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On My Honor

On My Hon or

An original typeface by Rebekah Marbert Anderson University 2012

Notion Design Design Cont. Majuscule Miniscule Numbers Punctuation Application

4 5 6-7 8 9 10 11 12-16


a a On My Honor is about taking the roughness of a Military typeface and softening it up with simplicity to create the perfect combination to describe the Boy Scouts of America.

Military typefaces feature a break in the letter forms to mirror that of the letters and numbers that are stenciled onto Military gear. On My Honor uses this unique characteristic to bring a military structure to its otherwise simplistic forms.

The simple shapes like that which is found in Futura was applied to On My Honor.

Design Beginning with the military like typeface, Futura Black, the placement of breaks in the forms were noted so that they could be effectively applied to the design of On My Honor.

The next step to developing On My Honor was to study the forms of Futura so that when combined with military features it would be able to keep the clean and simple shapes that give it such a simplistic feel.

Design Cont . Combining the shape of the simple character and the stencil letter form still left the form feeling too harsh and unpleasant. It needed a softer touch to bring the friendliness of the Boy Scouts to the design.

To soften the letter form, the simple shapes of a circle and a line were implemented, bringing On My Honor one step closer to its final form but it still felt disconnected.


In order to fix the connection problem, continuity was applied. Curved ends were added in order to bridge the letter from through continuity. In spit of this change, the two unbroken shapes still caused legibility issues.

Breaking the circle that made up the letter form was the first step to resolving the problem. Once the circle was cropped to 2/3 its size and placed next to the straight line, the letter from began to flow. Even though the letter has a break in it, it can still be visually connected because it resembles known letter forms.

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Eagle Scout

A Scout is: Trustwort hy Loya l He lpf ul Frie nd ly Cou rteou s Kind Obed ient Ch eerf ul Th r ifty B rave C l ean Reverent

First Aid Citizens h ip in th e Community Citizens h ip in th e Na t ion Citizens h ip in th e Worl d Communica t ions Environment a l Science Per sona l Fitness Camping Family Lif e Per sona l Management Emergency Prepare d ness Lifesaving Cycl ing Hiking Swimming

Tenderfoot Second C lass Fi rst Class Star Life Eag le

On My Honor  

An orginal typeface for the Boyscouts of America

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