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Looking Ahead: Implications for Higher Education Technology in the Next Decade Anne H. Moore Associate Vice President Learning Technologies Virginia Tech

The New Economy •  20th century drivers •  21st century forces •  The roads ahead… •  Disruptive technologies – new literacy requirements •  Transformational shifts – new materials, scholarship, assessments •  Double loop learning – new people, policies, practices •  Learning anxiety – new risks in mature organizations

Fluency with Information Technology (FIT) •  Contemporary skills •  Foundational concepts •  Intellectual capabilities (National Research Council, 1999)

Current Observations •  Skills and concepts arenas - progress •  Intellectual capabilities - challenges •  Developing local knowledge - critical paths to change

Information Ecosystem •  Volume, Velocity, Vibrance •  Validity, Reliability, Relevance •  Networked Individual Creators •  Networked Collective Intelligence

Tools Ecosystem •  Ideas •  Pedagogies •  Assessment and other analytics •  Computing and Communications Technologies •  Physical and Virtual Spaces

Group Ecosystems •  Meg Wheatley: the world “doesn’t change one person at a time. It changes as networks of relationships form among people who discover they share a common cause and vision of what’s possible.”

Networks of Master Learners •  New sources of information: who and what draws attention •  New sources of expertise: the rise of amateur experts •  New sources of influence: who and what will influence

Dynamic, Flat Networks •  Doing more things independently •  Working effectively in loose community and collaboration with others •  Doing more outside of traditional social and economic structures

The Wealth of Networks Yochai Benkler

•  Nonproprietary strategies important to information production •  Network-based production by individuals •  Large-scale cooperative efforts and peer production

Master Learner Literacies •  Visual: graphics, symbols, still, moving •  Connections: context, subtext, pretext •  Space: personal, public, physical, virtual •  Behaviors: thoughtful, playful, skeptical, ethical


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Anne H. Moore Associate Vice President Learning Technologies Virginia Tech Looking Ahead: Implications for Higher Education Technology in th...