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Siouxland Tanzania

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20th Annual Auction 2017 Thursday, October 26, 2017 • Hilton Garden Inn

20 Years of Answering the call! What an amazing milestone for STEMM and our

Siouxland community. Most people, I believe, thought it more likely in 1997 that STEMM would be fortunate to last 20 weeks much less 20 years. Myself included, at times. LOL! The reason behind our amazing longevity and success is twofold : Almighty God’s blessings and all of you and many others willingness to Answer the Call. Obviously none of the transformative work STEMM has accomplished would have occurred without God’s amazing provision. But, throughout history our relational creator has accomplished his will through his greatest creation - men and women of faith. God whispers, his people cry in dire need, the spirit prompts us and we, in our free will, are given a choice. How then do we respond? For the past 20 years, the people of Siouxland have answered yes to the call. When we have needed financing for our mission you have answered with your treasures. You have answered with your time and talents for mission trips, volunteer activities, and diligent prayers. As you are aware this past summer STEMM answered the call in a monumental way in the rescue, restoration, and return of the three Miracle Kids of Tanzania. Undeniably and miraculously this epic event occurred only by the choice of many to answer the call. Obviously the STEMM board and rescue team of Kevin, Jennifer, and Manda were the first to respond affirmatively to the call. Our co-founder, Lazaro, answered the call in a HUGE way, as did the Vice President of Tanzania. Despite being in Albania on a Congressional Delegation, Congressman Steve King, answered every time I called him. The US Embassy, state department, and Homeland Security all responded Yes. The entire staff, physicians, and executive staff at Mercy hospital and CNOS answered the call. Madonna Rehabilitation, Ronald McDonald, and the entire community of Siouxland were called upon and they answered. Finally, and most magnanimously, Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse answered the call with a resounding and amazing YES! Because of the open and giving hearts of so many people, inspired to show the true heart of Christ, three children’s lives were saved and transformed. Because of this act of true Samaritan love an entire country of Tanzania was touched and transformed. As you will see tonight this epic event commands that we share with the world via a book and probably a movie. As you can imagine the title will be Answer the Call! So, as you go forth tonight I would challenge you to open your heart to the small still voice that speaks to your heart. When you feel compelled to be kind generous or even magnanimous don’t say that you are not qualified, you haven’t the time, your resources won’t allow. Remember that God will always out-give and bless a thousand-fold back to us in our generosity. When the spirit moves within us and the call of Heaven rings: Answer the Call!

In His service, Gratefully and humbly, Steve



Timeline of Events 5:30 PM

Silent Auction begins Exotic Hors d’ oeuvres and beverages

Flight 1 Elephant in Entrance/Lobby Flight 2 Lion in Banquet Room 6:30 PM 7:15 PM 7:15 PM 7:20 PM 7:25 PM 7:30 PM 7:45 PM

Silent Auction Flight 1 Elephant Closes Silent Auction Flight 2 Lion Closes Welcome – Matt Breen Invocation – Pastor Jon Gerdts STEMM Executive Director Miracle Kids Miracle Makers Recognition Friend of STEMM informational program Dr. Steve Meyer Live Auction begins

Thank you and welcome to our

20th STEMM “Night of Hope!”


t’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since STEMM was founded. The blessings we have received and have witnessed have been some of the most incredible moments of my life. For the last 20 years STEMM has been the center of my marriage and my family. Sharing our love of Tanzania with our 6 children has profoundly changed their lives. Our annual family trips to the STEMM orphanage have challenged us but continue to bring our family closer. Our children have been exposed to a whole different world and it has given them an incredible opportunity to grow and serve. It has been a blessing to be able to share STEMM’s work with so many people here in Siouxland and we truly thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. We couldn’t continue to grow, evolve and do God’s work without the trust, compassion and support from each and everyone one here tonight and so many more! Thank you for allowing us to serve the people Tanzania for 20 amazing, incredible years! I can’t wait to see where we are called to go next to love and serve together. Have a wonderful evening! Auction Chair ~ Dana Meyer


Thanks To Our Sponsors The “A Night of Hope” auction would not be possible without the generosity of businesses and individuals. The following are sponsors of this year’s auction:

Headline Sponsors Ron & Jeanette Yockey

Giraffe Sponsors CNOS Dunes Surgical Hospital Dr. Steve and Dana Meyer

Elephant Sponsors Dr. Quentin & Sue Durward King, Reinsch, Prosser & Co. Leopard Sponsors Brown Wegher Construction Central Bank Great West Casualty Co. Mercy Medical Center Regina Roth Siouxland Pain Clinic Tyson Fresh Meats Dr. Pat and Lori Walsh Charitable Foundation Rhinoceros Sponsors Mike and Margie Bennett Jack and Gail Bernstein Beth Bruening GIKK Ortho Specialists Gill Hauling Hanger Clinic Klay, Veldhuizen, Bindner, DeJong, and Halverson PLC

Joseph and Renee Kruse Mills-Shellhammer-Puetz & Assoc. Reich Painting & Decorating Siouxland Travel and Tours Dr. Doug and Denise Tewes UnityPoint Health - St. Luke’s Wagner, Kuntz & Grabouski, PC

In Kind Sponsors Powell Broadcasting KTIV



Friend of STEMM


hat an incredible year it has been! As you can see from the auction booklet and the presentation tonight God has blessed us beyond measure leading up to this 20th anniversary... all of this incredible Kingdom work would obviously not be possible without many, many Helping Hands. Which made the task of choosing the Friend of STEMM award particularly challenging this year. However, for those of you who have followed the amazing story of the Miracle Kids of Tanzania the choice of who contributed the most to our mission this year was quite obvious. Without the amazing financial and logistic contribution of Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse the Epic story of the Miracle Kids would never have happened.

The STEMM Board of Directors is pleased to award the 2017 Friend of STEMM Award to

Reverend Franklin Graham & Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse, at great expense, flew a DC8 to Tanzania, cared for the kids in Charlotte, and ferried them to Sioux City on private jets. As if that weren’t enough, they then flew that same DC8 back to Tanzania with the children’s mothers, doctor, nurse, and filled the cargo bay with 38,000 pounds of medical and educational supplies to provide health care assistance for the needy people in Tanzania. Beyond that, observing the loving Christian interaction of Samaritan’s Purse personnel with the kids, their families and the STEMM organization has been inspirational - they truly are Samaritans in everything they do and a phenomenal example of Christ’s love lived out in a hurting world. Please join with all of us in our thanks, love, and appreciation for Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse, the recipient of the Friend of STEMM award on our 20th anniversary celebration. Read more about the Miracle Kids of Tanzania on pages 12-16.


