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EDITOR’S LETTER November 2013

LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE The world can certainly show its dark side, but there is always a sun waiting to appear behind each cloud, always. It is good to keep in mind that life has many gifts laid out for us if we are open to see them. Keeping and maintaining a positive balance in your life is wholesome for you and the ones you love, but also for the ones you work with. It will always help you to balance out situations and eventually, to find solutions. It is good to be serious, but there should always be a time for laughter without losing your sense of responsibility. Keep an active mind, so read a little. Keep your senses up, so love a little. Keep awareness high, so shine your light on greater causes. Keep your heart open, so laugh a lot. Seeing beauty around you, in life, we intended to embrace our photo shoot around nature in all its glory. With the help of our amazing digital designer, Verónica Kluever, the concept was made complete for you to ENJOY!

Deborah Verwey








ICONIC REPORT November 2013

ONE DAY, AFTER GENERATIONS HAD PAST IN A FACTORY IN ENGLAND WHERE ALL THE BIKER BOMBER LEATHER JACKETS WERE MADE SINCE AFTER THE WAR (the biggest factory in Europe at that time), the nephew of the owner stood up and decided, after having seen many stars like young Paul McCartney, The Clash and Depeche mode, performing and being photographed with the jackets on, to make the look extremely cool. He quickly understood that there would be a demand for a helmet from the same time to complete the look. In his search all over the globe to find the perfect helmet that could fit and carry the load of the specific image the bomber jacket had already created, one day, he finally landed his eye on one; a sample.

One day, in a small workshop in Central America, a Gent started working on his vision, on his dream, trying to make all small details work because everything had to be and look exactly the same; the flow of the curves, the leather pieces, how they where stitched, even the color and every single screw had to have the exact same look, going as far as to have equipment especially made so he could reach the ultimate spot where the screw had to go. The reason why he was obsessed with it was because he wanted to make “The Helmet�, an exact replica, completely handmade, and after many hours of frustration, there it was, the exact look as the post war helmet. He took some pictures and placed them on Facebook, so that the whole world could admire his work.


ICONIC REPORT November 2013

Now sitting behind his computer, harvesting all the praise from friends, he gets an email with an unknown address. It’s the English, asking him to make three samples, and explaining who they were; an English factory that (in older days) used to make them, but now were focusing on the bomber leather jacket. But as they explained they want The Helmet to become the perfect partner, they promise to send the original labels of the brand so that he can use them to stitch them on the interior lining, as it used to be done in the past. If The English approved the three samples, he would become The Connection. Fortunately for you readers, I found out who The English Connection is. Let me introduce you to Danilo Coto Cruz, Engineer during the day and The English Connection at night and during weekends. You can admire his helmet collection,

under brand name “PACTO Vintage Helmets”. You might easily forget that each helmet is still handmade since the look is so precise. For those who are wondering if Danilo got the deal? Of course he did! He even went to England to meet them and the Gents shook hands. Now still through the English connection The Helmet has travelled worldwide to welcome their excited new owners and vintage lovers. •

If you climb on your motorcycle and put on a PACTO, a piece of new and old history goes with you.


ICONIC PROFILE November 2013

AFTER HAVING SET THE TIME AND DAY FOR THE INTERVIEW, THE DAYS WENT BY TOO FAST. Since I’m trying to work towards a deadline, every minute counts and there just can’t be enough of them in an hour, in a day for that matter. Before I know it, it’s already time to grab my stuff and race to the other side of town. Halfway there, it starts raining and yes, of course, traffic fills up all lanes; no movement left or right. Since Kristian is not one to keep waiting, I send a message “sorry, traffic”. Hoping he gets it in time, I continue at a snail’s pace through a jungle called “traffic jam”. After having clarified a confusion about Kristian being still at the office or not, the man himself (with his no nonsense approach) comes to find me. We go into his office, I get an iced tea and we finally start. We start talking about the position he has taken in the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce highlighting the fact, only for a second, that he is the youngest ever to have been director. Now fulfilling the role of deputy prosecutor, he starts revealing the indepth work that the chamber has to fulfill. Any company with commercial purpose can become part of the board. Many events are organized for this group to motivate the market and promote new mergers. >> Yes, here is definitely where the Good contracts are strategized. It is the perfect place to do your networking, since all the decision makers are part of this group of commercially motivated businesses. Even when problems arise between businesses, here is where mediation takes place and the problem gets taken care of, before it hits

