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Bei ng Bos s Magazi ne

Bei ng Bos s Magazi ne

Bei ng Bos s

h i sj u s ty o uc a nd ob e t t e ra l l i ms a y i gi sh es o u n d s l i k eah a t e r

Ma ga z i ne

Re de f i ni ngSma l lBus i ne s s e s

Bei ng Bos s Ma ga z i ne

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Bei ng Bos s Magazi ne

I ti si nt hi ss econdi s s uet hatIi nt r oducemys el ft oyou,andIt hi nkpr operi nt r oduct i onsar ei nor der .I ’ ve al waysbeenanavi dr eaderofmagaz i nesandwhenanoppor t uni t ywaspr es ent edt owor kf oroneby t hedi r ect orof Bei ngBos sMagaz i ne, AyandaNgomane,Igr abbedi twi t hbot hhands .L i kemi l l i onsof youngS out hAf r i cansandbuddi ngent r epr eneur s ,Iwor kwhi l es t udyi ngt owar dscompl et i ngmydegr ee.

T heBei ngBos sMagaz i nef ormei sanex ci t i ngvent ur et hatIhopet ol ear nf r om,i ti sdi f f er entt omy f i el dofs t udywhi chi st heent er t ai nments ect or .I ti st hi snew j our neyt hatIhopet oembar kwi t hyou, our ex i s t i ngr eader s ,ouradver t i s er sandt hos es t i l l t ocome.Bei ngBos smagaz i newi l l hel pr edef i neS MMEsi anat t emptt of aci l i t at et hegr owt hofbus i nes s esi nt hi ss ect or . I nours econdi s s uewechos et of ocusont hei deaofbus i nes sandent r epr eneur i al gr owt h.Bei ngBos s magaz i nel i keanyot herS MME,ai mst ogr ow andes t abl i s hi t s el fasas t ayi ngpoweri nt hei ndus t r yand advocat ef ors mar tbus i nes sconductamongs tS MMES .Wear eas mal l t eam ofpr of es s i onal swhohave wor kedt i r el es s l yt obr i ngt oyout hi si s s ue,al otofef f or tanddedi cat i onhasbeeni nvol vedi nt he cons t r uctoft hi smagaz i ne. Wehopeyouenj oyr eadi ngi ts uchasweenj oyput t i ngi tt oget herf oryou Ki ndr egar ds S i not handoS apo

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o af t eryou’ ve had an i dea t o st arta busi ness,t he probl em comeswhen i t ’ st i me t o i mpl emental lt he i deas,t of i nd of f i ce space,f undi ng,workequi pmentand t he hi ri ng of st af f .Thi si swhere t he sel f doubtki cksi n,where mostyoung ent repreneursgi ve up as t heygett o see t he l essgl amoroussi de ofowni ng own a busi ness.

Thi ssi de i sof t en notwi t nessed byt he great erpubl i c.Thi si swhere ent repreneurst urn t hei rki t chensi nt oaf unct i on of f i ce space bef ore movi ng i nt ot hatUmhl angal of t .What of t en happensi st hatmostent repreneursare notprepared f ort he sad real i t yoft he ef f ortrequi red i n get t i ng yourbusi nessof ft he ground t o a mul t i nat i onalcorporat i on. Thusmanypeopl e of t en gi ve up assoon ast heydo notsee t he rewardst hatt hey want ; of t en i ti swhen t he unreal i st i cexpect at i onsofl arge prof i t sare notmet . The bestbusi nesseswere st art ed i nsmal l unort hodoxspaces.Wel l known compani es were st art ed and cont i nued t of unct i on i n home based f aci l i t i es.Busi nesseswhi ch were st art ed athome have grown i nt ol arge ent erpri ses.Recogni sabl e brandssuch asAppl e, Mi crosof tand Googl e were al lcreat ed athomebased f aci l i t i es. Al lt hatone needst o getyourbusi nessof ft he ground i sdet ermi nat i on and essent i al work equi pment .You do notneed al lt he l at estgadget st o creat e a successf ulbusi ness. Ihave had t he pl easure ofi nt eract i ng wi t h successf ulent repreneurswho do nothave i ndust ri alof f i ce spacesbutst i l lmanage t o run t hei rbusi nessesef f ect i vel yand suf f i ci ent l y. Al lyou need i san i dea and a pl an ofact i on,t hen t he restwi l lf ol l ow.So f or now be cont entwi t h worki ng wi t hi n yoursmal lunort hodoxspace.

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Ar eyoul uckyorwhat ?Youar et heBOS S !T heal l ur eofbei ngt heBOS SoryourownBOS S ,i swhatmany “out s i der s ” ,nonbus i nes sownert ypes ,t hi nkbei ngabus i nes sowneri sal l about .Weal l know t her ei snever adul l momenti nt hel i f e,t r i al sandt r i bul at i onsofaBus i nes sOwner .Yout akeal l t hepai nandyougett o t akeal l t hegai n… ordoyou?

Wehaveal l hear dt hef amousGar yPl ayerquot e,“t hehar derIpr act i cet hel ucki erIget ” .T her ei sal s ot he equal l ys agequot e“t hemor ecaut i ousIam t hel ucki erIget ”Ver yof t eni nt hei s ol at edandl onel ywor l dof bei nganent r epr eneuri tmayappeart hatcer t ai npeopl eorbus i nes s esappeart ogetal l t hel uckybr eaks , gr eatbus i nes s es ,s upers t af f ,cus t omer s ,l ovel ypr emi s es ,bul gi ngbankbal ancesandhappybal anced per s onal l i vest oboot .

How dot heydoi t ?Ar et heyj us tl ucky?Ordot hey,PL AN,PL AN,PL ANandpl ans omemor e.A10year ,5 year ,3year ,1year ,6mont h,quar t er l yandmont hl ypl anni ngi sr equi r ed,i nf acti tmus tbemandat or y.T he pl anni ngmus tcoveral l as pect sofyourbus i nes s .Onceyouhavedr awnupanddevi s edyourpl an, ex ecut ei tbyt aki ngact i ont oachi eveandmat er i al i s et hepl an.Changei tal ongt hewayt or epl i cat e whati swor ki nganddi s car dandchangewhati snot .Anadapt abl ewor ki ngpl ani nmot i ont hr oughact i on i swhati sneeded.Acl i chéi si nor derher e,i fyouf ai l t opl anyouar epl anni ngt of ai l ,s i mpl et her ei sno s ubs t i t ut ef ormet i cul ouspl anni ngandwor ki ngs mar t .

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Bei ng Bos s Ma ga z i ne

Bei ng Bos s Magazi ne

Bei ngTeam Bos s Magazi ne

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