Fund a cause

The STEMM Children’s Village 24 kids call it home

Back row: John, Miriam, Francis, HIlda, Neema, Doreen, Little Glory, Vicki, Ritha, and Emmanuel Front row: Matias, Grayson, Zedekia, Jubalina, Joshua, Lucy, Amani, Jerry, Sophia, and William.


ooking back at 20 years of our ministry gives us the opportunity to develop perspective on what has gone well and also on what we can improve upon. One of the things that is special about STEMM is our

ability to connect people and develop a relationship. Because of so many people’s intimate involvement, we provide the opportunity for you to know exactly where your time, talent, and treasures are going when you support us.

tes, annual upda im se e iv ce re s from You will en thank you tt ri w d n a h d y blessing! photos an a great famil t a h W . d il ch your



Anton, Isaya, Maria, and Big Glory are now in boarding school.

home environment, great education, and An especially gratifying and intimate a Christian upbringing. Through your way to develop relationships and financial support you can be a differencesupport STEMM is through our Orphan maker in their lives and in the world. Fund a Cause. For the cost of a daily You will receive a photo of your child Starbucks latte ($100/mo.) you can fully support your own orphan child at the and feedback regarding their situation STEMM Children’s Village. and progress. Most importantly, you will In one of the 10 poorest countries in impact their lives forever. Thank you for your support and God bless you. the world these children truly are the neediest of the needy. From a life of misery, hunger, and hopelessness Through our we have provided for them a safe

Fund an SCV

Orphan for $100/mo nth ($1,200 yr) you can pro vide all the annual nece ssities for on e of our childre n: food, shelt er, clothing and education.



Education While it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Mel, our education director, we are equally excited about her replacement Elizabeth. She has great educational experience and also possesses an incredible heart for mission. Eighteen months ago, we hired Isaac one of our exemplary STEMM students to provide tutoring for the orphan kids but also to work at the local primary school. Additionally we worked to collaborate with the local parents to provide a hot meal for the students who before went to school all day with nothing to eat or drink. Prior to Isaac and the school lunch program our local primary school was the worst school in the district with a 38% passage rate from junior high to high school. Just one year after implementing these programs the rate increased to 83%! They are now first in the district! Everywhere we go to meet our STEMM students we find them to be the most outstanding children in every respect. Our STEMM kids are bright, articulate, confident and academically exemplary! 20 years and 10,000 + student’s later our education program is making a profound impact in Tanzania.


Spiritual When we took the Miracle Kids back to Tanzania we hosted their families at the Mountain View retreat center over night. For the better part of two days the STEMM team was privileged to engage and interact with their families. Sadia, who has been raised in a Muslim family, has a 10-year-old brother. When we took Sadia to her home, her little brother turned to Kevin Negaard. His words are some of the most inspiring I’ve ever heard: “I’ve never been around Christians like you before but after seeing you guys the last few days I’m definitely changing in my religion.” How profound! We did not quote him a single scripture. We did not hand him a tract or tell him he was condemned. Our actions and care demonstrated to him the love of Jesus Christ. This method of “love evangelism” is profoundly affecting the local village of Mbuguni where we operate. Several of our farm workers have been baptized. The local Lutheran Church is experiencing amazing growth. The morning Bible study led by Tim and attended by all our workers six days a week is an absolute inspiration. Not only is it inarguable that STEMM is impacting lives everywhere, we are, through the Holy Spirit, changing lives for eternity and for God’s kingdom!


Medical We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Nkoaranga Lutheran hospital. We’ll work with a young surgeon who will screen cases and provide follow-up care in our absence. Our collective expertise and equipment will transform orthopedic care for this impoverished community. We continue to provide orthopedic, hospice support, and other services at Machame hospital. Our work with them via Director Bob Kasworm (originally from Omaha) has been a fabulous collaborative effort. STEMM is working with Dr. Niel Sheth of Penn University to build a center of Orthopedic Excellence for all of East Africa at KCMC and we work closely with them in our tremendously successful amputee program. Within our local village we are a consistent medical resource for all maladies from pneumonia to hernias. With great excitement we announce the opening of the Machame birthing center built in collaboration with Abode shelters last January. According to STEMM TZ director Dianne (herself a midwife instructor), this facility is the best delivery facility in the region and will save many mother’s and babies’ lives in our region.

Orphanage This last major category of our core operation is truly a good news/bad news story. The great news actually is that we are at full capacity with 24 precious orphans in our two children’s homes. Led by Tim and Dianne Bannister our orphan home staff is beyond amazing! To verify the incredible success of our children’s home the STEMM Children’s Village was this year named the 2nd best orphanage in a region of over 2 million people. Of course now for the bad news. Because of our incredible success and the still growing numbers of orphans at least locally there are a multitude of children in DIRE need of placement in our facility. We have met these precious children. We have seen firsthand their beyond tragic circumstance. Social services is begging us to care for these beautiful gifts of God. Tragically at this time, due to a storm of circumstances, our financial situation will not allow us to build or fund the staffing to bring these kids to the STEMM Children’s Village. Please join us in prayer for these kids, help us in our search for funds, and pray God’s blessings on us as we work diligently toward our goal of two more orphan houses.


Bidding Procedures Silent Auction

1. Items are divided into two silent auction lots—Elephant and Lion. 2. Please note the description of each item carefully, ensuring you are bidding on the item you want based on the description. 3. Enter your bid number on the bid sheet designated for each item. 4. Please pick up your wrapped items at check-out.

­Live Auction

1. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be deemed the buyer. 2. Successful bidders must make payment in full at the conclusion of the auction. 3. Please pick up your wrapped items at check-out.

• MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are gladly accepted • Noncash items contributed will be recorded as a contribution received for their fair market value as determined by the donor. Donors will be given a statement acknowledging the donated item with the fair market value. • Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical ministries (STEMM) is a 501(c)3 tax‐exempt organization. The deduction from federal income tax for charitable organizations is generally limited to the excess, if any, of your contribution over the value of the goods received. Federal Tax ID#: 39‐1887658.



Going strong

20 years is a good start It sometimes takes a long arduous trek up a mountain to gain the perspective and vantage point to be able to see where you have come from. So it is with the 20-year-journey of the STEMM ministry...and there are times in life when it is very important to see where you have been and recognize how you got where you are. For those of us there from the beginning it’s impossible to overstate how beyond blessed our ministry has been. Way back in 1996, after our inaugural trip with Morningside Lutheran Church, we were on KCAU television trying to explore whether there was enough interest in this type of hands-on ministry to even take the time to form a charter. When 43 people showed up for the initial meeting we felt incredibly validated that God was calling us to something special. Twenty years later, with literally thousands of lives transformed, it’s inarguable that God had a plan for STEMM. To be completely truthful, it is all because of the multitudes of people in Siouxland and beyond who answeredm “Yes” to God’s calling to become involved with our ministry. Because of this grand and glorious First STEMM team team effort over 10,000 children have 1997 been touched with education, we’ve performed over a thousand medical procedures, delivered millions of dollars of medical equipment, supported hundreds of orphans and demonstrated a paradigm of Christ’s love in action to an entire country of 50 million people. I would be the very first to acknowledge that I never would have dreamed in my wildest expectations that STEMM would have thrived to this extent, much less survived for 20 years. Our success is a testimony to the incredible providential hand of God on our ministry and the amazing faithful and overwhelming support of the people of Siouxland. We as a mission team praise God for your involvement every day. Thank you for your support, keep us in your prayers, and realize that with your continued support the next decade is going to be even more amazing than the first two.


