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EDITOR’S LETTER October 2013

BE DIFFERENT, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, BE THE FIRST ONE TO TREAD WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE. Expanding your horizon seems like the only way to go these days. So many things have been done a thousand times over. And of course there is always a slightly new way of implementing something old. But something new, something bold, will get you into places further then your mind can fathom. If Neil Armstrong didn’t have the right stuff, “nerves of steel”. Daring to go where no man had gone before? If the Wright brothers didn’t follow their dream to be able to fly, and build the first airplane? if Jacques Cousteau didn’t point out what was happening because of human negligence? You can clearly see where I’m going with this. So yes, love being different and conquer your fears and unravel the layers of a potentially successful career. Make your positive mark on the world.

Deborah Verwey





The Frontier of New Media Television


October 2013

“THE RELIEF FOR ALL OF YOU, IS THAT I’M NOT SOMEONE WITH AN IMPORTANT JOB IN BROADCASTING USING THIS SPEECH TO AUDITION FOR AN EVEN MORE IMPORTANT JOB IN BROADCASTING.” - Kevin Spacey carefully chose his words when speaking at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. He looked calmly around the room, making sure his words were heard. He had a story to tell and chose this stage in Edinburgh to address the television industry confidently in what they should be doing. Humor, passion, wit and business sense were used to tell his success story: his television show House of Cards on Netflix. Netflix was traditionally known as an US DVD rental service. For a monthly flat fee you made a wish list of the movies you were interested in seeing, which would be sent out by mail when available. When you watched the DVD and sent it back, you would receive the next item on your wish list. Today Netflix’s main businessmodel is internet-based (the DVD service still exists as a separate business). For eight dollars a month you can watch any movie or television show they have in their online database. You can watch it on any device you own, anywhere, at any time. To be an attractive alternative to cable television and piracy, the service needs to be reasonably priced and have popular television shows and movies available. A few years ago they decided to produce their own shows next to popular shows as a competitive advantage. House of Cards is Netflix’s high profile production experiment, with well known actors like Kevin Spacey (also executive producer). However, the delivery mechanism is just

as intriguing as its cast. House of Cards didn’t release one episode per week, but the full thirteen episodes of season one were available on its first airing date of friday February 1st. It achieved between 2 and 2.7 million views (US only) that day. One third of the viewers finished the season by Sunday. A great opening weekend for any television show. Slowly Netflix is changing the way television works. Something Spacey addressed in his speech:

“And through this new form of distribution, we have demonstrated that we have learned the lesson that the music industry didn’t learn: Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and they’ll more likely pay for it rather than steal it. Well, some will still steal it, but I think we can take a bite out of piracy.” The piracy aspect is very interesting. Is there still a need to pirate television shows when you can watch (almost) any show anywhere at any time, for eight dollars per month? Some download services cost 10 dollars per month and you still have to manually download pirated shows. By making the price of entry reasonable and the possibility to watch instantaneous, Netflix is making piracy a chore. This could be the medicine television needs. Netflix has an acquisition strategy that is influenced by piracy, which can potentially disrupt television piracy altogether. It researches piracy

data to understand which series are pirated most and why. Kelly Merryman, vice president of content acquisition at Netflix, revealed their strategy in an interview: “With the purchase of a series, we look at what does well on piracy sites.” This strategy has already seen some interesting successes. In an interview with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, he told that piracy actually builds demand for television shows and that the use of BitTorrent (a popular download service used for piracy) is down 50% in Canada since it introduced Netflix. TELEVISION OR NEW MEDIA The questions raised with services like Netflix having increased success, is if it is still television at all. The lines between internet, television and movies seem to blur. New media have the tendency to encompass the old, adding new properties to the medium or renew it. 10 ICONIC ESTILO

As internet is becoming ubiquitous, the first signs of adding new properties to television have been shown: watch everywhere at any time and binge watch shows immediately after release. Binge watching is the act of watching a whole television season in one or few sessions. It turns television shows into 13-hour movies, blurring the lines of media. Is it television, or are they movies? Is it internet media when a television show is watched on an iPad? Should it matter? According to Spacey television networks should embrace the way people want to consume stories: “The audience has spoken. They want stories. They’re dying for them. They’re rooting for us to give them the right thing. And they will talk about it, binge on it, carry it with them on the bus and to the hairdresser, force it on their friends, tweet, blog, Facebook, make fan pages, silly GIFs, and God knows what else about it.

