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Security Latch Opener Device opens hotel and motel door security latches from the outside

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Door security latches have become a necessary measure of protection for guests at a hotel or motel. However, in some instances, a door security latch can be an obstacle for emergency personnel or hotel authorities. With the Security Latch Opener, guests can still rely on door security latches for protection while feeling confident that, should an emergency arise, the proper authorities can quickly and easily gain entrance to their rooms. If a guest cannot make it to the door or cannot release the security latch because of personal injury, unconsciousness, fire or other emergency, rescuers could save that guest's life in just seconds with the Security Latch Opener by avoiding a struggle to break down the door. The device is simple to use and can easily be carried by hotel staff or emergency personnel. Additional features: Enables proper authorities to open a hotel or motel door security latch from the outside Lightweight and compact for convenient portability Eliminates the cost of repairing a door that had to be broken down in an emergency

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Security Latch Opener  
Security Latch Opener  

Security Latch Opener