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The Holy Spirit inspired this

Live long and you’ll discover

How can you tell if your joy is

message early this morning;

that the world’s joy always

of the world or is of God? A

He spoke about the difference

stands in need for Pete’s sake,

cup of the world’s joy is only

between His joy and the joy of

her sake and their sake.

half full. You can tell because

the world’s.

The world’s joy loves attention!

after you pour some of yours

The joy that the world (man)

It supplies its own needs by

into someone else, you’re left

offers is illusive which means it constantly having to buy some thing or do some thing or it has has to be constantly sought

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to be seen or heard by

It departs without warning and

someone or praised by people.

it hangs out with good and evil, not being able to discern

started on walking in God’s

between the two, which is why

calling for your life. It is

the young may struggle with

written by Erica Jefferson,

remaining focused and the

Author and Founder of Be

older, faithful.

Inspired! Don’t delay Jump Start Your Dream today!

Be Inspired!

The world’s joy thrives on

almost empty (e.g. without much left in your cup to encourage yourself).

The world’s joy is not stable;

“Live long and you’ll discover that the world’s joy is always stands in need for Pete’s sake, her sake and their sake. “

it’s like a never-ending roller coaster. It continuously goes up and down and takes quick, unexpected, turns. That means one minute you can feel extremely happy and the next, feel very sad. That’ll make you

“stuff” and people. When they fade or go away, so does joy

It thrives and prides itself in the

(emotionally) sick after a while.

and it ends up vulnerable in

giving of some thing or it has to

That’s an oxymoron- joy can

the “lost and found” of our

dine or dance with someone or

make you sick. ..

lives, susceptible for anyone or

love anyone; in other words,

any thing to come along and

it’s like a covert addict in

claim it. Be careful of the

constant search of a fix. When

spiritual message.

it departs without notice, the

The world’s joy?; it can be also

search for the world’s joy is on

exhausting. Try chasing it in a

again. It’s a vicious

crowd (parties, malls, sporting

(emotionally-driven) cycle

events, concerts, clubs, jobs,

driven daily by many

parks, campuses, family


gatherings, beaches, gyms, hurches) or even as we age!

You can read the rest of this message by going to the Be Inspired! Website.

BE INSPIRED! Love My Life Have you ever done something that you were not exactly proud of? If only someone had stepped in with the advice that you needed or even just to hold you accountable. Well Be Inspired! is an

Thank Him Now- By Fran Johnson-Jamison

someone else. You can share

There are things we’ve been asking for from God that have yet to manifest. We can’t see it. We don’t know how it’s going to come.

However, there are things/people

your testimony to inspire

He will bring to our lives but it will

someone else that may be

not be in our timing, but in His. In

going through something that

this case, if there’s something

you already have the victory

you’re waiting for, thank God for it There were people who told us it

over. Share your testimony on


the Love My Life page.

won’t happen. People told us we couldn’t do it. But . . . that doesn’t necessarily mean He is not going to give us what we’re praying for. In some cases, He won’t provide

because He has something better. Then, in a few instances He won’t

opportunity to be that person for

It may look like it’s not going to happen, and it just might not. In

Don’t hang around waiting and

spite of what it looks like, thank

wondering, but keep doing what

Him now. Thank Him for bringing it

you know to do . . . in the

to pass and thank Him for moving

meantime. Faith is an action word.

it out of your sphere if it’s not for

Exhibit your faith by doing and

you. Whatever the situation, just

moving. Remember: God honors

thank Him and keep it movin’.


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