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Peter Cho The Korean Artist

The Alphabet Zoo An interactive storybook in which each of the 26 letters becomes a creature with its own motion and personality

Typeractive illustrations

A series of computational typographic illustrations inspired by the site.

IBM Questions Typographic animation for the Centers for IBM e-business Innovation. This one-minute video piece asks prospective IBM clients to rethink their assumptions related to e-busines

Forefront Type These letterforms stemmed from dissatisfaction with flat, texture-mapped type that disappears when rotated in a virtual three-dimensional environment. Forefont type pushes up against a grid and retains its “bumpy� profile when tilted towards the viewer

Peter Cho is a designer, media artist, and teacher that currently lives in San Francisco. He gradu-

ated from the MFA program in the UCLA design and the media arts department in 20005. Peter

has taught information design, typography, and web media courses at UCLA, Art Center, and CalArts. He currently works in strategy and

experience at MOTO Development Group. He also

Stop Thinking So Flat

attended MIT in Maryland and holds a master

type animation

of science degree from the MIT media lab. His work consisted of typography in a time based

and reactive media. He also has a master of fine arts degree from the UCLA Design media arts

department. His work in the media art depart-

ment consisted of language, writing, and mean-

ing. Peter has received honors for his work from

Arts Electronica, Tokyo Type Directors Club, New York Art Directors Club, ID Magazine, and Print

Magazine. His work has been shown at the Telic Gallery, Ginza Graphic Gallery, Arts Electronica,, Art Sonje, Seoul Arts Center, the Art Directors Club, and Cooper Union.

Nutexts a series of experiments exploring three-dimensional space through typography. In each experiment, the text of a short or medium-length written work is laid out in a virtual three-dimensional environment according to a set of simple metrics or rules.

Wordscapes a collection of reactive typographic landscapes, one for each letter of the alphabet. This project takes the concepts of the 2002 piece Letterscapes to the level of single words. Each reactive piece of Wordscapes can be seen as a one-word poem, where the mouse interaction reveals denotations and connotations of the words which are complex, hidden, or fully evident.

Peter Cho Design  

Peter Cho Design