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In today's music industry knowing how to make beats can be a very lucrative skill to have. In particular knowing how to make rap beats is probably the most lucrative. There are beat makers out there making anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 a beat. These numbers are pretty amazing considering some of these beats are made in only a few hours. So yes, it is possible to make a good living making tracks. The thing is knowing how to. This article will give you the basics on how to make rap beats. First things first, you do not have to be a music major to know how to make rap beats. All you really need is the desire to make music and be willing to learn a few simple techniques. Listed below are a few tips that will help you make rap beats that will get the attention of fellow artist and music lovers alike. Listen to others - Listen to other beat makers tracks. Look at them as a fan then break them down. You need to develop a good ear. Having a good ear is very important when it comes to beat making. Find out what is the best way to make your beats - What I mea by this is there are many pieces of equipment and software that can be used to make rap beats. Some producers use only keyboards and MPC's while other's use nothing but software. Some beat makers use both, but whatever you choose learn how to use it inside and out. This will make your beat making process a lot quicker and professional. Produce in a comfortable environment - Setup your beat making area in a very relaxing place. Beats do not have to be made in a studio. Make sure that you are comfortable when you are making your music. Start with a baseline - When starting a new beat you should start with a baseline. The baseline will always be the foundation of your beat. After the baseline is laid you can start to add other instruments. Take it track by track. Make sure every instrument fits. Do not over do it - You do not need to have a hundred tracks making up your beat. Make sure your beat is rich with sound but not cluttered with unnecessary sounds. Do not rush - Take your time. Like I said earlier some producers make beats in a few hours, but it may take you a couple days to perfect one of your beats. Do not rush your work, it will pay off In the long run. This article gave some easy but effective tips on how to make rap beats. If you apply these techniques it should make your beat making efforts a lot easier and beneficial.

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==== ==== For How to Make a Beat Tips, Check This Out: ==== ====

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