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Ben Kohut

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We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. -Winston Churchill

Ben Kohut

Senior Architecture Student University of Colorado (719) 243-9921

Computer Skills Rhino Adobe Illustrator Autocad AGI32

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Revit ArcGIS

Soft Skills Creative Thinking Desire to Learn

Flexibility Troubleshooting

Leadership House Manager of Colorado Evans Scholars House • Coordinated cleaning and maintenance of the scholarship house Colorado Boys State Counselor • Worked with a group of junior year high schoolers for a week to aid in their establishment and learning of what shaping government requires.

Other Pencil Drawing Automotive Knowledge Physical Training Psychological Affects of Design

Academics Bachelor in Environmental Design - Major: Architecture University of Colorado Boulder: GPA - 3.57

Study Abroad 05/2019-06/2019 Global Seminar in Rome • Studied the history of architecture in Italy through its centuries • An architecture studio based on the Tiber River at the formal Papal Arsenal in an attempt to revitalize the neglected historic site Awards/Honors:

Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship Recipient 08/2019 - 05/2020 • Four-year, full tuition scholarship to University of Colorado Boulder CU Esteemed Scholars-Baker 2016 - 2017 CU-Boulder Gold Grant 2016 - 2018 Environmental Design Program Scholarship 2016 - 2017 NAWIC chapter 356 CAD Design Winner 2015 • Design competition for a family with a child that had physical disabilities Dean’s List (any semester above 3.75 GPA) • Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019 CU Solar Decathlon Team Spring 2019 • Worked with a team to create a design for the 2020 Solar Decathlon

Work Experience University of Colorado, Boulder Peer Leader for Environmental Design 01/2018 - Present • Work with Freshman Environmental Design students at CU Boulder in order to provide them an easy transition into the program • Over saw a class twice/ a week as well as lead a weekly recitation, to go over weekly events and any questions students may have Avery Brewing Company 08/2019 - Present Kitchen Staff • Worked late nights to offer patrons a wonderful experience as a member of the kitchen to ensure a pleasant and functional environment Bear Dance Golf Club 05/2018 - 08/2019 Maintenance Crew • Was required to work with a team to do general maintenance on the golf course and prepared for daily play Aspen Pointe 05/2017 - 08/2017 Caterer • Worked corporate and individual events in order to provide a memorable experience • Managed event set up/tear down (decorations, table and seating arrangements), food service, food prep, cleaning • Handled deliveries to events; business, private and public Greens Point Catering 10/2016 - 11/2017 Caterer • Worked corporate and individual events in order to provide a memorable experience • Participated in event set up/tear down (decorations, table and seating arrangements), food service, food prep, cleaning


Senior Architecture Studio Live Oak Event Center Fall, 2019 Slidell, LA

02 03

Junior Planning Studio Re-Deco Fall, 2018 Denver, CO

04 05

Study Abroad Architecture Studio Green Hub Summer, 2019 Rome, Italy

Graphic Design Portraying Emotion Fall, 2019 Study of Points and Lines

Exploration in Hand Drawing Hand Drawing 2014-2017 Study of Texture and Precision


Live Oak Cabin Fall, 2019 Celebration Studio, Architecture

Based in Louisiana we were challenged to explore themes of celebration and how space can bring groups together in unique ways. This was accomplished through the creation of a tiny cabin. The Live Oak Cabin is influenced by the presence of Live Oak on the site and is designed to mimic the wild feel and entanglement of Spanish Moss on the tree limbs.

The design of the tiny cabins on the site were restricted to 400 sqft and are meant as small dwellings for those attending events. The design of the was heavily pushed by the presence of Live Oak on the site, and the Spanish Moss which hangs from its branches. The outside skin, designed out of Cor-ten was meant to represent the moss and how it droops from branches to hide some of the structure that raises the cabin in the air.

The Live Oak represents the main form of the building

Main Building Form

Monoblock Design Monoblock Design

Raise the Cabin Raise the Cabin

Outer Skin

Divide Space Divide Space

Integration of Oak Tree

Make Space Livable Make Space Livable

Break the Mold Break the Mold

The Spanish Moss inspires the dripping nature of the outer skin of the building

Give Levels of Living Give Levels of Living

Define Space Define Space

Site Plan On the site the cabins are oriented in pods around the site to add a variety of living areas on the site. Each cabin is also oriented in such a way that people can interact o of their porches with each other, but complete privacy in sleeping areas.

Structure to Skin

East-West Section

North-South Section


Green Hub Summer, 2019 Study Abroad Studio, Architecture

The Green Hub project is set in the derelict site of the Pope’s Arsenal on the Tiber River in Rome. The goal of the project is to transition the unused area to thriving social center. My incorporation of traditional Roman community styles through the addition of an open air market, shared green space, and shops beneath living areas to the space.

