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Transitional Typography

A radically different type

Roman du Roi In 1692, King Louis XIV ordered a typeface to be produced for the exclusive use of the royal printer. A commitee of the Academy of Sciences developed a font that ignored a font influenced by caligraphy and created a font that utilized analytical and mathamtical principle. The font was called Roman du Roi.

John Baskerville The fonts that John Baskerville created were only accepted by the font community and socitey after his death. His fonts lacked the humanist characterists that previous fonts had and his font was considered shocking. One critic described his font as “too sharp” and that is would “certainly offend.”

Does this offend you?


Baskerville John Baskerville

Cochin Georges Peignot

Georgia Matthew Carter

Mrs Eaves Zuzana Licko


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Transitional Type

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