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Sabbath School

The Priestly Garments of Grace 1 Peter 2:9 The Church at Study 9:30 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.

Superintendent: Mike Keim Musician: Gordon Baptiste Praise Leader: Carter Team Next Week: Super: Music: Praise:

Worship Hour Song and Praise ………………………………………………Men from Choir Opening Song………………No.272……………………Give me the Bible Intercessory Prayer………………………………………………Max Mantiri

Praying for Mission Next Week Praying for

Offering Appeal………………NAD Outreach………………..Mike Keim Children Story………………………………….………………Alex Golovenko Special Music………………………………….…………………..Church Choir

Ordination of Elders: Lucy Simoes and Teresa Ferreira Scripture Reading………….Acts 19:8-10............Esther Stephens

Sermon “Radical Voice: Loud Cry” Pastor Alex Golovenko Closing song….........No.286…...............Wonderful Words of Life Benediction….........................................................Clara Baptiste

Announcements 1. We invite every church member to the time of Prayer,

every Wednesday 7 pm. A Prayer Group is also meeting at North London Church every Wednesday morning 10am-12noon. You have an option of “shifts” to come and interceded for our church family, for our city, for leaders. We have seen miraculous answers to prayer, and experienced the goodness of God, connecting to His Mystery and presence in prayer.

2. Today is our “Restful Sabbath” for fellowship and

relationship building with no meetings of any kind (not even the Sabbath School Council). Invite a family to your place for lunch. Once every month we set a day for purposes of generous hospitality. May 21, June 18, July 23, August 20, October 22, November 26 are reserved for these purposes. On these Sabbaths please plan to invite someone to your home, or plan to go and visit someone in their place.

3. Children's Ministry is pleased to announce that the

Adventurers Club is holding its first Family Network Meeting on Sabbath, April 30th at 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. Paula Ferreira-Gaspar (Pediatric Nurse) will be making a presentation to the children on Taking Care of Your Body and Heather Baptiste (Social Worker) will be speaking on Child Development. We will have a display of all the children's work and a social hour will follow. All families with young children are invited to attend. Please feel free to bring finger foods. For more information about this evening or about the Adventurers Club, please contact Lucy Simoes.

4. Table Tennis league is starting in our recreation hall. If

interested in participating, building friendships, getting exercise, (showing your competitive character traits) speak to Ajit Gaikwad or Don Topper. A schedule of games will be announced. The first “tryouts” will begin tonight after a short devotional vespers at 8 pm in the fellowship hall.

5. Elders session will take place Sunday evening (tomorrow night) from 5 to 8 pm at Hilton downtown. The theme – Realizing God’s Vision for our Church in the city.

6. Adventist World & Canadian Messenger: For members only, free of cost, Sunset this Sabbath 8:23 pm Next week 8:31 pm Please send all the bulletin related information to:

if interested in receiving please print name and correct mailing address on the Sheet at the Front Desk. One copy per family. Any questions, contact Kay Gaikwad, Church Clerk.

7. Membership Update. Second reading:

Transfer IN: Sheena Teague, recommendation given from the North London SDA Church. Transfers OUT: 21 members to the London Spanish Company: Mario & Maria Carcamo; Anzora family: Raul Sr., Maria, Raul Jr., Dennis, Steve, Bianka and Jurgen; Isabel Erazo and Andres Peres, Clemencia Gallardo, Eduardo Heras, Flora Iriarte, Juan David Ramirez, George and Anna Perez, Hernandez family: Romeo, Rosalba, Pablo and Gabriel. 8. Special! “What’s the Connection?” 3-night teaching for CHIP graduates, and all interested in understanding the connection between our spirituality and physical well being will be presented by pastor Golovenko May 3-5 starting at 7 pm. Tuesday May 3 Connecting Physical and Spiritual Wednesday May 4 Surviving a hostile environment Thursday May 5 Mind’s role over matter Every night’s program will be preceded by a light supper at 6 pm. Gifts of books will be shared every night. Meetings will be hosted at the Church Sanctuary, 805 Shelborne Street, London Seventh-day Adventist Church. 9. 2011 is the Year of Mission. Next Sabbath, May 7th at 6 pm pastor Alex will present the Secular European challenge, reaching out to post-Christian, postmodern in European and North-American context. We have covered already the history, theology of mission, worldview differences, and Adventist Global perspective. Through the summer we will address practical ways of inviting people from different backgrounds to discover God’s Plan of Salvation in Christ. Remember, Mission is not optional for a healthy Adventist church.

10. Mother’s Day and CHIP Graduation Potluck will be on Sabbath, May

7th. Everyone please come and celebrate with us as we honor mothers and rejoice in the success of our CHIP graduates. Please bring an item from the section of the first letter of your last name. Note that we will change the categories each month. Feel free to bring additional items from any category. A-C Bread/Buns D-F Main course/Casserole G-I Cooked vegetable/Soup J-M Dessert/ Fruit N-R Drink/Juice S-Z Salad/Raw vegetables 11. Please check to see if you have any borrowed containers from our church kitchen (sometimes they are handy to take home leftovers, but we need to have them returned). Thank you from the Kitchen Crew!