Site Plan

Site Progression

The Green Hub is placed within the Pope’s Arsenal site off of the Tiber River, and is currently in the process of being turned into a art exhibition space. So my plan is to make it a public art space that houses public street art year-round. The plan for the Green Hub is inspired by many traditional Roman attitudes related to living in the city. The most important piece the sense of community living gives to individuals living in apartments. This community is encouraged through the shared green space and open air market that is proposed. These elements were added to the area at the Pope’s Arsenal as the area has been derelict for decades, and the best way to reactivate the site is to add living and community to the area. Open fresh air markets offer the ability for families to get fresh fruits and vegetables daily and have random interactions with the people they live closest to. A mixed-use fabric was important to mesh with the tradition of Roman living with stores being incorporated into living areas on the ground level as it is in the rest of the city.

l e ona pac diti ard s a r t rty cou

ese ort p a t s por ndrie Tradition vs. Site bou

art areas market storage residential mixed-use Program

Section Perspective

Possible Green Spaces

Conceptual Section

The importance of community was further pushed through the idea of how to get to all units in the building is through one centralized corridor. This shared hall is to promote random interaction between tenants to instill community in the area. The incorporation of direct green space into each unit was an important driver in the design. Each unit has directly attached green spaces customizable for each tenant, whether they would like a garden space or to create a more private area. Apartment Modules


Re-Deco Fall, 2018 Smart City Studio, Planning

In an attempt to make the Rino District in Denver a smart city district we were tasked with the challenge of both increasing density and everyday walkability while embracing the Denver lifestyle in the Mile High City. Through added transit connections and an increase in mixed-use residential buildings, the car free district of Re-Deco is meant to be a new Denver nexus.

Site Plan


Transportation Centers

I-70 Sunnyside



I-25 Pedestrian Bridge Elitch Gardens

Coors Field

Pepsi Center Mixed-Use

Five Points

LoDo Denver Zoo

Mile High Stadium Typologies

Site Context

Green Roofs Re-Deco was designed in an attempt to revamp the Rino District in downtown Denver. The main objective of the property was to make a pedestrian multi-use district in which no cars were allowed. This was possible by using the existing public transit connections as well as adding additional stops for both buses and lightrail on site. The district is historically known as a brownďŹ eld site, so reclaiming the soil was very important to the project through the creation of new public green spaces to remidiate toxic soils. The district is also optimally placed for a thriving social in walking distance from the main downtown corridor and other social centers.


Open Space

Greenspace Parti

Incorporation of Green Space

Existing Density The main way to activate is by simply bringing people to the site. To ensure that the site is not just a destination but a place to stay the decision to increase the density through mixeduse residential space was crucial. As if people are living in the space they are staying in the area keeping social life vibrant and leaves little opportunity for neglected space.

Existing Street View

Proposed Density One challenge Re-Deco tried to face head on was the stark housing bubble that faced the site. On the site directly there is no housing of any kind only manufacturing centers. All of the surrounding highlights areas either hold single family homes or mixed-use residential buildings. The posed solution to the problem was not only increasing density by simply adding buildings to the site, but through adding mixed-use residential buildings on the site in to increase livable population on site, in return reactivating the social life.

Housing Vacuum

Proposed Street View

Portraying Emotions Fall, 2019 Study of Points and Lines


This was a short exploration in the use of point and line to portray an emotional pair. First, without the use of color and digital aid, strictly relying on hand tools to create a pair of drawings that displayed emotion. Then, bringing the pair into the digital the introduction of color and slight manipulation was used to bring new meaning to the pair.

Initial Design Concept Through the challenge of displaying emotion without color or symbols and only using a pen the solution seemed far and diďŹƒcult. The ďŹ nal outcome ultimately came through contemplation of what hope and despair meant to me, and how one could not exist without the other. To hope is to know despair and understand the loneliness it leans, to have despair is to know hope and the joy that comes from it, they are mirrors.

Final Design Concept

Despair Iteration #5

Hope Iteration #4

Through the digital exploration and introduction of color, despair became this dark space where these dots of hope and joy in life appear out of the darkness around you as a viewer, the circles, but ultimately on the inside you block them out and do not allow them in.

Digital Despair Iteration #4

The introduction of color to hope brought the light colors of blue and yellow to give a lightness to the drawing that did not exist when presented in only black and white. The yellow lines around the circles are to represent how in life you can never have your hope limited as they are not complete.

Digital Hope Iteration #3


Hand Drawing 2014-2017 Study of Texture and Precision

This section is devoted to different hand drawing projects to show my capabilities in a non-digital format. These explorations vary through the use of charcoal, colored pencil, standard lead, and pen. These projects specifically are meant to show emotion through still frame art.

The choice of depicting a Columbine trapped in an envelope is to make the viewer have to decode and pull there own meaning out of the piece while also understanding the environment I grew up in and is completed as a multi-media project with lead, colored pencil, and printed images.

The sunglasses were part of a study of reections within everyday objects we use, completed only using a lead pencil. The series is meant to encourage deeper contemplation of everyday events and objects to ďŹ nd celebration within the little events that happen daily in life.

This abstract representation of the Loblolly House in Maryland completed in pen through stippling. The delineation between the four areas is meant to be fuzzy as the design relied heavily on biomimicry and how the Loblolly Pine inuenced the design of the home.

This lion was drawn with charcoal in an exploration of representing dark darks to light lights, and how to express that on a colored background. I also explored the expression of emotion through an element rather than a human form to truly begin to understand anger in an image.

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Ben Kohut Design Portfolio  

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