Daneen Akers and her husband Stephen Eyer. This is a continuation of a dialogue that had began earlier this year. 18 screenings were already held in major Adventist communities. What do we do with the faith on the margins? With people who are different and yet do not want to give up their religious heritage? In plain, how do we treat people of LGBT community? Are we ready to put a spotlight of grace to people who have been excluded from fellowship because of their choices? Are we ready as a church community in London to address this? Pray for our leaders navigating in a fast changing world to stay faithful to the teachings of Christ, and the truth once delivered to all saints of God. Pray that we would see the Kingdom of God growing beyond the walls of our church. Pray for you to be a spotlight of grace shining in the darkness of the world around you.

your servant, pastor Alex Golovenko

October 6th 2012 bulletin  

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