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The Official Newsletter for the Auburn University IMPACT Organization

Volume 1, Issue 1

Contents: Getting Started


ASB Spotlight 2 Volunteer Calendar 3 Meet the PCʼs


What is a PC? 5 IMPACT goes 6 ECO-Friendly

Welcome to IMPACT! Thank you so much for taking the time to show your interest in IMPACT and for checking out our first IMPACT Newsletter. I just want to take a moment to tell you a little more about IMPACT and update you on what we have planned for the Fall 2009 Semester. IMPACT is Auburn University’s central resource for volunteering and our projects are open to any and all Auburn University students. All you have to do is fill out the 2009 IMPACT Waiver, find a project that fits your needs, and meet a Project Coordinator at the appropriate time, with your waiver in hand, at the Intramural Fields. We are so fortunate to have a larger group of IMPACT Project Coordinators than ever before, which has allowed us to expand to eleven project sites and thirty-six project times each week. We hope that you will be able to find a project and time that works for you! We also hope these newsletters will keep you informed about what is happening in IMPACT so that you will be able to come out and volunteer with us! If you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail us at or call our office at 334-844-4275. Thanks and War Eagle! Christen Thigpen IMPACT President

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Making an IMPACT

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Get a Waiver

Before you can volunteer with any of the sites IMPACT has to offer, you must first fill out a liability waiver. This form can be found on the Auburn IMPACT website. Remember, if you are under 19 years old, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver as well.

easy as 1,2,3...

Check the Schedule Upon completely filling out your liability waiver, the next step to volunteering with a project is to find a time that works for you. In checking the schedule, you will s e e t h a t I M PAC T o f f e r s 3 6 opportunities to volunteer EACH WEEK. With so many chances, we are sure you can find something to fit your volunteering needs. The weekly schedule is available online or on page 3 of this newsletter.

Show Up When it is time for your desired project, the final step to getting started is to meet up with your Project Coordinator, or PC for short. All projects meet at the Auburn University Intramural Fields (the parking spots in between the fields and the AU Softball Diamond). Make sure you arrive early because volunteers are assigned to projects on a first come, first serve basis.

Be On The Lookout for... ALTERNATIVE SPRING BREAK! Last Spring Break, 19 Auburn University students traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to participate in Auburn's first Alternative Spring Break. They worked with Habitat for Humanity and worked on several different houses. This year, Alternative Spring Break will be offering more opportunities for students to participate, including more sites and different locations. Look for more information to come about the application process and interest meetings!


Fall Schedule 2009

Meet at the parking strip between the intramural fields and softball stadium. Questions? 334.844.4275 or or stop by 3135 Student Center or check Always check the website above for the most up-to-date schedule and information.

Individuals Moving People and Community Together ATTENTION: If you are under the age of 19, IMPACT must receive a current waiver with a parent’s signature before volunteers will be allowed to attend projects. * indicates closed toed shoes required

Please Note: There are limited volunteer slots available each week as well as short notice project cancellations that IMPACT is not responsible for. Therefore, students should not wait until the end of the semester to complete required volunteer hours. Signatures will not be given for hours not fully completed. IMPACT reserves the right to limit volunteers to no more than 5 from the same organization/class if the maximum number of volunteers has already been reached. *There is no priority given to people arriving early.*

† indicates modest attire required




Allison 1:30-3:30 Jean 1:30-3:30

Reading is Fundamental


Audra 2-4

Azalea Retirement †


Haley 1-3

Community Market


Christine S. 2-4

Food Bank *


Matt 10-12pm Rachel 1-3

Loachapoka Elementary †


Chantenique 2:30-4:30

PROJECT Oak Park Retirement


Humane Society *


Ecology Preserve *


Elyse 1-3

Joyland Daycare~


Blakely 1-3 Hamp 3-5

Storybook Farms *


Skyler 2-4

Parkerson Mill Creek Restoration *


Revised 09/01/09

~TB test required




Charles 1:30-3:30 Nicole 1:30-3:30

Maggie 2:30—4:30

Ryan 2:30-4:30 Lauren D. 1-3

Ben 2:30-4:30 Morgan B. 9:30-11:30 Joseph 1-3

Kameron 3-5

Mattie 1-3 Greg T 3-5

Justin 1-3 Asha 3-5 Christina T. 1-3

Cailin 1-3

Lauren B. 1-3 Jennifer G. 3-5

Morgan M. 1-3 Mitchel 3-5

Jennifer W. 3-5

Daniel 2-4

Mark 2-4

Walker 1-3

Jenna 2-4



Meet !e PC’s

Oak Park Nursing Home

Oak Park is a great place to interact with the elderly community in Auburn. In this active lifestyle community you can play bingo, balloon volleyball, or just sit and have a conversation with one of the residents. Any of these activities is sure to brighten not only the resident's day but yours as well.

er T e t n u l o V #1

Allison Erwin

Jean Hicks


Nicole Jones

nteer is No volu their spot at a d e e t ly guaran ject. On e o r p d e th desir n-in with ig s o h AT those w rdinator o o C t c L Proje AMURA to R T N I ed THE be allow ut l il w S o FIELD and help e it s e h visit t . that day

Reading is Fundamental Audra Snider

Reading is Fundamental is a national organization that is combating illiteracy. Your help is needed to label books that are sent to at-risk children, which may be the first book that they have ever held. Your help is greatly needed to help solve this problem facing these children.

