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Proctor Dances: ... yup By Gabriel O’Byrne My first saturday at Proctor was very exciting, I couldn't resist but smile just thinking that I was going to be at my first American party. I had already met a few kids on the mountain biking team and a few girls who hanged out with them. I was pumped. As I swam through the crowd looking for people with who to talk and dance with, trying to like the Kesha song that was playing, I suddenly see Dave Kenny giving me a “Im watching you kid...” kinda look. I awkwardly try to avoid him, suddenly bumping into my first Proctor crush. We immediately start to dance (grind) and everything was going smoothly, when I suddenly feel her stop dancing and look frightened to something that was behind me. It was Dave, holding a flashlight pointing straight at me. After he called me out on my inappropriate dancing, I left the dance floor to go outside to the uncomfortable cold. That was my first Proctor Dance. !

The first dance of the entire school year, during

the first weekend after school starts, is the most anticipated dance of the year. Returning students and new students get to meet one another and form new bonds over something as simple as being in a dark room with loud music playing. But, these dances are missing something that make these events a bit dull. The feeling is just not all there, but why? Could it be that there are to many teachers and faculty present? Is it the music? Is it the fact that we are not allowed to dance with the opposite sex in a “inappropriate” manner?

I went around school asking some of the students how they felt at the dance and if they had a good time. The majority of them said that they had fun, but every single one of them, when asked “what could be improved at these school dances?” had something to say. Some of the students felt that the biggest issue was the music, claiming that the songs were not the most motivating to make people break out and dance. “What sucked most was definitely the DJ and the choice of music...” says Johannes Tauss, “The DJ stopped the music like 3 times and killed the mood completely.” The more I talked to the students, the more I realized that the teachers weren't the issue, no matter how many there were, but the music. “Although there was al lot of faculty present, I didn't really mind them (of course it'd have been better without them) but I mean as far as I know they didn't have to tell anyone to leave or use the breathalyzer or something like that...” says Carl Liu. !

But what about the dancing? Many students, male and

female felt that the new rule of not being able to grind was a little excessive. They said that it is an easy way to meet new people, and I was able to talk to someone who helped me out in getting this point across. “I feel that dances and parties are the most sociable places anywhere,” says Andres O’Byrne

(Father of Gabriel O’Byrne), “at any time. They bring kids of every type of popularity: nerds, hipsters, hippies, jocks, bullies, jokers, goths, hypers, players,... well, you get the point. For a certain period of time, all of these people come together and dance to good music with some cool light effects going on, and we are all equals... at least the people who got invited. I found my first love at a party once, she was more popular than me and I had never really talked to her in a friend type of way. I was not very sociable back then. But that night, something happened when they were playing my favorite song (Bachata en Fukuoka) and I decided to ask her to dance. I grabbed her close and showed her why I was the best dancer of the school. I think it is quite ridiculous that the school doesn't allow kids to dance with who they want, because if they are going to hold a DANCE, what else are teachers expecting students expected to do?! It shouldn't matter what the teachers think, because they cant expect students to go to an environment like that and there not be any sexual chemistry. Ridiculous.” !

Teachers will always have to be at these school dances for very obvious reasons,

so the student body should focus on changing what is possible, that is the music and the way they dance. A survey should be made on what type of music should be played at these dances, and as for the dancing? Maybe just try and sneak into the middle of the dance floor where teachers wont mind or wont be able to get to you, or just dance like these old


Dance Article  

This article talks about how dances at Proctor Academy are boring and how they could be improved.