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BALI AT IT’S BEST! October 2017

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What’s The Story. A honeymoon is the best excuse to over indulge in beautiful surroundings, amazing culture and scrumptious food & drinks (not that I need any excuse). So I would like to give you a mini snippet of my top three locations I visited, whilst in Seminyak Bali with my new husband on our Honeymoon.

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Tegenungan Waterfall

Ku De Ta

Sacred Monkey

Forest Sanctuary

Happy Couple!

Seminyak On the southern eastern coast of Bali, Seminyak is the most stylish and up and coming resorts on the Indonesian Island and promises to provide an outstanding beach and some of the sleekest eateries that Bali has to offer. It certainly delivers just that. Although more commercialised than I anticipated with a strip of fine dining establishments and fashion boutiques, I was more than happy to immerse myself in the laid back lifestyle, safe in the knowledge that at any given time, I would be just a few steps away from amenities that a city girl is used to. I can certainly see why this has become a poplaur haute for the rich and famous. If it’s good enough for Mila Kunis, it’s good enough for me.

What we spent getting there! Flights: £570pp Hotel: £263 for 11 nights 4* B&B Private Transfers: £27

Tegenungan Waterfall Striding through the entrance, past the array of stalls and warungs, we took to the 165 stepped decent. At the head there is the view point for selfies, with the most spectacular vision I have seen so far in my life, the Waterfall. The steps aren't for the mobility unstable as there is no other way down, nor back up. When we reached the foot, my excitement and awe was uncontrollable. Not only for the sight of the waterfall itself but for the magical heaped stone features, the river travelling through the jungle and the lovers swing for that honeymoon snapshot moment. The peak of the waterfall can be reached, as well as an adventurous walkway along the river but for lack of time, my husband and I enjoyed a cold Bitang from the small drink shack on the other side of the stone bridge. I could easily write a 20 page essay on this amazing place, I only wish we were able to spend more time here but as we were on a whistle stop tour, my experience was memorising enough to warrant my return one day.

Ku De Ta Being waited on hand and foot, is what a honeymoon couple look for in any establishment or any other moment on holiday for that matter. This beachside bar/restaurant did not disappoint in any way. The arrangement's are plentiful when it comes to seating, you can choose to opt for the casual table seating, if you're just staying for a drink or two. If you plan to stay and chill on the day beds, this option is the most comfortable and long worthy. Bare in mind there is a 1 million Rupiah minimum spend for the day beds but if staying for a few hours, you will be spending that on food and drinks between two-four people anyway. We were given towels to use after taking advantage of the infinity pool, which is an excellent touch and saved hauling our own around. The cocktails are superb as is the food. The prices aren't bad for a venue of this calibre and the equivalent on the wallet as eating out back in the UK. The beautiful sea view and friendly, attentive service, kept us returning. My husband would have spent the whole duration of our time in Bali here, if he was granted my permission. For a touch of class away from the street side warungs, this bar/restaurant is a must.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Best attraction in the world. I love my monkeys and this is the best zoo I have had the pleasure of visiting. To experience these monkeys roam around and interact with each other and my fellow holiday makers, is a dream for me. This tourist attraction, is a monkey lovers paradise but aside from the furry, long tailed residents, this forest is also a beautiful park that transforms a grown women on her honeymoon, into an excitable child, exploring the nooks and cranny's, paths and walkways, transitioning into her very own wonderland of jungle book creativity. In my complete element, feeding the small monkey the bananas was my highlight, despite it being covered in monkey wee. If at all possible, I would quite happily pack up my bags and become a real life Mowgli.

In Conclusion. As mentioned at the beginning, these were just a sample of the places we visited on our trip. There are an array of activities and other delightful resorts to explore on the island and 11 nights didn't give us the time to even scratch the surface of the offerings Bali has to provide a holiday maker. Which means, darn it, I’m going to have to return to compose a part two.

Bali october 2017  

Mini Trip of Bali

Bali october 2017  

Mini Trip of Bali