Azalea Retirement Home Azalea Retirement Home is a wonderful place to talk to the elderly community in Auburn. You can either have a conversation or play a few games of bingo; either one livens a resident’s day. Several residents do not have relatives or friends around, so visiting can be a meaningful experience for them and you.

Maggie Valz

Ryan Whatley

Haley Fitzgerald

Charlie Weldon

Community Market Community Market is a nonprofit organization that provides food for families in an emergency situation. It is set up like a grocery store, and people shop within pre-set limitations. The food is provided by the East Alabama Food Bank. Volunteering at the market entails answering the phone, helping with checkout, and stocking the shelves.

Christine Sirna

Lauren Davis

Ben Boldt


East Alabama Food Bank

The East Alabama Food Bank is a nonprofit organization that collects food in order to feed the hungry and less fortunate. When volunteering at the food bank, you will help the staff organize the pantries and other little projects. Organizing the pantries may seem like a thank-less job, but it is a huge help to the staff members. It makes feeding the hungry so much easier! Closed-toed shoes required.

Joseph Covington

Rachel Goldman

Morgan Burch

Loachapoka Elementary

Loachapoka Elementary is a great project for students interested in working with children. At the elementary school, you will be helping teachers with their daily workloads, as well as getting to spend time helping kids with their homework – a great project for education majors!

Kameron Kendrick

Matt Harris

Q. Project A. Coordinator What is a PC?

Chantenique Cheatham

PC is “IMPACT Talk” for Project Coordinator. Their job is to coordinate and oversee the volunteering done at each project site. When you arrive at the Intramural Fields, ready for your desired volunteering project, the PC is the person who will sign you in and coordinate transportation to the site. Each PC had to spend numerous hours going through leadership training and learning about the IMPACT organization to earn their position. Therefore, if you have any problems or questions at the project site, look to them for guidance.

Humane Society The Lee County Humane Society provides a shelter for many stray animals including cats, dogs, hamsters, and rabbits. Volunteering at the Humane Society allows you to play with the cats, walk or wash the dogs, and assist the staff. Closed-toed shoes required.

Greg Thompson

Mattie Greenwood

Elyse Albrecht

Justin Grider

Asha Dangerfield


IMPACT goes ECO-Friendly IMPACT is excited to present our NEW project site, the Ecology Preserve. We have teamed up with the Ecology Preserve to help preserve our natural forest. We help clear trails by picking up fallen branches, spraying invasive plants, preparing areas for programs, and planting and caring for newly planted areas. Get involved today! The Ecology Preserve, located on College Street, houses thousands of plants and animals. The preserve has many different exhibits like the butterfly garden, turtle pond, wildflower display, and many more! It has about ten different trails, a small lake powered by natural springs, and a waterfall. This place is great for hiking, exploring, and learning more about nature (there are informational displays scattered throughout the park and next to each exhibit). It is also a great place to spend an afternoon of outside studying. The Ecology Preserve is free for all Auburn University students and is open from 8am-5pm daily.

Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve At this site volunteers will help maintain areas of the preserve. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to help with all of the various events such as kids camps, educational sessions, and trail walking sessions. Christina Tarwater

Joyland Daycare Center The Joyland Daycare Center is a local daycare center where all the children are adorable and love the opportunity to have someone older to play with and learn from. The teachers also appreciate your help as you play with the children and help them with things in their classroom. This project is great for Early Childhood Development majors.

Jennifer Golden

Lauren Bush

Blakely Barnett

Hamp Price

Morgan McKean

Jennifer Wallace

Mitchel Kevern

Storybook Farm

Parkerson Mill Creek PMC is a project that directly affects Auburn’s campus. This project seeks to beautify Parkerson Mill Creek, which runs directly through the heart of Auburn. An ‘adopt-a-stream’ type program, students will be cleaning up the project area and removing exotic plant life.

Cailin Thomas

Jenna Ratliff

Located in the rich pastures of Opelika, Alabama, Storybook Farm offers spiritual nourishment and emotional healing to children with disabilities, life-threatening diseases, or those who have suffered a loss. Storybook Farm provides hope on horseback for riders through a unique program of therapeutic horseback riding and creative activity. While volunteering at this site, you can expect to help with the daily tasks of helping maintain the farm and its animals. Closed-toed shoes required.

Mark Zekoff

Skyler Reed

Daniel McClendon

Walker Glasgow


Auburn University IMPACT

A Mission to Make a Difference IMPACT is Auburn University’s central resource for volunteer opportunities and community service in the Auburn community. IMPACT provides students with the opportunity to volunteer throughout the week and special one-time volunteer opportunities. Students can work around their schedules and select from various volunteer opportunities. IMPACT is not a club that requires dues or meetings. There is no weekly commitment required - just come and volunteer when you can and as often as you would like. IMPACT also hopes to soon serve at the University’s source of information for all volunteer opportunities throughout campus that students, faculty, and staff can participate in. These will be opportunities that IMPACT does not coordinate, but that we are aware of and will help promote. If your organization is interested in having your events/volunteer opportunities promoted, please contact

2009-2010 IMPACT Executive Officers

AUIMPACT 3130 Auburn University Student Center Auburn University Auburn, AL 36849 Telephone: (334) 844-4275 Email:

Make An Impression


Make A Friend

Make A Better World Make A MARK

Make A Change

Make A Difference



IMPACT Now: Volume 1-Issue 1  

IMPACT Now: Volume 1-Issue 1---Welcome to IMPACT!

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