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“Synagogue: means Beit Rayim Synagogue, Richmond Hill, Ontario “Member in good standing” means a member of the Synagogue as defined in its Constitution and By-Laws who has paid in full all dues, assessments and other charges (including any Building Fund and other pledges) then due and payable for all periods during which such person has been a member. “Immediate family” of a member in good standing shall mean the member’s spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 25 then living in the member’s household (including any full time student who would be considered a dependent child of the members for income tax purposes). “Membership unit” includes family membership, single parent family membership, senior couple, couple membership, single senior adult, full time student and single senior adult membership and such other membership units as may be established or amended by the Synagogue Board from time to time. “Cemetery” means Pardes Shalom Cemetery, Vaughan, Ontario or such other cemetery being utilized by the Synagogue at the time.

2. Subject to paragraphs 4 and 5 below, every membership unit other than a single adult, full time student and single senior adult membership is entitled to two (2) free burial plots at the Synagogue Section of the Cemetery. In the case of a single adult, full time student and single senior adult membership, one (1) free burial plot will be provided. The burial plots are available to a person who at the time of his or her death has been a member in good standing of the Synagogue continuously from the time he or she joined the Synagogue to the time of need for a plot or a member of the immediate family of such member in good standing. The requirement for continuous membership is not required for adjacent plot (s) reserved in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 below. 3. The free burial plot(s) will be assigned by the Synagogue in the burial section being used at the time of need according to the order in which burials are then being made. The adjacent plot may be reserved by a member of the immediate family, if any, of such member, by payment within 60 days of the death of the person, of the charges levied by the Cemetery for purchase of the reserved plot by the Synagogue. 4. Every person who joins the Synagogue after August 31, 1997 must be a member in good standing for three consecutive years before he or she qualifies for a free plot.

5. If any person referred to in paragraphs 4 above requires a plot before having been a member in good standing of the Synagogue for three consecutive years, the person shall qualify for a plot if the balance of the equivalent of three years’ dues, assessments and other charges are paid. 6. Additional plots can be reserved at the cost then applicable by other members of the immediate family at the time of need. 7. Plots are not available to parents or other relatives that are not members of the Synagogue. 8. Associate memberships do not include free plots and are not entitled to purchase plots. 9. Plots are not transferable or assignable without the consent of the Synagogue and Cemetery. 10. The Synagogue reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time as its Board of Directors sees fit. 11. The Cemetery committee has discretion to recommend a variance of this policy (other than the provisions of paragraphs 7 and 8) upon application being made by a member in writing. The recommendation of the Committee is subject to approval and review of the Board. 12. The rules and policies of the Cemetery shall apply. Amended and Approved by Board of Directors, JANUARY 28, 2002

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