court and all hell breaks loose. It is because in this group the best lawyers and mediators feel connected to get the cause resolved so that everybody can get their piece of mind and go back to their work, stimulating a smooth flow of the commercial market. But there is a specific small circle of specialists making preparations and analysis going as far as being presented to the government as a strong advice. In this “board of advice meeting”, analysis are made and the reasoning starts. He reasons for a different approach towards unemployment, because employing 35.000 people in public jobs has created majors imbalances in the private sector, thus making taxes insanely high. He reasons further since our schools here in Costa Rica are so highly attended and well recognized for it, we should motivate young ones to pursue jobs worth putting effort into, meaning jobs that the big international companies could be well provided with. It easily is “The Reason” why companies of such international success would want to invest here, promoting and bringing at the same time high level jobs and thus economical feedback, and probably over time, a better balance. He reasons to keep them here; a system needs to motivate such companies to stay, for example, a reward-system since they too are working and helping to create a healthier economical climate. Talking about the economical climate, things need to happen to make a change. And every minute counts and there just can’t be enough of them in an hour, in a day for that matter. To end along these lines and with these thoughts in mind he says;


ICONIC PROFILE November 2013

“So we need to reason to make things happen, so that they can become successful.” And although, in my mind I see him standing in a circle saying; “my name is Kristian Federspiel and I’m a workaholic”, I would hate to tag him as such, since if you look closely, it is not a bad addiction. When he continues to talk about other projects, his mind is fully invested into; it would have been premature to say so. Summarizing, his commitment to helping out during election time and in doing so, continuing a family tradition that started with his grandfather, you can actually say that he is very much a family man. He is also working on other family development projects but his ambitions don’t stop there. Looking towards the future, he thinks along the lines of making a difference, taking time off to get a degree in recycling in Germany, so he can bring his knowledge to good use in Costa Rica and be part of “giving back”. So he reasons; to be successful you need to have the right balance between work, family and love, so if you do something, no matter at what level, do it with your soul, your creativity and lots of love. This is what I try to live by.


ICONIC INSIDER November 2013

AS I AM CHECKING OUT THE XV CROSSOVER, ITS NICE CURVES AND POINTY NOSE SEEM TO TELL ME: “LET’S GO FOR A FAST RIDE”. (hmmm…like that idea). I step in and Daniela, from Subaru gets in the seat next to me. She will be my Nascar co-driver (so to speak ;)).

Let me introduce you to Rodolfo, a fine sales man. Embrace the fact that, to try the car, you need to push it to see that it really does everything the Brand says it does, which, if you think about it, is right on the mark. So when asking me if I was okay to do an off road try-out, I was quick to agree.

I usually keep my heels on while driving. I never take them off, I love the power trip, but for the sake of security and the fact that I don’t want to been seen as a reckless driver, I put on my ballerinas.

Being in the city, we had to take some turns uphill to finally reach an area that fit the description of “off road”. While entering the sandy road which turned into gravel, which turned into rocks, Rodolfo encouraged me to push the gas a little so we could climb up the rocky road while feeling how steady the car could take every adjustment I made.

Little did I know that these co-drivers embrace the Subaru philosophy a 100%. I was about to get a ride of a lifetime. After the first day, I thought I’d just go for a 15 minute ride at most, just to get an idea of the brand and its specials that make it a Subaru. But 15 minutes quickly turned into an hour and a half when I missed the exit to drive back while cruising the highway. In complete harmony with the car, I forgot that I had a co-rider. So when she tried to burst my bubble by saying: “this is the exit you need to take to go back”, I had to do several, lets say dirty traffic tricks to finally, after 1 hour and a half, get back. But at least I could say I tried out the break system to its max and the car definitely moved. An angry cop saw me make a turn where I wasn’t supposed to but I was happy to see he was walking so I could make a quick escape with the XV Crossover.

The next day would be the Forester trip, or should I say, Forest trip?

Even with all the loose gravel, the Forester kept on moving, without any slipping of the tires. When coming back down, believe me, it was steep and filled with loose rocks, but after Rodolfo pushed on a secret button, the car held back and kept on moving down the hill in a slow but VERY steady manner. The car almost drove itself, I only had to adjust it every now and then. It was a great experience. Then I found out what difference the use of the Intelligent Drive makes. The car turns into a turbo drive, even if it is an automatic car. The change from one gear to the next was super smooth and quick, and having the possibility to switch back the Intelligent Drive, immediately using less gas, makes you think you have two motors in one car. Long after my test drive, I was like a lovesick puppy, often thinking back of the smooth and exciting drive of the XV Crossover and the ultimate Forester. •



EITHER WITHIN FRIENDSHIPS, BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS, OR JUST WITHIN SOCIETY, POLITENESS AND DECENCY IS RARE. It is as if the world had drastically changed with the shifting of the economical situation. The fear of losing money and the fear of the unknown enemy has spread a cloud of indifference above our heads. It has turned into a “Me first” attitude and some go even further, as far as “Me and only Me”. Acts of kindness, even between friends, have turned into expectations. The words “thank you” sank into oblivion. The world as we know it has changed. As we might have said before, there were a race to the top but we can now say that there is a “rage” to the top. We have entered the throw-away generation in all its glory. Even going so far, as to throw away people, family and friends. We are now at the end of the year looking towards the New Year with new beginnings. This is when we have time to think and put things into perspective. It is good to recap and to think of how we can improve so that we and the ones that share our living environment can benefit from our eagerness to change.