The piracy aspect is very interesting. Is there still a need to pirate television shows when you can watch (almost) any show anywhere at any time, for eight dollars per month? Engage with it with a passion and an intimacy that a blockbuster movie could only dream of. And all we have to do is give it to them. The prized fruit is right there, shinier and juicier than it’s ever been before.” Netflix has shown it understands its customers by acknowledging how society is changing the way media is experienced and embracing it. Even if this means going against the traditionalism of big conglomerate television networks and its view on the mass production of popular culture. Is it too late for them? Netflix is rapidly expanding its international reach every month. Not only are consumers choosing Netflix, producers also love working with Netflix. Kevin Spacey mentioned that “Netflix was the only company that said, ‘We believe in you. We’ve run our data, and it tells us our audience would

watch this series.” Jenji Kohan was also adamant about working with Netflix (she produced the runaway hit series Orange is the New Black): “I took it to HBO and Showtime and Netflix. And the greatest thing about going to Netflix was that I pitched it in the room, and they ordered 13 episodes without a pilot. That’s miraculous. That is every showrunner’s dream, to just ‘go to series’ and have that faith put in your work.” •

Netflix is the new frontier of television and re-introduced it as a new media concept. By giving freedom to both creators and consumers, Netflix is disrupting the 70-year-old oligopoly of the traditional television networks.



DISCOMFORT WHAT……??? I KNOW… I KNOW THIS SOUNDS WEIRD. BUT IT SEEMS TO BE THE LIFELINE FOR MANY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS. Truth be told, I didn’t get it at first either. But the further I pull myself along the rope hanging across the two tower buildings I am trying to cross (so to speak), the stickier it becomes. While having an appointment to sign my first contract ever….. which should have been a happy occasion, I couldn’t shake the feeling of extreme discomfort crawling up my spine. I am usually able to keep a conversation going in a few languages (don’t mean to brag, although I know I just did ;)) but there, I couldn’t find my words. Worse… I started stuttering like a mad person. But at the end I had a signed contract and a milestone was reached. For the next one, I knew how to prepare myself against the crazy one. Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology once said: “It’s not our failures that determine our future success, but how we explain them to ourselves.” This really makes you think. Along those lines, any mistake could be a work in progress for success. That is of course, if you 12 ICONIC ESTILO

keep on working to perfect it. KAIZEN!!=Constant and never ending improvement, as the Japanese like to say. As a Dutch citizen, being dragged all over the globe by my dear family, to life anywhere and everywhere the company send my Dad to start building bridges, roads, tunnels, pipelines even breakwaters. You name it! My Dad could do it all. A dare devil? Yep! A successful self made businessman? Hell yeah! So instead of going back to Holland, where our safe base lies, I decided to go to Costa Rica. And why not start a business in a country where the language they speak is your third one? Writing in your second language? And doing so, as a woman alone, in an extremely competitive market? Insanity or opportunity? John F. Kennedy once said, “Nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished with a guarantee of success.” I have been told so many times that what I wanted to do was impossible. Will that stop you? It didn’t stop me, although I have to confess I thought of stopping many, many times. Scared beyond what I can express, but still keeping on moving forward. So yes, I know what discomfort is and still do, every single little step I take. Hoping that in the future my steps will become more firm, I keep moving. A while back a friend asked me, how come I

“Nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished with a guarantee of success.”

