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Getting Kids Started


Tips on how to Bowl better


Bowling Ball Benefits & Features


What’s Hot


How to get out of that Slump

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Getting kids involved The best way to get your child/children involved in a league is to call your local bowling alley and ask about youth bowling league availability. Generally kids leagues are after school on Wednesdays and Fridays while also being on weekends during the school year. Just make sure that the times fit your schedule. Some bowling alley facilities even offer parent/child leagues as well.

finger holes will be one of the best things you can do to help your child/children improve his/ her overall game. While bowling can become an expensive sport, just remember it doesn’t need to be. Take your time before investing too much money in equipment, to be sure your child genuinely likes and wants to continue with the sport. If your child/children decide to stay with bowling after the first year, you will certainly want to look into getting him/her at least some of his/her own equipment. Having a good fitting pair of bowling shoes that your child/children feel comfortable in will be an important part of the overall experience. In addition to this, your child/ children will eventually want to select their own bowling ball. A good ball that is the appropriate weight and has the proper size 4 X Out!

Tips on how to bowl better Learn to control your bowling ball speed Speed is one the most important factors in being consistent and scoring high. Being able to adjust the speed of your ball to match the lane conditions will really give you the edge you need to win games.

mentally prepare yourself to bowl the best game that you possibly can. To be the best bowler you can be, you must have sharp mental skills.

Learn to change hand position Being able to change your hand position allows you to control how much You ball will hook on the lane. It also will help you make smarter decisions and moves as you bowl. Learn to see your line It can really help you bowl a consistent ball and will give you confidence. It will also help you make proper adjustments. Learn to keep your mental composure This is a serious skill that requires years of practice that will allow you to

Learn how to get out of the bowling slump quickly From time to time, even a good bowler will go through slumps. A bowling slump is defined not as one bad night, but a series of bad nights. Some slumps last longer than others and you have to start to think from different perspectives and figure out what you are doing.

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Bowling Ball Benefits & Features Bowling balls can be made of rubber, plastic or urethane. The serious bowler can order a custom made ball instead of always borrowing or renting one from the bowling alley. Since bowling balls are made of different materials, the performance of each varies depending on the lane surface. Bowling balls can be ordered in different weights and range from 12 to 16 pounds and will work for any bowler, regardless of gender or age. The Brunswick ‘Scorchin Inferno’ bowling ball is a good example. This high performance model is an upgrade from the ‘Ultimate Inferno’ and has proven to be one of the best sellers in the company’s inventory. It’s cover stock is the ‘Activator Max’ and performs best when used in a lane that requires heavy oil. Another good ball is the ‘Columbia Action Packed Bowling Ball’. This high performance ball does well and works best under medium lane conditions. Its cover stock is the ‘M80^2’ and is guaranteed to do well for the player who likes to make strikes. The elite ‘R43’ bowling ball is one that can work in light or heavy oil conditions. Manufactures claim that the weight block, which is the energy transfer core of this ball, will increase the chances of putting more pins down than any other ball because it delays the transfer of energy until the point of impact.

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Proper care must be taken to ensure the bowling ball is in its best condition at all times. This means it should not be dropped which could cause damage to the ball and injure the people around. The ball should be kept at room temperature and stored in a bag when it is not being used to prevent stress. The owner should polish it from time to time or take it to the pro shop to be refinished. The owner should only use the customized bowling ball. This is because the holes were measured only to fit the fingers of the user and not anyone else. Letting someone else use it may injure the borrower. There are many bowling balls to choose from and the prices of them range from $100 to $300. They come in many colors and designs that will stand out in the bowling alley. By looking at the conditions of the bowling lane, the bowler will find the right ball to get the job done.

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What’s Hot!

Virtual Gravity

Brunswick Smash Zone

Making an Impact! The new Virtual Gravity features a solid reactive R2X cover stock creating the highest friction values ever produced by Storm to cut through the heaviest oil. The low RG, high differential Shape-Lock HD asymmetrical core creates a tighter spin radius which in turn leads to enhanced reaction in the oil and increased angular velocity through the pins. More Traction! More Angle! More Strikes!

The Smash Zone integrates a pearlized version of Brunswick’s exciting EnMotion cover stock with an updated version of the original Inferno core and a high gloss polish finish. This combination creates an ultra-low RG symmetric core ball that gets through the front part of the lane then rev’s strongly to create excellent mid-lane recovery and a continuous back-end reaction. EnMotion combines the best elements from our PowerKoil, Activator and N’Control cover stock systems. The Smash Zone unites EnMotion coverstock with an updated version of the original Inferno core that lowers the RG diff to reduce problems with over flaring. Ultra-low-RG’s are known for strong mid-lane recovery moves and their controllable and continuous back-end hooking action, Brunswick has created a strong revving counterpart to the Twisted Fury that will match-up better on lane patterns that create excessive length or over/under reaction problems for higher RG balls.

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Roto Grip Rogue Cell

Hammer Venom

The Rogue Cell utilizes the latest generation of the Cytoplasmic coverstock series. The Cytoplasmic XL hybrid reactive cover stock features a unique blend of additives creating the highest friction to lane values ever produced by Roto Grip. The blend of solid and pearl cover stock generates the strongest and most consistent hook from release to impact. The energy from within comes from the highly successful, performance proven Nucleus core.

The Black Widow Venom stretches the performance range in the Widow series by giving users the same great Widow mid-lane motion with an all-new backend movement. The Black Widow Venom features a High Mass Bias Gas Mask Core with Flip Block, paired with our new Lethal Bite Reactive cover. This combination gives Venom more length than any Widow to date, along with the fiercest backend available at this price point. Long and strong is a ridiculous understatement. Black Widow Venom is designed to get longer down the lane and then make the most aggressive backend move possible.

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How to get out of that Slump Although you may not know what the reason is, a reason does exist. There is something different you are doing physically are mentally that is affecting your game. To pull yourself out of this slump, you must figure out what has changed. It is only once you have determined what has changed will you get back to your normal bowling self.

Let the release come naturally as your body remembers. Do not force it. Finally, ball fit may be an issue here. Your fingers may have changed in size due to various factors. If so, you may need your ball re-sized.

The first thing to take a close look at is your target. Many bowlers eventually get too comfortable with their release and don’t pay close attention to the target they are aiming at. If you find yourself looking somewhere besides the spot you are aiming for, this may be the reason you are in a slump. Next, take a close look at the rotation of your ball. A good bowler should be able to tell if their ball is rotating the same way it always has. Think about your ball release and timing. Are you trying to put more spin on the ball? 10 X Out!

If you still have not figured out why you are in a slump, take a look at your footwork. Are you properly balanced at the foul line? Sometimes a person will stop stepping during their last bowling step, or begin to turn their slide foot sideways. Proper footwork is key, and if you begin to alter what has worked for you in the past, this can create a bowling slump. Sometimes a slump can be caused by mental reasons. A person may have bowled a few bad games. It happens. Then they may be trying too hard to get back to their average. By trying too hard, you are disrupting your normal mental focus. Stop thinking about it and just have fun. Let the ball flow free. You may find your slump coming to end by just loosening up!






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