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Mission Video spotlight

Qualities of Good Teachers



10:20 “Letting Each Other Know” (Sunday lesson) Cameron Munro & Lo Richards 10:30 Making Plans together (Monday lesson) Max Mantiri

Teamwork principles (Tuesday lesson) Gift oriented Ministry (Wednesday) Edwin Onyango


Spiritual Gifts Discovery Workshop Alex Golovenko


11:45 Intro to Small Groups (Thursday lesson) Alex Golovenko 11:55 God-given energies for empowering the Body Alex Golovenko 12:15

Testimonies & Prayers

12:30 Song of Response: “So send I you” No.578 Sunset this Sabbath 8:46 pm Next week 8:53 pm Please send all the bulletin related information to:

The next general church potluck will be held on Sabbath May 26th Please bring an item from the section of the first letter of your last name. Feel free to bring additional items from any category. A-C Drink/Juice, D-F Salad/Raw vegetables, G-I Bread/Bun, J-M Main course/Casserole, N-R Cooked vegetable/Soup, S-Z Dessert/ Fruit. Please note: If you are bringing a tossed salad, Dessert/ Fruit, the kitchen staff would appreciate if you could bring it already prepared and cut up (since our kitchen crew often does not have enough time to do this during the service). Please bring a dressing for the salad if it is normally served that way. Also, please note that we have the cafeteria but do not have use of the school’s kitchen for this potluck. All of the hot food dishes will have to be in slow cookers, electric roasters and on hot plates. All of the cold food dishes and drinks will need to be kept in camping type coolers. If you need any of this equipment supplied please talk to Don Topper.

Mike Keim 11:00

ADRA Benefit Concert - Today, May 19, at 7pm, a concert will be held at the St. Thomas SDA church for ADRA. This is a great opportunity to invite your family and friends.


June 8-9, Southern Regional campmeeting will be held in Simcoe at Norfolk County Fairgrounds, 172 South Drive, Simcoe. Guest speakers this year are Dr. Gaspar Colon and Dr. Hiskia Missah.


Next Class for the School of Evangelism will be June 10th at 805 Shelborne, London. Classes begin at 9:30 am and will continue to 4:30. Lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Class will be taught by pastor Emerson on how to give Bible Studies.


Children and Youth Appreciation Day is June 16th! Please register your child or youth by June 9th by completing a registration card with the name, age and three accomplishments for your child (0 to 12 years) or youth (13 to 18 years) over the last year. Alternatively, you are welcome to send in your registration to Lucy Simoes at by June 9th.

Later Events

Patricia Ferreira-Lopez


The Social Life Committee is organizing first camping experience this summer on June 8-10 at Fanshawe. Our Church facilities will be closed as the Sabbath School & worship will take place at the camp-site.


10:00 introducing the “Social Meeting” concept Alex Golovenko 10:10


Canadian Union of Seventh-day Adventist Churches President Mark Johnson will be visiting London May 26, speaking at 11 am for worship hour and having a dialogue on church outreach at 2:30 pm. Meetings will take place at the Laurier Secondary School located 450 Millbank Dr. London, Ontario.


Bake sale for Special Olympics on Sunday May 27th starting at 9am. If you would like to donate baked goods, please contact Teresa Ferreira for further details.


Register for Men’s Spiritual retreat with Chuck Burkeen, coming June 1-3 at Maple Grove Methodist Camp, 194936 19th Line, Thamesford, ON.The cost is $70 for adult and ½ price for youth under 21. Conference Men Ministries Director Glen DeSilva will be visiting the gathering on Sabbath. For more details see flyers and posters. Contact Gord Rayner or pastor Alex for registering to attend.

10.Registration for Adventist Christian Elementary School Kindergarten

class to be starting for the 2012-2013 school year, have been extended to June 30/2012, all registration must be made by then.

11.Join us on our summer bus trio to lakeside mall Utica Michigan, U.S.A.

cost is $40 we ask that you give a $20 deposit beforehand. Deposits will not be refunded. Bus leaves August 5th, 2012 from 800 Fleet Street, London Ontario. For more information contact: Pam Joseph @ 519-4158071. See you there.