ICONIC REPORT October 2013

started writing. When I told him it was because of lack of work, he told me never to tell anybody. I don’t know why I should be embarrassed by that. Wasn’t the author of The Harry Potter stories that started writing whilst being broke, without a job and as a single parent? If I am not mistaken she turned out pretty OKAY! Its not like I am saying that I have her qualities but I just want to be clear on the fact that every body that has success in life has taken great risks. A very important man once said; ”great love and great achievements involve great risk.” This immediately means that it’s not going to be easy. So you have to persist, be patient and evolve stamina, in any goal you try to achieve to be successful.

Many people have continued to stretch themselves, even when things are going smoothly, knowing that the biggest risk they take is not taking any risks at all. What used to be safe is no longer safe. So why stay on the side lines, catching up dirt that the ones driving the racecars are spreading while they rush past you to the finish line of success. •




October 2013


mais oui ma chérie! I don’t know if Johnny Depp


would have gone for Julliet Binoche after tasting the


Macarons from “La Patisserie”. But in all seriousness,


these gourmet bonbons are an explosion of all the

FOODS. Okay i am a chocolate addict, meaning that

goodness you need to satisfy your sweet willing

I do not eat all types of chocolate, because when you

taste buds.

really love your chocolate, you get picky, and only want what is perfectly balanced, so that the flavor

She was the first to bring this heavenly delight to

comes out to give your taste buds exactly what

Costa Rica, and has been able to catch the eye of

they ask for. While she was explaining to me all the

many sweet loving addicts. Some even order to ship

different flavors and how all of it comes together, it

after having to move to another country. But what

seemed to be the same for Daniela and her Macar-

really gives her the respect, besides the delightful

ons. She only uses top quality products with no arti-

recipe, is the time this perfectionist puts into each

ficial addition what so ever so that the taste comes

Macaron. Even more so the attention for client ser-

out profoundly and you can almost see her prepar-

vice. She will get the Macarons to your home, office

ing the small round double stacked tasting wonders.

or party address through delivery options. But if she

Thinking about it, my mind wonders of……

is given the opportunity, she will deliver them herself.

….I jump into the scene of French orientated movie “Chocolat”

Making sure that the Macarons arrive how they

with actress Julliete Binoche and Johnny Depp.

I find myself on the film set, on the street where the store is to be found, and my nose strays away from the chocolate store. Following my sent, I walk towards a door on the other side of the street. And when nocking, the door opens and I see through the mist of the bakeries pastry powder and sugar dust, a petite built but very spontaneous redhead with eyes that reflect the soft colored double decked Macarons that she carries on a big plate. But she is not wearing one of the costumes of the movie set, but blue jeans and a blouse, very 21st century…… Ah yes, and we are back in my office, where she sits in front of me, looking at me. How I cannot stop stuffing my face with one after the other Macaron. When I ask her where she has learned to create this pretty little ones, she tells me that she has based her secret recipe on what she has learned from bakeries in France and bonbons of Switzerland. Aaahhh…

should. Because this is not pastry made through a machine, but very much an artisan way of preparation. All the way to the packaging box, sealed with a ribbon, ready to create anticipation. •




October 2013

After not being able to get over the fact that I AM STANDING IN THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE OF THE INTERCONTINENTAL. I try to shake of the paralyzing numbing feeling. I need to make haste, because a true artist is about to walk through the heavy wooden double door of the exquisite suit on Intercontinental heights. When arriving in a classic fitted jeans, making her look younger, Ana looks around the enormous bathroom area. Seeing all the make up and nail polishes set out to impress her by the makeup artists of Aloha. She says, “between the two of you, magic is going to happen, to transform me into a diva?”. Immediately the ice is broken and from then on the morning evolves smoothly. With ease she hops into the different looks. Like a chameleon she transforms and makes each look work. From royalty to fashionista to businesswoman, nothing is impossible for her. Sealing each outfit with her jewelry, that exists of many hours of passionately set and well thought of placing of precious stones. Almost like a beautiful romance. Taking her time to match color size and conceptual philosophy. When asking her who truly is the woman behind the many divinely created art works? Her reply is astoundingly deep and well thought of. “That is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer. A question you ask yourself probably all your life. I think I am constantly evolving and changing. As a personal goal I try to learn something new every day, it doesn´t matter if it´s something small, but always something new.