12. There has been a request for a folding ping pong (table tennis) table and

board games such as crokinole, chess, or dominoes (in good condition) for use in our social hall. If anyone has items to donate, please contact Don Topper or members of the Social Life Committee.

13. VBS, it’s almost that time again and

we are looking for volunteers to work as leaders and assistant leaders. VBS this year is on July 18 – 22 for children ages 4-12 from 5:30-8 pm. If you can help; please contact: Doris Van Leeuwen @ (519) 452-7073. Thank You.

14. Constituency Meeting regarding school will be on May 14th from 7pm to 8pm at the church. Please come and support your local church school!

15. Marriage Banns SECOND publishing!

Gordon Louis and Shelley Lynn Pelissero, parents of Leanne Alexandra Pelissero and William Walter James and Carolyn Lavina Dowdell, parents of Nathan William George Dowdell are joyfully announcing the marriage of their children on July 31st 2011. If any of you know cause or just impediment, any reason in law why these two persons should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it.

16. Next Church Board meeting will take place

Monday, May 16th at 7 pm at the fellowship hall. All departmental leaders are invited to attend. Please provide your agenda items either to first elder Mike Keim, Clerk Kusum Gaikwad, or to pastor Alex Golovenko.

Happy Birthdays Apr 29 Sara Mahon Apr 29 Yvonne Thuilard Apr 30 Juliana Mantiri May 3 Debi Bernardo

May 4 Joseph Beckles May 7 James Wood May 9 Bill Dowdell May 12 Lorenzo Lima

There is a Birthday List at the front of the church and we hope that we have everyone on it so we don’t miss anyone’s birthday. Please that a look and we are missing anyone feel free to add your name and date at the bottom of the list.

Pastor’s Blog. To vote or not to vote... Should Christians be involved in politics? Should we vote? Should we even bother about what’s going on in the government? This coming Monday Canadians will go to the Federal polls, (our church fellowship hall will be used as a poling station too). There is an increased interest already. Advanced exit polls are reporting doubled interest as compared with the previous election. A recent research (2009) showed that Canadian Christians follow the pattern of their regional fellow Canadians when they vote. So, statisticians say that there is no difference in how Christian vote from those who are non-Christian, or atheists. In the 90s Christians voted Reform, then they supported its successor the Canadian Alliance formed in 2000, electing Stockwell Day, an evangelical Christian, as its leader, many Christians got involved. One of our own, ex-Londoneer, Barry Bussey, run for MP in Oshawa. 2004 started with Alliance merging into Conservative (PC). During federal polls in 2004, 2006, and 2008, the Liberals managed to hold on to less than half of the evangelical voters they had had at the previous election. Issues of same-sex marriage, abortions, and other sensitive matters affected Christian choices. “Converting” partisan evangelicals supported PC which promised to redefine marriage, or NDP, for people’s rights. Some suffered bitter disappointments. I still cannot get over how number of families got deported from our own church and the voice of the church was ignored on the issue of refugees and integration of church members. And now many Christians are not sure, don’t know, don’t care, don’t want to be bothered. Many evangelicals, including Adventists are not politically conservative. Adventists traditionally avoided the “right wing” for the fear of Sunday legislations, for the sake of separation of church and state, for fear of eschatological implications of apocalyptic prophecies (yup! that’s the “insider’ lingo!). At times we (Adventists) are not sure we belong or fit with Evangelicals who may end up persecuting the Remnant with pushing the Sunday Law. Few people came asking me how I will vote over the past few weeks. My answer is simple – consider each candidate what they stand for personally. Know your values, and examine values of the candidate you plan to support. Make sure your values are Biblical, and there is no compromise shown by the candidate you will prop up. Today’s technology permits everyone to take a look at each candidate, see their answers to important questions: A list of issues and values for believers to be aware of is also published: to list a few: Abortion / Fetal Rights, Abuse, Age of Consent to Sexual Activity, Education, Environment, Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide, Gambling, Global Poverty, Human Trafficking, Marriage & Family, Media Regulation, Pornography, Poverty & Homelessness, Prostitution, Refugees, Religious Freedom in Canada & Internationally, Reproductive and Genetic Technologies, Sexual Orientation & Education. All these are “covered” by what we call the STEWARDSHIP doctrine, and it is not a small matter to believers. So, stay informed, watch, pray and vote. In service of the Great Shepherd, pastor Alex Golovenko


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Sabbath, April 30, 2011 Pastor: Alex Golovenko (519) 281-9706

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April 30th Bulletin  

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