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Church Life


The Church at Study 9:30 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. Superintendent: Jack Polihronov


Hymn of Praise……….......No.73……….....Holy, Holy, Holy


Praying for Healthy families, Community Service Workers Next Week Praying for Birthdays and Anniversaries Forgiveness in families

Offering………Conference Advance………Esther Stephens

Special Music……………………………………….Sheena Teague

“Portal into another Dimension” Pastor Alex Golovenko Song of Commitment……….No.427………No Night There Benediction...............................................Clara Baptiste Sunset this Sabbath 7:46 pm Next week 7:34 pm Please send all the bulletin related information to:

Pathfinders Club will resume its activities on Sunday, September 9 at 10 am for the new fiscal year 2012-2013. This meeting will charter plans for the year, plan for investiture service, and welcome new team members.


Next Elders meeting will take place Monday, September 10 at 5:30 pm at the church.


Next Church Board meeting will take place Monday, September 10 at 7 pm at the fellowship hall. Please provide your agenda items to pastor Alex Golovenko, first elder Clara Baptiste or church Clerk Janice Brindley. Planning for Church growth and development & Small Groups will be on the agenda.


Staring TUESDAY! The Health Department presents Dr. Neil Nedley's “Depression the Way Out” seminar weekly. You could learn more at following information sessions – Monday, August 27 at 6:30 PM & Friday September 7 at 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall. Seminars will take place in the evening from 7:00 to 9:00 PM Cost - $150.00 single, plus $40.00 for a spouse sharing material. Mark your calendars, invite friends who needs this good news. Following is the session date & topic: September 11 - Identifying Depression and It's Causes September 18 - Lifestyle Treatment for Depression September 25 - Nutrition and the Brain October 2 - How Thinking Can Defeat Depression October 16 - Positive Lifestyle Choices October 23 - Stress Without Distress October 30 - Living Above Loss November 6 - How to Improve Brian Function November 20 – Graduation

Special Music……………………………………Jonathon Bartosz Scripture Reading…..Jeremiah 31:31-34….Simone Biggs

The School of Evangelism will restart after summer vacation on September 9. The next class at 805 Shelborne, London will begin at 9:30 am and will continue to 4:30. Lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Class will be taught by pastors Myrie & Scott on topic of homiletics – learning how to preach. All preachers, elders and leaders are encouraged to attend.

Later Events

Next Week.......Church Budget

Children Story…………………………………………….Mike Keim

“Welcome back students” AY vespers will take place TONIGHT at St.Thomas SDA church, starting at 6:30 pm, and then a corn-boil social fellowship after. Organized by the youth of London, Woodstock and St.Thomas churches, we seek to connect with students coming to Western and Fanshawe, and will be coming together to encourage each other in spiritual growth.


All church members and ministries are encouraged to meet in Springbank Park on Sunday morning September 23rd at 9:00 AM for a walk. 1 to 5 KM sections are marked out for you. A breakfast potluck is planned for after the walk. Please bring healthy cereal, soy milk or regular milk, fruit, bread, peanut butter etc. Everything will be put together to share. Also bring cutlery, plate and bowl for the food, and pray for good weather. Take Commissioners Road West to the second entrance to Springbank Park. This entrance is across from Shoppers Drug Mart. A parking lot is on the left. There is lots of picnic tables and if the shelter is not being used we will use it. There is also new washrooms close by.


Join Adventists across Ontario on September 30th for a 5km run/walk to fundraise for breast cancer research. Step 1: Visit: and click "Join London Adventists' Team" to register Step 2: Register for your free T-shirt at lt.aspx ***Please register by September 12 in order to receive your free T-shirt! Invite your friends and family to 'run' with you! Contact Allison for more info:


Song and Praise………………………………………………..Team 1

Intercessory Prayer………………………………..Clara Baptiste

2012 Kingsway Golf Tournament – Sunday, September 16, 2012 Inviting all Kingsway Friends & Alumni to join us for our Annual Golf Tournament to benefit the Worthy Student Fund (Students in need of financial aid). September 16, 2012 – 8:00am Shotgun Start, $80 Green Fee, Stonehenge Golf Club, Bowmanville. For more information, email


1 Thessalonians 5:20-21



10.Caring for the heart – Rekindling your Marriage.

The Church Board is in dialogue with an Adventist pastor providing specialized ministry for couples finding freedom and healing in Christ. We have set tentatively a weekend – November 16-18. However, there must be an interest from local couples to attend and go through the process – Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday morning. The cost per couple is $98 in lieu of tests done before meetings. The revival of the Family Life is a top priority goal for our church, and this workshop would be instrumental in preparing families for leading. To date 4 couples had expressed their interest. Through the month of August please inform the pastor or the first elder, Clara Baptiste if you are interested. The commitment to this event will be made by September 8 if we have 12 couples signed. Email: or if you are interested.

Notifications 11.TADSB Enrollment 2012/13

Applications for the 2012/13 school year are still being accepted at our TADSB family of schools. Financial aid is available. For information, please call: Judy Burgin-Hall, JK-8 (416) 633-0090 ext. 227; Andrew Thomas, 9-12 ext. 223; Leonard Hild, PAS (905) 459-0500; Wendy Hutchinson, CAA East (905) 839-0849.

