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Property Block ICO | PRB Token Review | Analysis | Future Price Crypto Currency by HarshaVardhan Reddy - April 15, 2018

We know there are plenty of ICO’s rounding in crypto market day by day. The intelligent and the best persons will choose the correct ICO which helps them in making there assets double. There are successful ICO’s and there are failed ICO’s. The key thing for the success of a new crypto is having a lot of investors and a lot of investments. Another important thing in the ICO is how they are going to be in market and what are the problems they are going to solve in the market. Here the points that we are going to discuss is, How Property Block ICO is going to enter the market and How long it is going to sustain a good price in the market. How valuable the PRB Tokens are going to be in the future. The complete analysis of Property Block ICO and future price of PRB Token.

What is Property Block ICO PRB Token is planned from 2014 to solve the problems that are occurring in Real estate industry. They are now live in market from 2018. Property Block ICO is the initial coin offering of PRB Token. These crypto currency is going to enter in to the market in upcoming months after reaching its softcap. The company mentioned they are going to be listed in the exchanges after reaching the softcap. They major problems Property Block can solve are as follows. Property Block is going act as mediator between the Buyer and Seller of Lands. The block is going to verify the original documents of the property. Property Block is related to real estate market.

PRB Token Review The total supply of PRB token is going to be 50 Million. Softcap 22.5 Million = 0.25$ per token Hardcap 22.5 Million = 0.50$ per token 5 Million company shares.

How this coin is going to grow in the future The team of the coin is best at marketing skills. Real estate is one of major platform in business industry. Real estate deals with billions of dollars in the world. Connecting with good real estate companies will make the company to grow much higher. Simple land deals can bring a thousands of investors and the coin can be used as the currency to transfer the lands registrations. One property buy with this coin can grow the price *10 times.

What will be the Future Price of PRB Token Lets consider some statistics here.

The total supply of this coins is worth around 15-20 Million dollars. If the users hold the coins then the value of supply will be decreased to 5 Million dollars. One venture in present real estate market is worth more than 50 Million dollars. Just image if one venture transactions are done through this coin. By making the connections with good companies this coin can grow more than 100 times in the future.

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Property Block ICO  
Property Block ICO  

We know there are plenty of ICO’s rounding in crypto market day by day. The intelligent and the best persons will choose the correct ICO whi...