The unfolding story


KIDS T by Dr. Steve Meyer

here are unique moments in time where individuals, communities, and organizations are undoubtedly directly in the hands of God. Such was the case this summer with the Miracle Kids of Tanzania. As most of you are aware, this May our mission team was providentially the third vehicle behind the

Kevin Negaard, Manda Volkert, and Jen Milby set up traige at the accident site.

most tragic bus crash accident in Tanzania history, killing 32 children and 3 adults instantly. Our medical team of Jennifer 12

Milby, Manda Volkers, and Kevin Negaard, sorted through the dead bodies and prayed over and dignified them the best they could. The three of them found three yet alive and stabilized them for transport to a local hospital. The next day, after finding the three of them miraculously still alive, despite 23 fractures between them, they felt convicted, along with my wife Dana and the rest of our team, to find a way to bring them back to America for treatment and restoration. My initial response was, “You all must be crazy!” Who will accept these kids for care? How will an increasingly independent Tanzania allow these kids to be sent away? And most importantly, how do we get three seriously critically injured children 10,000 miles to Sioux City?” As we have said multiple times, “With man it was impossible but with God all things are possible.”


Out first call, and the first of a myriad of people who said yes to the call for action, was to good friend and former STEMM board member, and current co-medical executive director for Mercy Hospital, Dr Steven Joyce. After hearing the unique situation and plight of these three children he categorically pledged

Kevin, Jen, and Manda visit Doreen in the Mt. Meru hospital before leaving Tanzania.

to do all he could to convince Mercy Sioux City to say yes to receive and care for them. Within hours of that call, Steve confirmed that indeed they would assume all care and cost of these children. A miracle!

Co-founder of STEMM and threeterm member of the TZ Parliament Lazaro Nyalandu, answered yes to the call and immediately began to lobby the government. Within eight hours of speaking to him, we were meeting with the vice president of Tanzania. At the national memorial service, attended by well over 100,000 people, the vice president not only recognized the three American heroes who saved the children, but also thanked us for our promise to take them back to America. Another miracle!! Working tirelessly with dogged determination Congressman Steve King, despite being on a delegation to Eastern Europe, worked out of five different embassies to arrange not only visas but attempted to get the US government to requisition a medevac plane to transport the children. From Monday afternoon until just before departing for our trip back on Wednesday, hundreds of calls were made to congressmen, friends, persons of means and influence, trying to find some way to transport these increasingly, critically ill children. After a promised call from vice president Mike Pence failed to materialize we explored every known private option, resulting in



Tanzanian Dr. Elias Mashala with Sadia, Congressman Steve King with Wilson, and Dr. Steve Meyer pushing Doreen, and Doreen’s mama as the kids arrive in Sioux City for surgery.

a quote of $300,000 for one-way transport. By Wednesday evening at 5:00 pm we are out of contacts, out of ideas, nearly out of hope, and scheduled to leave for the airport. A relatively intense discussion insued about whether I should go back or stay to care for the kids. Honestly, I wanted to go home everyone else thought I should stay. Just then the phone rang and an amazing game-changing example of God’s hand in this entire story took place. Answering a call from North Carolina I was amazed to hear, “Dr. Meyer this is Franklin Graham 14

with Samaritan’s Purse. My good friend Steve King called me and explained the situation and we want to help!” What another amazing miracle! With Herculean effort passports were secured, visas granted, and the children, despite a blown engine in Charlotte, arrived in Sioux City five days later. The biggest miracles were just about to begin! Literally minutes after their arrival, an incredibly wellcoordinated and intense surgical and medical effort began led by the two Medical Executive Directors, Dr. Joyce and Dr. Volz. The entire staff at Mercy Hospital


from nurses, therapists, doctors, healing took place. The entire and maintenance completely congregation embraced these engulfed these children with love, children, their mothers, Dr. Elias, care, and commitment. Surgeons and nurse Simforosa in their Kensinger, Durwood, Manon, prayers, provided meals, and and Watkins of CNOS and Dr. enveloped them in Christian love. Dean and Dr. Volz joyfully gave When little Doreen, who was hours of time, surgical expertise, completely paralyzed, went to and post-operative care. Despite over 20 fractures including neck Today and paralyzing spine fractures, the children began to heal. There are no words to adequately express the gratitude of the miraculous care given by nurses and therapist at Mercy! Further rehabilitation began immediately upon their discharge and their incredibly warm reception as they moved into the Ronald McDonald House. Christy Betin and the staff at Ronald McDonald provided an incredibly warm, family environment conducive to complete Doreen, Sadia, and Wilson back in Tanzania. rehabilitation and restoration. surgery for spine stabilization, Sunnybrook church, and in we prayed out loud specifically particular Kevin Nygaard, Laura that God would do a miracle Myers, Lori Van Cura, and Pastor and allow her to walk. When she Jeff provided a church home miraculously had partial recovery where emotional and spiritual after a time at Ronald McDonald, 15

she was graciously received by Madonna rehab center in Lincoln, Nebraska. While in Lincoln, she was surrounded by loving Christian brothers and sisters too - especially Dr. Doug Tewes and his family. Their entire stay in Sioux City was an incredible testimony to the heart and character of our community. From civic leaders like Mayor Bob Scott and Chris McGowen, to a multitude of patrons of the Townhouse who bought the kids chicken wings every week, these three miracle children became an integral and inspirational part of the fabric of Siouxland. Less than 90 days after their arrival, broken, battered, and near death, the Miracle Kids returned to Tanzania in midAugust. Beyond belief again, miraculously, Samaritan’s Purse not only agreed to transport the three kids and mother’s and some of our staff back to Tanzania, but they also filled the cargo bay with 18 tons of medical supplies for three local hospitals. Received with a hero’s welcome these three truly are becoming a living legacy to their 32 fallen classmates. In that light STEMM has agreed to help support their education indefinitely at a very 16

exemplary Catholic High School just a few minutes walk from our orphanage. There they will receive not only exceptional education but consistent mentoring, tutoring, and love from our STEMM staff. We have sweet dreams of one day bringing these children back to America to complete the circle of love and legacy that God has ordained. Thanks be to God for this miracle story! Thanks to Rev. Graham and Samaritan’s Purse, to Congressman King, to MP Lazaro, to all the doctors, nurses, and medical staff, and the myriad of Siouxlanders who played a part in this 21st century miracle. God truly is alive and well and continues to do miracles through unlikely people everyday.

The kids and their mamas head home.


F l i g h t 1 Elephant Closes at 6:30

Note: Silent auction items will be wrapped and ready for pick up at the check out.

101 • Blue and Gold Jewelry Set

Stunning mixture of metal and beads in this jewelry set with African flare. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

102 • Musketeers Game Tickets for 4

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103 • Ebony Tree of Life

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104 • $50 Beano and Sherry’s Casino Gift Cards Use on food or beverage at one of North Sioux’s favorites! Certificate at check out. Donated by by Beano and Sherry’s

105 • African Kitchen Set

107 • African Scarf set of 3

Gorgeous hand woven scarves brought back from Tanzania. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

108 • Cedar Bird House

Adorable birdhouse with observation deck. Donated by Little Miracle Working

109 • Beaded Silver Spoon Set

Lovely set of African hand beaded serving spoons. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

Bring the sights and smells of African cooking into your home. This basket has everything you will need! Includes: 3 wooden bowls, 2 sets of tongs, can opener, salt and pepper shakers, apron, oven mits and a set of 3 African spices. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

110 • Get Away Close to Home

106 • Mary Kay Basket

111 • Banana Leaf Nativity

Pamper yourself with this basket of Botanical Effects skin care products Donated by Julie Fisher

Two nights in a whirlpool suite at Dakota Dunes Country Inn and Suites and $60 gift certificate for Graham’s Grill. Certificate at check out. Donated by Country Inn and Suites and Graham’s Grill

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ELEPHANT 112 • Chick-Fil-A Gift Card

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um Saturday Nov. 18, 2017. Game time TBA. Sec. 108 (30 yd. line) Row 54. Certificate at check out. Donated by Mark and Ann Meyer—GO HAWKS!!

