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Prototyping Interactive Experience What is Interaction Design?

How do we interpret data?

Commonly Interaction Design is referred to in relation to the design of screen and online environments. This is now becoming a traditional view of what constitutes interaction design. With the progressive development of sensor technologies the design of interactive experiences between users and technology is moving from screen based interactions to physical real world spaces.

Within design there is an ability to create a debate or discourse on topical issues. Interaction design allows designers to generate physical objects to illicit topics of debate amongst users. Black box by Rebecca Gischel asks users to consider the cultural diversity of opinion. The device accesses twitter and harvests general opinion through geographical and topical filters.

Start at the beginning This module is intended to develop the exploratory skill sets that interactive technology can offer within design. The focus is less on the technology itself but more on the designed use of it.

As part of this interavtive module our first task was to collect images of things people interavtive with, wether it be opening a door or pushing a button.

Inspirations As part of the module I started to look at different ways of using art and technology together and this idea of interavtive art. From the Rain Room, to expersive dance incorporating art, and light installations I became inspired to created work that showed emotion and human aspects.

Processing Software Prototyping Interavtive Experiences includes two softwares, the first one I experimented with is Processing. Looking at code I started to play with shapes and created my own character. Processing has promoted software literacy within the visual arts and visual literacy within technology. Initially created to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach computer programming fundamentals within a visual context

First submission

Arduino software

For the first part of Prototyping Interavtive Experincesthe first submission was to create something in Building Technological Relationships.

For the second part of the PIE module I looked at the software called Arduino. Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software

I deceided to create a penguin which change emotions whenever the computer mouse moved over the screen.

Final submission I created the “Happy Box”. The happy box was based on the human experience of being happy. Using arduino the box spins or in another sense “dances” a movement that people do when they are happy and having fun. Also to create this idea of it beaming with happiness on aproach it lughts up creating this glow affect.

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Pie-Prototyping Interactive Experiences  

As part of my third year at Edinburgh Napier University, one of the modules were PIE learning about different software and interactive art....