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Case Study Saint Michael’s College Tegrity Helps Saint Michael’s College Students Enhance Learning and Improve Outcomes with Lecture Capture

Challenge Founded in 1904, Saint Michael’s College is a Catholic, residential, liberal arts college located in the Burlington area of Vermont. Many faculty members are committed to using technology to supplement learning and engage students, both inside and outside the classroom. The instructional technology staff was asked to support an in-class video tool. Some faculty members were attempting to do this on their own, with heavy use of video camcorders and the Media Services team. The time seemed ripe a lecture capture system on campus. As outset of the pilot project, some instructors were understandably concerned that the availability of recorded lectures might increase the likelihood of students skipping class, but after a few recordings, they found that not only were students showing up for classes, but they were more prepared for discussions and class work. Moreover, lecture capture made sense for reasons such as business continuity and disaster preparedness. The College wanted to be able to continue education if a pandemic such as the flu were to keep students confined to their dorms, or if other emergencies kept faculty from getting to campus.

Tegrity Solution Saint Michael’s College selected Tegrity for its lecture capture needs. In December 2010, it completed its first semester with Tegrity. Since the College is residential and there aren’t many distance learning courses, most Tegrity users were on-campus students using recordings to enhance classroom learning. The College hasn’t seen a decline in student attendance in recorded classes. For students who

In December 2010, Saint Michael’s College completed its first semester with Tegrity fully implemented. The College found that most users were on-campus students using Tegrity to enhance classroom learning. Saint Michael’s College had 22 faculty members using Tegrity in November 2010 and nearly 300 recordings on the book. December brought an additional 194 recordings. Students have encouraged the professors’ use of Tegrity. Two professors originally began using Tegrity to assist a student with special needs. They soon found themselves using it for all of their classes.



took advantage of the recorded classes, the average viewing time was 10 minutes. Students searched for lecture content and reviewed it to increase their understanding of the material. Having just completed its first semester with Tegrity, the college already has 22 faculty members using Tegrity. With 284 recordings on the book in November, December brought an additional 194 recordings. The use of Tegrity is expected to grow exponentially over the next year or so. After overcoming the initial fear of bringing something new into the classroom, the faculty embraced Tegrity once they saw how easy it was to use. According to Millard, “The professors have only four or five minutes to set up Tegrity before class. Once they got used to it, it was a piece of cake for them.”

Results Overall, the College is pleased with how faculty and students are using Tegrity. Faculty and the instructional technology staff see that students aren’t missing classes, and they have the data to support Tegrity’s use as an enhancement to classroom learning, rather than a substitution. One example of a unique benefit of Tegrity surfaced when a student became ill and had to be hospitalized. This student’s instructors were encouraged to use Tegrity to help the student keep up with class. Three of them did so. They all continue to use Tegrity regularly. A calculus professor began with Tegrity’s video component, sticking with his established use of whiteboards. Students encouraged him to start using Tegrity’s content capture capability and classroom Smart Boards. Once he started capturing computer content displayed on the Smart Board, he recognized the advantages, not just for the classes that applied to the hospitalized student, but for all of his students, allowing him to become an even more effective instructor.

“We had a lot of people asking for video to supplement classroom learning and felt that looking into lecture capture made sense. We just completed our first semester using Tegrity and already have 22 faculty using it and nearly 300 recordings. We think this is going to be very successful.” Jim Millard, Senior Instructional Technologist, Saint Michael’s College

Millard says it’s early to have specific data on how Tegrity is impacting students’ grades; however, one Japanese instructor says test scores are up. The College’s goal is to have 75 percent of faculty using Tegrity by year three. Also, the College has lively and active student groups that are expected to use Tegrity for recording group meetings. Millard also envisions using Tegrity for special events and recordings for prospective students.

ABOUT TEGRITY Since 1995, Tegrity has provided award-winning lecture capture solutions that improve learning outcomes, impact retention and increase enrollment at over 400 educational institutions. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tegrity is led by a forward-thinking management team dedicated to impacting education worldwide with the creation of advanced teaching and learning systems.

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Challenge Tegrity Solution Saint Michael’s College selected Tegrity for its lecture capture needs. In December 2010, it completed its first s...