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Friends Forever 1 Thessalonians 3:13 The Church at Study 9:30 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. Superintendent Mike Keim

WORSHIP HOUR Song and Praise………………………….Dale, Aloma, & Larris Hymn of Praise…..No.196…..Tell Me the Old, Old Story Intercessory Prayer……………………………………Mike Keim Praying for Transformation and Use of Spiritual gifts Next Week Praying for Birthdays & Anniversaries, Reformation

Offering……..Adventist Universities……..Faith Maphosa Next Week….. Church Budget

Children Story…………………………………………Alonso Lopez Special Music…………………………Clifford & Dayna Munro Scripture……1 Chronicles 16:8-12……Kameron Bancroft

“Pass It On” Gord Rayner Song of Commitment……..No.496…......Fill my Cup Lord

5. The Health Department presents Dr. Neil Nedley's

“Depression the Way Out” seminar weekly. You could learn more at following information sessions – Monday, August 27 at 6:30 PM & Friday September 7 at 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall. Seminars will take place in the evening from 7:00 to 9:00 PM Cost $150.00 single, plus $40.00 for a spouse sharing material. Mark your calendars, invite friends who needs this good news. Following is the session date & topic: September 11 - Identifying Depression and It's Causes September 18 - Lifestyle Treatment for Depression September 25 - Nutrition and the Brain October 2 - How Thinking Can Defeat Depression October 16 - Positive Lifestyle Choices October 23 - Stress Without Distress October 30 - Living Above Loss November 6 - How to Improve Brian Function November 20 – Graduation

Tomorrow 1. Next Men’s ministry breakfast is TOMORROW

Sunday, August 12 at 8:30 am. The discussion book is “A Place for us guys.” How do guys, men, fit into church today? What is our place and role in family and society?

Later Events 2. Pastor Alex is on vacation until August 31. In case of spiritual emergencies please contact the first elder Clara Baptiste.

3. Multi-ministrie/families fundraiser is

planned for Sunday, August 19. Proceeds from the Yard sale will go toward the Church School & Pathfinders 2014 Camporee in Oshkosh, WI. Bring your extras, declutter the house, and sponsor our kids. Tables will be set up from 8 to 9 am, and stay open until 3 pm in the afternoon.

6. Caring for the heart – Rekindling your

Marriage. The Church Board is in dialogue with an Adventist pastor providing specialized ministry for couples finding freedom and healing in Christ. We have set tentatively a weekend – November 16-18. However, there must be an interest from local couples to attend and go through the process – Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday morning. The cost per couple is $98 in lieu of tests done before meetings. The revival of the Family Life is a top priority goal for our church, and this workshop would be instrumental in preparing families for leading. To date 4 couples had expressed their interest. Through the month of August please inform the pastor or the first elder, Clara Baptiste if you are interested. The commitment to this event will be made by September 8 if we have 12 couples signed. Email: or if you are interested.

4. Please join us on Sunday, August 19th from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. for The Adventurers Club registration day. Children must be 4 to 9 years of age as at September 2012 to be eligible for registration. Light refreshments will be served.

Benediction.............................................Teresa Ferreira

Notifications Sunset this Sabbath 8:32 pm Next week 8:22 pm Please send all the bulletin related information to:


Inviting ALL to our mid-week church service on Wednesday nights at 7 pm. It is time for extra prayer, deeper Bible study, and testimonies.

8. Wanted: hosts & leaders!

 Might you possibly be a host for a small group? Consider this: Do you enjoy your home and would like to share it one evening a week with a small group of church friends? Are you concerned thinking that you have to cook/bake something special, … don't be. We are simply looking for open doors, a place where you and a small group of friends can meet and talk, laugh, pray together and at times offer a comforting shoulder to cry on. Is God encouraging you to be a host, speak with Pastor Alex or one of the elders. Hosting a small group just may turn out to be your special blessing for 2012. The Host family does not necessary lead, but simply provides the place and offers hospitality for those coming. Prayerfully consider and if you are prompted by the Spirit – sign on the list of Host Families on the foyer Board.  To be a "leader" can be a frightening thought. It doesn't need to be, small group ministries are looking for individuals who are passionate about developing friendships for themselves and encouraging the development of relationships between others. You may be the very person that God is looking for to lead a small group. You don't have to preach, you don't have to be an expert in bible history, we are looking for individuals who can connect with people, are compassionate, respectful and can direct an evening of casual conversation, focussed discussion and meaningful group prayer. If you are even remotely interested, speak with Pastor Alex or one of the elders to explore this opportunity, you may be pleasantly surprised at what God can do with your willing heart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS Aug 12 Jonathan Bartosz Aug 13 Brandon Mahon Aug 14 Jonathan VanLeeuwen Aug 15 Mercy Nleya-Ncube

Aug 16 Nina Knox Aug 18 Delores Wilson Aug 18 Ruth Stoddard Aug 21 Filip Maletic

Pray for Tanzania, Tajikistan, Timor Leste, Togo, Thailand Today and tomorrow we lift in prayer Tanzania – an island of peace in the war thorn East-Central Africa. 1% of its population have embraced the Adventist mission and are active in witness and helping people, especially refugees from neighbouring Burundi and Rwanda. Country with strong Muslim roots had seen many conversions of Muslims to Christianity. Today 54% are Christians. However there are still 20% of people groups unreached, practicing ethnic animism. Pray for continuing peace and safety, and for mission of the Gospel to expand. Monday we lift in prayer Tajikistan. Persian speaking people related by culture to Afghanistan, they had been independent from Soviet rule since 1992. Yet the civil war and ethnic conflict among clans continue. Currently the fighting broke out again. More than 90% are Muslim and Christian mission is illegal. Adventist believers are less than 1 per 1000. Majority of Christians are Russian Orthodox, who see their religion equivalent to their nationality and are not seeking for truth. Pray for openness to Christian witness. Tuesday we lift in prayer Timor Leste, and eastern part of Timor Island of Indonesia. Former Portuguese colony, it had seen rapid growth of Catholic church as a symbol of resistance to Muslim Indonesia, however many believers are traditional spiritists. Sovereign since 2002 the new country still suffers from effects of struggle for independence and war with Indonesia. Adventist presence is very small – about 300 believers. Pray for strengthening of church and mission work there. Wednesday we lift in prayer Togo, a country next to Ghana in West Africa. Since its independence in 1967 it has been ruled by one family, son replaced the father in 2005. Democracy is nominal, and there is tribal divide between north and south regions. Poverty and human trafficking is widespread under corrupt military and government. Pray for Christians to be united in mission. Thursday we begin 3 days of prayer for Thailand. An independent kingdom that has never been ruled by Westerners. Their king has reigned since 1946 and outlived many political coups and changes. 20th by population size it is also very industrialized country. The last two decades had been the most successful economically. The “land of the free” is 95% Buddhist and conversions are very difficult. It hosts refugees from many countries – Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, and many have accepted Christ through he work of mission agencies, yet the outreach to native Thai is difficult. Thai national identity and religion are interlinked. It’s Buddhist worldview causes misconceptions about human destiny and as a result it has the highest in the world sex-trade and oppresses youth boys and girls into slavery. Gangs from Central Asia proliferate in illegal human trafficking. 67% people groups are still unreached by the Gospel. Pray for mission work to grow and develop in Thailand, for Adventist church to expand its work in that region.

August 11th 2012 bulletin  

church update

August 11th 2012 bulletin  

church update