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volume four Flat B, 66/F (split-level unit) 66樓B室(半複式單位)

Prestigious HOMES

Live the Fantasy Like a phoenix soaring above the towers of Hong Kong island, it is a destination that few even dare to dream about. A palace for the 21st century, encapsulating the best of contemporary urban living artfully blended with spectacular mountain and harbour vistas. It is the most luxurious vacation resort, minutes from the heart of Central. A setting for lavish parties and glamorous cocktails, or morning swims to the sound of cascading waterfalls. It is a place where children can let their imagination run wild. A truly inspired fantasy made real. It is everything you ever dreamed of. It is everything you ever desired.

圓夢之居 鳳舞九天,傲臨香江,豈是凡人能及。二十一世 紀的豪邸,糅合現代都會生活精髓,遠眺蒼巒起 伏連綿,醉擁維港千億華燈。極盡奢華的度假勝 地,瞬間往返中環金融核心。無論是盛宴冠蓋雲 集,慢嘗美酒盪漾,還是晨光碧波暢泳,細聽飛 流瀧瀧,讓孩子創意馳騁天際,皆隨心所欲。所 見,就是所求。 夢薈於斯,願萃於此。

View from 66B unit taken at 8pm 66樓 B 單 位 景 觀 , 攝 於 晚 上 八 時

volume four  │  1

39 Conduit Road 天匯 Water Wonders


Within the Wellness Centre at 39 Conduit Road is


a place that exemplifies the ultimate in relaxation.


Water is the medium to inner harmony and


balance within a tranquil setting that rivals the


best resorts for pampering. Let your dreams


linger in the experience shower as a myriad of


coloured lights awaken your body while soothing

Deckelmann Wellness悉心打造的設施和設

away fatigue. Let your imagination wander as you


experience the healing power of touch. Facilities


and designs by leading spa expert Deckelmann Wellness leave you calm and invigorated, as if you’ve been away for a great holiday without ever leaving home.

volume four  │  3

Envision a massage under the stars, fragranced with fresh flowers and soft breezes. The outdoor meditation garden is a sanctuary that lets you bask under a pergola on luxurious sun loungers. Or you can recline in the boutique spa for two after a soak in the vitality tub or steamy sessions in the multifunctional cabin.

想像微風輕拂,百花飄香,在點點繁星下尊享按摩。 室外的閒逸庭園幽隱秀麗,悠然躺在涼棚的安樂椅上 曬太陽,隨心所欲;也可在躍動浸浴室泡個澡,或在 多用途蒸氣浴室揮走汗水,再與愛侶雙雙享受精品水 療,溫馨愜意。

volume four  │  5

Unwind with a glass of your favourite cocktail or detox with healthy drinks in the tranquil juice bar. Glittering gold mosaic file walls reflect the natural light flooding the space, with warm hardwood floors and woven seating adding to the resort ambience.

在寧靜的果汁吧淺嚐至愛的雞尾酒,一解煩憂;或來 一杯健康飲料,有助排毒瘦身。金碧輝煌的馬賽克牆 身能反射自然光,讓整個空間光線充足,配合感覺温 暧的實木地板和藤椅,滿室洋溢度假情懷。

volume four  │  7

Fusion Glamour 中.西.魅.力

Flat B, 66/F (split-level unit)  


6 6 樓 B ( 半 複 式 單 位 )

design steve leung 設 計 梁 志 天

Th e 66t h floor s p li t -level u nit is a spaciou sl y warm home inspired by the east meets west luxury of Ho n g Ko n g . W i t h a g l o r i o u s p a n o r a m a o f V i c t o r i a Harbour through large full height windows, the interior setting is grand with pockets of intimate corners designed for quiet conversation. Geometric patterns in the coffered white ceiling, white and brown marble floori ng and rich wal l pane l s give the home an effortless opulence that forms a league of i t s own.

