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Prom 2012   Bekki  Andersen,  Eboney  Collins,  Abby   Tebeau  

Store History       Macy's,  Inc.,  operates  about  850  stores  in  45  states,  the  District  of  Columbia,   Guam,  and  Puerto  Rico  under  the  Macy's  and  Bloomingdale's  banners  that   ring  up  some  $25  billion  in  annual  sales.  The  stores  sell  men's,  women's,  and   children's  apparel  and  accessories,  cosmeLcs,  and  home  furnishings,  among   other  things.  Macy’s  flagship  store  in  ManhaOan's  Herald  Square  is  the  world's   largest.  Macy's  (formerly  Federated  Department  Stores)  began  as  a  dry  goods   store  more  than  150  years  ago.  Macy's,  Inc.,  with  corporate  offices  in   CincinnaL  and  New  York,  is  one  of  the  naLon's  largest  department  store   retailers.  The  company  has  810  Macy's  department  stores  and  41   Bloomingdale's  stores  in  12  states  and  four  Bloomingdale's  Outlet  stores  in   three  states.  In  addiLon  to  that,  The  Company  also  operates  websites  at  and  The  website  has  offices  in  NY   and  San  Francisco.  In  fiscal  2010,  the  company  reported  total  revenues  of   $25.0  billion  and  net  income  of  $847   Macy's  history  is  a  combinaLon  of  many  great  retailers  forming  to  become  one.   Rowland  H.  Macy  opens  R.H.  Macy  &  Co.  as  a  dry  goods  store  in  New  York  City   in  1858.  First-­‐day  sales  totaled  $11.06.  First  year  sales  would  total  $86,000.   The  Straus  family  acquired  a  general  partnership  with  Macy's  in  1888.In  1872;   the  Bloomingdale  Brothers,  Inc.  was  founded  in  New  York  City  by  Lyman  and   Joseph  Bloomingdale.  First-­‐day  sales  totaled  $3.68.In  1902,  Macy's  moves  to   Herald  Square  in  New  York  City.  In  1924,  Macy's  Herald  Square  locaLon   becomes  largest  store  in  the  world,  following  compleLon  of  7th  Avenue   addiLon.  Also,  10,000  people  watch  Macy's  first  Thanksgiving  Day  parade  

Store History   Federated  Department  stores  was  born  on  March  1929  through  the  combinaLon   of  Abraham  &  Straus  of  Brooklyn,  Filene's  of  Boston,  F&R  Lazarus  &  Co.  of   Columbus,  OH  and  Bloomingdale's  of  New  York.  As  the  company  emerged   from  the  Great  Depression  and  World  War  II,  Federated  would  experience   significant  growth.  New  shopping  malls  began  to  sprout  across  the  country   beginning  in  the  1960s  and  these  centers  would  greatly  expand  Federated   sales  as  it  became  anchor  tenants  in  the  malls.   Federated  acquired  May  Department  Stores  in  2005.  In  September  2006,  400   former  May  stores  around  the  country  converted  their  names  to  Macy's.   These  regional  stores  include  Marshall  Field's,  Filene's,  Hecht's/Strawbridge's,   Kaufmann's  and  Robinsons-­‐May.  The  company  today  operates  only  Macy's   and  Bloomingdale's  stores,  with  both  brands  expanding  naLonwide.   The  company  sold  the  Lord  and  Taylor  chain  in  2006  to  a  private  equity  firm  for   $1.195  billion  in  cash.  Federated  also  sold  off  its  bridal  division  made  up  of   David's  Bridal  and  Priscilla  of  Boston  for  $850  million.  The  sale  includes  273   David's  Bridal  stores  and  10  Priscilla  of  Boston  locaLons.  Federated  also   unloaded  its  507-­‐store  Aker  Hours  Formalwear  business,  which  includes  Mr.   Tux  stores  in  New  England,  to  Houston-­‐based  Men's  Warehouse  for   approximately  $100  million.  The  company  became  Macy's  Inc.  in  June  2007.  