12.Dear ladies, Summer is nearly gone, and Fall beautiful Fall is

here, the children are back to school and so the last Sunday of the month belong to US--LADIES. At 9 o'clock (every last Sunday in the month) we are getting together for b/fast discussion and prayer.Our teenagers are most welcome to come, until the end of the year we will be watching and discussing Mark Gungor's Butt Kicking Woman. This is a most interesting film. Come as we enjoy breakfast, a discussion and prayer, hoping this will enhance our walk with our Lord. Looking forward to see you.

13. Inviting ALL to our mid-week church service on Wednesday

nights at 7 pm. It is time for extra prayer, deeper Bible study, and testimonies.

14. Wanted: hosts & leaders!

 Might you possibly be a host for a small group? Consider this: Do you enjoy your home and would like to share it one evening a week with a small group of church friends? Are you concerned thinking that you have to cook/bake something special, … don't be. We are simply looking for open doors, a place where you and a small group of friends can meet and talk, laugh, pray together and at times offer a comforting shoulder to cry on. Is God encouraging you to be a host, speak with Pastor Alex or one of the elders. Hosting a small group just may turn out to be your special blessing for 2012. The Host family does not necessary lead, but simply provides the place and offers hospitality for those coming. Prayerfully consider and if you are prompted by the Spirit – sign on the list of Host Families on the foyer Board.  To be a "leader" can be a frightening thought. It doesn't need to be, small group ministries are looking for individuals who are passionate about developing friendships for themselves and encouraging the development of relationships between others. You may be the very person that God is looking for to lead a small group. You don't have to preach, you don't have to be an expert in bible history, we are looking for individuals who can connect with people, are compassionate, respectful and can direct an evening of casual conversation, focussed discussion and meaningful group prayer. If you are even remotely interested, speak with Pastor Alex or one of the elders to explore this opportunity, you may be pleasantly surprised at what God can do with your willing heart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS Sept 8 Mario Simoes Sept 9 Khulisani Ncube Sept 10 Carson Wood Sept 10 Grace Dowdell

Sept 14 Andrea Carter Sept 19 Shilo Pandaleke Sept 19 Tyler Bell Sept 21 Bill Reeve

Pray for United States of America Today we begin 11 days of prayer for the United States. Many are watching for the presidential election campaign on the way. The “Ministry” magazine for pastors last issue was themed “Faith & Politics.” Christianity Today asks a question “Is it OK for a Christian to vote for a Mormon bishop as President?” Many are elated with Obama’s leadership, and after Michelle’s speech, and then Clinton’s speech, some are already predicting the outcome . Facebook is hot with all the comments on the process. Believers are paying attention to this land of opportunities as it is prophetically implicated in Biblical Apocalypse. How shall we pray for America? The first European immigrants, pilgrims, saw it as a Promised Land, and developed their theology about the country as if it was God’ chosen New Earth. Much has changed over past 400 years. USA is a secular, culturally and religiously diverse place. Christianity is declining and is at about 75%, of which 1/3 are Catholics, and 2/3 are Protestant. Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism are each claiming 1% and growing. About 16% claim agnosticism, humanism and object to religion. However among those who claim Christianity only about 10% attend churches. Revival of faith is needed. Pray for rekindling of true spirituality. Being the 3rd country in the world by size and population USA is the most influential politically and economically. For the rest of the world it is the “face” of Christianity. The window through which the world sees “western Christianity” is American culture which is far from Judeo-Christian values it used to represent. It’s culture is shaping the world through globalization. Pray that the Gospel mission would not be compromised and hindered. Racial segregation is still a reality. Many churches exist in segregated administrative units. Our own denomination has 9 “regional” conferences coexisting in the same territories as regular “white” churches. Pray for integration and unity in Christ. The fastest growing segment are Hispanics population, and churches. Pray for the second generation children of immigrants, for the youth, to discover faith and come to know Christ for themselves. Pray for church leaders to provide opportunities for meaningful service and involve the youth more. Special need is for the outreach to Native communities. Hurt in the past by imperialistic attitudes, many have false perception of Christ ad the Gospel. A new approach is needed, new workers are needed. Asian immigrant communities have connected and shown the best success in reaching out to Native Amerindian groups. Pray for continuing work of the Gospel. To whom much is given much is required. This blessed country also produces contrasting reality of contrast to the insensitive cultural imperialism, selfish individualism, unbridled corporate greed and exportation of immorality through movies, interned and other media (such as pornography, casual violence and shallow materialism). America’s appetite for illicit drugs and massive consumption of fossil fuels cause wars abroad, prop up corrupt regimes and inflict suffering on indigenous peoples of other lands. Pray for God’s angels constant interference with evil in America. It is also a place where Seventh-day Adventist Church was born as a result of Millerite revival of 1840s. American leadership until recently governed affairs of the worldwide church. Today the situation has changed. Church outside of USA has grown in numbers and efficiency. Pray that American cultural values would not stand in the way of church development and unity. Pray for Educational and health institutions to be faithful to the Three Angels Mission and purpose for which we came into existence.

September 8th 2012 bulletin  

church update

September 8th 2012 bulletin  

church update