I believe in luck as long as you go out and chase it. I believe dreams can come true as long as you work hard to make them come true. I´d like to think I am persevering and a risk taker with a touch of craziness. To be creative is to see differently and for that you need to be a little bit crazy.” What a way to start an interview. And so true, how can I say anything else. When she continues to explain that the woman she designs her jewelry for is appreciative of art and design. A woman who knows what she wants and likes to be different, SHE’S A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER. How symbolic for Ana herself and her art, when thinking of the fact that she got discovered and invited to come to Miami’s Fashion Week in 2007. A Leader indeed! She confesses to not wanting to work with synthetic materials. Only natural materials, “because anything natural is beautiful to me”, she says. Loving to design one of a kind pieces she does not shy away to also make a more accessible line. Having her stores located in Multiplaza Escazu, Lindora and soon at the Juan Santamaria International Airport. With the outlook towards franchising her stores. And so having 12 more Ana Gutierrez boutiques positioned. With an International history of participating in Fashion weeks in cities like New York, London and Paris. She finds, “the most gratifying recognition is the one you get in your own country.”


“Family is always first for me. I think it is the only constant thing you have in your life. The safe port you can always go to when the sea gets rough. One should never neglect it! “


Although Ana has already achieved so much and feels very blessed. Especially because she can do what she loves. She still see’s expansion in her horizon. Strategizing her boutiques throughout Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, is the next step. But when asking her what she truly sees as important in her life, she responds firmly; Family is always first for me. I think it is the only constant thing you have in your life. The safe port you can always go to when the sea gets rough. One should never neglect it. •






Ana in the presidential suite of Real Intercontinental. VESTIDO DE VALESKY



October 2013

CANCER IS A DISEASE THAT HAS AND STILL IS AFFECTING MANY, NO MATTER YOUR SEX, SKIN, COLOR, AGE OR EVEN WHERE YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD. This disease has and still is affecting many, robbing life years away from friends, families and loved ones. Fortunately, there are also many that have put in effort through knowledge, financial and moral support. The latter can especially be an effort that can be underestimated. But luckily there are people that have seen the extreme importance of this and have put all their effort in getting that support across. Not only through educating the family and loved ones of a patient but also setting up support groups for those patients who don’t have loved ones or friends. Since studies have shown that the emotional state of a patient is also a great factor to a possible recovery. With many thanks, we look to the ones that have tried to show, while going through the procedures, how they are trying to cope with it. How we can truly learn from these examples, and be motivated to try and do our best, to give our support in whatever shape or form? The Ana Ross Foundation has focused on this aspect and has put an extreme effort to pull in communities, while educating them, on the importance of showing their moral support. In doing so, the month of October has become a pink ribbon spectacle. Not only have communities shown their dedication but also companies have been doing so through sponsoring the cause. Subaru Costa Rica, under the watchful eye of Kristian Federspiel, has laid out a road to promoting a brand that focuses on being the safest car internationally. Setting out a philosophy that this is a brand that attracts a buyer that is sensitive towards an active, healthy and

safe live. It truly makes sense that this brand “Subaru” chooses to be a significant sponsor for this year’s Ana Ross Walk against cancer when, at the beginning of this year, it sponsored the North Face Challenge showing its support towards a healthy active life, taking this opportunity to point out the emotional and caring side of the brand, and joining the fight against cancer. •

Even our 4 pawed hairy friends participated.

Subaru opened and assisted the event with 5 cars.

