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Dessert Dance

Dessert Dance

Favorite Teacher

Mr. Matthews Mr. Matthews has been teaching for the past 17 years and 13 of those years have been at Philomath. He attended Portland State and OSU. I had in him 4 periods a day last year. One of his famous quotes is “We start out picking the daisies and we end up pushing them back up.�


Computer Class


Two Children Found in Disneyland The Collins and Gallaway families were down in Disneyland for spring break of 2012 when their youngest, Anna and Sadie, disappeared. With no luck finding them, they eventually called the fire department but they had no better luck. “I couldn’t sleep that night” said Anna's older sister, Bekah. The families went on for 5 days with no sign of them at all. After spring break they headed back home. Back in Oregon things didn't get much better. “We eventually gave up.” Sadie's mom, said. Then on April 6th they got a phone call from the Disneyland manager. They headed down the next day were the met up with the manager. He stepped aside and behind was standing their two kids. The families went frantic with excitement and the moms sprinted froward hugging them for 5 minutes straight. Nobody knows exactly what happened with Sadie and Anna and they won't talk about,but both the Sharif on the case and the fire chief say its a miracle that they were found. Both Anna and Sadie are home safe with their families.

Middle School Memories  

a book full of memories