113 • Square Soapstone Plate

121 • African Fabric Purse

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114 • Explorers SkyBox for 12

Hand carved bust of the African giraffe Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

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140 • Blue Straw and Fabric Basket

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Phone: 712.737.3777 / 800.882.5777 Email: Website:


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Add a touch of Africa to your home with these beautiful items. Donated by Marilyn Kelly



Ag for Orphans Farming to change the landscape and lives of Tanzania What you might ask does agriculture have to do with an educational and medical ministry ? In our case, absolutely everything. As we have previously shared, God has blessed us with an incredible opportunity to transform lives and our operations via agriculture. We possess 100 acres of incredibly fertile land and two exceptional deep water wells. The potential was demonstrated by one of our employees, Elifaraha. On just two acres of crop-shared land, she profited $2500 US dollars in 70 days growing watermelon. We believe that the economic potential alone can help us offset most, if not all of the cost of running our orphanage. This would allow us to use donated funds toward other service projects and everincreasing request for aid. Even more importantly, if we can use our farming endeavor to teach and train local and regional farmers to increase their economic output, we can transform their lives as well. Tim Bannister our in -country director, working in close collaboration with our new farm manager, Michael, are teaching simple methods like crop rotation test management and water conservation to affect a tremendous impact already. At this very moment, we are harvesting our most lucrative crop yet as a result of Tim’s

diligence in securing a contract, and Michael’s local farming expertise for growing seed beans . This type of endeavor has tremendous potential. Without going into details (and there are many) it appears to us that God has put tremendously talented, connected, and passionate people in place for an amazing project. It so happens that the new head of USAID and the proposed under-secretary of agriculture are both long-standing friends of STEMM. Furthermore, Congressman Steve King , a tremendous supporter of our mission and a member of the Congressional agricultural committee, recently spent a day at our orphanage farm. He is overwhelmed by our potential. We are hoping to solicit both financial and logistical support from the US government, private enterprise, and the country of Tanzania to turn our farm into a model for all of East Africa. In conjunction with our guest house this could be a game-changing endeavor. Please join us in our pursuit of this transformative concept that would potentially affect millions of people!


A tremendous endeavor

AbĹ?d Housing Project If you recall, a year ago this time we were very excited about and promoting a collaborative project with Abode shelters. Without question this was a qualified success. First of all, the project was much more expensive than we were led to believe. Because we could not receive tax exemption and the shipping and construction cost were far more than anticipated it cost us tens of thousands of dollars that we did not anticipate. The sheer scope and scale of building 10 structures in roughly four days with a team of 40 people was a tremendous challenge. This would not have been remotely possible without Dana Meyer who arranged most of the logistics. Our goals for the project were to address our urgent need for staff housing. In that light we now have seven well-functioning structures housing multiple staff members In addition we built a duplex for teacher housing in the local Village of Mbuguni. These are functioning 22

well and have created tremendous goodwill in the community. In fact they are constantly requesting more units. Perhaps the greatest impact of this endeavor was the building of an exemplary and unique birthing center in our local village. In Tanzania thousands of women and tens of thousands of children die annually in childbirth. This is primarily because of lack of adequate facilities and well-trained midwives. We have addressed both via the Abode birthing center


Thank you to these sponsors


We have great corporations and businesses that come alongside us financially as sponsors. We also have some great individuals and families who are partnering with us.

Thanks to Ruth R. Simon Tom and Glenda Plaza Janet Briggs We’d love for your family to join with Bud Vogelzang James and Daphne Redmond our STEMM family! and by the tremendous impact of Diane Bannister - our incountry director who is also a registered midwife trainor. While still working through some logistical issues this will

be a game-changer for our entire region and save multiple lives not to mention dramatically reducing the number of handicapped children. This in turn will be a tremendous example of Christlike Love addressing people needs.


Center update

Mountain View Retreat Center After years of dreaming, planning, and two years of diligent work, we are pleased to announce the STEMM Montain View Retreat Center is now up and running. Nestled between the two highest mountains in Africa it is nothing short of spectacular! At the STEMM Children’s Village you can now have a wonderful meal (our chef cooked for the U.N.), hot shower, and a soft bed, and yet be in the midst of abject poverty. This allows visitors to engage in direct ministry work during the day and have comfortable surroundings and fellowship in the evenings. Please engage with your church or other nonprofit to discuss a life-changing trip to Tanzania to the Mountain View Retreat Center. We are already capitalizing on the opportunity to work with other nonprofits to provide accommodations and amenities. World Vision staff are frequent guests. Finally, we are collaborating with tour companies to bring tourists from safari to experience real Africa. Working closely with the local village and surrounding Masai people we hope to enhance and deepen Westerners appreciation 24

for African life and the plight of poverty that exists. In doing so, we cannot only transform perception but also provide economic opportunities for local people. As we say in Tanzania KARIBU SANAA OR WARMLY WELCOME to the STEMM Mountain View Retreat Center.


Experience of a lifetime

Come on a trip with us!


or 20 years now we have been taking at least one and usually two or three trips to Tanzania annually. We have seen firsthand the incredible transformative and life changing impact this has had on individuals families, entire churches and communities.

This year we have completed and staffed the amazing Mountain View Retreat Center! We’re certain that we have a very unique opportunity in that the Retreat Center is in the middle of abject poverty and yet provides for a more than comfortable and at times almost luxurious accommodation. No longer do you have to stay in a mud hut and go weeks without a shower to get your hands dirty doing real and meaningful mission work. If you are looking to get closer to Christ, if you are searching for meaning and significance in your life, if you want to change the world one relationship at a time then a trip to Tanzania to the Mountainview Retreat Center with STEMM is what you have been looking for! A mission trip to China changed my life forever and eternally. Regular trips with our family have been a game changer for us. Pray with your family, talk to your church, lobby your Bible study group and solicit your nonprofit organization. You will never be sorry and you will never be the same when you step out of your comfort zone and experience the transformative effect of a third-world mission trip. I promise!


Thanks to our Volunteers Auction Planning Committee Dr. Steve Meyer Dana Meyer, Chairman Jon Gerdts Heidi Connelly Mimi Wieck Carolyn Hogan

STEMM Board of Directors Dr. Steve Meyer, Founder/President Jon Gerdts - Executive Director Email::

518 Nebraska St, Sioux City, IA 51101 • (712) 258-8282

Loren Veldhuizen Ron Yockey Jake Byma Reid Jacobsma Dana Meyer Jim Johnson

WWW.STEMM.ORG Special thanks to... All the faithful sponsors and donors!! We couldn’t put this evening together without your continued support! • All the staff at Crave and Hilton Garden Inn for their attention detail in planning this years event!! • Jim Johnson and Doug Wheelock for their wine expertise! • Matt Breen for being our M.C.- you always bring such passion and quality to our event! Thank you! • The Paulsrud family for their continued love and support of our ministry and all your help on the auctioneering side! • Greg Haverdink for the incredible audio visual support! • Kevin Hurley for his help with the presentation! • Netsys for their IT expertise! • Muzzy’s Ice Service for the awesome Elephant martini luge! • My daughter Eden for days and days of errands, poster making and power points! Couldn’t do it without you! • All my family for supporting me through the madness that is auction time! I love you guys so much! • All our volunteers this evening who make the check in and check out run so smoothly. • The wonderful “Vannas” for all your help. • Heelan boys for all their help tonight! GO CRUSADERS! • Jennifer Winquist for another phenomenal auction booklet! Every year you manage to outdo the last! Great job! 26


Flight 2 Lion

Closes at 7:15

Note: Silent auction items will be wrapped and ready for pick up at the check out.