66樓的半複式單位是個寬敞舒適温暧的家,同時完 美演繹香港東西薈萃的奢華。落地玻璃大窗飽覽維港 全貌,景致壯麗怡人。室內佈置氣派堂皇,卻兼容設 計貼心的堂座佈局,方便綿言細語。典雅的白色藻井 跌級造型天花板襯托白啡雲石地板和富麗的雲石牆 身,彰顯此間矜貴非凡,儼如皇者雄霸一方。

volume four  │  9

L i v i ng Room 客 廳

Fusion sophistication in the living room is the u n d e r l y i n g t h e m e f o r a re s i d e n c e w i t h d i s t i n c t i v e l y p e r s o n a l t o u c h e s . A n a g a t e j a d e m a r b l e f e a t u re w a l l with its stunning organic veins is highlighted by t wo large cr ys t al wall lamp s fl ank ing both side s and a c o n t e m p o r a r y f i r e p l a c e s e t w i t h i n i t . A b ov e t h e space, a magnificent crystal chandelier in the best Europ ean t radi t i on i s cent ral l y su spe nde d for visu al drama. The turquoise flannelette sofa provides a comfortable contrast with the Oriental cabinet in the entrance lobby as well as the porcelains and s culp t ures t h rough out .

客廳糅合精美細緻的元素,塑造極具特色的個性府第 主題。瑪瑙玉雲石牆呈獻美麗絕倫的紋帶圖案,置有 風格時尚的壁爐,在兩旁的水晶壁燈互相輝映下,更 顯璀璨奪目。客廳中央懸掛頂級的傳統歐式水晶吊 燈,閃耀華麗優雅的風姿,讓人一見傾心。法蘭絨沙 發以湖水藍色調為主,與玄關大堂的東方飾櫃,以及 室內的瓷器和雕像擺設形成悅目的對比。

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volume four  │  17

D i n i ng Room 飯 廳

T h ro u g h a a rc h i t r a ve , t h e d i n i n g ro o m i s g r a c e d by a contemporary chandelier that draws inspiration f r o m t r a d i t i o n a l C h i n e s e l a n t e r n s . A b i r d ’s e y e maple circular dining table is positioned directly underneath the chandelier and recessed dome c e i l i n g t o c o m p l e t e t h e s y m m e t r y, w i t h p u r p l e b l u e upholstered dining chairs finished in a sumptuous velvety texture. Set into one wall is a wine cellar boasting excellent vintages, while blue and white porcelain vases give the room a Chinese sense of luxe.

走過門楣,格調優雅的飯廳映入眼簾,時尚的吊燈靈 感源自傳統的中式燈籠,令飯廳韻味盎然。圓形的楓 木餐桌剛好擺放在圓拱形的天花和吊燈下,展現自然 勻稱之美,紫丁香色的絲絨餐椅質感光滑,輕透雍容 華貴的柔情。飯廳的其中一面牆身是個酒櫃,放滿令 人自豪的陳年佳釀,青花瓷擺設則為飯廳增添華美東 方氣韻。

volume four  │  19

volume four  │  21

Ma ster Suite 主 人 套 房

Restful and elegant, the master suite is situated half a storey above the living and dining rooms. A family room acts as a prelude to the suite, and is furnished with a silk upholstered sofa against a champagne gold leather wall. Within the privacy of the bedroom, a pair of light beige benches sits at the foot of the deep bed, while tugged black s t i n g r a y l e a t h e r h e a d b o a rd s e t w i t h i n a w o o d f r a m e adds a formal t ouch of s op histication. The spaciou s master bathroom adjacent to the walk-in closet is r e s p l e n d e n t w i t h Pe r s i a n j a d e m a r b l e f l o o r i n g , a Saint Laurent marble mirror frame and Chinese style bi rd’s eye wood bas i n.