The Macy’s  Shopper   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Geographic:     Region:  Mid  West,  East  Coast,  West  Coast       City  Size:  500,000+       Urban/rural:  Urban       Climate:  4  Seasons   Demographics:       Age:  15-­‐20   Sex:  Female   Family  Life  Cycle:   EducaLon:  High  School   OccupaLon:  Student   Religion:  None  PracLcing   Ethnic  Background:  African  American   Psychographics:       Social  Class:  Middle  Class,  upper  class       Personality:  InfluenLal,  go  geOer,  Confident,  fashionista,  Trend  seOer             Life  Style:         Consumer  Behavior:   Benefits  desired:  fun  shopping  experience  and  reasonable  prices   Usage:  Light  and  medium  depending  on  the  brand    

RaLonale  Macy’s  recent  campaigns  have  focused  on  their  

impulse designer  lines  but  have  yet  to  venture   into  the  Junior  market.  We  believe  this  could  be   something  new  for  Macy’s.  Macy’s  already  has  a   good  teen  customer  base  and  an  impulse  line  will   only  make  it  stronger.  We  will  start  the  year  out   with  a  prom  season  pop  up  shop.  This  is  to  get   more  of  the  teen  market  that  may  want  a   designer  garment  but  can’t  afford  the  designer   price.  Bringing  Betsey  Johnson,  a  popular   designer  among  teens  into  the  store  will  bring   more  buzz  and  grab  those  girls  who  may  be   looking  for  dresses  elsewhere.    

The Runway  inspiraLon:                                                                    The  suit                                                                        the  punk                                                                           the  queen  

Hair: pigtail  buns  with   Laras   Pastel  Lghts          gliOer  heel       pastel  dress  with                     contrasLng  tulle  underneath  

Prom Queen  

Big hair   leopard   heel  


Black busLer  with   layers  of  pink  tutus   ripped  Lghts  with   pink  underneath    

big hair   detachable   collar      

The Suit   Halter  vest     liquid  leggings     pink  pumps        

The mock   up  

The pop  up  shop   •  The  pop  up  shop  is  designed  to  be   separate  from  the  normal   merchandise  and  will  be  in  it’s  own   miniaturized  store  as  it  will.  This  will   be  specially  designed  to  express  all   the  flavor  found  inside  a  Betsey   Johnson  stand  alone  store  but  with   the  merchandise  specific  to  prom.    

Media Buy   •  AdverLsing  for  this  line  will  involve  a   6  page  catalog  spread  in  Teen   Vogue,  Seventeen,  Lucky,  Elle  and   Prom  magazines  through  the  month   of  February,  with  subsequent  one   page  ads  thereaker.       •  Other  adverLsement  will  include   adverLsements  on  the  side  of  a   digital  bus,  the  side  of  the  digital  bus   stop,  and  a  billboard.      

Media Buy  lineup   Summer  –  May,  June/  July   Back  to  school-­‐  August,  September,   October   Holiday  –  November,  December,   January   Teen  Vogue,  Seventeen,  Lucky,  Elle   magazines      

Marc Jacobs  for  Summer   •  Bold  colors,  color  blocking,  feature  sun  dresses,   fun  shorts,  Skirts  with  t-­‐shirts  and  swimwear   showcasing  1  pieces.     •  Shoot  involves  40s  Beach  and  boardwalk.      


Anna Sui  for  Back  to  school   •  Bright  oranges  turn  to  more  pumpkin  and   forest  greens,  keep  with  the  bright  colors,  color   blocking  becomes  paOerns.  Mature  vs.  playful.   Featuring  dresses,  shorts  with  bright  Lghts,   skirts  with  boots  and  mulLple  paOern  combos    

Photoshoot ConLnue  retro  style  photos   Theme  “School  Yearbook”  candids  


Alice and  Olivia  for  Holiday   Big  skirts,  bright  colors  and  prints,   furs,  textures,  and  more  formal  wear   for  the  holiday  season  


Street style  fashion  shots.  Shot  as  candids   with  tagline  as  holiday  related  quesLon.  

Macy's Ad Campaign  
Macy's Ad Campaign  

Macy's ad campaign for styling class