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Beit Rayim Hebrew School Newsletter Newsletter October, 2007 Tishrei/ Chesvan, 5768

Principal: Rabbi David M. Eligberg

Family Education Days October 21, 2007 9:15 AM– 11:15 AM Content Shalom Parents News From the principal’s.. Recipe of the month From the classroom Welcome Mrs. Rachel School council news Sukkot Upcoming Events Kabbalat Shabbat Family Ed. School council Music Teacher Birthdays Calendar

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Upcoming Events •

Oct. 21 Kindergarten Family Education

Oct. 26 Kabbalat Shabbat Service

Nov. 3 Shabbat Shorashim

Nov. 11 School Council Meeting

Nov. 11 Grade 1 Family Education

Nov. 18 NO BRHS– Professional Development Day

Nov. 30 Kabbalat Shabbat Service

Kindergarten students will experience a day of learning with their families

Shalom Horim/ Parents, With the drama of the High Holydays and the pageantry of Sukkot and Simchat Torah now complete, I am looking forward to beginning the BRHS year in earnest. During the first weeks of the term our focus was primarily on the Jewish holidays we were celebrating. In preparation for Simchat Torah, many classes began their studies of the biblical text whether as simple stories in the younger grades or as stepping stones for the study of the myriad of midrashim (rabbinic interpretations) created by our sages of blessed memory through the generations of our people in the upper grades. Our Torah and Bible curriculum takes the idea of parshat hashavuah– the weekly Torah portion as its starting point, by emphasizing to our students that the study of Torah is on going activity of Jews. Some grades will use materials that follow the weekly Torah portion being read in the synagogue. In the younger grades, the weekly study of Torah will focus on introducing significant biblical figures and learning values from these narratives. Our Grade 5 students will be using material that will take them beyond the text and help them create their own midrashim (creative interpretations). Grades 6 and 7 students will be introduced to the Nevi’im (Prophets) section of the Bible as the source of the Haftarah readings charted on Shabbat. The students will study about the various prophets whose words we hear in the synagogue echoing through the centuries. It is my hope that this material will engage all our students in the study of Torah while showing them how the enduring values of our scripture can have meaning in their lives. B’vracha, Rabbi David M. Eligberg

BRH School Newsletter


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From the principal’s bookshelf

Recipe of the month: Garlic Dip

“The Blessing of a Skinned Knee”:

(Thank you USCJ website!) by Allison Gardenswartz

Using Jewish Teaching to Raise Self-reliant Children. Wendy Mogel, NY: Penguin Compass, 2001. Drawing on the wisdom of the Torah, the Talmud and important Jewish teachings, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee provides a new road map for parenting.

News from the school council We hope that everyone had a great summer! As members of the School Council, we look forward to working with the teachers and parents in representing the Beit Rayim community, and watch our children reap the benefits of the hard work that is put into making our school truly the best! Throughout the year, we shall be keeping you informed of all events/activities that will be taking place this year. As always, you are welcome to attend our monthly School Council meetings. You do not have to be a Council member to attend. You can support our school by voicing your ideas, concerns and suggestions. Steffi Goodfield- Chair-Beit Rayim School Council

This recipe is fun to make and always a hit. For Passover substitute matzah meal in place of bread crumbs. 2 cups mayo (any combination of regular Light, and/ or fat free, 4T (1/4c) of chopped fresh parsley 4 or more large cloves of garlic, minced 4T (1/4c) fresh bread crumbs 1/3c ground almonds salt & pepper In a food processor, chop garlic, then parsley, then almonds. Put in a large bowl, add mayo and stir by hand. Add bread crumbs and season to taste. Best made one day ahead. Serve with cubed French bread or crackers. Enjoy!

News from the classrooms Welcome Back Grade 2B- Miriam Warner Mrs. Rachel Atteslander! Broocheem Habaeem....Welcome back! Our first day was filled with much excitement as we greeted old friends and welcomed new students Daniel Koven and Nathan Rosenthal to our class. We were "blown away" by Rabbi Eligberg's shofar blowing demonstration and learned new concepts from the many interesting questions we asked. We look forward to more fun and interactive learning experiences this year.

Rachel has been in our school for many years and this year you will see her in Room 124 as a Remedial teacher. If you would like to meet with her please contact the office to arrange it.

Sukkot in the School Rabbi Eligberg visited the classrooms with the Arba Haminim (four species) and students had the opportunity to perform one of the mitzvot of Sukkot.

BRH School Newsletter

First Kabbalat Shabbat of the school year! October 26 at 6:00 PM Gather to Schmooze 6:30 PM the service begins At Reena Battle Centre (927 Clark Ave W. Thornhill)

Upcoming Events

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Kindergarten Family Education Day Theme:“Shabbat” Sunday, October 21 Parents and students will be together for the morning How to Contact your child’s Teacher: Please call the office

Come with your family to meet old friends and make new ones !

905.889.0276 x.32 or

School Council Get involved in your child’s Hebrew School experience by joining the Beit Rayim School Council. Sunday November 11, 2007 The meeting is being held at the school, For more details please contact the school office.

Happy Birthday! Rosenthal, Nathan Oct 1 Presement Evan Oct. 5 Minden, Elijah Oct. 6 Goldberg, Coby Oct. 7 Kane, Jack Oct. 8 Bleiwas, Jordyn Oct. 9 Bleiwas, Samara Oct 9 Beliak, Shannon Oct 17 Axelrod, Noah Oct. 18 Dahary, Elona Oct. 18 Stanton, Tyler Oct. 21 Grossinger Cole Oct 23 Magder, Alexis, Oct. 26

Music Teacher!

The message will be given to the teacher who will contact you.

Eli Weinstein is our new music teacher. You will be able to see him every Sunday. Eli will be visiting the classrooms to bring music and a different atmosphere to the school. Welcome Eli to Beit Rayim!

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BRH School Newsletter

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Tishrei- Cheshvan 5768- October 2007 Sunday




Thursday 4








Sukkot V (CH''M)

Sukkot VI (CH''M)

Sukkot VII (Hoshana Shmini Atzeret Raba) No School

Simchat Torah

Shabbat Shorashim







No School










Kabbalat Shabbat Service @ Reena

11 School




18 School

School Council Meeting





School Family Education: Kindergarten






Late for class? Before entering your classroom you must visit the school office to get a late slip! Early dismissal ? Send in a note with your child to let the teacher know. When you come to pick him/ her up stop in the school office to sign him/ her out.

School Office: 209-1118 Centre St. Thornhill ON L4J 7R9Phone: (905) 889-0276 x32 During School Hours: (647) 230-0597 Fax: (905)889-4113 E-mail:

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