Nobody can be tagged as perfect but it can be perfectly fine, good and great to see someone trying to change, and there is great sense of achievement if you can feel it within yourself.

I hope it is still okay to believe in the good in men. There are always many ways you can look at a person. You can look at him as a blank sheet, and immediately seeing the dark spot(s), pointing out all the flaws. Isn’t that easy? But to look for somebody’s kindness is sometimes not that easy. It could be in the effort the person puts into something. You start to see the value and it starts weighing in. So instead of looking and only focusing on the things that irritate you, look for the x factor. Although things have become somewhat worrisome, keep on feeding your hart and be kind and decent to a loved one, to a neighbor, and even to a stranger. • >> Don’t forget that giving is a great feeling, but saying thank you is the exact same great feeling.




they didn’t fly. We didn’t have cameras in our


phones, no Google Maps or Facebook and wire-


less Internet was nothing less than utopia. Can


you imagine that the email was considered the


epitome of new technology in the year 2000?

lights turned on automatically when you en-

This being considered, it is quite amazing how

tered the room, digital art changed to match

Gates was even able to automate his house at

your mood, and all over were heating and

all. Even though he was working on technologies

security sensors. Within the last few years, the

that were not to be released for a few years,

prices of these technologies have decreased

you have to wonder if the technology was stable

and it has become easier to install them for

enough to function properly. I remember being

us, average consumers. Now we can control

in awe when I saw a tour of Gates’ mansion

heat, light and security from everywhere in the

on television. I didn’t care about the luxury, the

world using our phone, for less than a thousand

technology was what mattered. A movie turned

dollars. Welcome to your smart home.

into reality.

But first, let’s go back to the year 1900.

French artist JeanMarc Côté was asked to predict how the world would look in 2000

WHEN THE FUTURE BECAME TODAY In 2002, the development of home automation technologies started to pick up traction. It was the Roomba that essentially paved the way for consumer-grade automation and robotics. Three guys from MIT started a company in 1990 called iRobot, to create a robotic carpet cleaner for consumers. It proved very difficult to achieve. It

and many artists and philosophers were in-

wasn’t until 2002 they had a viable product to

fluencing and even guiding the possibilities of

release to the masses: the Roomba. For $200

humankind. It is actually quite amazing to

you could have a robotic vacuum cleaner.

see how some of their artwork depicts a

It was hacked within a year to do tricks and

future very close to the reality we know,

create digital art. There was even a period

and apart from some visions of grandeur,

that almost half of the consumers buying the

how most were within the realm of possibility.

Roomba were thinking of hacking the system

Couldn’t this be the vision of Google today?

for experimentation and play.

Actually, the 2000s were not as futuristic many

>> The Roomba started the automation craze

had hoped in the 1900s or the 1960s. We

and within years everything in and around the

were still manually driving our cars and no,

house needed to be automated.



Lawn mower (2005), robotic floor washer (2006),

be controlled from anywhere in the world just

cat litter robots (2006), wireless surveillance

by using an app on your Smartphone. But auto-

cameras and so on. Most of these technologies

mation isn’t only about making your life easier.

were quite complicated to install and to pro-

It can also be helpful and protective. The Nest

gram for use. Even though they were consumer

Protector is a smoke detector able to actually

priced, only early technology adopters wanted

tell you what is going on. If smoke is developing

to put in the time to make it work. Today this is

in the bedroom while you are in the living room,

different. If you know how to use a Smartphone,

it will tell you specifically what is happening

and you do (700 million sold worldwide in 2013),

in which room. Panic is not necessary in your

you can automate many parts of your home.

futuristic home.


Today, cars can drive themselves, glasses can

Let’s say you want to decorate your living room.

be computers and we can print our own furniture.