Super Silent

Only 30 items! Located in the banquet room. 201 • Bit of Africa (201A-C)

Inspired custom made jewelry with authentic Tanzanian soil. Take a little bit of Africa with you everywhere you go! Choose from 3 different styles. Donated by Reid Jacobsma/Jacobsma Jewelry Co.

202 • Vizio 60” 4K Ultra HD TV

All-new VIZIO SmartCast™ E-Series™ Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display, with Chromecast built-in. Featuring High Dynamic Range with HDR10 content support, 4K Ultra HD resolution, and superior picture performance of full array LED backlighting with 10 Active LED Zones® for more depth, contrast, and detail. Easy to stream movies, TV shows, and more. Donated by Brown Box/ Jamie Wankum

203 • College World Series National Championship Tickets

4 great seats to the first game of the 2018 College World Series Ameritrade Park in Omaha. First base side row 12-Out of the sun! Certificate at check out. Donated by Rob Heller

204 • Soapstone Bowl Set

Elegant set of 5 nesting soapstone bowls. Beautifully hand carved and painted. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

205 • Tires, Tires, Tires

$400 gift certificate. Good towards tire or any automotive maintenance or repair service. Certificate at check out. Donated by Tires, Tires, Tires

206 • Leather Stools

Striking scenes of African wildlife embellish these beautiful sturdy leather decorative stools. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

207 • Cup of Joy Coffee

Enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee every day for a year at the Dunes favorite coffee shop. Certificate at check out. Donated by Chris and Joy Wiest/ Cup of Joy

208 • Watercolor Maasai

3 gorgeous original oil paintings of Maasai life in soft watercolor hues. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

209 • Okoboji Golf Package

Enjoy the greens at 3 of Okoboji’s best courses. Emerald Hills-2 free 18 hole rounds with purchase of 2 rounds, Indian Hills-18 holes for 2 w/ cart, Okoboji View- 4 rounds 18 holes without cart. Certificate at check out. Donated by friends of STEMM Okoboji


LION 210 • Checkmate

Striking hand carved chess set from gorgeous soapstone. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

211 • Women’s Gucci Sunglasses

Be in the forefront of fashion with this classical pair of Gucci sunglasses. Perfect Hollywood style! Donated by River’s Edge Optical/ Dr. Steve Ferguson

212 • Oxhorn Whiskey Tumbler Set with Bottle Opener

218 • Elf The Musical At the Orpheum

Four tickets to the 2pm show on Sunday, Nov. 19 at the Orpheum Theater, Sioux City. Certificate at check out. Donated by Dave Bernstein/Orpheum Theater

219 • Elephant Bookends

Hand carved and polished from solid ebony. The true beauty of the grain of the wood highlighted in these pieces. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

220 • Keep Cozy

Make it an evening to remember with these beautiful vessels. Sit back and sip. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

Stay warm this winter in this beautiful hand sewn quilt. Donated by Friend of STEMM

213 • “Wings of Freedom”

221 • Animal Mask Set

Limited edition signed and numbered original oil painting by Robert Sissel. Donated by Sissel Gallery

Fun and Funky set of 3 wooden masks Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

214 • Pride

Maasai warrior bust hand crafted from solid ebony. Depicts the strength of honor of their tribe. Donated by Loren VeldHuizen

Inspired custom made jewelry with authentic Tanzanian soil. Take a little bit of Africa with you everywhere you go! Choose from 3 different styles. Donated by Reid Jacobsma/Jacobsma Jewelry Co

215 • Wine, Whisky, Cigars

223 • Ebony Nativity

Kentucky-Napa Valley-Dominican Republic. Enjoy America’s finest bourbon and California’s finest wine while smoking the Dominican’s finest cigars. Includes $25 wine/whiskey card to sample spirits and wine before you buy at Callahans Liquor. Donated by Callahans Liquor/ Sherms Smoke Shop/Dublin House Cigar Lounge

216 • Beaded Mirror

Gorgeous delicately hand beaded oval mirror. Perfect for any location. Bring the colors and feel of African into your home. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

217 • Safari Mask

Detailed and intricately hand carved out of lorian wood. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer


222 • Bit of Africa (222 A-C)

Lovely multi-piece hand carved nativity depicts the birth of Jesus in ebony. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

224 • Ivory

Artistic original oil painting showing the pain and suffering of the African elephant. Poaching has reduced Tanzania’s elephant population by 60% in the past 5 years. Donated by Steve and Dana Meye

225 • Bush Cleaners

$500 gift certificate to keep you crisp and clean. 7 area locations. Certificate at check out. Donated by Bush Cleaners

226 • Blue Topaz cocktail ring

Hand carried back from the mines in Africa. Stunning 3 ct. oval blue topaz set in white


gold with diamond accents.. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer/ Reid Jacobsma, Jacobsma Jewelry Co.

Okoboji. Not for use in June, July or August. Certificate at check out. Donated by John Grosvenor

227 • Kaleidoscope Bowls

233 • Blue Diamond Almond Basket #2

Vibrant colors showcase these artsy pair of soapstone bowls. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

Enjoy this delicious array of almond products direct from the fields in California. Donated by Joann Veenstra

228 • Hawks vs. Huskers 2018 game

234 • Ave’ Medical Laser Spa

Friday Nov. 23, 2018 at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. Best seats in the house!2 -50 yard line tickets 35 rows up. Certificate at check out. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

229 • Cowhide Decorative Shield

Good bye wrinkles! Treat yourself to a younger complexion with this certificate for Botox to one area and full face BBL. Certificate at check out. Donated by Ave’Medical Laser Spa

235 • Pair Black and White Oil Paintings

Pair of intricately etched leather shields. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

Modernistic set of gorgeous original African oil paintings. Donated by Bob and Starla Jensen

230 • Alex Gordon KC Royals autographed bat

Left fielder and four consecutive year Golden Glove award winner (2011-2014). Three time All-Star (2013-2015) and Platinum Glove award winner in 2015. Donated by Alex and Jamie Gordon

231 • Moroccan Hand Made Rug

Gorgeous hand-dyed and hand –woven by the Berber tribe of Morocco. Purchased in Fes, Morocco at Palais du Tresor. Donated by Pam Spindler

232 • Okoboji Fishing

One half day fishing trip for two people with John Grosvenor of JTG Expeditions on Lake


Fund a cause

THE GIFT OF EDUCATION What can you do with $1.00 a day? You may be able to buy a Starbuck’s latte each week. Perhaps you could choose to go out for a few very nice dinners in an entire year. Alternatively you could choose to change the entire course of a student’s life in Tanzania. For $350 or less than a dollar/day you can support a STEMM student through high school or University education. While tuition is supported by the government, exam fees, housing, travel, and extra assessments are beyond the economic reach of many students. Through our diligent screening and interview process we are able to select the very best and most needy students.Through our intense and deliberate mentorship program we are truly developing the next generation of Tanzanian leaders. For 96 cents a day you can transform a life and impact an entire country! Please consider funding a student through the STEMM Education foundation tonight. Can you spare $1/day to change the future of a child in Tanzania?