Karla Araya, Ileana Valverde, Priscilla Qualls

Meribeth Durán, Primera Dama Miss C.R 2013 32 ICONIC ESTILO

Karla Araya, símbolo Valesky


October 2013

Helga Barrantes, señora CR 2013

Johanna Fernandez, Miss Costa Rica 2005

VALESKY SUITED UP ANOTHER STAR STUDDED EVENT. THIS TIME SPECIFICALLY FOR A GOOD CAUSE, TO SUPPORT THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER. This event was very close to the heart of owner doña Ileana and her daughter Priscilla. Since they have a very strong bond with their team of employees. So when hearing of the positive to cancer test of Karla Araya, they immediately reached out to see how they could be of help and support. Creating this event in cooperation with Hospital Catolica they were able to get many like minded and free willing cooperation with several Misses. The crowd that gathered together at the Escazú headquarters of Valesky, was moved by the positive minded Karla and enjoyed an elegantly put together fashion show.

Dr. Elías Fallas, senólogo

Adriana Aguilar, Sra. CR Mundo 2011 34 ICONIC ESTILO

Fabriela Quesada, Miss CR 2006

Andrea Bermudez, Sra. CR Mundo ‘06


October 2013

Luis Alonso Naranjo, Priscilla Qualls

Silvia Mu単oz, Sra. CR Mundo 1994

Merilyn Villalta, Miss Costa Rica 2002



Real Intercontinental offers exclusive conference rooms with all the latest technology and design of the highest quality that will leave nothing to your imagination.

ICONIC DESIGN October 2013

AS SOON AS YOU ENTER THE FOYER, YOU SENSE THE CLASSIC ELEGANCE AND KNOW THAT YOU HAVE JUST ENTERED A HOTEL WHICH PAYS ATTENTION TO DETAILS. Not only is there a feel of warmth coming from the staff, welcoming you in, starting when you step out of the car, at the main entrance but everybody here is clearly in it, to give you the best time. If you are trying to make a good impression for a business meeting or if you come to celebrate your anniversary, you can rest assured it is a hotel where you will always encounter and find yourself in good company. Even when already having it all, it is clearly important for the owners that the hotel stays on top of the market. For example, in being able to offer exclusive conference rooms with all the latest technology and design of the highest quality that will leave nothing to your imagination or being able to use this beautiful manifestation for an exclusive art gallery or a grand celebration for your wedding or recreate a conference with the international glam you have only encountered abroad. This Grand Room can be transformed into what you need it to be. With that in mind, the architect has created this chameleon, including some wow factors that every Grand Room needs. In this one, is the chandelier. Pat Murphy interior designer explains, “The wall sconces and chandeliers as pendants combine the use of rows of transparent glass spheres with amber-lit LED technology, which add sparkle and drama to any business environment”. Besides these dramatic visual changes the 40 ICONIC ESTILO

owners have gone further, adding staff for the Food and Beverage Department, this includes Chef’s and service orientated personal. Completing the circle of service there were also parking areas added for more then 300 spots. The aim for Real Intercontinental is that this becomes “The place to be” for entertainment. Satisfying all your luxury needs. Remembering the celebration I went to at one of the grand rooms toward the end of last year. The grand room felt like a fantasy world, which they had created with chandeliers and beautiful orchids and green leaved walls. It was not until stepping out of the car at my house that the bubble burst. What an incredible experience. So anything truly is possible, especially with all the technology that has been added. •

Become a believer; envision your event and Real Intercontinental will make it into your well organized beautiful spectacle.




October 2013

Architecture and Interior Design THE NEW WAY OF BRANDING BRANDING IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF COMMERCIALIZING YOUR PRODUCT. Making a statement when coming out, with a new line, is always of extreme importance. How your specific public receives, or takes in what you are trying to project on them, will determine if your product will be successful. If you break it down and to be more specific, how you have done research to know how your target market lives and how their commercial behavior is, will help you plan out how to approach them. Even so for well-known brands, it has become clear that every now and then it is necessary to have a make-over and refocus. In this line of perception we enter the world of architecture and interior design. Both professional fields can have the biggest impact in unraveling a plan of feasibility in creating a Brand. Because of this discovery, in completing the circle to a successful positioning of your company, universities have now also implemented this approach. Creating ready professionals with the newest approach to this concept. Esny Martin Interior designer gave us some insight on the unraveling way of branding through interior design. When going to Barcelona to finish her masters in retail design she was taught