You carefully choose your furniture and arrange

These are however, technologies only for the

them by color and size. You have created your

early adopters; they are not part of consumer

little slice of heaven, a dome of peace accord-

technology. They move forward fast, but they

ing to the techniques of feng shui. Wouldn’t

are not for us just yet. Home automation

it be wonderful to change the color of the

products like Hue and Nest are technologies

room according to your mood only by touch-

for people. They are developed to make our life

ing your phone? This is what the Philips Hue

easier and want to give us useful information

accomplishes. A LED powered light bulb able

when we need it. Without spending 100 million,

to change color on the fly to simulate every

we can have our dream of the future, today. •

color or pattern you wish to experience. It can even be automated to automatically turn the lights on/off when you leave or enter the room. By simulating day/night cycles, it will help you wake refreshed and ready for the challenges of the day. This kind of automation is available in different kinds of products. The Nest Thermostat is a similar kind of technology to make your life easier. It will learn your habits, so your house is always at the perfect temperature. As the Hue, it can

Without spending 100 million, we can have our dream of the future, today.



ICONIC FASHION November 2013


ICONIC FASHION November 2013


ICONIC FASHION November 2013


ICONIC FASHION November 2013






ICONIC TRENDS November 2013



Almost every building in Dubai is an architectural statement. So of course the Plaza cannot stay behind. The interior design has you mesmerizing, for a world, the likes of, The Great Gatsby and all the way to Ironman... and back to reality.


ICONIC DESIGN November 2013




ICONIC FASHION November 2013

Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Sophia Lauren... just to name a view classic Hollywood beauties that still have us mesmerising for the Hollywood Golden Days.

What seems to be important in Hollywood is the wave. Either in a strong curl or a little more loose. Pinned up to the side or all the way back only showing your bangs. New Hollywood with old Hollywood style. •







ICONIC PROFILE November 2013

IF YOU SEE THE VERY RELAXED AND UNPRETENTIOUS FIGURE OF THIS YOUNG MAN YOU WOULD NEVER THINK HIS FAMILY BACKGROUND IS ONE ANY ARTIST OR ACTOR FOR THAT MATTER, WOULD DREAM TO HAVE. One of his parents being a famous musician and his granddad, a famous actor in Latin America, you would naturally think that he would have an attitude. But you wouldn’t be further from the truth.

His road to international recognition has not been easy. He had to have his mind set on the end goal and to believe in himself. He has found himself very lucky to have a family that supported him. Even now, he finds a lot of encouragement with his long love and wife with whom he has two children, who gives him room to be and stay creative. What a surprise, but also what an incredible break it was to see one of his paintings in the well received movie “This means war” with Oscar winning actress Reese Whiterspoon. I cannot imagine how important it must have been for him, but he is the one who has been able to create such possibilities and opportunities for himself, making his own success and

getting his artwork positioned in galleries at an international level. Miami, Vancouver, Dominican Republic, Panama and he even has a representative in Switzerland, just to name a few. And of course in Costa Rica, where he has grown up, you can admire his work at the KLAUS Gallery, amongst others. Who would have thought that the road to discovering his passion ….his thing… to making a living, has become exactly what he had a passion for, from very very young age. >> By listening to those who are not multitalented saying you cannot make a living out of art and painting, he finally was able to break through negative barriers and to “shake off” careers (architecture/graphic design) that were not able to unleash his artistic talent, he finally became who he was supposed to be. •


The public almost in trance because of the music, could follow and see how all artistic fields came together in an explosion of color music dance and shining jewelry. 60 ICONIC ESTILO

ICONIC EVENTS November 2013

KLAUS STEINMETZ CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY IS ALREADY KNOWN FOR ITS VIP ARTISTS. Events organized around artists specifically picked by Klaus internationally, and promoted to his privileged visitors. Admiring the well picked artworks through created events that stay on your retina, long after.

But this event was really special, combining four specialists, each an artist in their field with the backdrop of the gallery. DJ Diego Lรณpez was going to set the mood, one that could easily, give way, to being taken along to a world paved out by painter Luciano Goizueta, which would be led by contemporary dancer Karina Obando. She in turn was decorated with jewelry by artist Ana Gutierrez, who would give her the inspiration to express its beauty through dance. The circle was complete.

The public could see how the dancer moved through the light that was following her and covering her as she kept on moving. Luciano used the light as the painters brush to paint his expression of the moves of the dancer. Through that, creating art, on the spot. The public almost in trance because of the music, could follow and see how all artistic fields came together in an explosion of color music dance and shining jewelry. >> This was an event never before seen, you could truly sense how art and seeking for it has changed Klaus and opened his mind. So you never know what is next, because anything is possible. It is the Klaus Steinmetz effect.โ€ข














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CREDITS INTO THE WILD & COVER Hair and make up: RANDALL from Aloha The models: Dance teachers from WDC Angelica Gamboa Alhanna Morales (frontpage) Photography Deborah Verwey Concept: Iconic Estilo Editor in Chief & Writer: Iconic Estilo Deborah Verwey

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