Sponsor a c hild’s EDUCATIO N Sen

d a child to high school for $30 per mo nth (just $1 a da y) Give the gif t of educati on!



New Executive Director

Spiritually LeadRelationally Driven


t is with Incredible excitement and humility at the incredible providence of God that we officially introduce to you tonight our new STEMM executive director, Jon Gerdts. When our cherished Pastor Dave determined to take his passion and abilities elsewhere a year ago, we were appropriately quite concerned. We felt it was a monumental task to replace him. However, we believe that God in his incredible providence already had our man waiting in the wings. When we called Pastor Jon it was primarily to see if he knew anyone who might be interested in the position. Believe it or not, the way God works relationally, Jon was one of the founders of STEMM before he went to start a vibrant new church in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Hence our call to him. Imagine our amazement when we learned that Jon had mutually decided with his church in Sun Prairie to go another direction. After careful consideration and a visit to Morningside Lutheran Church, where STEMM began 20 years ago, Jon was convinced that God had put him at this place and time to take STEMM to a new era in our third decade. After eight months on the job, we can tell you that was decidedly God’s direction for him and an amazing blessing for us. As you will learn in working with Jon, he has incredible experience and knowledge of Tanzania having lived there for a year prior to coming to Sioux City. He also possesses an amazing heart for STEMM’s mission. It was after one of our recent trips to Tanzania that Jon coined our new operational tagline: Spirit lead /relationally driven. This exactly captures the heart, soul, and spirit of our mission. Please join with me in welcoming Jon and his wonderful wife Jocelyn to lead the STEMM family into our third decade.


Out and about

Community Outreach

School lunch programs We raise funds to build a kitchen and work with the villagers to get hot lunches for all the children. Most government schools have no lunch available. We meet them halfway. They give the corn, beans, and rice and we pay the cook’s salary and buy oil and build the kitchen. 1,500 kids are now being fed at two schools across the street from our orphanage! 32


Amputees/prosthetic program We are working with Hangar and Niagra to bring low cost prosthetics to amputees in the area of our orphanage. So far we have supplied and fitted 12 amputees with new limbs. Ecotourism We are working with the local villagers Masai tribe to bring tourists to their village for a “green� experience. Visitors learn the culture and traditions and even stay with them if they want. All of the proceeds go to the community committee set up to develop it – usually for a well!

Lepers of Kilimanjaro Project This is an NGO a good friend Marilyn Kelly started that we are now partnering with. We visit them, worship with them, and do work projects for their homes.



Vacation These 11 vacation locations are featured on the live auction. Use the grid below to compare the amenities of each. Pictures and details can be found on the following pages by item number.

Pool - P=Private; C=Community

Item #


Length BR Bath Max Occ Pool of Stay


Cape Coral Condo

1 week






Florida Keys—Cheeca Lodge  and Spa

1 week






High Point Resort

1 week




Black Hills

1 week




Black Hills

1 week



Southern California

1 week




West Okoboji

1 week





Hilton Head Golf Island

1 week





Honua Kai Maui

1 week



Jamaicas Hermosa Cove

5 days





C 10


‐ P




All vacation homes must be used within one year of purchase and are based on availability. No pets.

Homes Florida

South Dakota

South Carolina

Special Features First floor. 200’ from  swimming pool and hot tub Spa, Pools, golf course, 3 on  site restaurants Private town house and villa  resort. One mile from Disney  World. Cabin. Close to Spearfish.







Feb. or first half of Dec.

Kurt and Jane Korver

Nov 2017‐Mar 2018 No exculsions

Dr. Steve and Dana  Meyer Dr. Brad & Colleen  Chicoine/BAC Clinic  of Chiropractic


Steve and Traci Rohlf

Holidays, Sturgis Bike Rally

Brian and Kathy  Gunderson

Hot tub, sport court, 10 min  from ocean


Bill Honnef

Lakehouse. Hot tub

2 weeks over Christmas,  July or August (some  weeks negotiable) 

Dr. Steve and Dana  Meyer

Ocean front condo.

None! Book early!

Dave and Lori Schmit

Tropical beachfront condo.  Full concierge service,  housekeeping, gourmet  kitchen, large lanai

Thanksgiving week Dec‐Apr 14 June‐Aug

Dr. Tom and  Stephanie Jacobson

Boutique Villa Resort.  Upgrade to 3BR villa available

Dec 15‐Feb 17, or  March 26‐April 2.

Clayton and Deb  Korver


D i n n eComparison rs These dinner packages are featured on the live auction. Use the grid below to locate your best fit. Pictures and details can be found on the following pages by item number. Sioux City


Sioux City or Washington, DC


Item # 11










Location # Guests Cuisine Shahi Palace 6 Indian Private dinner with three bottles of wine Courtesy of Shahi Palace Dr. Steve & Dana Meyer's 8 American Steak and wine dinner party at the Meyer's home  Courtesy of Steve and Dana Meyer M’s on 4th 8 Italian Wine and intimate dinner in the wine cellar.  Courtesy of Dan Myers and Vernon Meyer Rebos 10 American/Mexican Taste the fusion of American and Mexican food on Historic 4th  Courtesy of Brian Rees/Rebo’s TBD/Your Choice 2 Your choice Dinner with Steve King in Sioux City or Washington, DC. Courtesy of Congressman and Mrs. Steve King Your Backyard 40 BBQ Dinner and live music for you and your friends in your backyard  with meat, fixings, sides, and two kegs of beer.  Courtesy of Ryan Dial and Ron Yockey and West O Brewery Okoboji Store Bar and Kitchen 12 American Boat dock adjacent. Private seating on lower deck. Custom menu  for your crew! Exclusive waitress and bar. Two drink coupons per  guest. Courtesy of The Okoboji Store  Red Steakhouse 6 French‐inspired Limo ride to 5‐course meal including wine, spirits, and hors d’oeuvres. In house pastry chef and  sommelier.  Courtesy of Jerad and Peggy Higman /RED Steakhouse STEMM • A NIGHT OF HOPE 2017

LIVE AUCTION live auction items Only the African items will be displayed. Watch the TVs located in the entry, food/bar area, and banquet room to view all the items.


1 • Fund an Orphan - $100 per month ($1,200 yr)


2 • Orphans Touch


3 • Mary’s Famous Carrot Cake

Here is your chance to provide hope and all the necessities (food, shelter, clothing and education) to one of STEMM’s amazing orphan children living at STEMM Children’s Village. You will receive semi-annual updates and photos of “your child.” Certificate at the check out.