Notifications 12.There are now over 30,000 Seventh-day Adventists

living in Ontario! The actual figure of 30,102 members was presented to the Board of Directors of the Ontario Conference of Seventh-day Adventists on April 29, 2012.

Financial Report – April highlights Yearly Budget...........................$45,500 Expected to date .....................$15,167 Budget collected .......................$16,943 Surplus!!!........$ 1,776 Giving into the Conference Treasury.....$59,460 Ontario Advance contributions...........$ 862 Church Building Investment Fund.........$ 130 Sabbath School Mission..................$ 1,329 Other Conference projects...............$ 1,230 Tithe...................................$55,909

13.The renovations on the church auditorium had

began. Four stages of work will be done by the end of the month –  ceiling repair of cracks and new texture for better acoustic;  walls would be painted “bennington gray” colour;  stage extension to be built & carpet will be installed “laguna” colour, chairs cleaned and returned to the Sanctuary. June 2 “women ministry Sabbath” is planned to be conducted at the renovated auditorium. June 9th the church facility will be closed. During this time we plan to install the new PA sound speakers (by John Bellone), and all the fixtures. Lights are also will be replaced. The official “homecoming” Sabbath in the new auditorium is planned for June 16.

14. Inviting ALL to our mid-week church service on Wednesday nights at

7 pm. Even during the renovation stage – we will be meeting for prayer! It is time for extra prayer, deeper Bible study, and opportunities for members to develop their preaching gifts.

15.Doris Van Leeuwen is looking to have VBS this year. Whoever is

interested in volunteering should please speak to Doris. VBS is looking for donations of tins of paint; the colours being: royal blue, gold – yellow and white. Contact @ (519)-452-7073

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS May 20 Debbie Skwarchuk May 23 Kathy Rayner May 23 Nancy Keim May 23 Burlett Halstead May 25 Teresa Ferreira

May 29 Andrew Stajfer May 29 Jean Kaleb May 29 Lara Olawoore May 30 John Reeve May 31 Shelly Morris

Pray for Myanmar, New Caledonia, Nepal, Nigeria We continue praying for the world. Today & Sunday we pray for Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. In our congregation we have a few people from this diverse country. It is second largest country in Southeast Asia, twice the population of Canada. Until last year it was under a military regime for 50 years. Among predominantly Teravada Buddhist culture there are ethnic minorities that embraced Christianity, but are being persecuted and oppressed. Pray for especially for Karen and Chin people. Burma is on the watch list of countries where war is on right now. Monday we pray for New Caledonia, a large 400 km-long island, the Loyalty Islands, and other smaller coral islands 1,400 km northeast of Australia. It is French territory (former penal settlement) with French citizenship. Until mid 20th century cannibalism was practiced among indigenous people. Today over 80% are Catholic. But most Christianized Kanaks often confuse gospel with Western culture, and try to localize gospel message by mixing animist practices under a Christian veneer. Pray for pastors to discern between tradition and the pure gospel. Adventist church is growing. Tuesday & Wednesday we lift in prayer Nepal. Predominantly Hindu practicing population (highest than any other nation in percentage!) it has very small Christian presence. Christian church started there only in 1952. Yet under persecution Christian commitment is very strong. Pray for safety of believers. Thursday we begin an eight-days-long prayer for Nigeria. Seventh largest populated country in the world, and most populous in Africa! Comprising 36 federal states it presents a lot of diversity in culture and beliefs. Three largest and most influential ethnic groups are the Hausa (Muslim), Igbo (Christian) and Yoruba (ethnic animistic). Northern part is enforcing Islam and is pushing Sharia law. Pray for safety of Christian communities in that region. Pray for the capital city where Christians and Muslims are present 50:50 in politics and economic sphere. 45 people groups are unreached and are practicing ethnic witchcraft religions. Oil-rich territory attracts military conflicts for access and control of resources. Adventist church in Nigeria has its University – Babcock, and an Adventist Radio recording studio. Recent boom of movie making industry is transforming the culture of this nation. Pray that Christian church will use all opportunities for the Gospel. Pray for openness of other evangelicals to the Seventh-day Adventist witness.

May 19th 2012 Bulletin  

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