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App Registration 1. After downloading the App. The user clicks application.

2. On iPhones the user selects Register button:

Android users will get a terms and conditions pop-up – see Step 3.

3. User reads and accepts terms and conditions and the device automatically registers:

4. Device is registered:

5. For iPhones (only), VPN requests to be installed:

6. Again on iPhone the user accepts install request:

7. VPN installed on iPhone:

For everyone: The VPN logo now appears at the top of the screen and shows download animation from time to time. The Root Certificate, this is just a name and it not malicious in any form, as our app does not Jail break the phone. The app will only upload data a few times a day and only when you are already accessing the internet. Each time it will upload only a few KBs. Over the course of a month the data uploads would be about 1MB.