Original oil painting made by the precious hands of STEMM’s 24 orphan children. Lovingly custom made at the direction of famous local Arusha artist Sedo who worked with the kids on the STEMM campus. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer and Sedo

This delectable dessert has been offered at all 19 STEMM auctions!! If you win this bid you can literally “take the cake!” Donated by Mary Bechler


4 • Hilton Head Golf Island Oceanfront Condo

Come and enjoy one full week of everything Hilton Head has to offer. Golf at over 20 island courses, with 12 miles of beautiful beach, tennis, boating, fishing and shopping. Stay in this lovely 2 bdrm/2 bath oceanfront condo. Sleeps 6. No black out dates!! Use within one year of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dave and Lori Schmit




Live Auction Items 5

5 • Frontsight Defensive Handgun Course 4 days for 4

Taught by World Class instructors at Frontsight’s Firearm Training Institue in Pahrump, Nevada. This fast paced and exciting course is for anyone who wants a complete understanding of the defensive handgun and a skill level that surpasses 95% of those who carry a gun for a living. No prior experience needed. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dr. Wade Jensen


6 • Vikings/ Wild Minneapolis Weekend Package

Enjoy 2 days of sporting fun in beautiful Minneapolis. 2 tickets to each game-Great seats! Sunday Nov. 19 at 12pm Vikings vs. Rams at US Bank stadium. Monday Nov. 20 at 7pm Wild vs. New Jersey Devils at Xcel Energy Center. Two nights stay in a king superior room at the St. Paul Riverfront Intercontinental Hotel. Walking distance to the Xcel Energy Center. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer


7 • Dine with Congressman and Mrs. Steve King

What an opportunity! You will enjoy dinner for two in Sioux City or Washington D.C. with Congressman Steve King and his wife. Priceless! To be used within one year of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Congressman and Mrs. Steve King


8 • Uproar

Meticulous original oil painting. Stunning colors blend together in this amazing piece of art. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer


9 • Diamond Pendant

Dazzle that someone special with this exquisite diamond pendant. Custom made .74ct. pear diamond set in two-tone white and yellow gold pendant. 18” cable chain Donated by Reid Jacobsma/ Jacobmsa Jewelry Co.




Live Auction Items 10




10 • Black Hills Vacation Home

Enjoy 7 nights and 6 days in the beautiful Black Hills. Four bedrooms and sleeps up to 16. No holidays, all consecutive days. Not available during Sturgis Bike Rally. Must be used within one year of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Brian and Kathy Gunderson

11 • Exotic Indian Dinner for 6

The tempting aromas and flavors of Indian cuisine brought to you by the amazing authentic culinary experts at Shahi Palace. Indulge in a private dinner with your own private waiter, candles and flowers at Shahi Palace in Sioux City. Includes 3 bottles of wine, 3 different types of entrees, 2 types of appetizers and desserts for the table of 6. One week advance notice for reservation. To be used within 3 months of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Shahi Palace

12 • Cape Coral Canal Front Condo

Fort Myers condo has 1800 sq. ft. There are 3 BRs (1 king, 2 w/2 twin beds), 3 bath, full kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and outdoor lanai just steps from the 200’ wide canal and swimming pool/hot tub. On the first floor with parking just outside the door. Visit Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Edison/Ford museum, shopping, restaurants, rent a boat and go for a cruise down the river to the Gulf of Mexico. Not available during Feb. or the first half of Dec. No pets. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Collingwood Management

13 • Chiefs vs. Raiders in Kansas City for 4

Four club level tickets-personally donated by KC punter Dustin Colquitt. Sunday Dec. 18 , noon game at Arrowhead Stadium. Two-room suite at Embassy Suites on the Plaza with 2 double beds for Saturday Dec. 17th. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dustin & Christia Colquitt and Mike & Sherry Magee


14 • Dessert a Month for a Year

No baking necessary! If you win this lot, you will receive a different dessert every month delivered to your home for the entire year, beginning tonight! Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dunes Surgical Hospital staff






Live Auction Items 15

15 • Fund An Education


16 • Tanzanite Pendant


$30/month ($360 yr) For $1/ day you can support a child in following their dream of escaping a life of poverty through the blessing of an education. A wonderful opportunity to fund a year of high school for a child in a country where less than 5% of children can graduate. Certificate at the check out.

4.17ct AAA quality emerald cut Tanzanite direct from the mines in Tanzania. This breathtaking rare gemstone is perfectly set and enhanced by Greenberg’s Jewelers designer Amy Sachnoff. Indescribably set in a one of a kind custom designed setting. 26 rounds diamonds set in 14 karat white gold on an 18” 14 karat white gold wheat chain. Donated by Amy Sachnoff of Greenberg’s Jewelers and Steve and Dana Meyer

17 • Tanzanite Earrings

2 ct. AAA quality emerald cut Tanzanite stones (total 4 ct.) draped in 14 karat white gold and 58 round diamonds. An incredible example of the masterful skills of jewelry designer Amy Sachnoff of Greenberg’s Jewelers. Thank you Amy and Greenberg’s for your continual support for so many years! Donated by Amy Sachnoff of Greenberg’s Jewelers and Steve and Dana Meyer


18 • Black Hills Cabin


19 • Jessup Cellars Steak and Wine Dinner Party for 8

This cute 4 bdrm (4 queens and 1 bunk bed) and 2 bath cabin awaits you! Close enough to Spearfish if you crave a latte or fine dining. Enjoy the peace and solitude of Spearfish. Not for use in August. To be used within 1 year of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Steve and Traci Rohlf

Wine and dine with exquisite hand selected red and white wines from Napa Valleys boutique winery Jessup Cellars. Enjoy a five course meal perfectly paired with ultra-premium wines of distinction. Relax, enjoy and be served in the eclectic home of Steve and Dana Meyer. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dr. Vance Thompson of Jessup Cellars and Steve and Dana Meyer




Live Auction Items 20

20 • West Okoboji Lakehouse


21 • Matriarch

Enjoy a 1 week stay in this 4 bdrm/3 bath home on Emerson Bay in West Lake Okoboji. Sleeps 10 comfortably. Huge outdoor living area, jacuzzi and ping-pong table. Sandy beach and amazing lake views. Available November-July 1. Not available week of July 4th or August 6th. Other weeks in July and August are negotiable based on owners schedule. Must be 25 or older. No pets. Must be used within one year of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dr. Steve and Dana Meyer

Breathtaking hand carved from solid tanzanian ebony. This gorgeous statues conveys the love and care of a mother for her child. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

22 • Southern California Home


Ocean views from this 5 BR/5 bath luxurious home. Billiard room, sport court, pool, hot tub, fire pit and outdoor fireplace. Only 10 min. from the ocean, 40 min. to Santa Barbara and 60 min. to Disneyland. Owner will make every attempt to accommodate requested dates. Please give 8 week advance notice. No pets or smoking. Occupants must be 25 or older or accompanied by adult. Available Jan 2017-Nov 2017. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Bill Honnef

23 • Nebraska Premier Golf for 4 - Prairie Club


2 days unlimited golf for 4 on the public-designated course. 1 night stay at The Prairie Club lodge includes carts and breakfast buffet. On the rim of the Snake River Canyon, near Valentine, Nebraska sets this premier golf destination. Voted in Links magazine “Top 10 Best Places for 36 holes” in North America and described in Golf Getaway magazine as a “must visit destination”. Come experience what may be the world’s most undisturbed holes of golf! High bidder has choice of both course of first pick. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Prairie Club

24 • Nebraska Premier Golf for 4 - Tatanka Golf Club


Niobrara Golf for 4. Includes 1 overnight stay with 2 rooms at the Ohiya Casino and Resort. Each room includes $20 dining credit. Bold movments of rolling hilss and ridges with views that stretch for more than 30 miles. Golf digest architecture editor describes it as Nebraskas sandhills with trees. One of best new courses in 2014. High bidder has choice of both course of first pick. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Midwest Bank


Great People Serving America’s Trucking Industry.