by people like, Carmin Malbar and Ramon Malbar who also have been educated in New York. For Esny they have been very inspiring to her, for the simple reason that they not only teach these new approaches, but also practice what they preach. So already being successful in what they do, they are able to easily inspire and bring across what works. We take a look at one of Esny’s last projects that she had to accomplish. She had to take three stand-alone fields; A brand, a product and an artist. Bringing across, after a profound study of each party, how these three specific fields combined can make a compact and a stable circle. Esny working together with architect Arch Valeria Bocco on this project took a brand -Christian Lousboutin-, a product -the shoe- and an artist -Alyson Shotz-. The concept, a flagship store; The red carpet is supposed to give the clients that enter the store a feel of stardom, done so to magnify the magnitude of the brand Christian Louboutin. The aspect of the artist Alyson Shotz, is purity and transparency. These elements are transformed in the sealing, triangles that seem to be floating. Transcending the client into

The red carpet is supposed to give the clients that enter the store a feel of stardom, done so to magnify the magnitude of the brand Christian Louboutin.


another futuristic dimension. As if being warped into the future to see what’s fashion forward. In doing so presenting the new line on glass pools and highlighted with well placed lighting spots. The same idea was achieved through the new line being presented on metal threads coming out of the wall. As if they are floating towards you. Also the classic line, which does not go out of fashion, is presented in a way that is to seal the brands already achieved recognition, in a frame. All elements put together are supposed to truly give the client an experience. As if going to a museum, taking more time in the store to see all art pieces. But also to see what’s new, what they just need to have, need to buy. Because in the end -that is- what it is about. •

All elements put together are supposed to truly give the client an experience. As if going to a museum, taking more time in the store to see all art pieces.

SUBARU WINS AGAIN The Forester wins “The Good Design Award 2013”



October 2013

JAPAN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN PROMOTION IS THE ORGANIZATION THAT PRESENTS THIS AWARD. THEIR MOTTO IS TO “DESIGN FOR A BETTER WORLD”. Because Subaru has made a car that enriches the lives of the people that drive it, we would like to take a closer look into the specifics. The “versatility” of a Subaru next generation was of importance for the owners with pets of a Subaru since this specific group that drives this brand, enjoys an active life style and has the need to be able to take their car to sites where they can go hiking, biking, snowboarding, fishing and the beach. Having all this in mind, the design studios of Japan, the U.S. and Europe, got together and made the Forester while paying attention to details. They went all the way to even implement how the scenery reflects on the hood, recognizing in their design owners with pets with comfortable seats made to safe keep the one in it and highly functional inside door handles. But more important, they gave them the possibility to drive an all-road car while having stability at the same time, which is enjoyed in the city and off road. You can truly see why an organization like JDP, who is partners with The International Design Alliance, which strives to create a world where design enhances social, cultural, economic and environmental quality of life, has nominated the Subaru Forester as a winner.


October 2013

IT HAS OFTEN BEEN SAID THAT NUMBER SEVEN BRINGS GOOD LUCK, SO THOSE WHO WILL GET THE NEW TOMMY HILFIGER PIPING TOTE BAG IN NAVY BLUE WITH INTENSE RED PANELS WILL DEFINITELY BE LUCKY. This is the seventh limited-edition handbag that the American designer has created to support the non-profit organization Breast Health International. What started out as a local campaign in Italy in 2006 has become a global initiative for which Hilfiger alongside with supportive friends has raised hundreds of thousands of euros. Hilfiger, the creator of reinvented American classics has a heart as big as his great smile; the designer has donated millions of dollars to charity organizations, many of which support women and children. Hilfiger has been joined in his support for BHI by very well known public figures. Some of the people that have donated their time and talent for the handbag campaign are actresses Renée Zellweger and Milla Jovovich, model Helena Christensen as well as Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, a model, singer and former First Lady of France. Last year’s campaign took a creative turn around when Hilfiger hired America’s Sweetheart Drew Barrymore, for an unusual role as a photographer. Her muse was Charlotte Gainsbourg, a French singer, actress and model. For 2013, the designer has more than one card up his sleeve. He has teamed up with supermodels Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer for the most recent campaign of Tommy Hilfiger and BHI. Famous fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier has been chosen to capture