主人套房採半層分間,位於客飯廳之上,設計優雅, 以供舒適靜休。起居室為套房揭開序幕,絲質坐墊沙 發配襯香檳金皮革牆,散發瑰麗氣息。在睡房的私人 天地裏,主人床床末放置兩張米色長椅,木製楣樑下 是黑色魔鬼魚皮革床頭,流露一派端莊典雅。寬敞的 套房浴室毗連衣帽間,選用波斯玉雲石地板、聖羅蘭 雲石鏡框,以及中式雀眼木盥洗台,盡顯亮麗細緻, 展 現矜貴時尚。

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volume four  │  27

B e droom s 睡 房

In the second master suite, a dark purple velvet headboard is theatrically matched against a geometric champagne coloured lattice screen b e h i n d , s e t t i n g t h e t o n e o f m a t u r e o p u l e n c e . Fo r the young gentleman, deep cobalts in the bedding are reflect ed i n a Ch i nes e car ving patte rne d are a r u g with a highly textural feature wall that resembles r a k e d s a n d . Fo r t h e y o u n g l a d y, a l i g h t b e i g e t o n e dominates, with pendant glass urns decorated with t as s els li gh t i ng ei t h er s i de of the be d.

在次主人套房內,深紫色天鵝絨床頭靠背與後面香檳 色的方圓鑄鋼屏風意外地合襯,誘發成熟穩重的貴族 魅力。兒子房內的寢具用上寶藍色調,襯以中式雕刻 圖案的地毯,以及極具質感的砂紋牆身,無不凸顯剛 陽活力。女兒房以米黃色為主調,睡床兩旁綴以流蘇 玻璃吊燈,優雅悠然。

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volume four  │  33

L a y out Plans 佈 置 圖

The 66th floor split-level unit offers the best v i e w s o f Ho n g Ko n g w i t h a n o p e n , a i r y f e e l . Fr o m a p r i v a t e e l e v a t o r l o b b y, a g e n e r o u s l i v i n g a r e a i s unveiled with a corner dining area situated off to the l e f t . G e n t l e b re e z e s a n d l ov e l y c h a n g e s o f l i g h t a re p leas ures bes t ex p eri enced on a bal cony ove rl ook ing Vi c t o r i a H a r b o u r. B e y o n d t h e d i n i n g r o o m l i e s t h e kitchen with its state-of-the-art appliances such as Mi e l e b a r b e c u e g r i l l s a n d w i n e c e l l a r s . To t h e r i g h t of the living area is half a flight of stairs leading down t o t h ree bedrooms ; all with e nsu ite bathrooms and one with a walk-in closet. Meanwhile, half a flight of stairs leads up to the master suite with its family room, powder room, bedroom, walk-in closet, dres s i ng area and bat h room with soak ing tu b.

66樓的半複式單位坐擁最優美的香港景觀,視野壯 闊開揚,讓您尊享無拘無束的寧靜和諧。昂然步出私 人電梯大堂,走進偌大的客廳,左面的飯廳自成一 角,佈局井然有序。微風送爽,華燈閃爍,在露台飽 覽維港璀璨,體驗頂級享受所帶來的歡悅豪情。飯廳 後的廚房配備各種時尚家電,如Miele燒烤爐和酒 櫃。沿客廳右面的樓梯往下走,可通往三間睡房,各 自備有獨立浴室,其中一間更附設衣帽間。若沿樓梯 拾級而上,即可到達主人套房連起居室、盥洗間、睡 房、衣帽間、梳妝區和附有浴缸的浴室,設備完善。

Upper split-level 半複式高層

Lower split-level 半複式低層

volume four  │  35

The renowned architect and


i nterior des ig n er Steve L e u n g h a s


m a d e “ En j oy L i f e En j oy De s i g n”


as his company motto. Since


2 0 0 1 , St e ve h a s b r a n c h e d o u t t o


furniture and product design,


collaborating with various brands

「一摯 i-chi」、「一摯II

and lifting design to different

II」、「方元 Cube」、「玲瓏

levels of living. i-chi,

i-chi II,

Ling - Long」四個系列是與美

Cube and Ling-Long were the


furniture series manufactured


and d ist r ib uted thro ugh M A X X A


since 2001. In 2006, Steve was


invited by a famous Japanese


brand to design a whole new


s e r i e s , t h e “t e n c h i ” , t o c a t e r


s o l e l y f o r t h e Ja p a n e s e l i f e s t y l e .


In addition to furniture, Steve


has been in vited by in t e r n a t i o n a l

括Former, Hunter Douglas

brand names to design other



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