1100 W 29th Street, South Sioux City, NE 68776 402-494-2411

504 Court St. Suite A Sioux City, IA 51101

712-258-0357 Mon-Fri 9:30 - 5:30 Weekends by appointment.

Supporting STEMM and the incredible work they do walking with those in need half a world away. Dr. Quentin & Sue Durward



Live Auction Items 25

25 • Backyard BBQ Bash for 40


26 • Holy Night

Invite your friends! Sit back and relax while Grill Master Ryan Dial works his magic to bring you some of the finest BBQ around! Pick the type of meat and style of preparation! Includes all the fixings and sides. Menu to be planned with chef before hand. Includes 2 kegs of West O. Beer (type of your choice). Live music provided by local guitarist Byron Kuehl. Within 30 mi radius of Sioux City. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Ryan Dial and Ron Yockey and West O Brewery

Roughly hand carved from solid ebony. This multi piece nativity will be an heirloom to pass on. Donated by Steve and Dana Meyer

27 • Okoboji Store Bar and Kitchen for 10


After a sun filled day on the boat pull up to the dock and let the Okoboji Store show you and your group of 10 a fun filled evening. Private seating sectioned off on the lower deck and a menu custom made for your crew! Exclusive waitress and bar for you too! Includes 2 drink coupons per person. Two weeks notice required. Not available holiday weekends. Certificate at the check out. Donated by The Okoboji Store

28 • Up Close & Personal with the KC Royals for 4


Four passes to join the Royals and the opposing team before the game on the field to watch batting practice and meet the players. Then stay and enjoy the game in some of the best seats in the house. Game date must be mutually agreed upon. Total $360. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Alex and Jamie Gordon

29 • Jamaica’s Hermosa Cove—Boutique Villa Resort


Bungalows and hand-thatched gazebos overlooking coral reefs. Art-filled villas with private dip pools. Twelve acres of tropical sanctuary. A secluded resort located near Jamaica’s most breathtaking natural wonders. Experience Jamaica at Hermosa Cove, the villa hotel in Ocho Rios. Accommodations for 2, a single king bdrm villa with private pool for 5 nights. Based on availability. Book early! Includes continental breakfasts daily, water sports, snorkeling and kayak tours. Beach or gazebo dining. Not available Dec 15- Feb 17, or March 26- April 2. Guests responsible for meals, staff gratuity (min. $50/day), airport transport and excursions. To be used within one year of purchase. Upgrade to 3 room villa for extra cost. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Clayton and Deb Korver


Making a world of difference in the lives of children a world away.

Regina Roth



Live Auction Items 30

30 • Endangered

Beautiful and unique leather formed statue on Africas Black Rhino. Today there are only 30 left in existence in Tanzania and only approximately 2,500 left in the world. Donated by Dr. Steve and Dana Meyer

31 • Chicago Cubs Dream Day

Priceless opportunity to get inside the lore and legend of the Cubs franchise. Package includes 4 field box tickets to the Cubs vs. Cardinals game on Sunday, July 22nd at Wrigley Field (game time TBD). Pre-game private tour of Wrigley Field, post-game on field passes for a photo op and 2 personalized marquee photos. Stay Sunday evening in the Trump International downtown Chicago (1 room). Certificate at the check out. Donated by Chicago Cubs and Shane Neuharth





32 • M’s on 4th Private Wine Dinner for 8


Wine and dine at M’s on 4th on Historic 4th Street with 4 couples in their unique and intimate wine cellar, known as M’s Underground. A fabulous dinner course paired with exquisite wines. Dates based on availability and to be used within one year of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dan Myers and Vernon Meyer, M’s on 4th

33 • Florida Keys - Cheeca Lodge and Spa

Indulge yourself for one week in this luxurious 2BR/2 bath resort view condo (1 king, 2 queen, and pullout sofa) on the gorgeous island of Islamorada. Plasma screen TVs, deep soaking tub and granite counter tops. No need to leave the lodge—9 hole golf course, spa, pools, and fine dining at 3 on site restaurants. Home to some of the best sport fishing, snorkeling and diving in the world. Available April 2018 to April 2019! Book early! Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dr. Steve and Dana Meyer

34 • Red Private Dinner for 6 with Limousine Escort

Enjoy a five course meal thoughtfully paired with complimenting wine and spirits in the privacy of Reds “Vault” An evening to remember! Redeemed Tuesday-Thursday. Excludes major holidays, USD events. To be used within one year of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by RED Steakhouse/Jerad and Peggy Higman and Black Tie Limousine


Thank you for changing lives

for Christ in child at a time!

The Meyers ~ Dana, Steve, Josh, King, Lexie, Eden, Liz, and JoJo and the STEMM village children.



Live Auction Items 35


35 • Honua Kai Resort and Spa - Maui Paradise

Located on 38 acres of tropical beachfront on Maui’s renowned Kaanapali North Beach. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the West Maui mountains. The most magical backdrops you could imagine! One week stay in this luxurious 2 BR condo. Includes full concierge service, every-other-day housekeeping, gourmet kitchen, large lanai, and in room washers and dryers. 50 min. from international airport. Available in November 2017 (except Thanksgiving week), April 15-May 31 and Sept. 1-Oct. 31, 2018. High bidder pays cleaning fee. To be used within a year of purchase. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Dr. Tom and Stephanie Jacobson

36 • Rebo’s Fiesta for 10


Sip on the cities best margaritas and sangria while enjoying the amazing culinary talents of Brian and the crew at Rebo’s. Taste the fusion of American and Mexican food on Historic 4th street. Rebo’s wood fire grill boasts decades of culinary experience and a true passion for food. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Brian Rees/Rebo’s

37 • Go Irish!!

Authentic NotreDame football helmet signed by the 1977 National Championship football team. The Fighting Irish won the title by defeating the previously unbeaten and No. 1 ranked Texas Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl Classic by a score of a 38–10. Priceless! Donated by University of Notre Dame



38 • Extreme Iowa Pheasant Hunt

Ringneck rooster hunt for two. Enjoy the beauty and extreme upland Ringneck Pheasant hunting offered by the infamous Loess Hills at the Hole N’ the Wall Lodge! The Hole N’ the Wall Lodge features over 1,500 acres of farm & preserve land with both natural and managed habitats - featuring wild ringneck roosters. Includes professional pro-guide, experienced bird dogs, trap/ wobble shooting, bird cleaning, packaging & freezing, luxurious overnight lodging, food and beverage! Must be used by January 10th. Certificate at the check out. Donated by Hole N’ the Wall Lodge

39 • High Point World Resort

Enjoy a luxurious & private townhouse and villa resort. You will reside in the heart of all Central Florida attractions. Just one mile from Walt Disney World. 2BR plus pull out couch, 3 bath. No exclusions on dates. Donated by Dr. Brad & Colleen Chicoine/BAC Clinic of Chiropractic


Stemm Night of Hope - Event Booklet 2017  

Here's a sneak peak at the auction items that will be up for bids at our 20th Anniversary Night of Hope! Information and updates about our p...

Stemm Night of Hope - Event Booklet 2017  

Here's a sneak peak at the auction items that will be up for bids at our 20th Anniversary Night of Hope! Information and updates about our p...