these two fashion icons that helped define the style of an era. There is also a personal aspect in this year’s campaign; not only are they two beautiful friends, but Naomi’s mother is a survivor of the disease. “Being able to play a part in this admirable campaign means a lot to me,” says Campbell. “My own mother suffered from breast cancer, and I’ve seen first-hand the hardships and challenges this illness can cause. I’m a passionate supporter of breast health education.” Did you really think supermodels wouldn’t get out of their beds for less than $10 000 a day? Well, think twice! •

Brothers Abdulรก and Pari were separated at a young age but constantly united by the bond of their burdensome absence. They are the main protagonists of a complicated story filled with constant leaps through time. The language used by Hosseini captivates the reader equally with emotion, condemn and understanding in an exciting suspense of feelings. According to the New York Times this is the best and most complex novel ever written by the author.



October 2013

The novel tells the parallel story of two characters: the very tidy and lovable Felícito Yanaqué, a petty businessmen from Piura who is extorted, and Ismael Carrera, a successful business man, owner of an insurance company in Lima who plots a surprising revenge against his two lazy sons that want him dead. Other well known characters from the literary world of Vargas Llosa also make an appearance in these pages such as Sargent Lituma and the unconquerable, doña Lucrecia and Fonchito, all moving around in a very prosperous Peru.This is a book filled with humor, in a melodramatic tone, set in a contemporary and vigorous Peru where Piura and Lima are no longer physical settings but kingdoms of the imagination populated by the characters of the great writer that is Mario Vargas Llosa. BOOKS AT LIBRERIA INTERNACIONAL





October 2013


FRAMING BOUTIQUE AND ART GALLERY D’ART, TRULY IS ONE OF A KIND. Having an entire upper floor where presenting, for most, National but also International artists (that are located in Costa Rica). Giving the client the opportunity to dwell and take in the art as long as they want. Organizing events even in combination with high quality cuisine at restaurants. More so to give the opportunity to lounge and breath in the air of mesmerizing art works.

D’Art is focused on the artistic needs of their clients, going the extra mile to bring the art home, positioning the art how you want it. Following the new trend in framing tv’s, in any frame you choose. If you have a “special sized painting or mirror, D’Art can do the job. •




October 2013

I love these head massages

What to do with my hair?

Need a break

Having my hair done is exhausting

Love my sparkly gel nails 60 ICONIC ESTILO

My toe nails in pink please


October 2013

How do I look?

Thank you ALOHA!

See you next week!



October 2013

During wintertime, we tend to use darker colors to match what we are wearing with the fashion trends. However, during the past year, the trend to decorate your nails with designs, or nail art, has become very popular. This means that this year, the biggest fashion trend is to paint your nails like this. It is also worth mentioning that for this season the length of the nails should be medium-short, leaving those extra long nails behind.


The classic red color for the nails, bright and powerful, is the fetish color of choice this season. But if you are not a fan of this kind of red, you can still choose from your favorite shades of burgundy.


Flesh tones are an elegant and safe choice that will match anything. Plus, they are perfect for any occasion, from going to work to special events.


Golden and metallic tones are also very popular for this fall.

WINTER 2013-2014 These are ideal colors for going out at night but also for everyday use.

Another popular trend in manicures for this year is the degrade technique. It is the use of two similar colors to get great looking degrade nails.

This trend will not disappear this season; in fact, it is increasing in popularity with countless designs. Nail art has come to our lives as a very popular trend, the need for original, edgy and fun manicures have made our hands the best complement to our looks. Trends change every season.

This season is not about a white top with the rest in some nude color. What is really trendy this season is to wear a combination of colors.




October 2013























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